Portrayed by Madeleine Stowe
Full Name Livvy
Race Fae
Birthday ???
Age ???
Height Appears 5'6"
Build Appears Slender
Eyes Appears Dark Brown
Hair Appears Dark Brown
Faction Seelie/Light Fae Court
Occupation Queen of the Fae

Owns Tinctura in the Undercity

Claim to Fame

Ages ago some may recall her as being Grainne — an Irish woman who ran a pub with her 'husband'. Now, she's most commonly referred to as Livvy, owner of a specialty magic boutique in the Undercity. Though she's only there if she wants to be found.

AKA Titania, Queen of the Fae.


Unrevealed — it really is too long.

Character Details

Whatever she decides it is at the time she decides you're worth speaking with.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
ms01.jpg Drakkon Fae Husband "What, jealous Oberon! I have forsworn his bed and company."
co01.jpg Tristan Fae Son "A merry wanderer of the night. He sides with his father, despite my best efforts."


Only to be NPC'd by Staff.

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