Karen Donovan
Karen Donovan
Portrayed by Lauren Graham
Full Name Karen Donovan
Race Psychic - Empath
Birthday January 21st, 1966
Age 51
Height 5'9"
Build Tall, and slim
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Faction N/A
Occupation Psychologist

Claim to Fame

A well known and respected psychologist at St. Luke's. Also has her own practice.


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Image Name Race Relation Notes
pd01.jpg Samuel Donovan Psychic Husband Happily married for 20+ years.
ll01.jpg Harper Donovan Psychic Son They have a decent relationship, despite her having a nanny raise him in his early years.
lp01.jpg Jenna Donovan Harper Psychic Daughter They have a slightly strained relationship at times, but are generally fairly close.


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