Psychics are humans who have the ability to perceive information hidden by the normal five senses, via extrasensory perception. Psychic abilities tend to run in families (though some may be quite unaware that they have such a heritage). Sometimes they will skip a generation. In the human population overall psychic abilities are quite rare. They are not known to the general population, and hide themselves well, even from other supernaturals.

Rumors have often circulated that there are those rare few who can see into the future or dream about it, whom have an uncanny capability to read minds, or can move objects across the room without touching them. These are the sorts of things that make for good science fiction and a source of debate among both those schooled, and those unschooled, in the supernatural world and lore.

Naturally, there are those few who emerge and proclaim that they can perform these amazing feats or do have such skills, but those are generally dismissed by the general public, and the majority of supernaturals, as charlatans and fakes.

"What I am, is telepathic," I said. "I can hear people's thoughts."
— Sookie Stackhouse, Dead Until Dark

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