Times Square
Times Square
Location Midtown
Status Open
Hours of Operation 24/7

Massive billboards decorate the streets, amid the neon lights, towering hotels, and high-priced souvenir shops that define the area. The sheer energy of this neighborhood is exciting; the pace frantic; the sidewalks, usually packed with tourists and New Yorker's alike.

While Times Square was once a seedy part of the city, it's been cleaned up and revitalized to draw people to the nearby Broadway theaters. Times Square is also home to the world-famous New Year's Eve countdown celebration and ball-drop.

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Easy Conversations
July 3, 2012: Acquaintances (Brooke and Rhett) run into one another while traversing Times Square the day before the holiday. They wind up having a surprisingly fun and easy conversation.
(log: 20120703-2 | tags: brooke log logs rhett social times-square | posted: 08 Jul 2012 17:41)

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