Robert Knight
Robert Knight
Portrayed by Michael Vartan
Full Name Robert Keith Knight
Race Sorcerer
Birthday December 7, 1968
Age 45
Height 6' 0"
Build Tall, wiry
Eyes Green
Hair Light Brown
Faction N/A
Occupation Trauma Surgeon

Claim to Fame

One of the top trauma surgeons on the East Coast and in the United States.


  • Third of four brothers of the Knightley Dynasty of Australia
  • Met and fell in love with Dawna Lowell, a witch, who later gave birth to their daughter, Siobhan
  • Already a disappointment due to his interest in medicine as opposed to the family business, Robert cut all ties to the Dynasty and moved to the States to marry Dawna and raise a family
  • Currently a well renown trauma surgeon at St. Luke's Hospital

Character Details

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
sr01.jpg Dawna Knight Witch Wife Happily married for seventeen years. Would gladly do it all again.
nr01.jpg Siobhan Knight Donovan Witch-Sorcerer Daughter Daddy's girl, despite his erratic hours and unavailability during her early years. They bonded when he established his career and he's always supported and taken an interest in her life and pursuits.
aj01.jpg Christian Knight Witch-Sorcerer Son His younger child, very bright though he down plays it. Little interest in magic, but their relationship is a good father-son one with bonding over sports.


This character only to be NPC'd by staff or Siobhan Knight Donovan or Christian Knight

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