Nichole Welles
Nichole Welles
Portrayed by Stephanie Romanov
Full Name Nichole Lynne Welles
Race Human
Birthday <E.g. "January 1" (year optional)>
Age 33
Height 5'6"
Build Lithe
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Faction Vampire
Occupation Personal & Administrative Assistant

Claim to Fame

The personal and administrative assistant to Kieran Collins. His right hand, eyes and ears and all around Girl Friday.



Character Details

Nichole is intelligent and shrewd, a masterful actor and adept at manipulation. She learned a lot from working beside Kieran, and is able to use her good looks, her wit and her charm to aid her in whatever ways she needs. Nichole does not form close human attachments, as she sees them as something that will make her vulnerable and weak. Nichole has a darker edge to her personality, and it is because of this that it is easy for her to work with Aidan and to turn a blind eye to some of his less salient actions.

She is loyal to Kieran, and will go above and beyond to help him maintain his cover and to protect him.


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