James Collins
James Collins
Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer
Full Name James Collins
Race Vampire
Birthday February 22
Age 22 (393)
Height 5' 11"
Build Tall, Athletic, solid
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Faction Vampire - Karneros
Occupation Con-Artist/Fence

Claim to Fame

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  • Younger brother of Kieran Collins, they share the same Maker
  • Revels in his status as a vampire, and likes to buck the system; feels 'restrained' by the need to hide away and masquerade themselves from the humans
  • Shares a love-hate relationship with his older brother whom he alternately respects and admires, or dislikes and belittles

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
is02.jpg Kieran Collins Vampire Brother Annoying rules lawyer, and too damn smart for his own good, he used to be fun, but has good taste when it comes to the chits


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