St. Luke's Hospital
St. Luke's Hospital
Frank J. Cracolici
Location Morningside Heights
Status Open
Hours of Operation Visiting Hours: 11:00AM - 8:00PM

The main entrance of the St. Luke's Hospital opens into a large square filled with hard plastic benches for people to sit and wait in before they're admitted. Two large 'No Smoking' signs are set against the far wall, framing the hospital directory. To the right is a low table littered with magazines and pamphlets. To the left, on a wall beside the door is a small cork-board which holds a number of flyers for programs and seminars that the hospital offers. The walls here have been painted a soft and soothing green color which still reflects the light and keeps the room looking bright and somewhat cheerful.

Along most of the west wall is a long counter with safety glass coming up from the counter-top to the top of the ceiling. Small circular grills have been set just above head level for the receptionist, to enable staff to talk with those that are signing in. Small metal insets along the counter allow documents to be passed through, beside each of these a pen on a chain is available.

Despite the directory that has been put up for convenience, a sign hanging on the glass counter says 'Please speak with Reception for Check-In and assistance'. Two security guards stand in the northwest and southwest corners of the room, each behind a small podium in which they can monitor the security cameras.

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