Afternoon of Surprises

Manhattan - Rags to Stitches by Ren-Fare

One of the windows of the storefront displays the extremely limited and random hours that there is someone guaranteed to be in the store. Below that is information to call to make an appointment or to ask various questions, along with the link to the Ren-Fare website.

A tiny bell mounted to the top of the door jingles each time that it is opened. The front room that it leads to is far from large or even fancy. One side of the room has a few racks with several examples of creations by the owner. Located next to the clothing is a platform surrounded on three sides by mirrors which is used for fittings done in the office.

On the other side of the room is a small and humble desk, along with several chairs for any who choose to sit while they wait.

There's a back room that is labeled 'Employees Only' that is usually found to be closed.


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Brooke Bishop Bridget Bishop

It's been a few weeks since Brooke's been to the shop. After her panic and meltdown, she figured that showing up at her sister's place of business would be better saved for when she was calm and figured things out. They've still been in contact via phone, and their weekly dinner, but today the younger sister is heading to the shop laden with two large brown bags.

Nudging the door open with her foot, she grins and calls out, "Lunch time, Gidget!"

She doesn't care if there are customers in the shop or not. She knows the busier part of the season is over for the next week or so until Halloween orders start fluxing in.

"I stopped at the best French restaurant in the city!"


The last time that Brooke stepped into the shop it certainly was a stressful time for her. Bridget was not stressed, at least not until it all started to calm down. Being strong for anyone, even when not needed, is often stressful for her after the fact. At least it all seemed to work out for the best, and that's all she's really concerned about.

As with last time, Brooke is greeted by the ever growing kitten. The kitten has a little toy mouse in her mouth and is almost looking expectant. Bridget isn't too far behind. She's wearing gloves and has a gold bracelet in her hands. The gold pattern crosses in celtic knotwork with small rubies throughout.

The bags are given a glance before she smiles in greeting. "It's like you just know when I'm hungry. It could be your super power." With school starting back up she's without her helpers and that's okay with her. "And you seem mighty chipper."


"Sorry, kitten, I didn't bring you any mice. Next time, I'll bring you some tuna, okay?" Brooke keeps forgetting about the damned cat. Not that she's intentionally forgetting, she just forgets that her sister keeps it around the shop. Generally cat fur, plus fancy clothing doesn't really go hand-in-hand.

"I love the bracelet. Can you make one like that with sapphires? I'll pay for it. You just know how much I love all things Celtic."


"Well it's more that I know when I'm hungry, and I know that you never take breaks unless someone interrupts you. So you get food because I'm starving."


She's not just going to leave it alone all day while she's not home. That would be bad form. Besides, it is adorable, no matter where it came from. Hopefully it's a vampire hating kitty. Maybe it can be trained as an attack kitty. The cat, still with no real name that she has mentioned, meows softly while holding the toy. The air is sniffed slightly before eventually the feline returns to the back room.

"You know you don't have to pay me for anything. I'm making a surprising amount on the jewelry I've finished so far. I think it'll be okay." Bridget smiles as she places the bracelet into a small display for the front counter. "Still with gold, or white gold?"

There could be a scolding here, but really she knows that her sister is correct. All the eldest sibling does is smile. "It's a great way to maintain my girly figure." With a chuckle she removes her gloves. A small card table is nearby so she clears a spot for the bags. Four folding chairs are next to the table. "It smells really good."


"Gold. There's something about gold and sapphires, I know that they don't generally go together, but the sapphires will match my eyes, and the gold my fancy-schmancy wardrobe that I've been building it. They both look good on me."

Brooke sets the bags on the table, and begins to unload them. Salads, copious amounts of different French foods, and eclairs for dessert.

"So, I'm just going to put this out there. Regina spoke to me about Kieran. She wants me to stay close to him and spy on what he's doing for Kostas."


"I agreed to it. Simply because, you're right. Rhett is right. Sera is… right. I can't judge him based solely on what he is, and he's not tried to make a meal of me yet."


The customer is always right. Even when they're not, Bridget can usually make whatever the order is look good. This is never an issue with Brooke however. "It all looks good on you, Brooke. I've never seen anything that doesn't look good on you." This isn't her being jealous; she's merely stating the truth.

The food that appears looks wonderful. As it appears she makes sure that there are folding chairs in proper places. "This sure beats those little cups of noodles that you can microwave and coffee." It isn't a wonderful diet, but when she's in the zone she isn't picky about what she eats.

Her attention nearly snaps to her sister when she listens to the beginnings of what could be bad news. It's a great relief when she hears what is actually said. Bridget smiles softly. It isn't an 'I told you so' smile; it's more of a 'I'm so happy for you' smile.

"He's been nothing but the perfect gentleman when it comes to me. That's all I know about him, other than the obvious." She doesn't mention the similarity to Sera; that's a conversation that should just remain shelved. "I'm glad that Regina was able to turn it into a positive situation so far as she's concerned. And I'm glad to see you feeling better." Pause. "You are feeling better, aren't you?"


"Good. You can keep the leftovers so you don't starve yourself to death. You'll have enough food to last you until dinner tomorrow." Brooke reaches for a salad, and pours on a bit of the fancy dressing that came with it. "You need to eat more than those little cups of noodles. If mum ever saw what you ate, she'd threaten to move in with you."

Brooke spears the salad with a plastic fork while she's still standing. "Well that was one of the options. There were two others. To ignore him completely, or to stay with him and be removed from the Coven." She's not going to lie. She chose the selfish option. One that she's not really going to be able to fulfill because it's not as though Kieran walks around discussing his 'vampire job'.

"I'm happy, Bridget. I've spoken with Kieran about things. He's going to hire me to do the PR work for two of his three businesses. Sera's considering hiring me as well to help with some of the details her publishing house can't take care of."


"Gabriel Howe is a vampire."


She scrunches her nose but in the end laughs. "Oh, I know how to cook, and I can make rather glorious dishes. It's just not always fun to cook for one, and I'm not about to let the cat eat table scraps just yet." As far as it stands the cat is behaving rather well. Why teach it bad habits now? "But thanks for the leftovers. They'll be put to good use. It might even motivate me to cook something to last for a week or so."

A bit of salad is moved onto her own plate to fiddle with. "Well, I didn't really see you being forced into one of the other two. For one, it just makes no sense, even to me. And we all know how I feel about the issues at hand." Vampires are evil. That simple. "And secondly, there you go. She can always try to use you. Not that it likely will do her any good, but she can say that she purposely planted you where you are in case anyone were to ask."

Politics are as evil as vampires, and they truly are everywhere. That's why Bridget primarily keeps to herself, minus family.

"I'm glad that it's working out, just be careful, okay? Sometimes mixing business with pleasure turns out to be a mistake." The eldest sibling is speaking about actual business, not Coven matters. "In the end? It'll give you one hell of a resume."

She doesn't even look at her sister regarding her former love. In fact, she turns to pushing around her salad with a fork. "I figured as much." She truly did, but it's always difficult to hear the conformation like that. "Shame what I did to him."


"You didn't do it to him, Bridget. Victoria Howe pushed him out of the Coven. If anyone is responsible, it's me, alright?" Her fork stabs the salad again, but Brooke really isn't eating it. She's just moving the leafy bits around while she thinks. "I'd tell you to give him a chance, but I get the feeling that Gabriel is dangerous."


"Like I'm one to talk. Kieran is likely dangerous as well, he's just older and has a better human facade."

Returning to stabbing the lettuce, she exhales a heavy sigh. "You know, honestly, I've been considering leaving the Coven anyhow. I know that as witches we need to maintain the balance, but I don't see us doing that when we're so filled with hatred toward other supernaturals. The only thing that's wrong with most sorcerers are the fact that they're power hungry assholes. I know more than a few who so aren't like that."


An actual bite of the salad is taken but it isn't much. This isn't due to being proper; it's more out of not really having the desire to eat. The sisters are very similar in this when they display their emotions. "I'm not sad she's gone. It's horrible to be murdered, especially with no suspect in sight. It's bad that Gabriel had to come back here. I'm just not sad that she's gone. She was never a nice woman." The one good thing is that she was never Bridget's mother-in-law. That would have been horrible.

"It wasn't you. I suppose in the end it wasn't anyone, but that doesn't make the guilt go away. I just know that this isn't the life that he wanted." The word life is said strangely, for obvious reasons. "I don't know that he's dangerous, Brooke, not any more than any other vampire. Unless you add in the fact that he had magic prior to being turned. I don't even know if he retained that ability. I've been avoid him." Obviously.

It's the last part that causes her to put her fork down. Bridget doesn't appear overly shocked or amazed but instead looks rather thoughtful. "I have so little to do with it that normally I don't care. I'm not the crazy powerful sister." This is said with a smile and nothing but respect. "But honestly? If that's how you feel, you have to do what you have to do. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, and I mean anyone. Being a free thinker with an open mind is never a bad thing."


They are a bit similar in that. Brooke does try to force herself to eat, but she just moves the food around a little more. "I don't think anyone is sad that Victoria Howe is gone, and I'm glad Regina took over well before the woman died. I don't like the test sessions she used to put me through as a child."

Exhaling a sigh, she shakes her head. "You didn't meet him because of me. Though Kieran did explain that to create another vampire is a huge responsibility. Like us choosing to have children. Most won't do it to someone unwilling, because it's too much hassle."

Brooke honestly looks completely shocked that her sister would stand behind her like that. Not that she thought she wouldn't, but that she'd be alright with it. "I don't know. It's just an idea I've been toying with. One that I've floated around a bit since I was a kid, and playing with a sorcerer and a werewolf in the summers. I just think all the animosity is silly, and then I see witches like Siobhan Knight. Friends with a sorcerer, and knowing a great deal more about other supernatural races, and it makes me think that it would be a better way to raise the next generation of Bishops."


It's not something that she would say out loud but mentally Bridget is thinking 'screw this'. She pokes about for any sign of dessert. That's a great way for them to bond. Salads aren't as much fun. "I was tempted at first to figure out what happened to her because it's something for the Coven to do. Then I was tempted because it would get Gabe out of the city. Now I'm tempted to look into it just to give whomever did it a medal."

The statement is rather crass coming from the eldest sibling so she immediately looks apologetic. "No, that isn't very nice, no matter what is going on. And the truth is, it's good to see Gabriel. Or at least know that he's still very much alive. Well, not really, but, yeah, you know what I mean." These are things she will not admit to anyone else. Brooke is such a wonderful person to have around. That's part of the reason that Bridget has followed her to the city.

"Don't seem so surprised." It's said without actually looking at her sister. "I've been very upset with them since everything from twelve years ago. And don't get me wrong, I'm very loyal to our family, which means I'm loyal to the Coven." She sits back tall and offers her sister what she's found. "But I've always been the one to be the protector and healer. I'm very much a pacifist, no matter what I say. And there are ideas I'll never get past, but as old fashioned as I am even I see that times are changing."

She pauses and looks Brooke over. "Maybe it should start with you."


"She was murdered. The cops have no clues. I'm pretty sure Gabriel has no idea, so I don't know why he's staying in the city. He can't still be trying to sort this all out." Brooke actually does force a few pieces of lettuce into her mouth and chews them thoughtfully for a few minutes. "I mean, I know she was his mother but she kicked him out of the Coven. If mum ever did that with us, I don't know that I'd forgive her."


"Hell, I doubt she'll forgive me if I break ties with the Coven." Pacing along the length of the counter, she shakes her head. "I just didn't figure that you'd be agreeable with it, Gidget. I mean, you've always been pro-Coven. I am too, but I think they need to make some changes. We're not in medieval times any more, and I don't see why we need to protect ourselves from everyone."

She mulls over the idea a little, and nods. "The group Bryn works for is sort of similar, though they're more about protecting supernaturals from each other, and humans from supernaturals. I'm not thinking of that. I'm thinking more of a supernatural United Nations. Delegates from each group. You know? Working together, or discussing things that might affect all of us."


Now she looks at her sister dead on. "I know why he's staying in the city." It really isn't all that difficult to figure out in the end. "Changing your status of living apparently doesn't change the feelings that you have. Had. Whatever. However that works." Honestly she's still trying to piece things together without another conversation with Professor Loony. "And it isn't as if I flat out told him to leave."

Her fork is waved at her sister. "I'm just full of surprises lately, aren't I?" This is said with a smirk before Bridget turns serious. "Honestly? I'm Pro-Coven because of it being a good resource for our kind. It's been good to our family. But I've been hiding my true feelings for over a decade, and honestly if Gabe hadn't come back I don't know if you'd even know how I feel about things." That's her role, or so she believes. She's here to be strong for others, even if that means falsely portraying some feelings.

"I don't want to hate anyone, but I've been raised to be that protector. I'm going to worry about everything and everyone that could possibly be a threat. That being said, I have no doubts that the next generation of supernaturals are already doing this. I would never discourage such a thing. Hell, the Coven spends so much time persecuting our own kind that I doubt it will ever openly accept any other." There's a pause. "Besides, if we started building some sort of friendships with these groups? It might make it safer for our own kind."


"They have souls still. Their hearts still beat," Brooke says quietly. Eating a little bit more, she exhales a sigh. "I'd tell you to tell him to leave, but hello, pot? I'm kettle." Brooke makes a face and stabs more lettuce. "I always fall for the 'wrong' guy. Sorcerers, and vampires apparently. What the hell is wrong with me?"

The younger witch slides her salad onto the counter and leans against it. The counter, not the salad. "It is a good resource. I'm not saying to drop it completely, but to just back out of it a little. Be involved to a point, but try and create a better atmosphere between the Coven and other races is all."


"That's just it! It would make it safer. Imagine that the Coven has a serious issue, and they can get a few werewolves to come help out, or protect the witch that's having the issue? Or the werewolves want to ensure that no humans come upon them when they need to change once a month. What's a little spell around an area of Central Park to make people avoid it on a full moon?"


Yes, pot and kettle. That's the exact look that Bridget is giving her as well. "There's nothing wrong with you. Consider yourself a trend setter. Or just someone with an open mind that is more willing to accept others than most of the people you know." In the end there's nothing wrong overall with either option; they just come with their own issues. Then again, what man doesn't?

"Well, you dropping out completely could cause quite a stir. I mean, you're pretty well regarded at this point. It isn't as if you could just slip away unnoticed." Bridget likely could, at least until someone needed something. Even then her family would be right there pointing out that she wasn't. "So what did you have in mind? Starting something and trying to keep it secret from the Coven for a while?"

The words that Brooke speaks causes her older sibling to nod. "Not just that but it could also bring about some understanding between species. Just because someone is a werewolf doesn't mean that they're evil, or even like it. Knowing how to be friends with one could be beneficial for both, not only because they are strong but they likely don't always have the easiest time mingling outside of their own kind." It's not like witches have to worry about hiding at least once a month.

"And I'm sure that there are many Supes out there that we don't even know about. Imagine the possibilities of knowledge and of friendship."


"Not really. I do seem to recall a horrible panic attack here not that long ago." Brooke hops up onto the counter, careful of her salad. "I don't know if I'm considered well regarded any longer. I was going to marry a sorcerer. Now I'm dating a vampire, even if Regina's hoping to gain information from that. It's a good thing she doesn't know how I actually feel about him or I'd be personna non grata."

Dropping out completely probably isn't an option. As much as Brooke might want to consider it, she really doesn't want to hurt her mother like that. "Well starting something at least. Talking to others who might have a like-minded view on life. See if I can't make a few contacts through Bryn. Possibly see if I can't pull in a few humans in the know as well. I'm toying with the idea."

Smiling, she nods. "Exactly. I know that there are Fae and Demons. I've met a few in the Undercity when I've gone looking for spells."


There's no convincing Brooke that she's wrong about her standing in the Coven because quite frankly Bridget has no clue. She's not heard anything ill about her sister but then again it is her sister. Most are not stupid enough to approach her in any way, shape or form about her family.

"Well, if it comes down to trying to keep it on the downlow, I might be able to help a little with that. Either with passing messages or with certain spells. I mean, honestly, no one ever suspects me of anything." Normally there is nothing to suspect but she's proven that she can hide a thing or two if she has to.

"Humans? I've only ever met one normal that knows about any of this stuff, or suspects as much. Then again, there's nothing normal about him." Bridget shakes her head at the thought of Locke. That's all anyone can do. "Personally, I'd like to meet some. Fae, that is. Even demons, if I know that I don't have to fear for my soul."


"I'm not worried about it," Brooke replies simply. "I'm working for his companies now, so being around him won't be suspect. Besides which, if it is, you know me. I'll choose my heart first." Even if it will wind up hurting her mother. She doesn't want to do it, but she wants to see where this thing with Kieran is going. That's just as important to her.

"But believe me, I appreciate the fact that you'd associate with a vampire just to pass notes for me."

Biting her lip, she grins. "Bryn works with a few. There are also those who marry into witch families that are in the know. I mean, I bet you know more humans that are aware of us than you think."

There's a pause, and then she nods. "Well I can introduce you to Livvy. If she's amiable to meeting you. She tends to hide her shop very well unless she wants people to find her."


It's almost touching, to the point where she has to smile warmly at her sister. "Kiddo, you have to go where your heart leads you. It took you back to him, didn't it? I think that's saying something. Keep doing what you're doing. I can run interference on the rest." She can handle the family. The Coven will be a different issue but she'll deal with that if they even have to cross that bridge.

Bridget chuckles. "I have to admit, he's a pretty decent man. He's been nothing but polite and respectful with me, even when I had no interest in trusting him." It doesn't pass her that she began trusting him after she confirmed what he is. There is irony there but some things don't need to be shared.

The point is made and acknowledged. "What I'd like to see is someone who willingly marries into a werewolf family. They have to exist too, right? I mean, imagine the poor soul who didn't know and then they raise a child up to be quite the surprise." It's almost amusing. Almost.

"Well, I certainly don't want her to be uncomfortable." Though the idea of it does bring a sparkle to her eye. "My business started out idolizing creatures of fantasy. While they might not actually be fantasy, most humans don't know that. The mythologies are amazing."


It is an afternoon of surprises, because Bridget's just managed to make Brooke gape at her. "You're… okay with it? Honestly?" That cinches it, for Brooke. That she might actually be doing something right, even if it //is/ against what the Coven wants. Hopping off the counter, she goes to give her sister a tight hug. "Thanks, Gidget. I know it's hard for you to trust people to begin with, but it means a lot to me that he's decent."

Drawing back, she smiles at her sister and exhales a sigh. "That's just it. I've met humans with less class. So he's part demon, but we could be too. I have never heard anyone talk about how we first developed magic."


"Livvy wouldn't be uncomfortable. She just doesn't like to meet certain people, or she won't be ready for them. That's why I like her. She's difficult to find, but she generally has exactly what I'm looking for before I even know that I'm looking for it."


She'll never turn down the opportunity for a hug and even returns it just as tightly as it is given. "The way I see it, this guy really means a lot to you. After everything you decided to stick with him. That should tell me something, right?" Bridget does try to see the brighter side of things, even if that goes against her feelings or everything that they've been taught. Besides, maybe the times really do change. "You're following your heart. I don't see any signs of reckless behavior or injury to you, so why should I do anything but encourage it?" Even if that does mean associating with vampires. Then again, they both have similar situations in a way so she'd be a hypocrite to say anything else.

Something that Brooke says sends Bridget off into thought but she never breaks away from the conversation. "Well, wouldn't that be interesting." She never really has traced her family at all, other than to know that the name has been around for quite some time. "Maybe I can look into that somewhat. I mean, you have this amazing power and I honestly have no idea where our powers came from. Does one just somehow become born a witch, or are powers created in some way?"

This creature does seem rather interesting. "Well, if she's ever up for meeting me, I'd be honored. Maybe she'll have something for me as well. Lord knows I never know what I want." This is clearly a joke but there is a bit of truth to it.


It is true. After everything, she decided to stick with him. Brooke still isn't certain why she decided to do that. Why she wanted to try to work things out. It's one of those things that she'll likely never understand, and so she doesn't try to.

It just is.

"Despite what he is, I know that deep down he's not going to hurt me. At least no more than any other guy might." They both know Brooke doesn't have the best relationship track record. "Either way, I appreciate how you feel, Gidget. It means a lot."

The way her sister clings to her idea has the younger witch laughing. "Well I can't say that it's a for sure thing, but we don't know. It's likely in one of the older grimoires, but try getting your hands on them. I know that Mum has most of the ones for our line of the Bishop family, and I was thinking of heading up before we take our trip and seeing if she won't mind my looking at them."


There is that. "Well, at least you're not shutting yourself off to the opportunities just because you've been hurt in the past." That would be quite silly of anyone to do, clearly. "And I'm glad. You know that no matter what happens, I'm here for you. And so long as I'm sure you're being the real you, I'll stand behind you."

Bridget laughs as well, but more at the image in her mind. "I can see it now. We can be like one of those blundering detective shows where one distracts mother while the other goes looking. Mass chaos erupts and somehow it all ends with us laughing over tea and biscuits." This is something that she really can picture. "Although I'm pretty sure that talking Mom into letting us get a glimpse of them won't be too difficult. She knows we're normally not ever up to anything, and learning about the family can't be a bad thing, right? We can always pitch it that the knowledge will help us with the Coven or something."


"Yes, at least." Because it would be silly to do. "Maybe someone else should think about not closing herself off to the possibilities." Brooke is quick to add, "Just be careful around Gabriel. I don't trust him." Then again, a lot of that has to do with the lying. Kieran's withholding the truth she could understand. He was protecting himself. Gabriel's lies about plastic surgery were just outrageous.

"I want to scan the old grimoires. Digitize them before they crumble to dust. Some of them, I'm surprised are still intact. They've got to have spells on them."


Oh, this has her snorting. "Sweetie, I'm sort of past my prime in that. I don't and won't avoid people, but I think I'm pretty much set in life at this stage." Mister Right would just turn into Mister Right-Now, and that's not really something Bridget wants. "And I'll be careful, I promise. I've still got wards everywhere. So just warn me if Kieran's going to be around. I don't want to have him think that they're for him."

A finger taps against her temple. "I've no doubt there is. Maybe Mother will be open to the idea of us digitalizing them for her? Of course by we I mean you. I'd just be there for emotional support and to peek over your shoulder."


"Please, you are not." Brooke rolls her eyes and then turns to stab at her salad again. She still doesn't eat it. "There are women twice your age finding love. You'll find it, Gidget. You just have to be open to the possibility of it." Her sister is only five years her senior. If she's past her prime, then Brooke is as well.

"I hope so. At least then we've got copies, if, heaven forbid something were to happen to the farm."


Now Brooke is given a look. "I highly doubt that my prince charming is going to come walking through that door any time soon, dear. And even if he does, he'll likely be a wolf or half dead or a rooster for all I know." It would be weird romancing a rooster, but if werewolves exist, surely there's some half chicken man out there somewhere. "I'm just not going to go out of my way, is all. I don't really have time for that. At least not until after Halloween anyway."

Bridget chuckles. "I'm pretty sure that if something happened to the farm, the safest place to be is around those grimoires. If they're still in one piece, that magic is not to be messed with."


"Your point?"

Brooke glances at her sister over her shoulder and laughs. "I'm dating a vampire. Would a werewolf honestly be worse? At least they aren't totally defying nature by existing." A half rooster on the other hand is just play weird, and makes her think of Chicken Boo from Animaniacs.

"The ones I really want to get my hands on are the ones that are locked up here in the city. I know where they are. They're in the tribunal room, locked in glass cases. The original Bishop, Howe, and Young grimoires."


"My point is that I just don't have time for it." At least Brooke is laughing which is part of the intent with her words, although Bridget will laugh at the thought of her dating anyone in general. "But they have magic that allows that to happen. I can actually wrap my head around that. Waking up in the middle of the night on a full moon to find an overly large rooster trying to peck out my eyes might be a bit hard for me to cope with." Yes, if only someone would give poor Chicken-Boo a chance.

The serious conversation is not forgotten but she's thankful for the not so serious part that is also occurring. "Well, there's got to be a way to get to them." She tilts her head slightly as she thinks out loud. "Well, I don't know if you can, but I could always try. I've not been linked to anything so far as I am aware."


"A Coven coup? I doubt I could overthrow Regina, but I think if it came down to it, I'd try pretty much anything to preserve our heritage." That, and find out what spells are in those books. Sure, some of them have undoubtedly been passed down through the generations, but there has to be things in them that need to be kept away from the general populace.

"You know what, Gidget? You don't need to have time for it. If it's meant to be, it'll just happen."


Her shoulders lift into a soft shrug. "You said yourself that you'd do anything to preserve our heritage. We might not have to really go up against Regina, at least not at first. I mean, I can come up with some story that would explain why I want to look into our family, nothing else. I've barely asked anything of them and I always do my duty. There's no reason for me to be doubted. Then we could act based on what is learned."

There's no reason that they shouldn't have access to that which belongs to their family; of this she feels strongly. Bridget's just never had a reason to question it or do anything about it.

"We'll see. Until then I'll continue making pretty Halloween costumes. Maybe I'll go as a rooster this year."


"Oh, god. Halloween. I've got no idea what I'm doing yet, let alone if I need a costume." Brooke sets her hand to her cheek, trying not to stress over it. "You're likely going to be too busy with all your orders too."

Blinking, she looks at Bridget in surprise. "Really? You'd do that for me? I can slip you a hand scanner and a USB drive. You can easily make hidden pockets in your clothing for them. If nothing else you can just say that you're looking for the original protection spell so you can put it into your costumes for the holiday…"


It's hard to tell which part to give a look to, so she carries 'the look' the whole time. "Brooke; if you need anything for Halloween I will always have time to make it. I mean it. I throw together things for myself all the time in the middle of my projects. Swapping out some simple jewelry for a piece for you is cake." Bridget isn't making plans for Halloween other than dressing up and entertaining the local children. That's always fun.

"Yes, yes I would. Remember how I said that I'd be behind you no matter what? And I'm not trying to use that in a creepy way." If it came from a male it could easily be taken that way, she supposes. "You get me what you need, I can sneak it in. That's the good thing about always flying under the radar; no one ever suspects me of anything. How do you think I was able to associate with Gabe for years without anyone making the connection?"


"I'll let you know. I don't want to detract from paying customers though, since you rarely let me pay you." Though Brooke does ensure her sister gets something in return. She takes out small ads in Playbills, and programs. Just to put the name of the shop out there.

"If I leave now, I can have it back here by later tonight. It's really just a matter of running home to get it, but you know how traffic is this time of the year. Tourists, and students returning, and it's just a mess."


Bridget makes a tsking sound. "You always pay me back somehow, for each and every thing that you do. You know that as well as I do." Sometimes the way that she's paid back is even better than being monetarily compensated. "So just keep me in the loop. Besides, I'd rather do that than find my wererooster."

The mention of back to school almost makes her shudder. College kids, especially freshmen, seem to be the most obnoxious people on the planet. "Yeah, whenever. I'll get started on it right away. Heck, I could have an answer for you tonight or even tomorrow morning."


"Perfect. I'll think of something. If you get in trouble with this, just tell them that I asked you to do it. I'm already in the black book for what I've been doing, and there's no point in you getting in trouble too."

Brooke pauses, then starts to container up the remaining food so that she can put it into the fridge in the back. The salad is pretty much shot though so she just lids it and tosses it.

"I'll be back soon with the proper equipment."

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