Flanaghan's Pub
Flanaghan's Pub
Kieran Collins
Location Brooklyn
Status Open
Hours of Operation SUN 11:30AM - 11PM, M 4PM - 1AM, T-SAT 11:30AM - 1AM

It takes more than an Irish name and a shamrock in the window to be regarded as a true Irish pub. Flanaghan's has that real Irish, purchased from a third generation Irishman by an Irishman. The head manager is Irish born and bred, and the pub touts imperial pint glasses, Guiness and Harp, live Irish music, a fireplace, and authentic Irish food., including fish and chips, Shepard's pie and Guiness Pasty.

Flanaghan's has a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The music, when it's not a live band, is just loud enough to fill the space, but not so loud that it impedes conversation. Styled in the Victorian style which harkens back to Dublin, it's filled with beveled mirrors, elaborate tiling and decorative brass.

The counter is carved from highly-polished hardwood and the walls paneled with rich, dark timbers. The dark wood is off-set with dark greens and deep, rich golds for seating and trim. There is stained glass in the windows and stained glass décor throughout.

Employees and Affiliates

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Maeve Brennan

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Log Entries

Is Slipping a Glamour Possible? (Pt. 1)
July 25, 2012: Serafine sets up a meeting between Kieran and Bryn to discuss Brooke's ability to slip the glamour.
(log: 20120725-2 | tags: bryn event flanaghans kieran log logs serafine social | posted: 28 Jul 2012 13:59)

The Body in the Alley (Pt. 2)
July 25, 2012: The meeting goes wrong when a drunkard announces a dead body in the alleyway. Enter Kevin Curtis and the Priory to investigate.
(log: 20120725-3 | tags: bryn event flanaghans kevin kieran serafine social | posted: 28 Jul 2012 14:06)

Blog Entries

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