Welcome to New York City


12 Mar 2017 23:40 — The Staff

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Welcome to the city that doesn't sleep.

To the untrained eye and the uninformed, it is a bustling mecca of people and energy, lights and sounds, glamour and grit. A perpetually in motion metropolis with an ever changing landscape of broken and rebuilt careers, where the fall of one business allows another to rise up in its place, where the elite of the Upper East Side stroll past the cast off and homeless who peddle along the streets below the towering glittering skyscrapers of wealth and power. A center of shopping, commerce, education and finance with something for everyone from tourist to resident.

Beneath that glitzed up, shiny veneer, however lies an unseen world. A world of witchcraft and sorcery where there are those who call upon the power of magic to heal themselves, make fire, or break the ground beneath their feet. It's a world of the psychic and paranormal, where a man on the subway catches the scattered, fleeting and tumultuous thoughts of the too many bodies pressed in around him; where a woman moves objects around the room with the power of her mind and not the manipulation of her hands. When the sun sets beneath the horizon in this world, vampires rise from the shadows to revel in the beauty of the night and to feed upon the blood of the unsuspecting. As the moon rises full and high and bright white in the sky, a howl can be heard in the distance and a growling from the deepest shadows of Central Park.

This is New York City behind The Veil of Shadows.

Welcome to a place where the supernatural flourishes in the modern world. Borrowing and taking inspiration from well known and little known mythology and legend, as well as popular media outlets and franchises such as Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BBC's Being Human, the CW's Vampire Diaries, HBO's True Blood, Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, Kelly Armstrong's Otherworld series, White Wolf's World of Darkness RPG, and CJ Carella's Witchcraft (and others) and blending it all together to create a new supernatural world. 

NYC: Veil of Shadows is a place where vampires broker deals and do business in tall skyscrapers or the dark back alleys, where ghosts wander the streets as lost spirits and haunt places old and new. It is a place where werewolves run in packs, witches and sorcerers pass on their knowledge to the next generation. It is a world of magic and suspense, where some defend and protect supernaturals and others strive to destroy every unnatural thing.

Come, create a character, be it a mundane human, a wandering werewolf, a protective witch, long lived vampire, or some other denizen, and explore the world of New York City behind the Veil of Shadows.

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