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Below are the most recent plot/event logs posted to date:

03 Sep 2013 23:35Constant Craving
July 29, 2013: Siobhan checks into the hospital (again) to find the reason for her cravings.
(log: 20130729-1 | tags: event harper phaedra-delany robert-npc siobhan st-lukes-hospital)

30 Aug 2013 23:10Secrets, Plans & Aftereffects
July 28, 2013: Siobhan, with Jenna in tow, visits Brooke at Kieran's.
(log: 20130728-1 | tags: brooke event harper jenna kieran kierans-penthouse serafine siobhan social)

22 Aug 2013 16:52The Hospital - Part 3
June 05, 2013: Siobhan wakes up in a much better place and physical condition than she last recalls.
(log: 20130605-6 | tags: dawna-npc event harper jenna plot robert-npc siobhan st-lukes-hospital)

22 Aug 2013 14:21At the Hospital - Part 2
June 5, 2013: Rory goes to check in on one of the rescuees.
(log: 20130605-5 | tags: event hospital jenna lizzie plot rory social)

22 Aug 2013 13:32At the Hospital - Part I
June 5, 2013: Brooke wakes up in the hospital, with Kieran at her side.
(log: 20130605-4 | tags: brooke event hospital kieran plot)

21 Aug 2013 01:17The Rescue - Part 2
June 05, 2013: The rescue team enters the compound, locates the witches and plenty of others in need of rescuing.
(log: 20130605-3 | tags: brooke bryn christian-adopt event gideon-npc kieran lizzie plot ria-npc rory sera siobhan)

09 Aug 2013 23:05Restless
June 04, 2013: The rescue plan comes together.
(log: 20130604-6 | tags: brookes-apartment brookes-apt bryn christian-adopt event kieran rory serafine)

13 Jul 2013 19:46Taken!
June 03, 2013: Brooke & Siobhan are taken from Brooke's apartment, and a secret is hinted at. Immediately follows A Fresh Pair of Eyes
(log: 20130603-2 | tags: brooke brookes-loft event siobhan)

13 Jul 2013 01:08Fresh Pair of Eyes
June 03, 2013: Nearly a month after sleeping with Cooper under the effects of a lust spell, Siobhan is off-the-grid. She sneaks over to see Brooke and get some advice. Little do the women know, the day is about to take a turn for the worse.
(log: 20130603-1 | tags: brooke brookes-loft event siobhan)

04 Sep 2012 12:50Home Court Advantage
August 3, 2012: Bryn and Serafine head to Kieran's apartment to divulge the information that he has happened to find in regards to slipping a glamour.
(log: 20120803-1 | tags: bryn event kieran kierans-penthouse log logs serafine social)

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