Central Park
Central Park
Department of Parks and Recreation
Location Middle of Manhattan
Status Open
Hours of Operation Closed daily 1:00AM-6:00AM

High standing stone walls surround the massive park, broken only for the gates that are situated every several blocks. While the hours to access them are highly restricted, four asphalt roads do cut across the area from east to west.

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in this area as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. Tall statues of famous novel characters are placed just beyond the trees and are surrounded by tiny arch fences.

Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is the lake. Designed for fun during the summer months, a rental hut is attached to a dock. Paddle boats and kayaks are available here, but are stored during the winter.

By far the largest building in the park is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Over one hundred years old, the enormous building houses over four hundred thousand items and is the third largest museum in the world. In comparison to the rest of the park, security is massively heightened here, and for good reason.

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A Little Knight Magic, Part 1
July 02, 2012: Chance and Siobhan meet in Central Park to work on her wild magic issues.
(log: 20120702-1 | tags: central-park chance siobhan social | posted: 04 Jul 2012 04:01)

A Little Knight Magic, Part 2
July 02, 2012: The continuation of A Little Knight Magic, Part 1 in which there is actual explanation given, casting done and the blossoming of a new friendship.
(log: 20120702-2 | tags: central-park chance siobhan social | posted: 05 Jul 2012 16:12)

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