by Siobhan Knight
27 Jul 2012 12:30 (updated 27 Jul 2012 12:30) | 0 comment(s)

The Ball was perfection. For the first time in years, I had the most wonderful time ever. I wasn't just there with my parents or family, I was there with Harper and that makes all the difference. I know, in years past, we've gone and I've met up with Jenna and Harper and gotten a few slow dances out of it, but this time, Harper and I were there. Together. Our first official outing as a couple.

Although it was a bit questionable at first if we'd get there at all.

I must have gone through ten, twenty maybe thirty dresses trying to find the perfect one. The one that would knock Harper's socks off and show him that I'm not a little girl anymore. Yes, we're dating and we fooled around together on the boat over the holiday, but sometimes I get (or got) the feeling that he didn't really see me. He saw Siobhan, the girl he grew up with; his best friend who morphed into something more. It's Harper, so I know I have to give a little leeway, but when we're together, he's so sweet and respectful that sometimes it made me want to scream.

So I wanted to wow him. I wanted him to see me and realize that I'm not just the comfortable best friend who happened to fall in love with him. I wanted him to see a sexy, adult woman. I wanted him to want me, really want me the way a man wants a woman and not the way a boyfriend loves the girl next door that he's known forever.

He saw me. Boy, did he see me. Just the look on his face when I opened the door was enough. It was what I wanted. It was more reaction than I'd expected from Harper. It was like he was undressing me with his eyes, right then, right there, on the spot. I went to give him a kiss on the cheek and … wow. Harper was all over me. Harper was all over me. It bears repeating because this is Harper. Mr. Laid Back and Restrained and I wasn't able to step back before he was kissing me. Passionately.

I'm pretty sure the only reason we didn't take advantage of the empty house then was because everyone would be expecting us at the Ball and we had a hotel suite for later. I still had to spend a good thirty minutes fixing my hair and makeup and getting my dress back in place. He had a few adjustments to make too. *cough cough*

Best distraction and delay. Ever.

Pres made a splash at the Ball, just as he said he would. He showed up in a kilt and a top hat, and it couldn't have been more fitting for Pres. He also showed up with a date, chosen by his mother, who happened to be a lesbian. Talk about your perfect beard for the evening. Both of them were able to relax and just have a good time.

Naturally, Preston and I strutted our stuff on the dance floor. How could we not? No one is as awesome a dance partner as Preston is. We compliment each other so well, we know the other's moves so well. It took us hardly any time to pick up the other's rhythm and then we just worked it on the dance floor. Yes, we were showing off, but I don't do it often and I'm not going to feel guilty. I know that I'm a good dancer, and that Pres is a good dancer and together? We're fantastic and beautiful and awesome to just stop and watch.

I am seriously going to teach Harper a few dance moves too. Not that he was bad, or that we didn't dance. He has no issues slow dancing with me, and I loved being in his arms and not having to pretend like I wasn't floating on air. Harper thinks he isn't a good dancer, and that's the problem. He doesn't lack rhythm, he lacks confidence. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised how much he can learn with the right instruction. We'll look great on the dance floor at our wedding, and yes, I am getting ahead of myself. Except not really.

Harper is The One. Harper has always been the one. If I didn't know it before, I know it now. Since we made love? There's not a single doubt in my mind. I know I don't have a lot to compare to as far as the full four bases goes. Jesse was really my only lover, but Jesse never made me feel the way Harper made me feel. I was shy at first, and a little nervous, because it was Harper and I wanted it to be perfect. He made me laugh and then the shy just went away. Once it did … it was spectacular. Mind blowing spectacular. We just clicked. No fumbling, no awkwardness, it was like we were made to be together. My body just responded to his like - well, not to sound cliche, but like I was made for him and had been waiting for him my whole life.

I still smile when I think about it.

It was intense and romantic and just wow. I don't know what time we went to sleep that night. It was like we couldn't get enough of each other. I kept expecting Harper to get tired, but damn does he have some serious recovery time. I've heard about couples going all night long? Never experienced it before that night and just … wow.

Also? Morning sex? Totally everything it has been made out to be. I was worried about morning breath at first because Harper wouldn't let me out of bed to brush my teeth, but then … let's just say that our mouths were otherwise occupied and I forgot all about it.

It wasn't even embarrassing when we finally made it to brunch (late, because of a shower and yeah, naked wet Harper and naked wet Siobhan and *cough*), and I knew that everyone knew what we'd been up to all night. The only part that was a little embarrassing was the soreness. I was walking just a little bit more slowly than normal, and Jenna gave me an odd look when I kept wiggling in my chair until I could find a comfortable way to sit, but it. Was. Worth. It.

The strangest thing? I haven't told Jenna or Pres yet. Pres asked and I told them it was 'nice' and Jenna gave me a hard time about using the word 'nice' but I'm not ready to share it yet. It was personal and special and I'd like to just keep it that way for a while.

The worse part is going to be not being able to be with Harper now that we're back in the real world. I know it makes me sound like a sex-crazy little nymphomaniac, but it wasn't just about the sex. It was that connection, that being together as completely as we could. I'm not saying that sitting and snuggling and cuddling with Harper isn't the highlight of my day, but I'm definitely going to be counting the days until we can steal a night to ourselves again.


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