Gage Brewer
Location Theater District
Status Open
Hours of Operation TWTFSS
5pm - 2am

Located in a former carriage house, warehouse, and whorehouse, the conversion from historic to new was executed using natural materials, opening the space while retaining a warm and therapeutic feel. The multi-level LGBTQ-friendly bar is decorated with natural blond wood walls, with the exception of the bar area which retains the original brick work.

A stylish, cozy lounge resides on the lower floor, allowing patrons a small reprieve from the loud music of the DJs or the Divas that may be on stage. Soft couches and high back chairs are the perfect place to get off ones feet.

The main floor hosts the bar, along with a stage for the DJ or whatever shows are being held. In front of the stage is a light wood dance floor, surrounded by tall tables and chairs. The bar itself is fully stocked.

The upper floor is for spill-over of the main floor. Those that want to enjoy the DJ or shows, but not the crowds. The smaller loft area looks down toward the stage, and still offers an area for dancing.

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