Did I do that?

by Quin
25 Jun 2012 14:49 (updated 25 Jun 2012 14:49) | 0 comment(s)

Saturday was a day that could have gone in so many different directions, and it honestly did. I still can't tell if we're all a bunch of good friends, or people who just get easily stressed out around each other.

I did get a good gift out of the whole thing. Siobhan made it for me. She had to have put a lot of work into it, and I seem to recall it was a late night for her due to it. I don't know that I really deserve it, but I'll keep it on me at all times. Unless, of course, I want to draw on my anger. Though honestly it's a great thing to have around those two.

I think something happened between Shiv and Jenna's twin brother, Harper. I don't know for sure. I wasn't able to hear or smell them, which I suspect is due to some sort of magic. I wouldn't want to eavesdrop anyway so I don't mind, but she seemed much happier whenever it was all over. I don't know Harper, but aside from his love for chili cheese fries, he honestly seems like a great person. I'd be okay with something happening between the two of them because I don't think that she would find anyone else to better care for her. That's just my thoughts, I could be completely wrong.

Clearly I don't exactly know much about relationships.

Jenna seemed to be able to relax and have a good time, too. Though I can't tell if she's going to end up with my roomy or not. Chance is an alright guy and I'd have his back for anything. I just honestly don't want to see her underwear in our living room. As much as I don't want to, I think that I really like her. Of course I only don't want to because she has no idea what I am and will likely be scared away by that. Then there's the whole Pack thing to contend with. Anyway, she'd probably be happier with him, I just don't want to know about it. And I feel guilty as hell for that.

I wonder how long it will be until they figure out that we room together? That could get interesting.

In the meantime, my coach is really pushing the whole NFL thing. I know that social services doesn't sound like a glamorous lifestyle. Hell, Saturday I made a point not to mention it due to everyone else seemingly having fun and amazing careers waiting for them. I'm kind of the odd guy out on that whole branch of life. I don't know, though. On one hand, I've dedicated my life to being successful and helping the Pack, which I could easily do with a pro contract. But I'd feel like I was cheating, and not just in the sport.

The best part is? I don't even know how much of this I can actually discuss with anyone, especially my therapist.

Maybe this journal thing wasn't a bad idea after all.


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