Under Her Spell


Trendy and popular, Purgatory boasts a sleek, modern look and feel. The theme is freedom and boundlessness and everything from the cool blues and chrome finishing to the airy open spaces speaks echoes it. Purgatory is a fair sized club built out of gutted old office building. Blue and white tubing lights and runners high in the ceiling provide a light airy space in the center of the club which houses the dance floor and near the bar. Lights spark and flash and run beneath the floor, winding their way beneath and between the booths and tables. As one nears the back of the club and outer walls, the lights grow dimmer, the shadows more and the booths, tables and couches there are shrouded in a shadowy sort of privacy.

The bar is white, chrome and blue, reflecting the dcor of the club, and blue neon runners pulse around the bar, splashing it with flickering color. Behind the bar is a mirrored drink area and shelves filled with bottles of liquors and spirits; wine and martini glasses hang from chrome racks in the ceiling for ease of reach, and to easily compliment the interior, the flashing lights spraying the bar and bar stools with prism reflections.

While the music is loud and one can feel the bass throbbing beneath one's feet as the lights pulse in time, the acoustical setup of the club somehow makes the music more bearable than in other clubs. Near the bar and along the back walls, conversations can be held without shouting to the point of hoarseness; on the dance floor, near the speakers, the music becomes blisteringly loud but no one complains.

If Purgatory is the waiting room, then it's only fitting that the two VIP areas are Elysium and Abaddon.


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Serafine Roche Julian Griffin

Friday night, which means it's time to let her hair down and blow off a little steam.
It's been an unusually long and odd week. Between work, keeping Brooke company, helping Bryn with research, and getting the promised one hundred and twenty five pages to her publisher, Serafine needs to relax and unwind. She's choosing her third most popular way to do so. Going to her favorite nightclub and mingling with the warm bodies that are ripe with youth, vigor and pheromones. She can just dance and feed off the lust in the crowd all night long if she chooses and doesn't have to worry about taking anyone home unless she's just that hungry.
Tonight she's wearing her hair down, making her look a few years younger than usual, with loose curls spilling across her shoulders and hitting the thin spaghetti straps of her silver shimmering dress. The back is cut low, the hem hits her mid-thighs showing off long legs, accented by peep toe heels.
The woman shakes and shimmies across the dance floor, bumping hips and grinding her pelvis as though she hasn't a care in the world. She has a presence, due to her Karneros bloodline and simply because she has the look of one relaxed, comfortable and happy in her skin. Sera tosses her hair and looses a hip wiggle as the song ends. Blowing a teasing kiss to her two dance partners, she twirls elegantly away from them, heading towards the bar for something to cool her parched throat. If the crowd seems to part a bit, and heads follow in her wake, she seems utterly oblivious.

Being away from the city does wonderful things to ones social life. It appears Julian has many of the locals gossiping of his return and rightfully so. He's quite the charming man when you put a few drinks in him to loosen his demeanor. Thankfully he's not in the obvious Griffin family attire nor using the high profile payment tools his other family members seem so accustom to using at the clubs. So he has a fairly low risk of ending up in the social section of the local news.
Tonight he's wearing a pair of navy dorm pants, an overshirt of a variant blue hue, and a pair of black and white Puma shoes. Overall he's looking quite middle-class which might actually be completely unheard of from a member of an established UES family.
The attention of the young sorcerer is caught by the approaching young looking woman. He scans her body from head to toe completely exiting the random small talk of another bar patron. It's almost like he's drawn to this woman for some strange reason. "Good evening miss, might you need a cocktail?"

It's his demeanor that slows Sera and catches her attention. His style of dress, while fully acceptable for Purgatory, just doesn't quite seem to mesh with his poise and speech patterns. It's a curious enough combination, to cause Sera to raise perfectly arched brows. A bemused smile tickles her cheeks and lifts the corners of her mouth. Touching the tip of her tongue to her upper lip, she tosses her hair behind one shoulder as she drifts closer.
"As a matter of fact, sugar, I would love another cocktail." When she speaks, her soft, rolling southern accent touches and colors her words, giving a hint of southern demureness to her.
Sera sidles up to the man's side, and the bar, keeping as polite a distance as she can in the club of bouncing, jostling bodies. "I'm not sure I've seen you around here before."

It's fairly clear that Sera finds something within Julian's approach compelling. Which gives Julian, strangely, some sort of pleasure as he engages the woman. He then chuckles as the woman accepts his invitation for another drink. He nods promptly and motions to the bartender for two of whatever the woman he is engaging was having.
"Wonderful, I like finding enjoyable drinking company in clubs. It's so rare to find that in the usual places I frequent." Julian says so freely it seems to even surprise himself when he's done speaking the word. "I mean to say, I don't usually have the chance to engage in stimulating conversation outside the gossip of upper society."
He suddenly shakes his head placing a palm upon his forehead. "This is so coming out wrong…" He then smiles as she does seem still engaged. "Yeah, I don't come here often. I think the last time I serious stayed out here I was with two… friends for drinks."

A newer, fresher face in the crowd of the usual familiar ones? One that isn't the usual college frat boy or post-grad trying to 'score' by flashing his designer watch and talking about his new speedy car or weekend jet to London or Paris? Yes, Sera's interested and curious. She deals well enough with the others because she does like her boy toys, and there's always a meal in it for her at the end of the night. Sometimes, however, her brain does demand something of stimulating conversation or just a new path to wander.
Sera is keeping her drinks simple tonight. Nothing more than a martini with an extra olive. She finger waves at the bartender, mouthing that she'd like the same as she's been having. She turns her attention back to her current drink partner.
"I like it too," Sera says with a charming smile. She lifts a shoulder in a half shrug. "I happen to like people watching and talking to new people. But, you can't come to clubs a lot if you're looking for stimulating conversation." The woman gives him a quick wink. "Fun conversation, yes. It's not always stimulating."

It's clear Julian isn't much of a bragging man. His general demeanor is easygoing and not typical for frequenting a bar alone as he is. Though that might just be an attractive feature compared to the other over-acting patrons usually cruising this establishment.
It's when Sera shows increased interest that a vague wave of desire fills the surrounding air around Julian. "This is very true, coming to a club typically means zipping a lip and letting body movement dictate your conversation." He laughs lightly as two martini's arrive on cue. "Yes, fun conversations are typically had from this place. At least the last time I was here there was a good deal of them. Though that might be due to a few factors."
Julian's eyes glaze over for just a moment, but the air teams with sexual tension on whatever he was just thinking about.

Not being a bragging man isn't a bad thing. A little bit of modesty and humility can be refreshing. They're so much more fun to play with, too.
Sera can feel that ripple of desire that surrounds the man, and her smile turns a little coquettish. The vampire can taste it on her skin, a teasing little tingle that runs across her arms and shoulders. This is what she's out for tonight.
"Some bodies speak more clearly than others," Sera laughs. It's dulcet and sweet, just a hair smoke filled. She lifts her glass to take a small sip, allowing her lips to linger on the rim before tapping it with her tongue.
It's clear that the man has some memory of being here. A very pleasant memory, if the look in his eyes and the crackle of lust around him is any indication. "Thinking of someone special?" Sera asks, a curious lilt to her voice. She looks one way and then the other, "Not here tonight?"

It would seem both drinking partner patrons are enjoying themselves as Julian snaps back to reality once more. It's the comment Sera makes that begins to color Julian's cheek, though it might be the drinks he's had already as well. "Oh yes, I find bodies like to talk. And the longer they've been silent, the more they scream for attention when they do speak."
He then takes up his drink carefully taking a sip whilst Sera does as well. He however holds the glass with an obvious more trained hand than the usual population in the bar. Like he's been accustom to holding a drink while conversing on a regular basis. "Oh goodness, was I that obvious?! I apologize for my rudeness, I don't typically check-out like that in the midst of talking."
He then looks around slyly as the indication that the person might be there. "I doubt it, he — I mean they probably are resting for a performance tomorrow evening." Julian says a bit awkwardly, like the pronoun of the person wasn't his intention to indicate.

Well, now, isn't this interesting? Sera is encouraged and even more curious. She is an author, among other things. Watching people, talking to them, getting the viewpoints and experiences of those she encounters is all part and parcel to her craft. His reactions, the flow of color to his cheeks coupled with the sight and sound she can see and hear of the flowing blood is remarkable. It's always remarkable. "Oh, yes, a body should never be silent for too long. They get needy and petulant when they start to scream."
Sera laughs again, not at him, but clearly bemused and enjoying the conversation. Then again, it is a change from sweaty palms trying too hard to grope her and back her into a dark corner. Both of which she only allows on her terms, when she's in the mood. "It's quite alright. We all have those moments of nostalgia."
"But I'm being rude. You bought me a drink, the least I owe is my name." She extends one manicured hand. It's warm to the touch, though maybe a degree or two lower than his, nothing unusual for a human. She did feed before coming out. "Sera."
The mixed pronouns are noticed, and Sera takes another small sip from her glass. "Must be a very special someone…"

Julian smiles as Sera perfectly counters his comment about bodies needing to speak. "You're quite the word-crafter. It's as though you know exactly what to say to sink into my curious side."
"Good, I hate being thought of as rude. It's not how I was raised, and quite a negative when trying to keep a positive appearance in an otherwise judgmental social setting." Julian says with a clear indication that being proper can be quite tiring all the time. Though he shows no real indication of stopping anytime soon.
He then sees her offered hand and shifts his drink to the opposing hand to allow a proper handshake. "Julian."
"Oh I guess you could say that. I have a feeling they don't notice me. Though I guess I'd have to actually put myself out for someone to really have a chance to engage me on such a level." Julian seems a bit bent on the topic. As though the thought of having a romantic prospect is almost laughable.

"Very pleased to meet you, Julian," Sera says with the hint of a purr to her voice. She gives his hand a light squeeze, fingertips tickling over the inside of his palm as their hands part. It's difficult to tell from the bright innocence and friendliness in her eyes and the open amiableness in her body language if it's an accident or if the woman is being flirty. Sera does like playing the mysterious card as well, sometimes.
Crossing her legs slowly, a movement which causes her skirt to ride up teasingly on her thigh just a bit. She leans a little towards him and rakes a hand through her attractively messy curls. "You are allowed to relax and let go when you're not in that setting. I promise, I won't tell."
Straightening, she flashes that little playful, winsome smile at him again. "If they don't notice you, then perhaps you should raise the stakes?" She flexes her foot, easily dropping and reclaiming the back part of the heel as she stretches the calf with the action. "Or maybe it's their loss."
"Call me a silly romantic, but I think that with the right timing, everyone can find the person that engages them on that level. Even if they aren't looking for it."

Julian chuckles nervously as their hands separate and Sera caresses his hand in a quite alluring fashion. However moments before the last tactical inch of their hands part there is a very vague wave of energy that ripples between the two patron.
"Oh really? I'd quite enjoy relaxing. Though I hear it's addicting and habit forming." Julian says jokingly as he unconsciously leans into Sera's caress of his hair. It might be unintentionally flirtatious.
"Yes, I might benefit from raising the stakes. Though I have a feeling my family is going to push me into some spotlight coming soon. It appears our handle on social society has been waning as of late." He takes another slow sip of is drink before looking over Sera with appraising eyes. "I have to say, you're quite the alluring patron. I don't usually go out of my way to engage strangers. Though strangely it is like the room vaguely revolves around you." It's meant as a casual comment, but clearly Julian is purplexed by the concept.

Sera could have fun with this one. Staying here and playing with him all night. She likes his reactions because they're pure and unforced. The energy is all natural and not affected by alcohol or drugs, or the simple fact that hormones have been running high and skirt (or pants) chasing all night long. It's refreshing. Like the air after a crisp spring rain.
"Terribly addictive and horribly habit forming," Sera nods her head and laughs, wrinkling her nose prettily. She winks, "But what a rush."
The vampire takes another sip from her drink and places the glass daintily back on the bar. She tilts her head a bit, giving the man an appraising once over. "Family obligations? Being forced into the spotlight to uphold and represent the family name properly?" Sera is very aware that such still happens in the UES and with the upper society families. Her friend's business is making certain that those names don't get tarnished by the media, and that the 'naughty secrets' and 'mistakes' don't make it to the clear light of day. Even Sera is careful to protect her image as the respectable gallery owner, and play the part of the proper southern import to her Maker's old world, old money facade.
"Aren't you just the silver-tongued flatterer?" Sera coyly bats lashes and brushes her fingers along his arm. "Thank you for the compliment, though I think it has to do with the company."

It's clear that Julian's enjoying himself. The mere fact that the conversation is moving so smoothly should be an indication that he feels quite comfortable in the company of his newly found friend. "Yes, I'm beginning to see the attraction to it all…"
"I know, I know. It sounds all so much more than modern day Upper East Side politics. Though it's important to my family that we continue our success." He seems very taken with the woman and her drawing ways.
"Me?! A silver-tongued? I'm quite taken with this compliment." He then returns the light brushing with a slight graze to the woman's knee. Again, a strange wave of energy that's not the same lust filled power from before.

"I have an idea." Sera slides off the bar stool she's occupying with feline like grace, her body moving in an almost sensual manner to be doing something so mundane. She places one hand lightly upon the hand he has holding the martini and attempts to gently guide it to the bar. The other she sets to his shoulder, thumb teasing over the bare skin of his neck.
"Tonight, forget about it. Your family isn't here, and dwelling on it isn't going to make it go away, sugar." Sera licks her lips, and leans closer, moving more deeply into his personal space. "Whatever it is that they want from you, they'll still want it tomorrow."
"Say that tonight is for Julian, and come dance with me."
The energy does catch her attention, and her supernatural senses reach out to examine it. It's curious and she almost thinks that it has that feel and hint of magic energy. Of course, she's not attuned to magic, but she's been subject of a spell here or there, and a few of them have left a 'feeling' on her skin.

Julian perks up as Sera suggests she has an idea. He follows her off the bar stool and attempts to keep close enough to keep the conversation going, but clearly not wanting to over exert his welcome. His hand setting down his drink without question and looking quite entranced by the vampire's gaze. "Oh, now that is an idea!"
He shows no sign of pulling away when the woman invades his space. "You're right, they're not here and they will be there tomorrow."
"I'd love to come dance with you. It would make my night."
The energy does come in vague waves. Nothing that indicates that he's actually working magic, but it is clear to the vaguely attuned that he's a bit loose with energy this evening. Like he's not had relief of power recently. "Please, don't judge me on my grace this evening. I have had a touch of poison."

Sera grins brightly and gives a little bounce on her feet. Her reaction to his agreement to dance is almost playful girlish, but somehow suits her without making her look foolish. "I'm quite clever that way," Sera giggles, tossing her hair over one shoulder.
Taking first one, and then the other hand in hers, she starts walking backwards toward the dance floor. She's either extremely graceful or very much aware of her surroundings, because there's no indication that she is going to collide with any of the constantly moving bodies. "I absolutely promise not to hold any mis-steps against you. I was raised a proper southern lady. I can ignore a little faux pas with the best of them."

"Clearly, since you are one of the only women in recent years that have actually gotten me on the floor." Julian says in a teasing fashion as he begins to moving smoothly to the dance floor. His general sway indicates he's not used to club dancing, but very much more formalized dancing of proper society. His hands move to entangle with Sera's with little to no hesitation.
While they move through the crowd led by Sera's sheer grace it's clear that Julian's perception of the room is fading. He's enthralled by the interaction he's having with Sera.
His eyes locking onto her face without acknowledging the rest of the moving bodies. "Wonderful, because I'm quite skillful when given the chance." He the begins moving with Sera in what only can be described as one of those dances that happens in a fantasy movie. The room has all but disappeared and all his undivided attention is locked firmly on Sera.

"Really?" Sera beams and preens at those words. "I must really be doing something right, then, yes?"
In this crowd, it doesn't matter what sorts of dancing he's most accustomed to. Bodies bounce and collide like water molecules being heated up in high school chemistry lab. No one pays much attention to what anyone else is doing, unless they're looking to find a new dance partner.
The vampire claims a spot for them, shifting closer to him still once they're centered on the dance floor. The music thrums loudly around them, pulsing through her body. Flashing him a grin that is one part flirtatious and two parts impish, Sera loops her hands around his neck and sets her hips to swaying to the under beat of the sultry club mix. Green eyes lock to his as she moves to the rhythms, letting her body speak its own language.

"That's certain is an understatement. You're quite lovely company." Julian say, completely not paying attention to his words any longer. Sera has broken down his barriers with the slow progression of their interactions.
The club is flowing with the music on this Friday night. No one is paying attention which gives the two an advantage of getting to know each other intimately without judgements.
When they claim their spot on the floor Julian moves his hands to support the vampire's advances. It's quite beautiful as their bodies fall into the sway of the music. It's clear Julian is lost in the moment as his body begins to move in a way not typical for upper-class society. His body clearly enjoying itself and his mind finally releasing the ever wound tension that has built over the months of being gone from the city.

"Thank you," Sera smiles coquettishly, fluttering her lashes. It's an age old trick, one that she knows by heart. The smile and the eye flutter. It's that hint of demureness that adds a bit of mystery.
Serafine moves gracefully in time to the swaying beat, her body moving as one with no reservations and complete comfort in herself. She has been dancing for years, and isn't insecure or self-conscious. The vampiress matches his movements, smiling encouragement at her dance partner.
Dancing closer still, Sera leans in to speak in his ear, projecting her voice over the music. It means she has to talk right in his ear, the puff of breath from her words blowing against his ear. "I don't know what you're talking about. You're a very good dancer."

Julian smiles back at Sera as she seems to hold his attention quite nicely with his mysterious gaze. It seems to have some kind of effect on the young sorcerer.
He moves seemingly gracefully upon the dance floor as though this is a skill he is most inclined to pick-up with little effort. Spinning and twirling the two of them in time with the undercurrent of the music.
It's when the woman speaks into his ear that Julian seems to briefly snap out of his trance. His body shivering from the nearly erotic feeling one gets when spoken to at close proximity by an attractive individual. His mouth parts with a sigh of pleasure before he says, "Well somehow I think it has more to do with my dancing partner than my own sheer skill. I'm still trying to figure out why you're so compelling."

"Again with the flattery," Sera laughs. She drifts one hand down his arm, tickling her fingers against his elbow. "I'm nothing special." Quite the contrary, and Sera very well knows it, though she hasn't truly revved up the siren call and lure. This is just her natural draw when she's out and about on the prowl. It would be so much easier to talk to him if they had a privacy bubble. The fact that she thinks it shows how spoiled she is by spending so much time with magic users.
Throwing him a playful wink, Sera twists so that her back is to his front. She steps back, closing the space between them and leaving only the faintest teasing pocket of air between their bodies. One hand reaches back to wrap around the base of his neck as her hips make a slow swivel and grind.

"What can I say, you bring out something in me the moment I gazed upon you." Julian says getting a touch red from embarrassment. His arm moving into the caress Sera gives me seeming to energize his demeanor quite nicely.
The fact she wants a more intimate interaction doesn't occur to Julian, not at this point at least. His hands however enjoy traveling the vampire's body as she turns to tempt him. When she takes ahold of his neck is when things seems to heat up. He leans down to gently kiss the space between her neck and shoulder blade. A clear sign that Sera's natural mojo seems to be entrancing the young man with little effort.
A small sigh releases from Julian as he begins to finally look around the club at the other patrons. The fact that he's in the middle of a crowded room begins to dawn on the sorcerer once more. His energy flow shaking slightly as the fact he's becoming a touch nervous becomes apparent.

Julian knows all the right words to say. If she were a naive human girl, or one of the silly coeds dancing around with puckered lips and heaving cleavage, she'd be easily won over. She's heard all the words before, although they still make her smile. She might not be human, but who doesn't like having their ego stroked?
The kiss earns him a breathy giggle and a sigh, and Sera has to debate how much and how far she wishes to pursue this one tonight.
Her preternatural senses make her more aware of his physiological responses than he likely is. The slight change in his heart and breathing, the faint tension in his muscles. Sera places one hand atop of one of his and presses it to her stomach, tickling her fingers over the back of it. A break in the music as the song changes allows her to tilt her head back and give him a playful wink, "Hope you're having as much fun as I am?"

Julian's change in mood is clearly not obvious to him, though with Sera's redirection it does appear to pulling him nearly back to previous standing. He chuckles as she responds to his advances and when the music changes he nods while burying his face into her neck. "I'm having quite a delightful evening indeed."
His hand caresses the woman's stomach whilst the other hand roams up her body to lightly massage the opposing shoulder. "Though I'd like to talk with you some more… maybe more privately?" His tone appears to be innocent, though his heartbeat does speed slightly with anticipation.

"I think that I can arrange that," Sera grins. Easily twirling again, she touches the tip of her tongue to her upper lip, and sets a hand to his shoulder. She's comfortable and not being at all shy, staying close to him. Touching him lightly here and there. "Would you like to go find somewhere more quiet to enjoy another drink?"

"Oh, now that's good to hear." Julian says with a little waggle of his eyebrows. When she twirls around he sets his hands upon her waist looking her over with delight upon his face. "I would love another drink and a quiet place to chat." He says before looking around the club for a plan.
It's then that his eyes set upon a corner booth near the back bar area. "How about a booth near the bar?" He then slowly lift his right hand to point toward where he means. "It looks quite comfortable…"

Sera gives a slow glance over to where he's pointing, and smiles with agreement. "Perfect, absolutely perfect." She could take them up to the VIP area, but the corner bar booth will do for now. The VIP area will still be there later, and she doesn't want to completely play her hand just yet by showing how familiar she is with the club.
Tucking her arm in his, Sera squeezes his lower arm and presses against his side. "Lead the way, I'll be right by your side."

Julian nods slowly before hooking his arm along with Sera's and proceeds toward the booth. He moves with a certain level of grace, though without being entranced it's clear he is a bit more clumzy than previous. He bumps into a few people before arriving at their destination. He motions toward the booth seat bowing ever so slightly like the proper gentleman he's been raised to be.
"Ma'am, after you." Julian's tone is quirky and it's clear he's trying to be charming, but clearly his geekish mannerisms begin to show. He then takes one more glance around the room seeming to be evaluating the room for some reason.

If the clumsiness and less than perfect navigation bother Sera, she doesn't show it. She's rather bemused and curious about this unusual young man. The vampire has been categorizing and picking him apart all night in her mind. She's almost positive that he's a sorcerer, and while he has the social graces of one the upper society, there are those moments of uncertainty and awkwardness. Almost as though he's not spent a great deal of time out in spotlight.
"Why, thank you, kind sir," Sera says with particular extra emphasis on her southern accent. Tossing her hair over a shoulder and giving him a wink, she slides into the booth, allowing the hem of her skirt to slide up just a bit to reveal more leg.

"You are quite welcome." Julian says before joining Sera in the booth. His demeanor seems a bit nervous and his heartbeat hasn't shown any side of slowing down anytime soon. He chuckles to himself before shifting to face the young woman with an intense gaze upon her.
T"So, be honest. What reason does a quite wonderful woman like yourself have to talking to a man like me?" Julian says while gesturing over himself. It's clear by his tone he's at least half serious about the question. It's as though the confidence from earlier was somehow a rues. Though it also might be the amount of alcohol he has ingested finally catching up to him.

Sera tilts her head, lifting her brows in curiosity. Leaning forward, she rests her arm on the table, hand up and rests her chin in her palm. "Why, pray tell, wouldn't I want to talk to you? You caught my attention. You're different from most of them…" Sera waves her hand to indicate the others in the club around them. There's no hint in her tone that she's making fun of him or isn't sincere in her words. He is different, not a cocky coed clearly looking for a fast hookup, and wavering back and forth between confident and nervous.

Julian nods seeming almost proud of himself. He shakes his head finally seeming to wave away the insecure moment. "Yeah, I guess you could call me different. That's quite an accurate statement." He then looks up slowly looking as though he spoke something he didn't mean to say. "I mean, I'm kind of like them… I mean, I am really not that special."
He looks away seeming to try to hide something before saying, "Anyways, this doesn't usually happen to me. I'm not much of a social butterfly and certainly don't usually feel so compelled by women"
"I mean the womanly form is wonderful… and lushes… and… Oh Goddess I'm rambling."

"Oh sugar, we're all special," Sera tosses her head back and laughs. It's lilting and trilling. She reaches out a hand and squeezes his arm, letting her fingertips linger just lightly over his pulse point. "Just think of how boring the world would be if were all alike."
Shifting, she leans closer, walking her fingers up his arm to his elbow, ever so slowly. "I meant that you didn't make me feel like a sex object to be conquered and claimed, and bragged about to all your friends." The vampire waves a free hand to the masses in the club. "I know that that's what this is all about for most people here, and I'm not entirely immune, but it's a refreshing change."
There's a beat then, while she studies him again, nipping coyly at her lower lip. She's not offended by his words, and if anything, she smiles a bit broadly and with a hint of understanding. "Yes, well, you're not the first that I've been told I have that affect on." She gives an innocent shrug and roll of her shoulders, "I just have that sort of personality, maybe."

"That's true, the world would be pretty daft and boring." Julian agrees as the reassuring touch is given to him. "I guess it's sort of different. I'm not one that overtly tries to seduce random people in hopes to further my own physical needs." It's odd phrasing, but it's sort of makes sense.
"Oh no, I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing to a lovely woman. Granted I'd have to have a consistent social interaction with others to sustain such an action." Julian says, not so clearly indicating that he doesn't really have friends. At least not the same level that might be expected of a guy his age. "Well I'm glad I can supply you with a refreshing break from your sea of ordinary. I take pride in being someone above the usual matters of social society."
When she finally comments on her abilities to capture Julian's attention is when he relaxes once more. "Well, if we're being honest here. Your personality would be what captures my general attention." He pauses looking about before leaning into speak with Sera more intimately. "To be honest, you're the first woman that has captured my attention like this since… well since I discovered the affections of subject of less… feminine wilds?"

"Exactly what I'm saying. You're a cut above the rest of the lot." It is an odd phrasing that he's used, but it's an apt description. There is a reason that nightclubs are considered meat markets. Purgatory may be upscale, but everyone has needs and drives. As the hour gets later, those needs become plainer and more desperate.
"You're saying that you need to get out more?" Sera asks playfully. It's light, and she giggles a bit girlishly. "Spending too much time trapped in an office all day? Or too much time trapped behind a computer screen or in dry, boring books all day?" The woman easily shifts gears, following his cues so that he stays relaxed and feels in control of the situation. If she were on an actual hunt, she'd take much more of a controlling approach, but tonight she's just out for fun.
Besides, there's something to be said about grooming a meal for later. Although, it's not something she's needed to do of late. Her current boy toy keeps her quite satisfied and entertained.
The vampire matches his tone and his body, mirroring as she leans in and dusts an invisible speck off his shirt collar. "If we're being honest, you're truly not the first of your … inclination … that I've connected with."
"Why don't we order those drinks, and talk, and just relax and enjoy one another's company?"

The club is getting slowly, but surely sexualized as the evening passes. The crowd mingling in the usual fashion in this progression of the night. Many pairings are beginning to happen as it's clear lust is in the air.
As for Julian, he's enjoying the steady social interaction he's acquired for the evening. "Yeah, I should get out more. Constantly programming behind a computer isn't a great way to meet new people." He shifts around seeming a bit awkward that she figured out he's the intellectual type. "Though I also bury myself in books as well. Though that's another story entirely."
It's not clear whether the need for grooming is needed, with the man almost surely open to the positive social interaction that he most certainly must not get elsewhere. "Really? I'm so glad. I didn't want to make this awkward."
Julian's sigh of relief doesn't come too soon as one of the servers walks by and approaches the table. "Yes, lets order drink." He motions toward the server before saying, "Can I get a Cider on tap?" He then motions to Sera, "And whatever this lovely lady wants on my tab as well?"

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