Something RINCs in the State of NYC

Manhattan - Reynard International Corporation

The lobby of the Reynard International Corporation building is comprised entirely of windows on the outer walls, and chrome on the inner ones. The building is designed to let exorbitant amounts of sunlight filter in during daylight hours, in order to keep the costs of running the building down by using less electrical lighting.

A large receptionists desk is set immediately across from the doors, with a massive RINC logo painted on the wall behind it. Several arrangements of red and black leather furniture can be found scattered around the lobby, allowing visitors who are waiting to be as comfortable as possible. As well, there are a host of flat screen televisions, constantly showing RINC promotional materials, as well as news-casts where prominent RINC figures have taken part.

Glass elevators lead the way up to a second, third, fourth and fifth floors, where cubicles have been set up for lower-scale employees. Each cubicle is made of chrome and glass, and each has a telephone and a computer.

The sixth floor of the building is where the executive offices are located. To reach the sixth floor, one is in need of a special key to activate access in the elevator.

There are basements and sub-basements that are used for the R&D teams, which also require a special access pass to an entirely different set of elevators found in the very back of the main floor.


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Bryn Blackwell Randall Reynard

It has been just shy of a week since the attack on Brooke Bishop. Bryn has followed several other leads first, to ensure that they were as dead as he believed they were. Then he made contact with RINC and set up an appointment through the proper channels, and to ensure that Randall Reynard was aware that this was a business meeting, and not one of a friendly nature.

Bryn received the call late on Friday, asking him to come in first thing Monday morning. So he arrives, suit pressed, hat atop his head, a simple black briefcase carried with him. He knows the building is spelled. He can detect the magic a few blocks back it's that strong. He knows the phrase to let him inside, and when he reaches the receptionist he states his reason for being there.

She indicates that he will need to go through security before meeting with Randall. Security which consists of a small circle drawn on the floor where one must stand while numerous spells are cast to ensure that he is not carrying weapons, that he has no ill intent, and that he does not have any spell work of his own prepped and ready to be lobbed at someone. It's the same type of security measures that he needs to go through when stopping at Blackwell Industries, so it's not surprising to him.

The second set of security measures comes in the form of a rather large, imposing man patting him down and going through his briefcase. Once he gets the go-ahead, he locates the elevators and heads up to Randall's office.


Randall is curious about the nature of Blackwell's visit. He can think of no reason for the younger sorcerer to wish to see him for a 'business matter.' There are currently no negotiations or meetings with Blackwell Industries in progress, and typically those are handled by others in that dynasty.

Bryn Blackwell does have other 'specialities' as it were, but Randall has no need of those. He's checked to make certain no one in his organization has need of them either, and then double checked to make certain that Nick has not gotten in over his head (again) with some madness of one type or another. Randall thinks the boy is too old for him to be covering up and paying off his problems to make them go away, but the Reynard name - and dealing with the boy's mother - requires it.

He's standing by the window, staring out across the New York City skyline when his door chimes to indicate that it is opening. The chime is spelled so that only he hears it, and also so that he may identify the nature of the person entering.

"Mr. Reynard, Mr. Blackwell is here to see you."

Randall turns and smiles at his secretary. Unlike many of the others in the office, he has never 'traded up' when it comes to assistants. Lois Keller is in her late forties, with dark hair graying in a dignified manner around the edges, pulled back in a professional bun. She's no longer the svelte, shapely young woman he hired what seems like a lifetime ago, but she is still attractive for a mother of three. More than that, she has been with him from nearly the beginning and she is good at what she does. Randall prefers efficiency and skill over aesthetics.

"Please, show him in Lois." Randall gives her a nod. "And see that we're not disturbed." Lack of clean up required or not, visits between dynasty members are given quiet regard.


'Mr. Blackwell' will never be able to get used to hearing himself called such. In this instance it is likely a necessary thing to be using, because it will remind the older sorcerer that he is still affiliated with his Dynasty, even if he is off doing his own thing.

Even Dynasties need clean up people sometimes.

Bryn is shown into the office, and he raises his brow slightly as he looks around. The bookshelves are noted, as is the ornate desk that looks almost as though it could be a replica of JFK's famed desk.

"Mr. Reynard."


Randall smiles, a charming, easy going smile. "Mr. Blackwell. Please, have a seat." Randall indicates the seating area in his office, a couch flanked by two arm chairs and a rather expensive, if understated coffee table.

The older sorcerer asks, "Might I get you a drink? Coffee? Tea?" Normally Lois takes care of these things, but in this case, Randall does not see it as beneath him or something that he shouldn't worry about. It's a measure of politeness.


Taking a seat at the indicated arm chair, Bryn sets his briefcase on the floor. The hat is carefully removed and set on the arm of the chair in order to be polite.

"I am fine, thank you." Bryn knows better than to take a drink offered by another sorcerer, especially if he doesn't see how it's prepared. "Though I do thank you for the offer as it were."


A small, bemused smirk touches the corners of Randall's mouth. He's not offended, and thinks - no knows - he would do the same in the other man's position. Bryn Blackwell is no fool, but then again, aside from Bryn's elder brother, Randall doesn't believe that the Blackwell Dynasty raises fools.

But we each have our problem children. Sadly, the one in the Reynard Dynasty is his.

Surreptitiously watching the younger sorcerer make himself comfortable, as comfortable as possible, Randall studies him. He's aware of Bryn's history with his daughter, Brooke. Oh, Randall might not have publicly acknowledged or claimed her, but he knows she's his. He's also aware that Bryn's current company is an amazingly attractive bit of womanly flesh who's only downfall is the fact that she has fangs. Literally.

However, whom the man chooses to fuck is no business of Randall's. Let the Blackwells deal with their own.

Seating himself on the couch, Randall crosses his legs and folds his hands in his lap. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"


"I am certain that you are aware by now that your daughter was attacked last week in Central Park." Bryn waits long enough for that to sink in, that he knows who Brooke really is. Reaching for his briefcase, he pops it open and shares pictures of the injuries shortly after she arrived at the hospital. As in all attack cases, the injuries need to be visually documented as well; something that the sorcerer has learned from Detective Curtis.

"The attackers happened to be two vampires that have been causing quite a bit of trouble in the city since May."


Randall lifts a brow, and that is the only acknowledgment that he gives to Bryn's statement. The man is impeccably neutral as Bryn shows him the pictures and the write up of Brooke's injuries. He leafs through them, with what appears to be detatched disinterest. "I am aware that a member of the Coven had been attacked, yes."


"I'm afraid that I remain somewhat in the dark regarding why you are sharing this with me?"


He plays it cool, and Bryn will give him points for that. The pictres are difficult to look at without cringing, let aolone having a bomb dropped on him in the manner Bryn did it.

"Because I have it from a fairly reliable source that the ones involved happen to be male magic users, who were taking from the homeless, to turn them into a hybridization of humans and vampires."


"I have spoken with the other lage names in the city, and your corporation is the last I have yet to speak with."


Perhaps Randall would have cringed or reacted had he not already known the extent of Brooke's attack and injuries. Dr. Knight stood steadfast behind 'doctor-patient' confidentiality and would not budge, nor could Randall get any information from the man without divulging Brooke's paternity, even when he tried to pass off his interest as 'pertaining to the interest of the Reynard dynasty.'

(No, the irony did not escape him that he likely could have shared such with Knight for no worse the harm, given the man's choice of wife and his two children. That however, just would not have been acceptable.)

However, a new resident was easily charmed and Randall received everything he needed to know when Knight wasn't around.

"You are saying that Miss Bishop's injuries were not the result of the attack of one of our typical vampires here in the city?" That makes things somewhat less complicated and somewhat more. Randall had intended to have a meeting with the vampires - on his own terms - to learn of their excuse for involvement. He is aware that his daughter works for one of the vampires in the Master's court, and he's kept tabs long enough to know that this isn't Collins' MO.

Still, Bryn's news changes things.

He has not dealt with the other statements yet, but he will.


"I am saying that the attack on her was very carefully planned and done on purpose. That there are atypical vampires running amok in the city, and that one of them attacked Brooke." He does leave out the part that she's extremely lucky to be alive, and it's yet another thing that Bryn will need to cover with Gideon at a later date.

"If I am correct, Brooke was not the first victim that was a witch."

Waiting a momet, he reaches into the briefcase again and exhales a sigh. "I have spoken with all the lone magic users in the city at this point. I hate to ask this of you, Mr. Reynard, but do you, or any of your corporations have anything to do with this?"


"No," Randall answers without pause or hesitation. It's not the sort of instant, knee-jerk denial of the guilty, but rather the quiet dismissal of a man confident in himself and his company. "We have no need or reason to wish to create hybrids. Vampire or otherwise."

Leaning back, Randall steeples his fingers beneath his chin. "As you so astutely pointed out, given the nature of our relationship, why would I wish to harm Miss Bishop?" Sorcerers aren't known for claiming their daughters or even killing them, but Brooke Bishop's paternity is a guarded secret, and he has little reason to go to such lengths.


Randall quirks a bit of a smile. "If I seem unsurprised by your knowledge it is because the apple apparently does not fall far from the tree. You seem to have your father and uncle's penchant for upturning stones that are better left untouched."

Turning the conversation back, Randall gives his head a tilt. "You believe these … bastardized vampires are attacking witches? And that the vampires have no hand in it, but perhaps rogue sorcerers do? You know as well as anyone Bryn - " Yes, he is dropping into the personal now, "That we keep a careful watch for the ones who are deemed untrustworthy and have no sworn fealty. If there are such in the city, they have not been brought to my attention."

The Reynards protect themselves well, and keeping an eye on solo sorcerers is only one method that they use.

"I do understand that you are merely doing your job. This is a problematic situation. It could turn ugly very quickly if The Matriarch and The Elders were to think sorcerers had anything to do with this."


The reaction is actually not a surprise to Bryn. Even were it a knee-jerk reaction, it would have been one of outrage at the insinuation that the Reynards were up to no good. That isn't to say that they're not, but simply that they may not be in this case.

"Is there anyone within the confines of your corporation that would be of a different opinion than you in this matter? Logically, I could see where creating a hybrid would be beneficial. For instance, a military contract that you may not have been apprised of?"


"Sorcerers are not known for wanting to acknowledge female children. In most families, the females are aborted, killed, or simply gotten rid of after their magic has been bound." That would be reason enough to want to do away with Brooke.

"This is the second case that I am aware of. There could be more, while the Coven covers most of the witches in the city, there are those who are not affiliated and would not be missed all that much if they went missing. At least not by other witches."

Nodding, he rubs the back of his neck. "Regina Young would more likely than not blame the vampires. The Elders, on the other hand, would be in an uproar as usual if there is any indication that sorcerers are involved." He considers for a moment and then says, "The source that provided the information also mentioned that these men were pristine, and smelled like a laboratory or hospital. Which did bring to mind Tempest Biotech."Logfile from NYC - Bryn.


"There would be little purpose in going through such extraordinary measures to be rid of her after thirty years," Randall chuckles mildly. "If I were to do such a thing, I'd be much more discreet about it, and I'd hardly openly acknowledge, even behind closed doors, her relation to me." Beat. "Better for plausible deniability."

The elder sorcerer sits up a bit straighter and cants his head. "You've eliminated any and all hospital personnel?" He's not suggesting Robert Knight is involved because the man is far too alturistic and kind hearted, but there does exist the possibility that someone associated with the medical profession may well be involved.

"We do have a few contracts with the Department of Defense, but you understand that those are confidential?"


"Any and all hospital personnel with magical abilities. The source did mention that they were male." Even so, Bryn checked on the nurses and female doctors as well, just on the off chance any of them were using glamours or illusion spells to hide who they were.

"I do not need to know what the contracts entail. What I do need to know is if you believe that anyone within Tempest Biotech would consider such a contract, or try to bring it to fruition." He could have easily just sent in a spy, or paid someone who worked there well enough for the information. That may still need to be done. For now though, he insists on going through appropriate channels so as not to step on anyone's toes.

"There may be little purpose for you to do such a thing. Your brother on the other hand, your nephews… your sons… were they to find out there is a possibility that they might."


"All of our employees are well vetted, but I will not lie to you and say that I know all of their motivations. I cannot pretend to know the minds of the men, or the women, in my employ. Sadly, we don't employ telepaths." An oversight and a lament as far as Randall is concerned. However, there is much to do with the Dynasty that there's no wish for a telepath to stumble upon and a proper magical binding takes time and energy.

"However, to clear this matter up and remove Reynard International from any possibility of the consideration of wrong doing, you have my permission to meet with Godric, and I will assure full cooperation from those at Tempest Biotech."


"I will have to require that due to the sensitive nature of some of the work we perform there, and our government contracts, that any member of the Priory visiting the site signs an NDA."


"Yes, I have no doubt that they are. But that does not mean that one does not harbor secret desires to come out on top above Reynard International," Bryn points out. He is no newcomer to this scene. He was raised by his father, after all, and knows the ins and outs of how most Dynasties work.

"I will agree to the non-disclosure on one condition. If we do find that someone within Tempest Biotech is responsible, you allow the Priory to deal with it. I do not think that Colonel Ashcroft would be too pleased with traditional Dynasty methods of dealing with those who renege on their contracts."


Randall sits back for a moment, silent studying the younger man. He is aware of Bryn's upbringing, aware of what he does and what got the Priory's attention. He's no young upstart, despite his age and his questionable choice of current bed partners. Randall would not even consider giving such leeway to the Priory were a sorcerer not involved with it, and this particular sorcerer at that. If nothing else, he knows that Bryn will be objective and not cry wolf. He also will not attempt to drag Dynasty politics or create some sort of partnership with Blackwell Industries.

"If one of my people is responsible, I will turn them over to you."


"I am well aware that some of your partnerships are … unusual. While I have no objections to you using all of the resources at your disposal, if you wish to bring along the lovely vampire, special arrangements will have to be made in advance. Our facilities are doubly protected against their kind." Which alone should say how unlikely it is that his company is the source of the hybrid rogues.


"Thank you."

Bryn does know that both Ashcroft and Curtis will want to question whomever is responsible and they will not be able to do that unless Randall lets them out of the Dynasty before 'dealing' with them.

Closing the briefcase, he stops for a moment. "I will be bringing a human with me. While I would love for Miss Roche to join us, I do believe it would be best not to get her embroiled with Reynard International." At least not yet. If he does bring a vampire with him, he will invite Gideon along instead.

He pauses, watching the older man for a moment.

"You do know that beyond my work with the Priory, I work as a mediator for other supernaturals. I could, if you desired, set up a meeting between you and your daughter, and have it be entirely discreet."



"You're welcome."


"Indeed." Randall nods his head and asks, "Detective Curtis, I suppose? How is he doing? Terrible the tragedy at the Empire State Building, but he's the rare heroic sort, isn't he? Getting shot while trying to protect others?" It's the guise of idle conversation, but intended to let Bryn know that while the Reynards may live in what others view as an Ivory Tower, he is aware of what is going on around him.


"As kind as your offer is, I don't believe that there is any need for any such thing. Her mother and I had an agreement. She was born a girl and there ended my involvement and needless worry. Brooke Bishop has a father. His name is Walter."


"It is a possibility."

Bryn is not outright going to say who he's bringing, because Kevin may not want to be involved in a big corporation sweep either. He may be needing to bring Ashcroft. Kayla would be his next choice, but he'd like to keep her out of it if he can, simply because he knows what many sorcerers think of women.

"He is healing well." They do have healers at the Priory, but the sorcerer thinks that Kevin is much enjoying his stay with the young necromancer.

"Be that as it may, Brooke Bishop is an adult now and has a right to know who her birth father is."


"If nothing else, she at least has a right to know her proper medical history."


"Brooke shows the markers of being both a witch and a sorcerer. There is no bloody way in hell that she would have survived that attack on witch magic alone. Nor have I ever heard of a witch being able to maintain a binding spell while unconscious. You may have had a deal with her mother, but Brooke is no longer a child and should be allowed to make her own decisions in the matter."


"Then perhaps her parents should share that information with her? For the sake of her health and medical well being?"


"Are you suggesting that I should come forward and reveal myself, damaging the mother-child bond, possibly irrevocably hurting a marriage in the process and branding myself a villain in the process?" Randall sits back, blinking slowly. "No. I should think not."


"If Miss Bishop learns the truth and wishes to meet with me, I may consider it. However, she will not learn such truths from me."


"It's unlikely that she is equally powerful in both spheres. Mixing the blood tends to dilute the power, else I'm sure we'd hear all about Knight's children bringing the city to it's knees. If she is, then I do wish her luck, though it seems to me she is friendly enough with enough sorcerers that she has the support and resources she needs."


"Yes, her parents should," Bryn says, rather pointedly. "She does not share Walter Bishop's medical history, so any information she gets in that regard is completely and utterly useless."

Exhaling a sigh, he shakes his head. "No I am not suggesting that in the least, though I will point out that Walter may be more aware of things than either yourself or Barbara think." He is fairly certain that Bridget has considered such things in the past, and he's well aware that the Coven knows about it and guards the secret carefully.

"You may be surprised. Siobhan Knight nearly did bring the city to its knees on the Fourth of July holiday. A whirlpool, that cascaded upward and soaked everyone aboard the boat she was on." He smirks at that. "Brooke just happens to be a very good hand at keeping things discreet and under the radar as much as possible."


"She does. Though I would have thought you would take more of an interest in her life. She is an astute business woman, a public relations genius, and could easily run the Dynasty if neither Lucas nor Nicholas steps up to the plate."

He holds a hand up, and shakes his head. "Though I do know that within the confines of Reynard, especially with your brother, that may be a distinct impossibility."Logfile from NYC - Bryn.


"Are you truly chastisting me?" Randall seems almost amused by the notion. "Here I thought your romance with Miss Bishop was a thing of the past. Your passionate defense of her does make me wonder otherwise." No, it's not appropriate, but neither is Bryn telling him how to live his life and trying to guilt or bait him into wishing to have involvement with his daughter.

"Your concern for Miss Bishop and her familial knowledge is noted."


"I will see that Tempest Biotech is ready to receive you, when you wish to visit the facility."


"Not in the least. Simply pointing out that Reynard International could benefit from the likes of Miss Bishop." Bryn considers his next words for a long moment, before saying anything. "My romance with your daughter is a thing of the past, but my friendship is not. Just because we did not work out romantically, does not mean that I cannot have her best interests at heart."

He offers the older man a smile, and flips the hat back onto his head.

"Just consider what I have said. The company as a whole may dislike witches, but you could at least benefit from having her take care of Nicholas' problems."

Lifting up the briefcase, he nods and heads toward the door. "I will contact you as soon as I have a date and a time."

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