Working hard for the money...?

by Quin
15 Jun 2012 14:33 (updated 15 Jun 2012 14:33) | 0 comment(s)

I tried like seven times yesterday to pick this damn thing back up and write in it. Each time I damn near shredded it again. To keep journal costs to a minimum I've decided to only pick up a pen when I think I can actually do so calmly.

Shiv seems to think that she can help me with my anger issues. If only she knew what it was like. It isn't even like this was just some sudden change. Anger has been my life. Still, I'm going to let her try. I like the fact that she's worried enough to do so.

It's weird. People that seem to actually care. I have people that like me because I'm a big football star. I have people that like me because I'm that poor, hopeless kid who lost his family. But other than my roommate, I don't really ever see many real friends. And I sometimes wonder if we get along just because we each have our own secrets but really don't care. I don't know.

Twitter is the devil. I don't know how seriously people take me on there sometimes, and sometimes I think they read far too much into what I'm saying. I'll still use it, of course, as I'm a slave to social media just like most people in this generation. But I'm really going to have to be careful with the girls. I can't tell if I've put them both off, or encouraged them, or both.

I should have more complicated things to worry about in my life other than feelings. Feelings can go straight to hell. So I'll just focus on the things that were important before meeting these two.

Like a job. Yes, I have a job. A bouncer. It's all because of Jenna. I have a feeling it will work out, considering the generous pay and offer for advanced training in other areas. Then again I have a feeling they won't mind having a werewolf around to quickly and quietly deal with any potential threats. This could be a good step. At least until graduation.

I know I've been scouted a few times for the NFL. I feel bad enough as it is playing for the school. Grad school should be the way to go, I think.

Now I need to think of what all of what I said I can /actually/ tell Misses Donovan when I see her. Not much, likely.


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