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24 Aug 2014 23:43Here There Be Monsters... and Fashion
August 24, 2014: Joan receives her first undeniable encounter with the supernatural, courtesy of Samira. Undeniable in the moment, yet forcibly forgotten in memory. Talk of fashion, however, is well-remembered.
(log: 20140824-1 | tags: bronx-zoo joan samira social)

22 Sep 2013 04:12The Regatta
August 31, 2013: It's the 72nd Annual New York Regency Regatta, where some feel out of place and Preston's parents make an appearance.
(log: 20130831-2 | tags: ariel chance cooper jenna preston social yacht-club)

14 Sep 2013 02:13The Star Party
August 31, 2013: A group of friends celebrates the end of summer with a gathering on a private yacht.
(log: 20130831-1 | tags: ariel chance cooper jenna preston siobhan social the-sapphire-star)

01 Sep 2013 02:15Something to Talk About
July 30, 2013: Taking Cooper's advice, Ariel invites Jenna for lunch to clear the air and settle her nerves.
(log: 20130730-1 | tags: ariel haiku jenna social)

01 Sep 2013 00:27Turn the Night Up
July 28, 2013: Ariel spends an evening with Cooper.
(log: 21030728-3 | tags: ariel cooper coopers-apt social)

30 Aug 2013 23:58Jenna and the Vamps
June 28, 2013: Jenna makes a discovery about her boss, and learns a bit about vampires in the process.
(log: 20130728-2 | tags: jenna kieran kierans-penthouse serafine social)

30 Aug 2013 23:10Secrets, Plans & Aftereffects
July 28, 2013: Siobhan, with Jenna in tow, visits Brooke at Kieran's.
(log: 20130728-1 | tags: brooke event harper jenna kieran kierans-penthouse serafine siobhan social)

27 Aug 2013 23:38Coming Out of the Shade
June 29, 2013: Preston comes cleans to Jenna regarding his relationship with Ariel.
(log: 20130629-1 | tags: donovan-residence jenna preston social)

27 Aug 2013 22:04Starting Over
June 21, 2013: Cooper has private words with Ariel. Takes place during Graduation Gifts UES Style.
(log: 20130621-2 | tags: ariel cooper donovan-hamptons social)

27 Aug 2013 14:44Grad Gifts UES Style
June 21, 2013: The college set heads to the Hamptons for a graduation party, and discovers gifts waiting for them.
(log: 20130621-1 | tags: ariel chance cooper donovan-hamptons harper preston siobhan social)

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