Breaking the News

Wellington Tower Condominiums - Knight Residence

Located on the fourteenth floor, the Knight residence opens into a large open space split between the living room and the dining room. Painted in walls of eggshell and off-white, the floors are done in dark, ceramic tiles. Heavy rugs cover the floors and natural lighting spills in from the tall windows that line the walls and give a view out to the New York City skyline beyond the attached terrace.
The master suite is set apart from the remainder of the condominium, behind the kitchen and to the far wing of the house. On the other side of the house lie two additional bedrooms, an entertainment room/den that also serves as a guest room, and a small study that has been converted into a minimal dance studio with hard wood floors and a barre and mirrors added to the far wall that isn't covered with windows.


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Bryn Blackwell Kevin Curtis Robert Knight Dawna Knight

Bryn waited at Brooke's flat until Kevin and Kayla arrived. Leaving Lady in the capable hands of the young woman, he tossed her a set of keys and told her to make herself at home for the time being. The dog needs proper care, and Brooke's flat can work as a sort of headquarters until they find something else they need to be looking at. It will give the Priory a place to start, and they can investigate that device as well.
Now comes the hard part.
On the way to the Knight Residence, Bryn filled Detective Curtis in on what's been going on. All information the sorcerer has is given to his chosen second in command.
"I have no idea how the Knights are going to react, but the best guess is 'not well' is going to be an understatement."


Well, this is just shitty. That was Kevin's first thought. He hasn't changed his assessment. The whole situation is shitty and getting shittier. When they were trying to track down what happened to random supes, it was a craphole situation. Now that not one, but two, known Coven witches are part of it, everything is swirling down the toilet. Collins is dangerous when he's not provoked. Doctor Knight is still a powerful sorcerer even if he's some damn medical savant and life saver at the hospital.
It's really fucking shitty.
"As a rule, family doesn't react well. Even the ones who hate each other. That's mostly just when the television cameras are rolling." Kevin has talked to families before. It's not fun, especially when they truly care about one another. Parents and missing (or god forbid dead) children are the worse.
"The best we can do is reassure them that we're doing everything to get their child home to them." Still applies even if the young woman is married.
"Gonna talk to the husband or leave that up to the family?"

"I honestly have not had a second to think about it, Kevin. This is beyond these two being Coven witches, and Priory duty to inform the Coven as to what is happening. I am particularly close to one of the missing women, and I think the matter needs to be handled a little more delicately than we might normally." Bryn gets out of the vehicle, and runs his hand through his hair. "Her husband is just about to graduate MIT. My hope is that we have her back in time for his graduation. If not, I do not think we should add to his stress. On the other hand, he does have a right to know."


Kevin follows Bryn in exiting the car, and gives his superior a quick professional, appraisal. On the force, the officers closest to the situation are removed from it. They don't have that option in The Priory.
"Maybe we should send Probie over to the Bishop apartment? He can see what he can pick up from the left behind items?" 'Probie' is what he's been calling their newest trainee, freshly imported from London by the second in command over there. He's a good kid. Kid might be a bad term because he's not that much younger than Kevin. He's been with them two weeks, and is pretty damn sharp. His touchy feely power hasn't helped (yet) with the other cases, but this one is much newer.
"Normally we'd contact the husband first." Boston is pretty far away in this case. "I'd leave it up to the parents. He does have a right to know, and he'll be pissed if he finds out later. But, if we have the women back by breakfast then there's no reason to have added more stress to his load."

Bryn won't allow himself to be distanced, and if he has to be, they all know that he'll work on his own on the side. It's who he is. Besides which, he made a promise to Kieran, and it's not one that he's planning on breaking.
"Excellent idea. Kayla can keep Lady occupied while Bainbridge does his work. He may get something off the wedding ring, so have him start there." He currently has Kayla working on the phone to see what Siobhan was up to when it got dropped, thrown, or stepped on.
"That was my thought. There is no point in the young man flunking out of MIT because of a situation due to us acting too soon. Besides which, he will want to help, and there will not be much that we can do unless we need an empath on the case."
Taking a deep breath, he gives his head a shake in order to clear it, snapping himself back into professional mode. "Alright. We should go inform Robert and Dawna. She will likely be our point of contact for the Coven, and I know she will keep us apprised as to what Regina is planning on doing; if anything."


Closing the car door, Kevin nods and indicates the building entrance. "After you."
Kevin was born and raised here, but he still feels a sense of awe each time he enters a building on the Upper East Side. There's always a feeling of 'this is how the other half lives.' There's an elevator that needs a keycard, or a call up by the doorman, or a call from the phone in the lobby in order to be unlocked.
While Bryn calls up to the Knights, Kevin makes a quick call to Kayla informing her that he's sending Bainbridge her way, then calls the trainee. Once that's done, the elevator is opening and Kevin follows Bryn inside.

It's very difficult to pose it as a social call, when Bryn has never actually paid on Robert socially. He explains briefly that it's a Priory matter, and that he'd rather explain it all in person, rather than with him being down in the lobby.
He nods to Kevin when the elevator is unlocked for them and steps inside.
"Did Kayla balk at sharing the space with Bainbridge for a little while? If so, text her and tell her to use the card to order them up a bit of food. Brooke would not mind them eating there, so long as someone is there to watch Lady."


"Nah, she's good with it. He's a good kid." Kevin leans casually against the elevator wall. His detective eyes take in every detail. Old habits die hard. He always notices everything around him. The expensive paneling in the elevator, the polished brass and chrome, the clean marbled tiles beneath their feet.
He almost adds that Bainbridge is a bit uptight, but he's starting to think that's a British thing. Or maybe a British Priory thing. "One never has to tell Kayla to order food. I don't know where she puts it." Kevin does text the message however.
The elevator doors open into a cross between a foyer and a hall, and Kevin follows Bryn to the Knight residence.

Robert is waiting at the door for the arrival of Bryn. He's not overly concerned. It's not unusual for the man to contact him on Priory business. Robert gets a few odd cases from time-to-time through the ER. He usually reports them back to the Priory when they are particularly odd, but sometimes one or two slip through the cracks.
"Bryn. Detective Curtis." Robert greets both men with a nod and ushers them into the condominium apartment. "Please come in."
"Please excuse the space," Dawna calls as she emerges from around a corner. "We weren't expecting guests."

"Considering that your apartment is impeccably clean, Mrs. Knight, you will have to excuse our intrusion," Bryn says with a nod to her. "Is there somewhere the four of us can talk, or would you like your son to join us?"
No, he doesn't come right out and say it, because he'd prefer if the couple were sitting down when they drop the news on her.

Kevin gives Bryn points for smoothness. He would have said the same thing, because he doesn't see any mess to excuse, but he wouldn't have been quite so eloquent about it. Instead he just follows up with, "Your home is perfectly fine, Mrs. Knight. Very lovely."
He watches the couple as Bryn choses his words, observing them for cues to if that inner sixth sense is kicking in.

Robert exchanges a quick glance with his wife. Having had to be the bearer of bad news, or news people don't want to hear, he's aware of the quiet subtleties of words. His first reaction would be panic regarding his children, but in this instance he doesn't have that. Chris is out with friends and only just texted them not thirty minutes ago that he wouldn't be home for dinner, and Siobhan spoke with her mother about going to Boston to see Harper not two days ago.
"Something is amiss in the supernatural world?" Robert asks quietly. He doesn't know why Bryn would come to him personally, but no alarm flags have gone off. "Christian is out with friends right now. It's just Dawna and I."
Robert motions them into the living room, "Please sit."

That is one way of putting it. Something being amiss in the supernatural world. Bryn glances at Kevin, then nods. He moves to seat himself in the living room, and motions for the other three to do likewise. It may not be his home, but he's certain Robert would prefer his wife be sitting when the news is delivered.
"There has, recently, been a string of disappearing supernaturals. We were not aware of it at first, as most appeared to be tourists or drifters. People that would not normally fall onto the radar unless they were in the city for a supernatural purpose."


Kevin sits as well, seating himself beside Bryn and across from the couple. He'll allow Bryn to take point on this one, and fill in the gaps where necessary.

"I've heard about it," Dawna says, after taking a seat. "The Coven's heard about it, but as far as we've been told there haven't been any Coven witches affected. Just drifters, right?" There's a faint knot of anxiety building in the back of her mind and in her gut, but mentally she hasn't acknowledged it yet.

"Until today." Bryn looks at the couple again, running his hand through his hair. "Brooke Bishop gone missing today. I know neither of you will say it, but you must be well aware of her biological parentage?" They may not know who the father is, but being as they have two hybrid children they've got to get that same feeling off of Brooke.
"From evidence we have collected at her apartment, it would appear that Siobhan was visiting her when the incident occurred." He doesn't have the items, because Bainbridge will need them to verify anything they got from Kieran. He holds his phone out to Robert, with images of the shoes, the ring, and the phone.
"So this is obviously of the utmost priority to us at this point. I want to find both of them as soon as possible, and the Priory needs to have the Coven notified of the change in status. As far as we are aware, they have not been so bold in taking a supernatural as of yet, and from what one of our contacts was able to ascertain, both Miss Bishop, and your daughter were lead quietly from the apartment without any fuss or magical defence."


"Brooke?" Dawna reaches over and takes her husband's hand at the news. She's fond of Brooke and considers the woman a close acquaintance. She's a competent witch and Dawna is well aware of Brooke's unusual heritage, if not the actual paternity. It's the reason she never put up a stink when Regina suggested Brooke mentor Siobhan. "Do you have any leads? Anything we can do to help, you know we will."
"Have you notified the Coven? Did you want me to contact Regina? Or Walter and Prudence?"
There's dead silence at the next point, though Robert does take the phone after his wife simply stares at it.
"No, Siobhan is in Boston visiting Harper. She said that she was going there after the tour - "
"Dawna, sweetheart - "
"No. She's in Boston. Harper would have said something if she -"
"Dawna - "
"Her stone is inactive!"
Robert wraps an arm around his trembling wife and holds her against him as he uses his free hand to flip through the pictures. He can't keep track of Siobhan's shoes and phone cases, though the butterflies would be quite like her. The ring however … "She owns a million shoes and changes her iPhone cases like most of us change underwear. That's her ring though."

Kevin leans forward, his words soft and soothing. "We are so very, very sorry to have to tell you this, Dr. Knight. Mrs. Knight. Like Bryn said, this is a top priority. We have every intention of finding your daughter, and Miss Bishop, and bringing them back safely." He doesn't make promises that they will or that they can, Kevin knows better. But it's all about the words.

"The Coven has been notified, though if you believe you can handle it, Mrs. Knight, it would be a great boon to us if you could act as the Coven contact for this case. To keep them apprised as to what is going on, and to let us know if they have any further information." Bryn reaches across the table, and sets his hand atop Dawna's. "For obvious reasons the Matriarch and the Elders would like to deal with me as little as possible."
At the confirmation that the ring is Siobhan's (a point which he had already assumed), he quietly says, "We have not yet informed Mr. Donovan. I know that he is nearing graduation, and my thought was that we may not want to tell him until the forty-eight hours had passed. There is little he can do at this point except worry and panic, but I leave the decision up to the two of you."
He flips a few pictures in the phone, showing off the sketches Kieran made. "Our contact has told us that this is what the kidnappers happen to look like. Have either of you seen them before? Perhaps know who they are?"


"Why wasn't she in Boston?" Dawna looks to her husband as though he might be able to fathom the workings of their daughter's mind. She shakes her head, tears swelling in her eyes. "Why wasn't she wearing her stone?" Again, those are questions that Robert can't answer, though he has an idea of the last.
"Probably because she wouldn't want us to worry if something happened on tour and we couldn't get to her."
Closing his eyes for a moment, Robert takes a breath and releases it. This is one of those times when he wishes that he could reach out and contact his Dynasty. For all the good they would be halfway around the world. When he opens his eyes, he looks down at the sketches. "No. I've never seen them before. Dawna?" His wife shakes her head and Robert hands the phone back. "Do you think that Siobhan was taken because she's a hybrid, like Brooke?"

Kevin glances over at Bryn, then gives his head a slow shake. "Not exactly. All the signs indicate that Miss Bishop was the intended target, and that's our theory for now. However, both women left without sign of a struggle, and there was no sign of foul play. What this means is that whomever these people are, and whatever they want, they wanted them alive. It's very likely that Miss Bishop was tagged because she's a hybrid. When our kidnappers discovered that they had two of them, they took your daughter as well." Honestly, Kevin doesn't know, they don't know if Siobhan was taken as leverage against Brooke, or dumped in the East River somewhere, or added to the collection. The important thing is to not let the family know that.

"We believe it was a matter of wrong place, wrong time. Your daughter was extremely smart though, leaving the ring behind as a clue to let us know that she was not only there when Miss Bishop was taken, but that she was taken alongside her." Bryn glances to Robert, knowing that Dawna is beginning to unravel.
"Our contact has given us no indication that either woman was hurt or injured when they left, though is Siobhan was without shoes chances are that they would not have been going far on foot."
"I will be doing whatever I can to ensure that they are returned home as swiftly as possible. There are several resources I can call on that are outside of the Priory as well." Kevin well knows that Bryn often goes to a 'source', and comes back with information they didn't have previously. It's not one that he's given outright to the Priory, because the fey hates to be disturbed except on matters she deems important. This is important.
"I do believe that in the interim though, you should ensure that your son is a little more cautious than normal as we do not yet know what the kidnappers were thinking in grabbing both of them."


"Robert taught her that," Dawna says. Her voice is tinged with pride, though it is a bit on the trembly side. "Taught them both to be prepared in case …"
"It's the sort of thing you hope that they never put into use," Robert adds when his wife trails off. He's proud of his daughter for having the quick wits to remember that training. "Good girl," Robert adds in a quiet whisper, clearly not directed toward anyone in the room.
"You said that they left willingly, but didn't use magic? You have a witness?"

"We do," Kevin says. It's not a lie. He might feel weird calling a dog a witness, but he's going to trust the source. "It's a young witness, however, so communication hasn't been easy."
"We believe that their magic might have been nullified."

"Mrs. Knight, would you like me to prepare you a cup of tea?" Bryn glances at the woman, curious as to whether or not she's going to break. "I can set it to boil, at the very least."
"There was some sort of device that was left behind. Something akin to an EMP device, but it was infused with magic. I have never seen anything of the sort before, but if it follows in he same vein, my assumption would be that it was a magic nullification device and unless they were wearing, or knew the proper counterspell, it would have left them without their magic."


"No, I'm … I … you don't have to do that." Dawna is trying but she really is close to breaking. Her daughter is missing and she's completely helpless. A mother is supposed to protect her children, always, and she failed to protect her daughter.
Robert stiffens, sitting up a bit more in his seat. "I've heard of those devices. I've never seen one in action, but I have heard of such a thing. I heard my uncles speak of them, but never knew such a thing to truly be employed." There are a good many reasons for leaving behind the Knightley Dynasty, above and beyond his choice to marry the woman he loved and raise a child with her.

"Are you certain?" Bryn doesn't mind making a cuppa if it helps the woman cope a little. "Perhaps something a little stronger, Mrs. Knight? A good brandy might help."
Flipping the phone around again, he scrolls to the image of the device. Handing it over to Robert once more, he frowns. "Then that is likely what happened. I can take the time to backtrack the magic to figure out exactly what they used, but at the moment that is much less important than figuring out where they have taken Miss Bishop and your daughter."

Robert takes the phone from Bryn, though he turns to his wife first. Pulling into his chest, he buries his face in her hair. "Why don't you prepare us both a glass of brandy, Angel?" He could use one, and he knows Dawna could use something to soothe her nerves.

As Dawna nods and rises, she turns to the other men. "May I get you anything?"

Robert looks down at the picture. "I've never seen one, but from what I understand, it's possible to do. My family didn't invent the tech or the ability to merge the two and I don't know where the information and training came from, but my brother would."


"It might help with finding the people responsible. Finding the sorts of sorcerers and witches who'd have contact with those who have access to this. Reaching out to Lachlan isn't like reaching out to his family, but it could be interpreted that way. This is a matter regarding the safety and well being of his child, and Robert's not too proud to do anything to save his child.


Kevin politely declines the offer of anything to drink. "Anything that might help us get a lead would be useful."


"We do think that Siobhan was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I have to ask, Dr. Knight. Do you have any enemies? Anyone who'd want to hurt you through your children? Would your family be interested in Siobhan because of her abilities?"

"No thank you, Mrs. Knight." Bryn would honestly love a scotch at the moment, but he's trying to stay alert so that he can pick up on anything that's being said. Or not said.
"I understand the tension between yourself and your family, Robert. If you would like, I can contact him for you, courtesy of the Priory." It could mean that Bryn would owe the man a favor down the line, but at this point it's something he's willing to do.


It would be easy enough to let Bryn handle it. Its Roberts knee jerk gut reaction. To tell the man yes and let him handle it rather than open that door. He hands the phone back and breathes a sigh and the words dont come. Hes not opposed to owing favors, but he knows this is something he has to do for himself. The door was nudged back in Las Vegas, and nothing has come through yet. He can call his brother.

"I can call my brother. He's made contact with me in the past." It isn't like he's reaching out to his full family. Not yet.

"I can't think of anyone who'd specifically want to get at me except my family. Once I left home though, they never acted as though it was worth the extra effort."


"Siobhan … she made contact with her cousin, my nephew, in Las Vegas when she was there for her birthday. By accident. We had dinner with him when we flew out." Robert looks at the two men and rests his arms on his knees. "I don't think my family would do this. If they wanted Siobhan, there was ample opportunity while she was on tour…"

"We're not accusing your family of anything," Kevin reassures the distressed father. "In our line of work however, it's always best to explore all angles. The slightest unimportant detail could be the one that breaks this wide open. It's a leap, but knowing that your daughter talked with a member of your estranged family means that someone else might know that as well."

Every detail is important.


"If you are certain." Bryn isn't going to push it. He made the offer, and he knows that Robert will willingly share any information he finds; especially if it brings the man's daughter home.
"Is your nephew still in Las Vegas? If so, we can easily make contact. I realize that it is a long shot, but if he recalls anyone else that they met during that time…" It would still be a long shot, but it would give them something else to go on.
"Perhaps someone he knows is affiliated with whomever did this." Or part of the Sect, which would give them another lead. "Any angle we can explore…"


"As far as I'm aware he is. I can give you his contact information." Robert retrieves his telephone from the charger and gives Bryn and the detective the contact information for Liam.

Once that's done, and Dawna has returned with the drinks, Robert excuses himself to call his brother. He's not hiding anything, however he knows the initial conversation will be tense. Lachlan is surprised to hear from him, but Robert doesn't engage in any small talk. He explains what he needs and why he needs it.

If he's offended by Robert's shortness, Lachlan doesn't let it show. He offers Robert soothing words and promises to get him the information in a few hours. He doesn't press, nor does he try to keep his brother on the line when Robert says goodbye.

"Lachlan, my brother, will be contacting me when he has the information," Robert tells the Priory men upon his return.

"Thank you," Bryn says. He enters the contact information into his phone, and nods when the man wants to leave to make the call. He knows that it's early morning in Australia, and Robert's brother is likely just waking or just getting to work.
He gets up while Robert makes the call, and moves to give Dawna a hug. "We have good people working on this, Dawna. People who will tear the city apart to find Brooke, and your girl."
There is a nod when Robert returns, and he stands again. Offering his hand to Robert, he gives the man's a shake and then steps back. "We can contact Mr. Donovan if you would prefer us to. I can fly someone out."


Dawna accepts the hug graciously and gratefully. She's aware that Bryn is old friends with Brooke, and is glad that he's working on this. "I know you will." They have to … she can't bear to think otherwise.

"No," Dawna shakes her head. She looks to Robert. "I mean, maybe we should talk to Sam and Karen? But I think that … we shouldn't worry him with this until it's absolutely necessary. Siobhan wouldn't want that."

Robert gives his wife a hug, and buries his face in her hair again. It's to comfort her and himself, and give him a moment to compose himself. When he looks up, his face is composed, though his eyes are dark and tortured. "Dawna's right. We'll talk to Harper's parents, but right now, he needs to be focused on graduating. If the time comes … we'll drive up there and talk to him."


"He's family. He should hear it from family."

"Alright." Bryn is more than happy to let them deliver the news. As much as he was willing to fly to Boston, or send someone up there, he'd much rather utilize his people in the search of the missing supernaturals. Not just Brooke and Siobhan, but any others that have gone missing as well.
"I do believe he will take it better from his family, than he would from two men he hardly knows." Not that he figures the young man will take it at all well, but if they were to deliver the news, he's fairly certain there would be a much larger negative reaction.
"If either of you think of anything else, important or otherwise, you have my number. Call me, no matter the time."
"We will," Robert promises, keeping Dawna close. "Let me walk you out." He releases his wife who begins talking about calling her mother and her sisters and Regina, but he knows she won't pick up the phone to ring up anyone until he's back at her side again.

In the foyer, he looks somberly at both men. It's something no parent wants to think about, but he has to say it. It makes him sick on his stomach to even contemplate it. "Let me know if … whatever you find …if it's bad. Let me know beforehand and I'll tell Dawna?"

Bryn wants to tell the man that they won't find anything bad, but he can't bring himself to promise that. Not at this point, when they have so little information.
"We will," he says, with a bit of a frown. "But try not to let your thoughts go there yet. The first forty-eight hours are the most critical, and from what I understand, we are not even edging on twelve yet."
"Go comfort your wife, Robert. Detective Curtis and I are going to visit a consultant that we sometimes use, and then we are both going to dig up whatever information we can find and join the search."
Kevin waits until they're in the elevator before saying anything else. He's sympathetic towards the couple and it's a difficult situation. Especially when he knows more of these types of things end in tears than in joyous reunions.

The first thing he does, if only because it's off-topic and less depressing distraction is show Bryn the information for Robert's nephew, William. "You realize his employment is listed as a male strip club?" Beat. He gives a shake of his head. "Don't ask how I know that."



"Either you saw the show, or you keep a close tab on the Knightleys," Bryn replies. He doesn't need to know how Kevin knows that. "Though that is generally a business with a lot of turn-over. If they met the kidnapper there, or someone who led them to Siobhan…" It really could be anyone.
"Your friend. Miss Graves. I think it would be good to know beforehand if there are any lingering spirits, or a stench of death anywhere near the apartment in Brooklyn. Lady may have seen people leading the pair from the apartment, but if they were magically inclined at all they could have left any illusion for a psychic, or in this case, a young puppy to see."

"The things we do for love," Kevin remarks. Or extreme lust.

"I'll call her and arrange to meet her there." It's a morbid thought, but at the very least, they will know.

"Thank you."
Bryn drops his head back for a few seconds, allowing himself to come down from 'business' mode, and dwell on the fact that Brooke is actually missing.
Once the elevator reaches the ground floor, he steps out and back into business mode. "You should call a car and pick her up. I can head back to the building and see what Bainbridge and Kayla have been up to, and try to contact Serafine to see if she has gotten any information from Magda as of yet."

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