Michiko Endo
Location Midtown
Status Open
Hours of Operation T-TH 12:00PM - 11:00PM
F-SU 12:00PM - 1:00AM

The entrance to Haiku is a quiet and unassuming restaurant front. Simple glass windows decorated with understated patterns of red and gold, with a single, simple red canopy over the door. Haiku is spelled out in a simple calligraphy font in gold trimmed black letters, and the word in Japanese beneath it.

There is a faint chiming of bells as the door opens, but it is muted and understated. The small foyer is elegant and unassuming, with a simple coat rack off to the right, a small display case directly across from the door where carved jade figures, golden Buddha statues, and original, hand painted ceramic tea pots (among other merchandise) can be purchased. There is a single bench, deep red in color and a matching arm chair for seating in an open area to the left if customers find there is a wait.

An elegant, dark painted bridge over an indoor koi pond leads into the restaurant proper. Carpet of gold, red and brown covers the floor, complemented by the dark tan and black cafe two and four seat tables and chairs that neatly line the open area of the restaurant. A proper sushi bar lines one wall, where single seat stools wait to be occupied by sushi connoisseurs.

The windows are covered with pale cream blinds that can raised or lifted to adjust the ambient, natural light and block out the sun. The walls are rich red, complemented by the large red globe lamps that cover the ceiling. To the back of the restaurant and around the left corner are the restrooms, kitchen access and a private room where the seating is Japanese style. The room can be reserved for large parties with advance notice.

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