Bridget Bishop
Bridget Bishop
Portrayed by Jennifer Connelly
Full Name Bridget Irene Bishop
Race Witch
Birthday February 15th, 1979
Age 38
Height 5'9"
Build Trim
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Faction The Coven
Occupation Seamstress

Claim to Fame

Successful costume and clothing maker, Rene is the owner/operator of, a costuming website. She also has been known to costume members of Steel Clover.


• Eldest daughter of Walter and Barbara Bishop
• Born and raised in Lima, NY
• Grew up on an old Victorian Estate, complete with stables and run as a horse farm.
• Due to struggles with the farm, the home was rented out as a Bread and Breakfast by Barbara during the summers. It supplements the struggling farm along with the income of the parents.
• Bridget was neither popular nor shunned during childhood/early adulthood. She instead welcomed good natured friends who wouldn’t mind being mothered.
• Being powerful was never interesting to Bridget and so she opted not to push herself overly much in the form of witchcraft. Her goal instead was to learn what she felt was needed in order to survive. This included a few elemental spells but mostly healing and protective magics.
• Her attention was spent on how to infuse her magics into the items that she makes. She learned how to weave magic into materials and jewelry in order to offer protection sometimes without knowledge of doing so.
• Forewent higher education, deciding that college was more for her younger siblings. Instead she helped around the home until the others were old enough to properly fend for themselves.
• While helping out at home, she became known to a small community for her seamstress skills. She would take small jobs to earn her own income.
• Eventually moved to a two bedroom apartment and started her own costuming business. She still provides to those who knew her before, but most of her orders come from her website.
• She offers clothing/costumes to bands that her sister promotes, often time for free or at a hefty discount.
• Currently lives alone and is debating a pet or two to keep her company.

Character Details

Bridget was always a bit of a mother hen, even (especially) when it wasn’t needed. To this day she mothers her family and anyone she allows to get close to her. Due to her overly nurturing nature, she tends not to let just anyone see the real side of her. This doesn’t keep her from appearing overly friendly and good natured to others.

Bridget cannot stand the naming scheme of the same letter to begin the first and last name, nor the thought that the same scheme was carried on with others in her family. This is why she prefers that people refer to her by her nickname. Her family seldom complies with this wish but they have become exempt. Often times when humoring her (more like poking fun at her) they use Reennie instead of Rene.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
ds01.jpg Brooke Bishop Witch Sister Younger sister but not the baby.


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