Regan O'Malley
Regan O'Malley
Portrayed by Olivia Wilde
Full Name Regan Mary O'Malley
Race Human
Birthday March 8, 1985
Age 32
Height 5'7"
Build Skinny, Toned
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Faction NYPD
Occupation Detective

Claim to Fame

Offered a job with the NYPD after graduating from the Training Bureau. She's been noted for being an exemplary officer.


  • Born in Brooklyn, NY to Mary and Connell O'Malley.
  • Regan never met her father as he was killed in the line of duty a day before she was born. Connell's death is what sent Mary into premature labor (from the stress of losing her husband), and Regan was born at only thirty-four weeks.
  • Though she never met her father, his friends were around quite a bit as she was growing up. Helping Mary with various household tasks (fixing the garbage disposal, fixing the car, repainting the walls, whatever she needed), so young Regan heard plenty of stories from them about her father and how he was a good man.
  • It wasn't unusual in Regan's life to bring one of her father's friends from the force to work during father/daughter events at school. On career days, Mary usually asked one of them to go into the class and tell them what it was really like being a cop, and how dangerous it was.
  • Regan was never a good student, at least not in the sense that she managed straight-A's. She was pretty much a solid B with a few C's. In her high school years, she found herself in quite a bit of trouble with the law. Hotwiring cars and going for joyrides, stealing a motorcycle and ditching it up in Harlem, and minor instances with shoplifting.
  • Detective Ryan Mulcahey, her father's best friend on the force, was the one who had to deal with her charges. He sat her down, and told her that her options were juvvie or going into a community outreach program for troubled teens. Mary begged her to do the latter, so every day after school for six months, and every weekend, was spent picking up trash in the community. On the streets, in the parks, etc. Whenever she did well with the program, Mulcahey took her to the shooting range as a reward, and taught her how to shoot with accuracy.
  • Because of the community outreach program, her record got expunged, and she promised never to do anything like that again.
  • On her sixteenth birthday, Mulcahey bought Regan her first gun, a Smith & Wesson revolver. Every week, he'd take her to the shooting range, and her accuracy got better and better.
  • After graduating high school, she went to college to study pre-law, obtaining the 60 hours necessary to apply to take the NYPD test. Against Mary's wishes, Regan took the test and passed with flying colors. She got admitted to the Police Academy when she was 21, and became a cop when she was 22. She's only recently become a detective, working with the NYPD's best homicide detective - Ryan Mulcahey.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
dm01.jpg Ryan Mulcahey Human Close Friend/Father Figure Mulcahey has been around Regan's entire life. He's been an extremely close friend, father figure, and confidante. Regan might just have a thing for him.


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