Eve Kothari
Eve Kothari
Portrayed by Priyanka Chopra
Full Name Avneet "Eve" Kothari
Race Psychic
Birthday February 15, 1982
Age 35
Height 5'7"
Build Athletic, busty
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Faction N/A
Occupation Engineering, R&D

Claim to Fame

One of the very, very few women to rise to a VP Position within Nash Aeronautics.


Unrevealed at this time.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
jh001.jpg Rhett Harper Sorcerer Boss, Paramour Yes, she is dating her boss, but she sees that as a technicality since Rhett pretty much runs the show for the whole of the New York office. Business is business, personal is personal, and she clawed her way to her position in the London office long before she started dating Rhett.


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