Ghosts (NPCs Only)

Ghosts are the transient spirits of the dead — those who have not seen fit to move on to the afterlife, claiming to be wanderers with unfinished business. Being a ghost isn't easy by any means. They have very few abilities, and are generally only able to be seen, detected and interacted with by Necromancers and Vampires. Sometimes the presence of a ghost can be detected by animals1, the mentally ill, and even by non-necromantic children2

While other supernaturals may be able to see ghosts, not all ghosts have the knowledge or ability to fully manifest and interact with those that can see them, therefore once they know a Necromancer can see and hear them, they generally communicate only via that Necromancer3.

Ghosts seem harder to please than we are; it is as though they haunted for haunting’s sake — much as we relive, brood, and smoulder over our pasts.
— Elizabeth Bowen, preface to The Second Ghost Book


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