Portrayed by Mark Sheppard
Full Name Drakkon
Race Fae
Birthday Unknown
Age Old
Height 5'9"
Build Stocky
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Faction Unseelie/Dark Fae
Occupation King

Claim to Fame

"I'm the King of Dark Court. I'm the Lord of the dark secrets humans have long forgotten. I'm the Keeper of knowledge that would destroy your teeny little minds."


Has been known by many names, among them Oberon and Alberich, but he is mostly widely known as Drakkon and prefers that name.

The rest of his biography is long, a good deal secretive, and what isn't is left unrevealed.

Character Details

"This is what makes humans so simple. The belief that an individual, never mind a being as powerful and aged as I am, could be summed up in whole with a few flowery sentences and insufficient adjectives."


Image Name Race Relation Notes
livvy.jpg Livvy Fae Wife "We share a fundamental difference of opinion on a great many things."
co01.jpg Tristan Fae Son "He is his mother's son despite my best efforts."


This character is only to RP'd by the staff.

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