Brianna Collins
Brianna Collins
Portrayed by Alexandra Daddario (Future)
Full Name Brianna Lily Collins
Race Hybrid
Birthday June 21, 2014
Age 2
Height Toddler
Build Cute
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Faction Coven
Occupation Baby

Claim to Fame

Is one of the daughters of Brooke Bishop-Collins and Kieran Collins.


  • Born June 21, 2014
  • Is a little flirt, and a daddy's girl
  • Has a strange affinity for Killian Blackwell

Character Details

Cute, and she knows it. Gets upset when someone besides her is the center of attention.


Image Name Race Relation Notes
ds01.jpg Brooke Bishop-Collins Hybrid Mother
is01.jpeg Kieran Collins Vampire Father
babyscarlett3.jpg Scarlett Collins Hybrid Twin


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