Sorcerers are one-side of the coin of magic users in the world1. Human men (and only men2) who posses a certain flair for magic — an innate ability to tap into, and manipulate the mystical/magical energy in the world around them for use in spellcraft, charms, and potions. These abilities generally tend to run in certain familial lines — though not every child born to a Sorcerer posses the ability for magic.

The existence of their magical abilities are generally kept to themselves (Individual Practitioners3), or within the Dynasty/Cabal. A dynasty/cabal is not like a coven (with the exception of The Coven). Dynasties in particular are large, vast familial networks that hold power and sway not only in the supernatural world, but in the mundane as well. Dynasties and cabals are insular, often with rivalry among other dynasties and even among themselves4. While many supernaturals know of the powerful and influential dynasties, they are not as free with their aid, and do not often hire themselves out for aid or assistance5.

A Sorcerer's power is not unlimited — they can only utilize so much magic before draining themselves/exhausting themselves. The more they cast within a 72 hour period, the weaker they, and by proxy, their spells will become.

While a Sorcerer may learn any spell he desires, he must find someone who knows the spell he seeks, or have access to a written copy of the spell be it in a grimoire or scroll. However, new magic takes time and effort to learn. A Sorcerer cannot simply read a spell from a book or scroll, and expect it to work perfectly on the first cast.

Sorcerers seek power and ways to control and manipulate the world around them, and their primary spheres of magic are aligned with connection with and drawing from fire and air, and their repertoire of spells reflects this. Many of a Sorcerers Powers6 are usually offensive and aggressive, and include illusion, damage, manipulation, summoning and attack spells. This is not to say that Sorcerers cannot call on and manipulate the energies of water and earth, for use in concealment and minor healing, because even those spells might come in handy, boost their power, and provide aid in a moment of need.

The onset of puberty typically matches the moment when a Sorcerer begins to manifest his power. This is not a hard and set rule, however, and there have been Sorcerers as young as preschool displaying Talent, or as old as their mid-twenties learning to master their abilities for the first time.


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