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Donovan Residence

The top three floors of a five floor mansion on Fifth Avenue, the Donovan home is quite large. The outer walls are a beautiful white limestone with a wrought-iron gate blocking the entrance. The home has eleven large rooms and has wonderful details throughout including the original staircase, elevator to all floors, 11-foot high ceilings, hardwood floors, three wood burning fireplaces, a solarium with skylight and a great south facing terrace. There is a grand foyer on the main floor, a beautiful living room with three large windows overlooking Central Park. Other rooms include a formal dining room, powder room, a service kitchen and a staff room and bath. The next floor is the sleeping floor with 4 bedrooms and baths, including a spa like master bath. On the top floor there is a wonderful den that opens into a windowed eat in chef's kitchen that over looks the 400-square foot south facing terrace with views of the Empire State Building, a powder room and a solarium also looks out to the terrace. There are also two large storage rooms.


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Preston Van de Mark Cooper Montgomery

Last night ended with a movie fest, and the group slowly drifting off to sleep as the credits rolled on the last one. Actually, Preston is sure that Ariel was asleep before the last movie was halfway finished and Jenna didn't make it to the credits either. It was what they all needed, and he has his boyfriend to think for that.

He's been awake for a few minutes, simply lying there and listening to the quiet of the house and the soft breathing of everyone. Well, and the mingled snores of Chance and Ariel. Neither of them is very loud, and they're just in sync enough to be amusing.

The sorcerer is curled up with his girlfriend as to be expected. The witch in question is stretched on the couch on her stomach, one arm dangling off with fingertips almost brushing Cooper's hair. In a rare show of boldness, Ariel claimed the couch as her own, pointing out that they all had someone to cuddle with, so she got the softer couch.

Rolling onto his side, Preston smiles down at his boyfriend. It's rare that he can watch Cooper sleep. He thinks that if the other man knew Preston tries to wake up early just to stare down at his sleeping form, he'd probably find an excuse to run the other way. It's corny and ridiculous, but Preston never gets tired of watching Cooper sleep.

Hell, he never gets tired of Cooper.

Preston reaches out and brushes his fingers through Cooper's hair, then leans in and presses a soft, affectionate kiss to his forehead. It's amazing how much he loves this man. Scary and amazing.


If Cooper had any inkling of what his boyfriend was thinking, he would likely turn and run the other way. He's in a relationship, and it's not something he expected. He's supposed to be the one fooling around with whomever he chooses, whenever and wherever he chooses. This… is the most committed he's been to anything since he started both dancing and soccer.
It's the kiss that wakes him, though he doesn't do more than stretch a little. When his hands hit the couch, he grunts and starts to sit up. Which has Ariel's hand flopping in his face. Shaking his head, he lifts the hand up gently and tucks it toward her body so that it doesn't get strain from hanging down too long.
"What, no breakfast?"


Preston chuckles softly, sitting up as his boyfriend does so. His voice is low and quiet. "I was the only one awake, so far. I didn't see any reason to rush off to the kitchen and try cooking something."
He stretches out a hand and gently strokes his fingers over Cooper's cheek, before leaning in to kiss the other man. The kiss is soft and sweet, a tender, affectionate melding of lips as he runs his free hand down Cooper's arm. "Besides, you looked cute sleeping there." It's said with a corny, boyish smile because he knows how his boyfriend would react to being called 'cute.'

"Did you just call me cute?" Cooper rubs his head, and gives his boyfriend a bit of a shove. "Sexy is more like it. I'm damned sexy when I sleep. Even Ariel wanted a piece of me." Waggling his brows, he brushes his hair back and stretches again. Yawning, he drops back down onto the sleep mat and pulls the sleeping bag up.
"What time is it anyway? Still early?"


"I love it when you're indignant." Preston watches his boyfriend drop back down onto his back, and strokes his fingers through Cooper's mussed hair. "I don't get to see you like this often. Hair all mussed and half asleep when I haven't spent half the night having my way with you." Not that they always spend every night that they're togther having sex, but they're young, virile and really enjoy sex and each other.
"No clue." Preston stretches out on his side and tickles his fingers over Cooper's chest. "I'd get my phone but I'm too lazy to go through the motions just yet."

"Not indignant," Cooper says with a another yawn. "Just not sure I heard you call me cute." Pulling Preston in, he kisses him slowly. It's not kept very long because as it breaks he says, "Shit. Haven't had time to brush my teeth." Grinning at Preston, he slides his hands beneath his pillow and tucks it under his head.
"Well you can get used to it if you come on tour."
"But I'll understand under the circumstances if you want to stay in the city, if Shiv decides to stay behind."


"You can't be sexy and cute?" Preston teases. He melts into the kiss, and makes a noise of protest when it breaks. "I think that I'm used to our shared morning breath by now."
Preston nudges his boyfriend and rests his head on his hand, propped up on his elbow. "It's not until next month, right? I still have time to decide but …" Preston glances around, looking toward where Chance and Jenna are curled up, then glancing up toward the sleeping Ariel. " …I think Shiv will have plenty of support and won't miss me for a couple of weeks."

"Yeah, next month. I just don't want you to feel obligated just because you said yes already." Cooper isn't backing out, but he understands the situation fully. He knows that Siobhan may want the extra time to rekindle things with Harper and recuperate, and she should have her core group of friends with her while she does it.
"You can always come later too, if you want to. I still want you to come on tour with me, but I know how you are with those girls."


"I won't be coming because I feel obligated. I'll be coming because I want to be with you." Preston leans over and kisses his boyfriend briefly. "But I appreciate the understanding. If Siobhan needs me or wants me, I'll hang around for a bit, but I will come and spend time with you on tour, too."
"They're like family, I won't deny it. I can't help but want to care for them."
"In case I don't say it, thank you for last night. They - we - all needed the distraction. It was a good idea." Preston glances over at the sleeping empath and sorcerer and sighs. "I know she'll probably feel guilty for it, but I also know Shiv wouldn't want us worrying ourselves sick when we can't do anything about it."

"They're not like family, Preston. They are your family. Sometimes family isn't something we're born into, it's the people we choose to be with." Cooper stares up at the ceiling before letting out a sigh.
"You don't need to thank me for getting you all drunk, and watching as you passed out one by one," he teases. "Doing something was better than everyone panicking and freaking out in their own way, right?"


"Very true," Preston agrees. He takes his boyfriend's hand and raises it to his lips. "They are my family, and whether I have to or not, I'm still thanking you for being here and keeping us distracted."
Preston gazes into his boyfriend's blue eyes for several long moments. "I … need you, Coop. I needed you here last night, to ground me."

"You're welcome then, I guess." Cooper starts to feel awkward during the long moments of gazing. It's not something he's used to, and he's had a lot to upset him in the last little while. This doesn't upset him, it just makes him feel… strange.
"I'm glad I could ground you. I'm glad that you were able to feel human again. You know Siobhan will be back soon. You need to keep thinking that."

"I'm trying," Preston admits. "I keep telling myself that she's a fighter and she's stubborn. She has too much to come back to." He lies back down, keeping hold of Cooper's hand as he does so. He runs his thumb over the back of Cooper's hand. "When something like this happens, you start to realize how much the people around you mean to you, and how much we don't say it."
"I know you think that what you did last night was no big deal. Given everything that's going on and how much has been thrown at you lately, it meant a lot to me that you were here. It was a big deal. And you're way of just being you, and pulling our heads out of our asses? I love you for that."

"She's probably out there kicking asses, and trying to make her way back. That's just who she is." That, and she's a witch, so she's no doubt got some power behind her stubbornness.
"It wasn't a big deal, Pres. You needed me, so I came." It really is as simple as that. Cooper has never really had a relationship, but before there was anything between them, he was friends with Preston. That takes precedence over everything else.
"It was either be myself, or walk around naked. I'm pretty sure either would've worked."

"That would be just like her," Preston muses somewhat wistfully.
"Maybe it wasn't a big deal, but I don't want you to think that I take you for granted." Preston rolls his head to the side, green eyes serious. He gives Cooper's hand a squeeze as he presses it to his chest. "That I take any of this for granted."
He looks away again, because it is easier to focus on the ceiling for the moment. "I meant what I said. I love you. I don't expect you to say it back, but I want you to know that I'm not just pulling it out of my ass and saying it because I'm scared or worried about Siobhan." Truthfully, Preston has never said those words to anyone before. Not in the context that he's just said them to Cooper.
"Walking around naked would have been being yourself. The only difference is that I would have grabbed you, bent you over the couch and treated everyone to a show."

"Wait, what did you just say?"
Cooper stares at Preston for a full minute before saying anything else. He knows that his boyfriend is trying to change the subject, but he can't focus on anything else.
"Pres, you don't mean it. You probably think you mean it, but I'm not the one you should… feel that way about." He nods to the couch behind him and quietly says, "She is."


"I said that I love you," Preston breathes it out quietly, finally turning his attention back to his boyfriend.
"I do mean it. I know how I feel." Propping up on his elbow again, Preston catches and holds Cooper's gaze, stroking his fingers over the other man's cheek. "Why would you say that? There's no reason why I shouldn't feel that way about you."
Preston glances over at Ariel sleeping and shakes his head. He likes the witch, there's no doubt about it, and he likes the witch, but there's no way she compares to what he feels for Cooper. "That may be what you think, but it's not how I feel."

It's likely not the reaction Preston is expecting, but it's the one he's getting. Cooper's been doing pretty good. The only guy he's been with in just about a year is Preston. The only women he's been with, outside of Sera (and the accident with Shiv), have been when Preston is involved.
Even so, he's never seen himself as the committed type.
He's never seen himself as the lovable type.
"There's plenty of reasons you shouldn't feel that way, Pres. The number one being that you know it's not in my nature to fully commit…"
"I like you, I do. I just.. I have to go. I need to work some stuff out."


Preston isn't expecting Cooper to embrace him and declare deep heartfelt feelings. He knows that that's not his boyfriend. He's honestly surprised the other man stayed put and listened to what Preston had to say as long as he did. Without trying to make a joke about it or change the subject.
"I'm not proposing marriage here, Coop. Saying what I feel isn't an effort to change you or tame or you domesticate you, or anything else you want to think of it as. I accept you for who you are, and I accept everything that goes with it." He might not always like sharing his boyfriend, but he's been a lot less twitchy knowing that Cooper is limiting his partners.
"Yeah, I figured." Preston isn't surprise that Cooper is ready to flee now. Honestly, he knows his timing could be better, but times like this remind you of the things you need to say.

It always amazes him how Preston gets him. Cooper stares at Preston or a long minute, and then pulls the other man in for a tight hug.
"Thank you. For understanding. I'm not… this isn't… I don't do this."
It's the best he can offer his boyfriend right now. He's not fleeing permanently, he doesn't think, but he needs to digest everything and work through it.
"Go get everyone breakfast, my treat." Hopping up, he looks for his pants and tugs them on. Pulling out his wallet, he hands Pres a few twenties, and then starts for the door, pulling his tshirt over his head.


Preston stands when Cooper does, watching his boyfriend pull on his pants and get dressed. A part of him wants to roll back the clock and take back what he just said, but another part of him stubbornly plants roots. He's danced around it long enough, and he has to believe that he hasn't chased Cooper away permanently.
He doesn't however, let the other man leave without pulling him in for a long, harsh kiss. A reminder that they work together. "Take what you need."

The kiss actually takes Cooper by surprise. He doesn't pull back, or draw away, but he does give Preston a surprised look when it breaks. Then he kisses him again. It's not laced with promises, but it isn't a goodbye kiss either.
"It's just been a lot, Pres. I need time."
The truth is, when he works through some of his own issues, the fact that Preston feels that way about him? It's not going to be as bad as dealing with the fact that he's got friends that can do magic.


"Right," Preston nods his head slowly. It doesn't feel like goodbye, but that doesn't mean that the actor won't do his own bit of freaking out once Cooper leaves. He'll save it and hold it together until then, however. "I get that."
"Really, take all the time you need. I'll call you, you know, when Siobhan's rescued. Just so you know." Not if Siobhan is rescued.

Cooper looks him strangely for a moment, then shakes his head. He obviously fucked up somewhere. Scratching the back of his neck, he says, "Yeah, do that, then. If you want to. I understand if you don't."
Turning back to the door, he opens it slowly and starts to slip out.
"Tell Ariel I'll text her later."


"Hey," Preston grabs Cooper's arm and slides his fingers down to give the other man's a squeeze. "Why wouldn't I want to?"
"I'm not going anywhere, Coop. I am giving you the space that you need, alright? I hit you out of left field with that, and I get that you weren't expecting it." Preston looks down at their hands. "I wasn't expecting it."
He gives Cooper's hand another squeeze, not really caring that he's standing in the doorway in his underwear. It's still early morning, and honestly, he doesn't think he's an awful sight half-dressed. "But … there's no pressure here. You need to work things out. I get that. I'm not pushing you away. I'm saving your spot, alright?"

"Why would you want to? I'm fucked up, Pres, and this isn't the right place to have this conversation. Not when the most important people in your life are sleeping twenty feet away, and you're half naked in front of your neighbors."
Cooper doesn't pull away from him though, he's just trying to better explain himself.
"Between Ariel, and Shiv, and this… I just… yeah I need time."


"Then I guess I like fucked up." It's as simple as that. Preston loves this man, whether or not Cooper wants to accept it. He's not going to stop because his boyfriend is running scared and doesn't think he's worthy of love. He rakes a hand through his hair and leans against the doorway. "You're right, it probably isn't."
That doesn't stop Preston from giving a finger wave to one of the neighbors as she comes out to gather her morning paper. The woman blinks, blatantly checks him out over the rim of her coffee mug, winks and goes back indoors. He'll probably hear about that later.
Reaching out, Preston draws Cooper in for another brief kiss. "Not. Going. Anywhere. Go dance it out, or whatever it is you need to do, sweetie."

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