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"I have two friends like that." Siobhan, and Preston, of course. Though Siobhan she has known forever, and Preston she just sort've clicked with, even after their failed attempt at a relationship.
Once they're out of earshot of Brooke and Siobhan, Jenna bites her lip. She was worried about Shiv being alone, but the truth is, she's alone with a vampire right now.
"Cooper's an adult, and his sex life is so not any of my business."
"Chance did tell me that you're one of the ones that can be more trustworthy." Actually he said she was an 'okay' one, but it's the same thing. "Does Mr. Collins know what you are?"


Sera's smile only widens at Jenna's words. "I didn't think you would concern yourself with his sex life. I did think you might be concerned about his physical well being beyond that."
"Oh come now, this is Cooper we're talking about. He makes certain his sex life is everyone's business," Sera laughs. She can't help but make the comment. Cooper Montgomery has to be one of the least shy and most exhibitionistic and hedonistic humans Sera has ever had the pleasure of meeting. That is why she likes him and why he feeds her appetites so very well.
Sera considers Jenna's words. "More trustworthy. I like that designation. It's fitting."
"Kieran knows, yes. He's known since the very beginning." Not a lie, considering he was there at the very beginning.


"I am, but if you were meaning to hurt him, Preston wouldn't have let him continue. He'd have found a way to move Cooper's interest elsewhere." Jenna isn't stupid, and she knows that Preston would have done something to keep Cooper safe. It's just who her best friend is.
"As hard as he might try, it's really not my business, and I've learned to ignore him or change the conversation when he gets on about his exploits." Which hasn't been difficult to do with him having been on tour.
"He's alright with it? You being a…" Mouthing the word 'vampire', she glances around nervously. As though saying it is going to make Sera suddenly grow fangs and attack.

"He is sweet and protective. It's charming," Sera remarks. "I do like Preston." She hasn't been with him since the glamour was triggered, not in a sexual sense, but she's met with him still and talked to him. "He's quite charismatic and a wonderful conversationalist. Extremely understanding and patient." Most people wouldn't enter into a relationship with someone like Cooper unless they shared his drive, but Preston's remarkable in that way.
The vampiress laughs, it's warm and rich. Pursing her lips, she shakes her head at Jenna, finding the little actress adorable. "Vampire is the word you're looking for. We may as well call a spade a spade, oui?"
"Kieran takes it in stride. I am what I am, and he's … perhaps a little intrigued by it?"

"He has to be, to be with someone like Cooper." Jenna may not be able to read the woman's emotions, but she can very easily follow the line of conversation, and what isn't said.
"Yes, well, I didn't want to be insulting." The little empath fidgets uncomfortably, and glances at the artwork in the hall. It is exquisite, Siobhan was right on that count.
"And Brooke? Does she know?"
"Intrigued? You don't think he'd be worried? That you're good friends with his girlfriend? I mean, worried about Brooke?"

"Sugar, it's not insulting. It's what I am. Would you be insulted if someone called you a woman? Or a human?" Beat. "There are insulting words, but I think you're far too much of a lady to use them in public or to my face, if you knew what they were."
She glances at the woman. "I knew Kieran first," Sera says. She doesn't shrug, but the tone of her voice has 'shrug' written all over. "I introduced him to and fixed him up with Brooke."
"What should he be worried about?" Sera's curious. She wants to know what Jenna's perceptions of vampires is. They're probably accurate, just not so accurate in the case of Serafine.

"Well, no, of course not… but I mean, with all the political correctness, wouldn't you prefer to be called… I don't know… undead American or something?" Jenna wrinkles her nose at that, realizing how stupid it sounds, but this woman is the first vampire that she's met.
That she knows of.
"I don't know, that you might get hungry and bite her? Or that you'll use that mind-whammy stuff to make her do something she wouldn't normally?"
That's when the light bulb goes off, and she stares at the vampire with wide blue eyes.
"You… helped Cooper… didn't you? I mean, he was seriously freaked out, and then the next time we saw him he was… alright with Ariel being a witch…"

The vampiress thinks the actress is the cutest little thing. She really may have to suggest to Brooke that she let her little mentoree know that Jenna could use a lesson in vampires, however, because Sera can see where this level of sweetness and naivete is just ripe for someone of a less scrupulous nature.
Which describes most vampires.
Serafine laughs again, but it's clear she's not making fun of Jenna, but rather amused by the conversation. "I try not to make a habit of using my friends as food unless the circumstances are dire or there's other acts of intimacy involved. Even if things are dire, I wouldn't unless they offered." Or she was out of her head with bloodlust, which is entirely different conversation.
"I like Brooke as she is. I'm not perverse enough to find pleasure in twisting someone's head and behavior simply for my amusement. Besides mind whammies are very tiring and difficult if it's an attempt to completely bend someone's will into a way they wouldn't normally go or behave."
The vampiress arches perfectly curved brows at the young woman. She clucks her tongue. "Cooper came to me confused and upset. He wanted to talk things out and get an objective opinion on matters of the supernatural." No, the irony is not lost on Sera, nor was it lost on her at that time. "I allowed him vent and fret a bit, and gave him some guidance."
It's not an admission, nor is it a denial.

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"Sera, luv, I'm sorry." It's hard to believe Kieran's sincerity since he's still smiling and chuckling. He holds out a hand to her, "C'mere, mo leanbh tiasc." It's worded as invitation, but there's a thin, firm order beneath the words. When she comes, he wraps an arm around her waist and brings her hand to his lips, a silent apology. He would be far more open and affectionate if Jenna weren't there, but this will do for now.
"It's gotten easier over the years. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that with enough money and the right attitude, you can get away with almost anything." The empath is an UES-er. She knows the rules of that world.
"Yes, we move very quickly. Though I think Sera might have broken a few vampire speed records just now."
"If there were such a thing."
Kieran looks to the window and then back at Jenna. "I could pretend to know how and why it works, but I'd be lying. I know that UV glass works, but sunblock doesn't. I know that shade works just as well, and that tanning beds are just as dangerous as sunlight. I think it's a testament to nature keeping us on our toes and making sure we never fully understand the natural order."

Sera fixes her Maker with a petulant glare. He's an ass, and he's a double ass for making her lose her composure like that. She'd honestly ignore him entirely, but he knows she won't ignore it when he gives her an order, no matter how well it's disguised. Stepping out of the shadow, she places her hand in his and allows him to draw her into his side. It's hard to keep glaring when he apologizes, though she does manage a somewhat quiet, sulky, "You're still an ass."
"All the magic we've encountered so far has been fae magic, and making deals with the fae is tricky. Modern conveniences seem to be hit or miss, for whatever reason."

"If the shade works, then UV clothing should work as well. I can't say whether or not it's fashionable, but I've seen the line in Sak's briefly. I'm sure you could order it online and test it out, or have someone test it for you." Jenna has no idea why she'd mention it, or why she's wanting to help the vampires.
"You both know witches and sorcerers. Couldn't you get them to work together to figure something out for you? It might take a while, but they can make charms and things. I'm sure with the right bit of magic, or the right spell modification they could help you as well."
"You do drink blood… but I'm guessing garlic is a big lie, since Kieran uses it at the restaurant, and I've seen him tasting as he cooks."

Kieran arches a brow at Jenna. Reaching down he plucks the collar of his dark polo shirt. "This is Dior." Sak's might carry top of the line collections, but Kieran is something of a snob when it comes to clothes. Expensive designers and they have to look good.
"I'm sure Brooke and Bryn would be happy to help with that, but they've both been a little distracted of late," Kieran says. Surprisingly, it's a bit softer than the usual snark which would accompany such a statement. Bryn has plenty of connections, and Kieran doesn't doubt for a moment that the man would bend over backwards if he could provide daywalking for Sera; he knows that Brooke would do the same for him, if she had the connections and skill and knew how to do it.
He leans toward Jenna, but not releasing his grip on his Child yet. He can't help but smile a bit boyishly, blue eyes twinkling with amusement. "It is what it is. After a couple of hundred years, I'm used to it and know how to play the game. Though it's sweet that you're curious and so interested."
"Yes, we drink blood. We need it. Human blood. There are no vegetarian vampires."
"I happen to like garlic."

Sera leans into Kieran for a few moments more. It's an absolute pain in the ass that he's so damn charming and can calm her down so easily. Not that his little 'prank' was such a huge deal, but she honestly shouldn't give into him as easily as she does. Or has been doing for years. She tickles her fingers along the back of his neck.
"Crosses, holy water, sacred spaces, they don't affect us. There are vampires whom are affected, so it comes down to a matter of belief and psychological training. I had a bit of trouble going into a Catholic church when I was first turned, but I was born and raised a Catholic. It wasn't a supernatural aversion, but a psychological one. I eventually worked through it."
It's not one hundred percent comfortable being in a religious space. There's a feeling of not belonging and not being welcome, but they don't spontaneously combust and there's nothing supernatural stopping them from crossing the threshold.
"And we do have reflections in the mirror. Otherwise Kier would never have survived without being able to style his hair." She runs her fingers teasingly through his hair, mussing it a bit.

Jenna blinks at her boss, then giggles. "I know my designers, you know. It was just a suggestion, since Dior doesn't have a UV line of clothing."
"Though I'm pretty sure you both have enough clout that you could get a designer to create a line for you. Cite sensitive skin due to a medication or something."
Rolling her eyes at Kieran, the little empath says, "Despite the fact that you're an extremely dangerous supernatural, you've always been nice, and kind to me, Kieran. Even when my scheduling became a pain in the rear end."
That doesn't mean that she's comfortable being in a room with two vampires, but she's fairly certain that if either wanted to bite her, it'd have been done by now.
"No sparkling ones either?" From the broad grin on her face, it's obvious that's a blatant tease.
"So they could affect some vampires, but not all, depending on their religious beliefs in life." That's an interesting fact.
"Cold skin. Obviously a little paler than a normal human, but not so much that it's really noticeable… can you shapeshift? Fly? Go over running water…? It's been years since I've read "Dracula", and I'm not really a vamp-groupie like so many women my age are these days."

Kieran cants his head. "I'm a businessman, Jenna. Happy employees are good employees, good employees bring in profits. Restaurateuring is one of the most difficult businesses to manage and keep afloat."
"Besides you're incredibly sweet. I can't imagine that you have ever met a person who didn't like you within five minutes. You'd be bloody hard to say 'no' to." He slides his fingers across Sera's back, circling his thumb at the small of her back.
"The sparkly ones are the ones whom got their arses kicked in the schoolyard and now go hide in the sewers," Kieran jokes in return.
He laughs, "I really am Irish. This isn't an affectation. Crossing running water isn't a problem. Sera and I even spent a good few months up and down the Mississippi back in the 1800s. Loved the riverboats."

Sera scratches affectionately at the back of her Maker's neck, then twists and shifts away from him a bit. She perches on the corner of the desk closest to him, but turns her body so that she's facing Jenna a bit, with her legs dangling off the side of the desk.
"Not so cold," Sera says. She holds her hand out to Jenna. "Go on, I promise, it's not contagious and we can't feed through skin." It's actually good timing. Sera fed not so long ago; not from the vein, but feeding is feeding and her body temperature, while not as warm and nearly normal like it would be if she'd had a fresh feeding from a warm body, is warmer than the unfed, freshly woken vampire baseline.
"Oh mon dieu, please don't be a vampire groupie. They are annoying." They have their uses. It's easy to get a meal without any additional work, but the vampire fangirls are annoying and a little scary. Espcially since they all want to be bitten by Edward or want to be Bella.
The vampiress laughs and reaches out squeeze Kieran's arm. "You loved the drinking and the gambling, cherie. The riverboats were just an accessory." The easy meals and easy sex that came along with it.
Sera shakes her head. "No, none of us can fly. Moving very fast is the limit to our abilities. Some of us can shapeshift, but Kieran and I weren't blessed with that particular gift."

"Only one of Chance's cousins, but I think that was more due to my association with a 'witch' than his actual dislike of me." It is true, not many people tell her no if she asks for something; provided that it won't be dangerous or harmful. Jenna almost wonders if that's a hidden ability of hers, and not just her bubbly personality.
"I must be likable enough. Even a vampire hasn't yet told me no," she teases with a wink. She has no idea why she's not shaking with fear, but it's likely because of their body language. Neither is being overly forceful or menacing with it, and while she can't read their emotions, it's easy enough to read their intent at the moment.
Reaching out to touch the hand, she tilts her head. "Not so different, no. Nothing that couldn't be explained away with a simple poor circulation." There were a few girls at school like that. The ones that had to wear extra socks, or sometimes the half gloves, just so that they wouldn't freeze when sitting in class too long.
"I have enough supernatural in my life, I don't need to go all gaga over vampires."
"What about healing or uhm… sleeping in coffins?"

Kieran grins. For some reason he's actually enjoying the conversation, and he usually doesn't enjoy these conversations unless he's getting something out of them. Like food or sex. It's why he lets Sera handle this sort of thing.
"No coffins. We sleep in beds. Or in tents. On couches. Sleeping bags. Floors. Just like humans. We prefer comfortable places to sleep." Comfortable, protected. Because when they go into torpor, they'll be there for a stretch of hours. Though they're unaware of it, it's just the principal of the matter. "I prefer at least a queen-sized bed with a thick memory foam mattress, in a room facing west with lots of dark curtains."
"Seventy-two count Egyptian cotton minimum on the sheets."
"Healing? Yes."

Sera rolls her eyes exasperatedly and explains. "He was born the son of a landowner and merchant who was welcome at the English court. He's never gotten over himself." Born gentry and living as modern day gentry, it explains a lot about Kieran in just a few words.
"We heal quickly, yes. How quickly depends on the nature of the injury and the state of our bodies before we were injured. We're strong, we're fast and we have very good reflexes."
"Heightened hearing and a very good sense of smell, too." Sera tilts her head, listens for a moment and continues. "Brooke and Siobhan are talking about Cooper … and sorcerers." More specifically Brooke's birthright, but Sera isn't going to comment on that.
Sera flashes Jenna a smile and offers up, "It's only eavesdropping when no one realizes that you're doing it. I think that they know we can listen if we want to. It was dead silent for a while. I'm guessing a privacy spell."

"To be fair, I can't imagine a tent, or the floor being very comfortable to sleep on." Jenna wrinkles her nose at that. Even when she had Siobhan spend the night when they were younger, they'd share the bed, or move into the guest room with the two twins in it.
The little empath does giggle a little at the rest of it, only because she can see Kieran being particularly picky about his sheets. "I'm guessing you prefer silk or satin then?"
There's a blink when she hears about the conversation on the other side of the penthouse. "Wow, I think that's even better hearing than Quin has."
"What about invitations into a home? Wooden stakes? Do people actually still use those?"
"And since Chance already knows about Sera, would you mind terribly if I told him about you, Kieran? I mean, I get the need for secrecy, but I'd rather he know instead of finding out and worrying about me working for you later on. I happen to enjoy my job, which I know is a rare thing to hear from a girl who was born and raised on the Upper East Side." Most wouldn't be caught dead working at a restaurant, but Jenna loves it. It gives her a chance to converse with friends, and make great contacts.

"She's not that good," Kieran tweaks the southern vampire's backside. "The acoustics in the penthouse help."
"Though our hearing is rather keen. All of our senses and abilities improve with age."
"Unfortunately, that's not mythology. We do need invitations into a home. Public places are no problem for us, but we have to be invited into private residences." He doesn't add that it's the reason that many older vampires own property, such as apartment buildings. Easy access to food if needed.
Kieran owns property. For the investment, but knowing he can have access to any of his tenants in an emergency? Clearly a bonus.
"Yes, wooden stakes are still used and a stake through the heart will kill us." He could tell her otherwise, but it's hardly a reason to do so. Jenna isn't the type to go vampire hunting, and that's the lore most people cling to anyway. "Though I feel fairly confident in saying that a stake through the heart will kill just about anything."
Kieran gives a glance at Sera when Jenna asks her question. He's getting better with things regarding Rhett Harper, and he knows that Sera trusts the man enough that she didn't glamour him into forgetting her. He'll assume her opinion extends to his son. After she gives him affirmation, he nods to Jenna. "That's fine, but let's try and stop the buck there, yeah?"

Sera squeaks and giggles, swatting at his hand in a girlish manner.
She pats his arm soothingly. "I trust Rhett, cherie. If his son didn't freak out being in my gallery with his family, I think that it will be fine. Rhett's very open minded and sees the world very differently from other people. I get the feeling he's instilled that in his son."

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