//Park Slope Studios - Brooke's Studio Apartment //

The large studio apartment offers a great deal of open space. The studio has been recently renovated to include walls between the rooms, and though it's only 900 square feet seems much larger due to the open concept.

Two bedrooms can be found in the apartment, though only one is an actual bedroom. The second, which looks out onto Prospect Park, has been set up as a home office for a budding new business. Filled with filing cabinets, a computer, several calendars, extra day planners, the office manages to look both comfortable and busy at the same time. Several client clipboards hang on the wall.

French doors separate the two bedrooms from the main living area, which encompasses both a small living room and a dining nook. The living area has exposed brick wall with a fireplace. The remainder of the walls are a soft cream in color, and all the furniture is black.

The small kitchen is simple and elegant, with hardwood floors, and wooden cabinets to match. The appliances are older, but still in good working condition. There's no balcony, but there is access to the rooftop garden through a stairway that runs alongside the entrance.


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Siobhan Donovan Brooke Bishop

Brooke, who's back is to the living room, doesn't shriek. Her first instinct is to move Siobhan behind her, and to ensure that whoever is in the apartment isn't going to harm Lady.
Twisting her wrist, she attempts to put up a privacy spell. When it doesn't work, she frowns deeply. "Siobhan, go to the balcony, and down the fire escape."

~ * ~ * ~

There's a smirk on Astrid's face as she waggles her finger at the pair. "Not so fast." Flicking her hand forward, she covers each with a binding spell. "Any attempt at escape, and my friend here will make sure we have a much easier time getting you out of here."
"On the other hand, it will be far more miserable for you. His abilities aren't all that pleasant."

~ * ~ * ~

Siobhan is a powerful witch-sorcerer, and she knows that she is, even as much as she knows that a lot of her ability is untapped and unknown. She knows self-defense and defensive spells. She knows offensive magic. The dancer has been taught how to protect herself and her friends, from her parents since she came into her abilities.
She's also not stupid. Once it's clear the intruders didn't wander in by accident, Siobhan is already trying to tap into her magic to throw up a binding spell. When it doesn't work, she doesn't argue with Brooke. Lesson number one when magic fails is to run and get help. Playing hero might well get them both killed.
Her mind has gone into automatic, and she's impressing every detail she can remember into her mind as she turns toward the balcony. Unfortunately, she's not quick enough.

~ * ~ * ~

The only thought in Brooke's mind is 'fuck'. They're obviously up against a pair of magic users, who would certainly know that both of them are Coven witches, and don't seem to care. She can't really talk to Siobhan about it openly, so she glances at the stove.
Before she can reach for the warming teapot, she can feel the binding magic around her. Cursing, she glances at the pair.
"Unless your intention is to take out the entire building, I'd suggest that one of you come and turn the stove off." The redhead is bound, but that doesn't mean she can't nod her head toward the stove.

~ * ~ * ~
Astrid snorts. Coming up to the pair, she walks in a slow circle around Siobhan. "Not our intended target, Marshall, but we should get paid nicely for two of them." Plucking the phone out of the younger witch's hand, she drops it on the floor. Crushing it under her heel, she smirks. "You won't be needing that where you're going."
Marshall hasn't said much of anything yet, just keeping a finger pointed at each woman.

~ * ~ * ~

Siobhan can move her fingers. Just a little, but it's enough. Enough that she could even send a throwback spell, if she could use her magic. But it's obvious that they've been magically bound as well as physically. Her fingers slide over the touchscreen, although she has no way of telling if she's sent anything to Harper. Hopefully, even random gibberish will get his attention.
"That's an iPhone 5! Do you know how much that costs?!" Again, the young witch isn't stupid, but playing the part of the simpering, materialistic UES woman might cause them to underestimate her. She intentionally doesn't look at Brooke, because she might lose her composure if she does.
"I'm certain your type has it insured," Marshall says, his voice eerily calm and almost empty. Bored even. "Not that it will matter much soon."

~ * ~ * ~
Brooke stares down Marshall, and calmly says, "Insured or not, I can't be accountable for other people in the building. Regardless of what your plans are, one of you is going to turn off the stove, unless you want to be found out more swiftly." She looks over at the wall, hoping that neither of them has noticed the young dog that's happily gnawing away. Sadly, Lady's used to shrieking noises, because Brooke tends to make them when Kieran teases her.

~ * ~ * ~
"Who gives a fuck what type of phone it is? You're not going to need it." Rolling her eyes, she reaches past Brooke and turns the stove off. "Marshall, the gags, please. I'm tired of hearing these two whine, and the faster we shut them up, the faster we can get going."
Reaching into a bag at her side, she pulls out a syringe. "Once we get out of the building, you two are going for a little nap." It won't be as long as she needs it to be, but they were only supposed to be taking one with them.

~ * ~ * ~

"Going?! I'm not going anywhere with you!" Siobhan may not be a stage actress, but dancing is a type of acting. Siobhan throws all of her fear - and it doesn't take much at this point - into her reaction. She attempts to move, knowing that with the binding spell, it will put her off-center. Her father's instructions are going through her head: leave clues, signs, anything you can, but be subtle.
It works, and she goes down on the floor. Technically, even bound, she could catch herself, but Siobhan decides to take the fall instead. Enough that she can whimper when she hits her wrist (hard). Still, with her hand buried beneath her body, she can begin to wiggle her wedding ring off. She can't think of a bigger clue than that because it's not something she'd ever leave behind.
"Do you … know who my father is?" Siobhan is certain they do know, just like they know they're dealing with Coven witches, and don't care.

~ * ~ * ~
"Spoiled little bitch." Marshall leans down and grabs her by the arm, yanking her to a sitting position. He's happy to shove the gag in Siobhan's mouth. He smiles at her. It's cold, and hard and as empty as his voice. "Daddy's money, name and power aren't going to help you where we're going, little ballerina."

~ * ~ * ~
There is an awareness that Siobhan is up to something, but she can't figure out what until she spots the ring on the ground. As far as Brooke knows, nobody is aware that the younger witch is here, and that will tell them to look for the pair of them.
"You are going to be very sorry that you've done this." It has nothing to do with her parents, and nothing to do with the Coven. Brooke has seen Kieran when he's angry, and that's not something she wants to deal with again.

~ * ~ * ~
Looking between the pair, it occurs to Astrid that she's getting the same feeling from the pair of them. "Well, well, well. It's a good thing you're along, Marshall. I don't know the spell to block sorcerers — yet." Taking the second gag, she ties it around the redhead. Setting the syringe back in the little pouch, she pulls out a roll of duct tape and sticks it on nice and tight. Along with that, she murmurs the words for the gagging spell, and she knows neither woman will be saying anything.
"Illusion magic, Marshall. They need to look normal as we lead them out."

~ * ~ * ~

Siobhan looks helplessly over at Brooke. Now would be a good time to be a telepath, or a telekinetic, the witch is certain. They don't know who these people are, only that it's a sorcerer and a witch. A pair who doesn't care about crossing the Coven, and the sorcerer clearly knows whom Siobhan is. Or pretends to, at least.
Genuine bone-chilling fear starts to set in as Marshall tugs her to her feet and begins to usher her out of the kitchen. She wants to talk, to plead. To explain that her father will pay anything. Her husband will pay. If it's ransom, then they'll get their payment… but let Brooke go.
Instead, she's gagged and powerless. Siobhan can feel the tears in her eyes, and blinks rapidly to hold them back. Although maybe looking weak isn't such a bad thing.

~ * ~ * ~
Brooke has come to the conclusion that they came here for her, and Siobhan is just an extra body they need to remove, for sake of no one knowing that Brooke has been taken.
She wants to convey an apology to Siobhan, and she wants to tell them just to stick to their plan and use a memory spell on the younger witch, but she's already gagged. She does try to fight against the binding spell and nearly winds up on her ass.

~ * ~ * ~
"Ah ah, my little pretties, you don't get to move, or talk." Astrid looks over at her partner as the illusion spell is cast, and walks up to Siobhan.
"Don't look so scared. We'll keep you plenty drugged up. You won't even realize what's happening to you, unless they decide to give you a little more freedom."

~ * ~ * ~

Siobhan silently pleads with whatever fates and gods might be listening that someone finds her ring, and knows that means she's with Brooke. That they'll look for both of them, and know that Siobhan wouldn't leave the ring behind. She hopes that Harper got her message and tries to call her, or that she at least sent him some gibberish of some sort.
Marshall returns to his creepy silence as the two women are led out of the apartment and down the stairs. Too late, Siobhan realizes she's bare foot, but she thinks that's another sign that Brooke wasn't alone, and that they didn't leave of their own free will.

~ * ~ * ~
The door is left open, and Brooke just hopes that Lady doesn't take off out of the apartment and down the hall. The dog will be found sooner, and the apartment might be noticed to be empty, but she doesn't want any harm to come to the puppy. Closing her eyes, she calls out for Kieran. Not that he can hear her, but it makes her feel better. Which is what she needs not to fall apart.

~ * ~ * ~
Astrid is hardly quiet as they make their way to the building. "Stuff them in the back, Marshall." Once they're in the van, she injects both women with the needle. They'll only sleep about half the way there, but they'll have no clue where they are when they awake.
"We need to haul tail before anyone realizes they're missing. Don't need the Reynards coming after us."

~ * ~ * ~

Siobhan gives a last ditch effort to send forth a burst of magic. To toss their captors away or otherwise get attention, but nothing happens. It's possibly more frightening than being taken; feeling so powerless. Knowing her magic has been blocked. She tries to squirm and avoid the needle, but being bond, it's impossible.
Blinking, the witch makes a vow to stay alert as along as she can. To feel every bump and twist in the road, but before they've gone half a block, her eye lids droop and darkness descends.

~ * ~ * ~

Brooke really isn't much better off. She's tried using both witch and sorcerer magic, but nothing seems to be working. Once they're away from the spell in the apartment, she figures that she might have a better time of it.
The one spell she manages to try via the blinking starts to pop and fizzles out. The needle hits her hard and fast, and she's passing out before they get very far.

~ * ~ * ~
"Did they really think that we'd set up the spell in the apartment and not the van?" Astrid smirks as she slips into the passenger seat. "Take us home, Marshall. We can be out of the city soon enough if we hit the tunnel."

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