Bryant Park
Bryant Park
Bryant Park Corporation
Location Fifth Avenue
Status Open
Hours of Operation Jan-Feb
7am - 10pm

7am - 9pm

7am - 10pm

7am - 11pm

June- Sept
M-F 7am - Midnight
S-S 7am - 11pm

Oct - Dec
7am - 10pm

One of the park's most impressive features is a large lawn that is the longest expanse of grass in Manhattan south of Central Park. Besides serving as a "lunchroom" for midtown office workers and a place of respite for tired pedestrians, the lawn also serves as the seating area for some of the park's major events, such as the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, Broadway in Bryant Park, and Square Dance. The lawn's season runs from February until October, when it is closed to make way for Bank of America Winter Village, the park's winter iteration. During the lawn's season, it is open on most days, closing only for regular maintenance, to drain after a heavy rain, or to recover after high-impact events.

Along the northern and southern sides of the park are twin promenades bordered by London plane trees. Several sculptures and fountains are placed throughout the 9.63 acres of park.

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