Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
Location Midtown
Status Opened
Hours of Operation 7:00AM-Midnight

One of the most ornate and wealthy areas of the city, Rockefeller Center is the perfect spot for upscale shopping, dining and entertainment. Comprised of 19 buildings which cover over 21 acres all connected via an underground concourse, Rockefeller Center is a wonderland of restaurants, theaters and other imposing structures.

Its centerpiece is the RCA Building, but it also includes NBC radio and television and Radio City Music Hall. The plaza is also the site of the world-famous Christmas tree lighting and ice skating rink.

Employees and Affiliates

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Strangers with Ice Cream
July 02, 2012: A strange meeting over an ice cold treat between a sorcerer, a witch … and a cop.
(log: 20120702-4 | tags: log logs nick rockefeller-center siobhan social | posted: 06 Jul 2012 04:10)

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