A Bewitching Enigma

by Siobhan Knight
06 Sep 2012 15:16 (updated 06 Sep 2012 15:18) | 0 comment(s)

This blog was written the night of Wednesday, September 4 2012

A busy schedule means even fewer updates to my blog, and I really should do it more. I have so many thoughts in my head, and they're distracting. I focus better and work with a clearer head when my thoughts aren't chasing themselves around.

Remember when I said that I joined the company in the thick of it all? It wasn't an exaggeration. They're We're gearing up for the Fall Gala. For all the work that goes into this, it's amazing that it's only for two weekends. The Fall Gala is three ballets; one is traditional and the other two are more contemporary. They're staples of NYC National because the founder created and choreographed them. Once we're done with those, we start gearing up for both The Nutcracker and the Fall Repertoire, which will be an additional set of short one act ballets in early November.

I think I'm the only one completely overwhelmed by all of this. Cooper says that it's normal and it's helpful because it gives a distraction and something else to do while working toward the Nutcracker that everyone knows is the biggest production of the year. The way the roles are cast, every thing overlaps, no one is over worked and it all comes together beautifully in the end.

That's what I've been told. I should listen to him, I guess. Cooper, I mean. He's been doing this for years and I've seen him dance. He's very good. (Not that I'm fan-girling or anything, but seeing him and Sadie together in Giselle last year? Awesome. They looked like they were made to dance together and it was just … words fail me.) It still makes my head go spinny though.

Speaking of Cooper … Hello, Enigma Boy. I don't know how I managed to be around the studio with him that first week and never find it out, but Cooper Montgomery is a witch. Ok, yes, I didn't dance with him or even really talk to him that first week, which is probably why I never made that eye contact that gave me that witchy vibe. Like the one I get from other witches, which is different from the one I get from sorcerers.

Pres and I went to Purgatory Saturday night to blow off some steam. I was so tense and then just wound after finding out that I'm dancing in all three ballets (it's a good feeling and the sort of bad that makes my belly tie itself in knots). The unrestrained crazy dancing always takes the edge off, and plus, I could celebrate the awesomeness of Brooke's hawt boyfriend giving Jenna and me a special pass.

That's where we ran into Cooper. Who's not only a great dancer and pretty damn hot outside of his dance uniform, but he's over the top flirtatious and swings both ways. Not that I care about the latter, it just came as a surprise. I know a few of the girls at the Company are in lust with him, but I never gave it any thought as to whether he's the stereotypical gay dancer or not. That would be a not.

He's pretty fun, and I had a good time when I wasn't blushing like crazy. I mean, the flirtation was just so overboard. (He actually told Pres that he wanted a threesome with me and Pres. How do you respond to something like that? "No, my boyfriend would get mad, but thanks for the offer?") I consider myself a good flirt, but I was too busy being surprised and trying to find my footing to respond to him. Pres didn't have a problem, but I'm kinda thinking Pres was pretty serious about his flirting. I really think that if Pres hadn't been worried about me and it wouldn't have been leaving me alone? He'd have gone home with Cooper or taken Cooper home with him.

Anyway, he's a witch, but I'm not sure what his story is. It's not like we witches have a secret handshake or anything, but on Saturday night? I got the feeling that he didn't know what I was. Not just in that curious sort of 'what the heck, is she a sorcerer?' reaction that I get from other witches sometimes, but like he'd never sensed it before, which is possible.

I could have said something, but didn't want to out him to Pres, because that's a trust thing and I trust Pres completely but Cooper doesn't know him. I held my tongue and I'm sort of glad I did. Every time he looked at me it was with that bit of curiosity, and the longer the night went on, the less I got the feeling that it had to do with him maybe figuring out that I'm the Scandal. "The Knight Girl" (as opposed to Chris who's "The Knight Boy.")

I will never be a detective, but I felt him out at the studio the past few days. Just poking around to see if he knew anything. I asked Mom too, if she knew of any other male witches in the City. Of course, she didn't give me an complete affirmative or negative because she says she doesn't know everything, but she did tell me that she doesn't know of any beyond Chris. Of course, then she wanted to know why I asked and I hedged because this was Sunday and I didn't want to spill about Cooper until I knew more.

Tonight, I told her and I also told her my suspicions. She said she'll talk to Regina. I don't know what my face must have shown, because she immediately promised that they won't do anything. Just see what they can find out about The Montgomerys. If Cooper is a witch, he might need help or guidance at some time, but if his family isn't in the know, The Coven doesn't make it a habit of pulling the rug out from under 'normal' people.

It all came down to Mom asking me to keep an eye on him, just in case he comes into explosive power or something (which had me trying not to laugh, because I could honestly just hear how Cooper would twist that around to something dirty). It's ironic that she told me to do that when he's been sort of keeping an eye on me this week. Not in a bad way …well, I suppose if I were easily offended, it could be bad since I'm pretty sure he's been checking out more than my dance moves a few times. But … he's been helpful. He's had some good advice, and constructive criticism that has helped me. He also told me that I was good and that I'll probably be a threat to the other dancers once I'm trained. Which felt good and I really, really needed to hear.

I know that everyone has faith in me: Harper, Jenna, my parents, my friends and I love them for it and appreciate their support. Hearing it from someone in the Company and a fellow dancer's perspective though? That helped a lot. I just felt more confident and calmer on Monday, and every day since. This whole week has been an improvement over last.

I'm still nervous scared shitless about going on stage. Scared and excited. It's less than a month away, and I still have sooo much to learn.

And oh yeah, I'm taking a physics class. So that I'll maybe have a vague idea of what Harper and his engineering friends talk about. I don't figure I'll ever understand it all, but at least I won't be the completely clueless wife and he'll be able to come home and share his day with me.

Speaking of my hot boyfriend, it's time to call him and then get some beauty sleep.


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