Tana Harris
Tana Harris
Portrayed by Candice Patton
Full Name Tana Arlene Harris
Race Human
Birthday September 5, 1991
Age 25
Height 5' 4"
Build Petite, curvy
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Faction N/A
Occupation Actress

Claim to Fame

Stars as Iris West on the popular television show, "The Flash."


  • Born and raised in Texas, Tana was a cheerleader in high school until she discovered drama club. She spent a good part of her high school career balancing cheerleading with being on stage.
  • Was accepted into the USC School of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, but dropped out because she wanted to perform and not learn about performing.
  • Landed a few walk on roles and speaking roles, until her big break on a daytime soap opera. From there she would go on to audition for The Flash and win the role of Iris West.
  • Has two brothers, one older and one younger.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
rg1.jpg William Bishop Witch Boyfriend Will is the first guy she's dated since before dropping out of school who she feels genuinely respects her and is with her for the sake of being with her. He's her prince even if he's woefully oblivious to that fact.


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