Dawna Knight
Dawna Knight
Portrayed by Salli Richardson
Full Name Dawna Lowell Knight
Race Witch
Birthday October 8
Age 44
Height 5' 6"
Build Average, curvy
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Faction The Coven
Occupation Dancer, Choreographer

Claim to Fame

Director of one of New York City's top private dance schools and well known Broadway and off-Broadway choreographer


  • Born a witch into an upper-middle class family of hereditary witches on both her maternal and paternal side, although her father was not a witch.
  • Dawna met her husband Robert, on vacation with friends in the Caribbean. Dawna's trip was a graduation gift from her parents, and Robert was blowing off steam before assuming a medical internship. (A decision that was not met with enthusiasm by the Knightley Dynasty back in Australia)
  • Dawna claims 'love at first sight' to this day, and stayed in touch when Robert went home, even though neither of their families would have approved of the dalliance.
  • Had aspirations to be a prima ballerina, but pregnancy nixed it. However, after marrying Robert, Dawna went on to pursue dance and opened her own school, The Magic of Dance by Dawna.
  • Proud mother of Siobhan, a witch and Christian, a very rare male witch.

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Image Name Race Relation Notes
mv01.jpg Robert Knight Sorcerer Husband Happily married for seventeen years. Worth all the grief to get to this point.
nr01.jpg Siobhan Knight Witch-Sorcerer Daughter First born, a bit intense and overly emotional, but definitely a rising star. Sometimes too smart for her own good.
aj01.jpg Christian Knight Witch-Sorcerer Son Second child, very intelligent, but more focused on sports than he is on magic. Hopefully will change.


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