Whether it's secret societies trying to keep tabs on the hidden world of the supernatural, government agencies designed to keep the citizens of NYC safe, large corporations striving to keep up with and ahead of their competitors, activists fighting for rights or points of view, or religions catering to their congregations, there will always be 'groups' or 'factions' of people coming together for a common cause.

Some of these factions are able to work with one another, being exactly what they seem with no hidden agendas. Others are merely fronts for other, perhaps more nefarious, purposes. Whatever the case, nearly all of the groups or factions tend to hide behind screens of normalcy — even the 'Good Guys' find it necessary once in a while.

There are currently four known factions in NYC MUSH (with the exclusion of governmental agencies such as the NYPD).

  • The Coven, a collaboration of witches within the five boroughs that network out to the entire state of New York, as well as the rest of the continent.
  • The Priory, a secret group of 'watchers' and 'researchers' that keeps tabs on, and protect the supernatural world from the rest of humanity.
  • Reynard International Corporation, a dynasty of sorcerers that hide themselves in the business world.
  • The Sect, an extremely secret group with religious undertones that is bent on hunting, and destroying anything non-human.
  • The Stone Trees Pack, the werewolf pack based in NYC.
  • Vampires of NYC are considered a faction due to their politics and hierarchical structure.
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