A Walk in the Park

Manhattan - Central Park South

By far the most popular portion of the part, this area is designed for entertainment. The calm before the storm, and what connects this area to the lake, is Sheep Meadow. This meadow is the finest open expanse in the park and is often times used as a great picnic location.

A zoo, which also contains a petting zoo for children, allows for family fun. Perfectly located next to the zoo is a large carousel. The seats for those riding are not mere seats, nor are they all horses. From griffin to dragon, multiple mythological creatures are available to choose fro


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Lilith Graves John Jacob Astor Gabriel Howe

It has been a while since Lilith has wandered into Central Park, seemingly alone, at night. The ghosts from earlier in the summer have settled themselves down, and no longer does she see the lost souls that were attacked by what the news purported as being coyotes. The necromancer knows much better than that thanks to both Mandy Lockhart and Detective Curtis.
I still say that you are a foolish woman, Miss Lancaster. You should have called up your Detective friend and asked him to join you if you were wanting to walk in Central Park at night. There are brigands about, and worse. John Jacob Astor scolds her as she walks along. Lilith just shakes her head at him. He lets out a rather loud harrumph and crosses his arms over his chest.
"They don't all like to talk when the Detective is around. They aren't all as annoying as you are, JJ."
I do wish you would quit calling me that. John would be nice.
"I have you as a bodyguard tonight, JJ, you can keep an eye on me and if things turn bad, you can find a way to get in touch with Kevin. Try a Ouija board." It's horrible to tease the ghost, but sometimes she just can't help it.

The man in the pinstripe suit might perhaps look out of place in Central Park at night. He walks along without fear, and indeed seems rather less aware of his surroundings then one might wish to be in such a situation. He walks somewhat aimlessly, his eyes not really seeming to look through where ever his eyes fall. Clearly this is a man lost in thought.
Even with his senses being what they are these days, it is this immense inward focus that prevents him from being truly aware of the man coming up behind him until he is almost upon him. A desperate mugger, likely attracted by the wealth that the suit proclaims.
With a hand to the chest, Gabriel shoves the man back, instinctively. He goes flying a bit more then he should, and lands in some bushes, creating a bit of a ruckus as he lets out a whimper. Clutching his side, and possibly suffering from a broken rib or three, the ill-fated robber tries desperately to scramble up and away.
Gabriel, for his own part, simply watches the man go with idle contempt, before he whirls around, sensing that there are a couple more people on their way…
Only… no. One? He can only hear one heartbeat, one set of footsteps, one voice. Odd.

See? I told you, Miss Lancaster. Brigands. Ruffians. They are literally flying through the park. There is no human that could use that much force…
Lilith does hear the noise even before JJ starts to babble at her about the thugs that happen to be around. She's no stranger to what goes on here at night. Prostitutes losing their way, drug dealings, muggings, murders. The latter is why she's here. She keeps herself hidden from view on most nights, but tonight she plans on sticking to the path. There was a murder here several nights ago and the police are still stumped. If she can bring the information to the Detective, then he can go to them with some story about how he found everything out.
"I will be fine, JJ."
Spotting a man near the path looking in her direction, she frowns. He has an air about him that she recalls from the park previously. One that takes her only a second to get a pulse on.
"Or perhaps not," she mutters.

It might be harder then all that, for as young as Gabriel is, he still has human mannerisms. His chest still moves for a breath he no longer needs, and he simply doesn't seem to be as cold as those who have been around for centuries get to be. In fact, the only thing that is really off about him is the fact that he's in a suit, in Central Park at night, and doesn't seem afraid.
"Good evening," he greets her, his gaze lingering on her curiously. For a moment it moves past her, as if looking for something, but only for a moment.
"I would recommend not going in that direction," he tells her, tilting his head back the way he came, the same direction his would be assailer just fled. "Unless you have a gun and are prepared to use it, of course."

It is all in the soul. A tainted one can be detected, and now that Lilith has met a vampire and figured out what the taint is, she does happen to see it in more people than she would like. The fact that this one stands, dressed in suit, trying to create similar mannerisms of the other gives her pause. The chances of two young men looking similar, both skulking about the park causes her to glance to her side.
"Good evening."
You should just keep walking. Turn around. Go home, Miss Lancaster. Go find your detective.
It is on the tip of her tongue to yell at JJ to stop trying to set her up with Kevin Curtis. The man is a friend, possibly. Instead she says, "Thanks for the warning. I'll find a different path."

"Probably a good idea," Gabriel responds, studying the woman for just a moment longer before setting off again. "Well then, have a good evening." Apart from a last nod, his eyes turn elsewhere, and he begins walking again. Having dismissed the woman from his mind, he seems intent to try and break the mystery of the feeling he has, of another presence, and so moves towards it, making as if to walk past her.

And towards the ghost.

Is that loathsome creature trying to walk through me? John Jacob Astor glares at the vampire for a moment, and then shimmers away to the other side of Lilith.
Feeling the ghost move, she swivels quickly and then turns back to Gabriel. Good graces dictate that she looks rather ashamed at such an action, and she allows herself to clear her throat once. "Sorry. I thought I heard a noise. It must be your warning that's made me a bit jumpy."

Gabriel's head turns about the same time that Lilith's does. At first it's to look in the general direction as he suddenly feels that vague… sense of something suddenly over there. And then he notices Lilith's reaction.
"I understand," Gabriel says slowly, considering her as he comes to a stop once more. "I apologize for upsetting you. I would offer to escort you, but I imagine that would come off as rather creepy." His lips curl in a small smile, which is surprisingly warm and sets off his strong jaw rather nicely. "And likely not to do your nerves any better."

Her mind can't help but go to the other vampire. The one she is supposed to be giving information to, but as she's not really gotten much new information from Mandy, it seems pointless to call him up. The similarities are there, not just in appearance but in demeanor.
Lilith chuckles before saying, "It would, yes. My nerves are fine."
You are not seriously thinking of walking with that creature are you? You would put yourself in danger like that?
Eyes shift toward JJ once more before she focuses on the meadow ahead. "I was planning on walking down to the lake, actually. If you promise to keep your hands to yourself I promise not to mace you."

Gabriel's first expression is one of surprise, a single eyebrow lifting, a slight widening of the eyes. The next is amusement, his blue eyes sparkling with light mirth and his lips widening. "I can't figure out if you are simply very trusting, or one of those who likes to live on the edge," he says, considering her before giving his head a small shake.
"Either way, perhaps I should, lest the next person you meet take advantage of whichever it is." He holds his hands up, offering her a nod as he adds, "And yes, I promise, no hands."

"I'm actually not very trusting at all, and I hate living on the edge." Lilith smirks a little. The necromancer knows that if push comes to shove she could pull the dead portion of the soul in the vampire out, while the demon remained, but that might make him more than a little cranky. She really doesn't want to piss a demon off.
I cannot believe you, Miss Lancaster! If Detective Curtis were here, he would scold you. Likely take you over his knee and spank you until you began to think properly again.
"That is kind of you."

"If you say so," Gabriel says, a touch dryly, not thoroughly convinced. His eyes shift past her once more, and he frowns to himself, but then looks back to Lilith. "Well then, shall we?"
And he seems to have meant everything he said, for not only does he walk with her towards the lake, but he appears to have no interest in coming too close, and aside from a last curious glance, seems more interested in their surroundings then his walking companion.
"My name is Gabriel, by the way. In the interest of continuing to remain as less creepy as possible." The quip comes with another small smile, though it is said almost absently, and his mind seems somewhere else for a moment.

"Gabriel. You look very familiar to someone I've met before." Lilith doesn't mention who, simply because the chances of the two being related are slim. To her less than extensive knowledge of vampires, it would be rare for two brothers to be turned.
"Lilith," she offers, without a last name attached to it. Simply because she doesn't want the cock-eyed looks.
If I could make myself corporeal, I would go to the Priory house and find him. I do know where it is.

"Oh?" he asks, glancing aside to the woman. "Well, as I've no brothers, all I can say is I hope he was a very handsome man, and take it as a compliment." That easy smile still rides lightly on his lips.
And for his part, Gabriel doesn't seem off put by the lack of a last name, though quite possibly for the simple reason that he did not give his, either. "Nice to meet you, Lilith. Under however odd circumstances these might be."
Again, he glances to her. "Though I'm curious. Exactly why, if not for the earlier too reasons, are you walking with me now? Or is it just that I resemble someone?"

"Not at all humble are you?" Lilith chuckles, then glances to her side again. "Not entirely similar. Coloring. Manner of dress. Similar nuances. It happens from time to time. A simple thing sparks a remembrance of something or someone else." Shrugging her shoulders she turns to look back toward the lake again.
"I have met people in odder circumstances."
You should purchase a dog. A rather large dog if you insist on walking through this treacherous park at night.
Biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at JJ, she glances at the vampire. "It's safer to walk with a stranger than to pass them and have them follow me. Though I am curious as to how you dispatched that mugger so swiftly."

"Oh, I'm terribly humble. I just meant I hoped he was not a somewhat homely fellow," Gabriel remarks with a light laugh, that grin still playing along his lips. "And for what it's worth, I had no plans to follow you, but I suppose there is no way you would know that. Or trust me for saying it."
He looks aside to her again, considering her, before saying, "Not as curious as I am to who it was you were talking to before you came upon me, I would wager."
The look of consideration, almost sly, lingers for a moment before he follows her gaze back to the lake. "So what is it you're doing out here, exactly? If not living on the edge, that is."

"Horribly homely," Lilith replies, grinning as she says it. Kieran Collins is anything but homely. Frankly if she weren't so diametrically opposed to what he is, she might have been interested even though her preference does go more to the fair-haired type.
"Bluetooth." Realizing that she's not wearing the ugly earpiece, she pulls it out of her pocket.
I am not that dreadful device you know. You should quit hiding who you are!
"Nasty habit." That is offered to both Gabriel, and her spectral friend.
"Something rather horribly gruesome. Someone I know died out here earlier this week. I thought I'd visit the site."

Gabriel's only response at Lilith's excuse and showing off of the earpiece is a raised eyebrow. Somehow, he doesn't seem convinced. It could be that he heard her talking, and didn't see it when she came into sight. Or even that he didn't hear the noise that comes from the other side of said device when it is in use. But as these things are curtesy of his enhanced sensory abilities, he simply seems content to let that particular subject drop.
Instead, he seems to focus instead on her last words, his eyes darting to her again. "I'm sorry," he says, and appears to mean it. "Couldn't you have done that in the day, when it was safer?" he asks gently. "I don't know you, nor do I pretend to know what your friend might have wanted, but I can't imagine they'd want you to risk yourself out here like this. Mace or no."

"Difficult to do when one is locked away in a studio all day. Besides, there are far too many people at the lake during the day so any privacy that I might have would be slim to none." Not to mention she can't talk to the ghost of the murdered with so many people around and not be considered a nut case. Even if she did explain that it was her profession.
"Safer, perhaps. Though I find it quite amusing that all you men seem to skulk around the park at night and have the mindset to want to keep me safe. How do you know I'm not some secret agent with guns and weapons attached to various places on my body?"

"Only because I know all the secret agents in the area. I would have been notified if there was a new one about," Gabriel says, completely deadpan. Though a moment later he ruins it by a brief tug of his lips, and a sparkle in his eye. "Not to mention that you were a bit jumpy earlier." her words, not his.
He looks back at the lake as they approach it, and purses his lips, then looks back to her. "Well, if it's privacy you want, perhaps I should give it to you. There doesn't appear to be any creepy stalkers around here, unless you were to count myself, so you should be safe enough. Though you might want to keep your bluetooth on your ear this time around, just in case you need to get ahold of help rather quickly." There's another light glimmer of amusement at his last words, but he keeps it to a mimimum.

The deadpan delivery gives him away, and Lilith actually lets out a mirthful laugh. "Honestly! There aren't that many of us in the city." She will give him that she was a bit jumpy, but that was more from her friendly ghost whispering in a different ear suddenly. The necromancer hates when he does that.
Taking a five pace walk forward, she marks the place on the ground before looking back at Gabriel. "No, it's fine. I think I may come back with a mutual friend a little later." Tomorrow she'll call Detective Curtis and see if he wants to go for a walk with her. "You're right and I likely shouldn't be wandering about on my own. Perhaps I'll get a dog." A glance is given over her shoulder, along with an odd look.

That first comment draws a light chuckle from Gabriel, though he simply nods to the rest. "Well then, if you like, I'll walk with you out of the park. With the same promise as before." He follows her look over her shoulder, considering it silently, but simply falls silent and waits for her response.

"Well aren't you the gentleman." Lilith arches an eyebrow at him in a curious manner. She's got no idea why the vampire is wanting to keep her safe from muggers, or walk her out of the park. It's odd. Especially since the other one did the same thing.
Glancing back at the spot she marked, she gives a slight nod to it as though replying to something that hasn't been spoken.
"Sure, you can walk me back up the path. Just keep your fa — hands to your self."

"Like I said, same promise as before," Gabriel reminds, a touch dryly. His eyes focus on her with even more curiousity at the slight slip, but only for a moment. And then he lapses into silence, as they make their way out of the park.

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