The Soulmate Principle

Manhattan - WTC Memorial

This Memorial consists of two massive pools with waterfalls cascading down their sides, to serve as a powerful reminder of the Twin Towers. The names of those who were killed are inscribed around the edge of the Memorial pools. An eight-acre landscaped Memorial Plaza filled with more than three hundred oak trees creates a contemplative space separate from the sights and sounds of the surrounding city. Complementing the Memorial, a state-of-the art Memorial Museum offers visitors an opportunity to deepen their experience at the site. The Museum has its primary exhibition space below ground, and is accessed through an entry pavilion.


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Bryn Blackwell Gideon Hastings

Wearing a well-tailored suit and looking as serene as the surroundings, Gideon Hastings stands before the Memorial with a contemplative look upon his face. He has seen cities rise and fall, has watched humans visit scores of tortures and evils upon one another, and is still amazed that they go on and march forward. It humors him that these beings with their short lives and limited foresight are able to come together in a common unity after tragedy and build something like this from the ashes; while thier troops rein the justice of the biggest child down upon the weaker half way around the world. Humans; they fall apart and come together, again and again and again. The only thing that changes are the causes and the weapons. Without them though, vampires too would fall apart.

It's a warm night, though the temperature means little to Gideon. In, or out of his suit coat, it's all the same. He merely wears the coat because it matches the suit and is far more professional and crisp. He does have an image to maintain.

"Walls and memorials," Gideon remarks at the sound of footsteps approaching. "What do you think future generations will make of this after you, your children and even your great-grand children are nothing more than dust beneath the ground and the proud justice of the years is but a footnote in the history books?"


"Though, we are British. Our history is already far older, isn't it?" Technically, Gideon is older than that, but he's been British for enough years that it's what currently identifies him.


"That all depends on how long it stands." The United Kingdom has a rather long history, and has survived numerous wars. Europe has seen kingdoms rise and fall. Many of the old structures are still standing, and while they are hardly as new and pristine as the Memorial happens to be, Bryn has no doubt that the castles of old in Britain will remain standing, while this city will once again overtake the trees and acreage in the future.

"Regardless, they will remember what is written in the history books."

Bryn, with a similar suit of grey pinstripe moves to stand beside the vampire. He doesn't bother looking at the man, simply asks, "What brings you to the city from Boston, Gideon?"


"Yes, you lot do love your history books. Though you never seem to learn your lessons. History repeats," Gideon notes. He tugs on his sleeve cuffs and turns his gaze toward a young couple strolling reverently. Hand in hand, heads bowed, the young woman of the pair dabbing her eyes with a kleenex. Gideon lifts a brow. The woman could have been no more than twelve at the oldest when the tragedy happened, surely it is more expectation and affectation than genuine feeling.

"How is that you knew I was in Boston? Have I stayed in one spot for too long?"

"I am here at the request of an old acquaintance." Gideon does not elaborate. He has been in the City a few days, exploring and learning the lay of the land that his eyes and ears did not provide him. He's appeared before the Master of the City, has spoken briefly with his Seneschal and Sheriff and paid a visit to Mademoiselle Roque at her gallery. He knows that the young Karneros has a close association with the Priory, but he will not yet divulge the nature of his visit or her inquiry.


"Lessons can hardly be learned properly when we have such a short time to learn them in." Bryn is fairly certain that given a millennia, any human could and would learn from the lessons of the past. Given ninety years, perhaps less? Not everyone cares about history, most care about the here and now, because they don't have long enough to become history in their time.

"You rarely stay in one spot long, Gideon, and you are the hardest bloody man to get in touch with unless you want to be in touch. I have my resources, just as you have yours. I generally have at least one person staying atop of your location on the off chance I have a question that needs answered and you are the only channel I have to go to."


"Such is the case now. Had you not come to the city, I would have been taking a trip up to Boston this weekend to find you."


"Too true. What a timely and efficient reminder that I do take my long view for granted." Truly, many vampires do not, even the older ones. Among the Ancient Ones, however, such over sight leads to stupid mistakes that eventually lead to a more permanent death. It may be argued that vampires are unnatural, but they too survive and thrive, or do not, on the principles of the survival of the fittest.

Unlike many of his ilk, Gideon is neither annoyed, threatened nor even paranoid by the information Bryn presents to him. The sorcerer is resourceful and his resourcefulness is what makes him so good at what he does, and such a respected and sought after individual in the supernatural community. Gideon does not disregard those who have a place and a use, and does not panic easily by such trivial knowledge of his comings and goings.

"Indeed, I am pleased that I am so sought after. It does wonders for the ego, even after so many years." The twitch at the corner of his mouth is a very near smile, the words a near joke, not frequent occurrences for the Ancient vampire.

"Then let us talk. To what purpose do you seek my counsel, Bryn?"


"There do come times when the knowledge that you hold is immensely useful, Gideon." As such there is a reason why Bryn does try to keep apprised of his comings and goings. As far as he's concerned, with the older Melambra, Gideon is the most pleasant to deal with. The least dangerously manipulative by far.

"I have run into a conundrum for which I have no answer despite my research." Running a hand through his hair, he glances at one of the Memorial stones, and then exhales a sigh.

"Have you ever, in your vast experience, come across someone who was able to completely slip glamour without being told to remember, without magical means, or a charm?"


Like most, Gideon is a master of his emotions and reactions. One does not read emotion from Gideon unless he wishes for it to be read. In this case, he lifts a brow as he looks at the sorcerer, widening his eyes a bit. Not the same as Mademoiselle Roque's inquiry at all. Curious that; Gideon would have thought that the Priory would be vastly interested in solving the conundrum of the not-quite vampire corpse. Unless they have information that they are not sharing with the vampires. Intriguing, but not threatening to the secret of their existence, so it's not something he will worry over.

"I might have heard of such a thing happening. Please, enlighten me with more details. I need a frame of reference to properly answer your question."


The brow raise does tell Bryn something. Gideon does not often allow for any facial expression which means it is not the question that he was expecting. Therefore, he has likely heard of the neophyte and the way it was killed.

"For the sake of not revealing to you whom my client happens to be at this time, I will extrapolate without giving full details." His wrist twists slightly as he appears to be adjusting his watch. It is more than enough to allow them a sphere of privacy.

"The vampire in question is more than a hundred years old, but less than a thousand. They placed a glamour upon a human with whom they were closely involved. The human, after a little less than a week was able to recall one bit of information from the glamour. A week after that, they were able to recall the entire conversation."


"Needless to say, it caused a slight bit of awkwardness as the portion that was first recalled was that the vampire in question was a vampire, and they have asked me to find out how it is possible beyond a spell, a charm, or an extremely strong will."


Gideon recognizes the gesture, but does not acknowledge it in any manner. "An extremely strong will may resist a glamour, or even resist parts of a glamour, but would be unable to shake it off fully if the vampire performing it were skilled and at their full strength. I am assuming that your client was, otherwise it would not be a conundrum."

Steepling his fingers together, Gideon presses them to his lips, seemingly thoughtful. "This couple, for lack of a better term, how are they toward one another? Better yet, how is the human toward the vampire? Before the recollection of the vampire's nature? Enamoured?" More telling would be the vampire's behavior toward the human, but in a mid-aged vampire, such might be a difficult read unless one knows them well.

"I am going to operate on a few assumptions and take a few liberties in my theorizing and how it applies to your situation. To begin, we will assume that the vampire has fed from this human, either with or without their consent and that they have been intimate. Not that lacking in either negates what I am going to tell you, however, the presence of such does add credence and strength to the … occurrence."

After that, Gideon is silent for a moment, his attention turning back to the cascade of water falling over the Memorial. "Do you believe that we vampires have souls, Bryn?"


"I am aware, and I did tell my client such when asked." Bryn has encountered a few people that have been a tad more glamour resistant than others. Which has been vastly useful in the past when dealing with Ysabel. "My client is fairly skilled with it, as far as I am aware, not having been on the receiving end of it." Thus, he really can only go by what Serafine and Kieran say.

"Assumptions will need to be made, as I have no clue as to the intimacy of the couple, nor do I care to know." He would have had to tell Brooke before she was intimate with Kieran if he knew that it was a possibility. "Though I can say that the human has seem very enamored of the vampire." Perhaps not as much as he and Serafine, but that goes unsaid for the moment. "The vampire has gone out of their way to maintain their human facade, though I will state that at Kostas' annual strut, the vampire never let the human out of their sight."

Bryn follows the vampire's eyes, and arches his brow slightly. "I do believe so, yes. Some more than others, perhaps, but yes."


"Then please, bear with me, however fanciful and fairy tale like what I am going to tell you may seem to be."

Gideon turns away from the wall fountain, shoving one hand casually in his pocket. He motions for Bryn to walk with him as he begins to stroll the grounds. "Perhaps you are familiar with the human legends of soul mates? I am certain you've run across them in your studies and research, and I shall not recap them here. Suffice to say that there is some evidence that humans truly do have soul mates, that perfect person that compliments them."

The Ancient Vampire takes a noticeable breath and glances toward the sorcerer. "We still have souls, and therefore we also have soul mates. An individual that brings out the humanity in us and quells the demon. Or so say the rather obscure legends on such things."


Another slight wrist movement and Bryn ensures that the spell carries with them as they walk. The chances of being overheard here are slim, but the 'scandal' that could arise of two well dressed business men discussing vampires at a location where so many have died is enough that he will not let down the spell until they begin to speak of normal things once more.

"So, this soulmate principle is what you believe may be going on between this vampire and human? Are there other things that may happen that would substantiate this further? I do have a feeling if I repeated, even word for word, what you have just said, that the vampire in question would be rather difficult."

Serafine on the other hand would likely believe it quite readily.


"Humans are romantics. No offense." Gideon gives another one of those partial quirks of his lips. "The notion of a soul mate is simply that one individual that makes them feel like no one else does. That person that they will share the rest of their lives with. It does not define the relationship or the individual."


"With my ilk, it is quite a different matter entirely. It is not just a person that an individual vampire craves and wants to possess." Gideon knows those hungers and drives, has suffered them himself. "It is much deeper than that. The vampire is quite literally drawn to this person, at the exclusion of all others and this … compulsion for lack of a better word, is returned. The pair doesn't just want to be together, but there is a need there. A drive. When they are together, there is a true sense of satisfaction. Of restfulness and calm."

Gideon pauses a moment, considering his next words. "The attraction upon first meeting is raw and intense and often inexplicable. Humans who detest vampires will find themselves charmed and intrigued by this one vampire; vampires who regard humans as nothing more than pets will treat this human with the same reference and respect as other vampires."

"That is the nature of the draw at its root, but there are signs that point to such. The human will be unaffected by the vampire's glamour. Initially, it simply does not hold, but as the pair grows closer, over time, they will grow to be utterly immune to it. A vampire may dreamwalk into this human's dreams without the need of a blood connection or previous glamour. The human's blood will be richer, sweeter and sustain the vampire for longer, and the sharing of blood will create a very powerful blood bond over time. One that allows for easily shared dreams and emotions."


"None taken." Bryn is by far not a romantic. He can do large gestures easily enough, but he is simply not the man to wax poetic about the lovely shade of a rose, or how beautiful a sunset happens to be.

"Essentially, they cannot live without one another. It becomes a truly symbiotic relationship. Each taking and receiving something that they need from the other." He does clear his throat slightly and adjusts his tie. "Yet this is just mythos? The possibility of this happening to more than one vampire human pairing at a time, within spans of less than a week of each other…"


The gesture and the throat clearing are noted, but again, not commented upon. "It is regarded by the greater majority to be nothing more than myth and conjecture. Stories concocted to explain why a human would give up everything to be with a hated vampire, or why a vampire would chose to dote upon and tie themselves, in an emotional sense, to one human." Vampires are predators, after all, and they must still feed no matter what; with Karneros, it is even more complicated.

"I have known for certain where it has happened twice. One pair perished together in a fire and witch hunt and all manner of ugliness during the time of the Inquisition. The other … made it work, successfully. Or so I last heard. They wished to disappear more than two centuries ago, and I do not know if the human was turned or managed to find the elusive key to stopping the aging process."

"It's hard to say how frequently it happens, because it is not something that either humans or vampires will readily face and explore."


"It does make sense why it would fall into the status of mythos. No one being willing to openly admitting it, the need to keep up appearances on both sides." Bryn considers what he is willing to risk for Serafine, and that is entirely without the soulmate principle in effect.

"You are a believer then? That it is possible?" Bryn frowns slightly at that, then makes a mental note to research said couples. Granted, it will be extremely difficult for him to determine which fire during the Inquisition managed to kill a vampire and a human together. A good many of the documents of the time simply say 'witch', with no further explanation.

Bryn considers his next question for a long moment. "Is it something that happens only once in a lifetime for the vampire?"


"I am," Gideon admits. He is not embarrassed by such an admission. The Ancient Vampire is comfortable in his beliefs. "I was born in a time where such mythos and magics, as well as the knowledge of our existence was a known and acceptable thing. Time moves forward and people forget, even the younger of my ilk forget so much when it is not taught by their Makers. I still remember, thusly, I do believe."

More than that, Gideon has seen it. He has experienced it, not once but twice, though forever was too long and daunting of a time for his beloved Faridah; he refused to pursue a relationship with Greta. The latter is one of his few regrets, but five centuries is a long while to nurse regret and he seldom allows himself that backwards reflection overly long.

"My research and knowledge tell me that it is quite possible for it to occur more than once in a vampire's life. We live long, long lives if fate favors us, and humans … do not. The common theory, and much of what I have gleaned through the years has come from conversation with those even older than us." The fae, when one can get information from them are fonts of wisdom; they simply do not like to share it. Experience is also a great teacher. "It holds that so long as the 'soul mate' of the vampire is alive, in the conventional sense or even turned as a vampire, the bond and connection will remain. If the mate should die, then so does the bond."

"It is many centuries before the vampire will find another, if there is another to be found. This makes sense, however, given that no vampire has ever felt such if they have not lived for at least a century and a half. For many, it is longer."


Bryn is very good at reading between the lines, and he can't help but smirk at the gleaning he's gaining into Gideon's life. "You have experienced it yourself." It is not a question, but a statement. He has no doubt that the vampire beside him will disregard it, but he knows it is the truth regardless.

"So it would be possible for one less than half your age to have never experienced it before. Though trying to get the vampire in question to believe that such a thing, long thought a myth, does actually exist." It may actually be much more difficult to have Brooke Bishop believe it in the long run. Kieran has ways to test the theory, Brooke on the other hand, will simply have to go by what they are saying.

"Should the human be turned, or find another way to achieve some form of 'immortality', then it is possible that it will remain lasting." There are ways, potions, for that. Bryn knows of a few, but the required components are difficult at best to find.

It is answer enough, and something he can take to Kieran.

"I am presuming through the use of your contacts here in the city, you have obtained knowledge of our neophyte issue."


"It took me nearly a century, on and off, in pursuit of this knowledge to obtain confirmation and information from a clan of fae in Scotland." It's not a denial of the sorcerer's observation, but it is also not a confirmation.

Gideon nods. "It would also be possible for them to have experienced it and not quite have realized it. It is more likely that they never experienced such a thing."


"Your client will not be easy to convince?"


"Yes, your neophyte situation was brought to my attention. I will be visiting Dr. Denham to view the unusual body in a few hours." Gideon pauses, in both speech and stride, turning to face the sorcerer. "I must say that I have never heard of its like in all my many years and am afraid that my vast knowledge might be of little help. I am not ruling out the possibility that I may know more or may have an insight given a bit more time and an opportunity to examine the body."


That Bryn can easily track down as well. Fae like to be hidden, but there are a few he has that he can easily contact to verify the information Gideon has given him.

"They will not be, no. They are stubborn, and cocky, and will assume that such a thing is a load of rubbish." Rubbing the back of his neck, he sighs. The information will be given, but he knows that Kieran will not admit that it is something that is going on even if he does verify it.

Though the soulmate principle will be added to the Priory information.

"I do not think that any of us have ever heard of its like. There is no magic involved, unless it happens to be Fae." Something he really didn't bring up while Kieran was around because the last thing he wants to do is inadvertantly set Kostas off against the Fae. "I do have the distinct impression that is not the case, however."


Gideon makes a sound that is quite near a chuckle. "That sounds like an apt description of the majority of my kind." Stubborn, cocky, arrogant know-it-alls. "Therefore you have no need to worry that I might figure out whom your client is from that descriptor. Half the vampires in the city fit it, and even the ones who do not would take some persausion to buy into what I have told you."

The Ancient vampire begins walking again, adjusting his suit coat as he does. The sleeves are tugged and shifted and one hand is placed loosely back in his pocket. He knows one vampire who may very well believe it and accept it easily, and he tells Bryn such in a roundabout way. "I do not think that Mademoiselle Roque will be so hard to convince."

It is also a statement to Gideon's awareness of the relationship between the sorcerer and young Karneros.


"It is not natural. Even a body in transition would turn to dust. Once the individual is able to transition into vampire form, they are more vampire than human." It's a puzzling conundrum, and all the more reason that Gideon wishes to see the body.


"My concern is really less that you would figure out whom they are, but rather that I am uncertain as to how much they want me to divulge." Bryn may know a lot of things, but he's not certain on how good of terms Kieran happens to be with Gideon.

Bryn actually chuckles, and rubs the back of his neck. "No, I do not think she would be at all difficult to convince of such a thing, and as there are certain 'tests' as it were, it would be easy enough for her to determine." Gideon may know of Bryn's relationship, but that doesn't mean that he's going to open up about it either.

"Then perhaps we are looking at the entire thing wrong. It could well be that they are more human than vampire, and if so we will need to start looking into how it is possible for a human to behave like a vampire, without suffering the same as a vampire would."


"Not very much, I am certain." Vampires are a secretive and paranoid bunch. Even James attempted to keep the secret of whom it was that was seeking Gideon. Not that it worked; for all that he is manipulative, Seamus Ó Coileáin is also easily manipulated.

Gideon is not on terrible terms with Kieran. As far as he is concerned, Kieran is still as much a child as his Child is. He's his Maker's Child, shrewd and manipulative, but also a bit smarter than Ysabel in that Kieran can see much further down the road. The Karneros will be around for quite some time, Gideon thinks, and his Child as well because Kieran has taught the woman well. She's simply softer and more subtle, relying on her humanity more than vampire machinations. Gideon well believes that someday that pair could Master a city, and it would be the most interesting of setups if the Master's right hand were to have a sorcerer at her side.

This situation bears watching, indeed.

"Through no known means that I may think of that are not magical." Gideon thinks that perhaps it is time to make inquiries of the fae again, and he does know of one or two within the City or nearby.


"Of that I am certain as well." If Gideon does not yet know of Kieran's relationship, or lack thereof, then Bryn is not going to divulge that. If he does know, then it is simply a matter of time before he figures it out himself.

"I was afraid of that. Fae magic is largely difficult to detect." Bryn can go looking for Grainne but there is no guarantee that he will meet with her. "So you do not feel that it is possible for it to be done with all the technological and pharmaceutical advances we have made, for a strain of DNA to be imparted into a human to make them behave vampiric?"

It is a good theory, though Bryn doesn't really stand by it. It is simply that, another theory for a question they have no answers to.


"I believe it is quite possible. Largely possible with all the advances made and the way so many little men of great power and money seem to believe that they should be given the right to play god." Gideon puts nothing past humans in their quest for immortality, vengeance, power, lust and love, even.

"I would rather eliminate the easier options early on."


"If this has the hand of a human in it, perhaps a research team or even the touch of military, it becomes more complicated and dangerous for all supernaturals."


"I am aware of the dangers it could pose. I will begin discreetly looking into such matters." Bryn is not going to leave any stone unturned while they attempt to figure this out. If there is one dead Neophyte, how many are still wandering the city that they haven't clued into as of yet?

"I know that it is much to ask of you, Gideon, but if you do happen upon any information in regards to Fae involvement would you let me know? You do still have my contact information."

Bryn will check with Grainne as well, but the fact is the old vampire has many more contacts in the Fae realm than Bryn does.

"If this was military, they would not be testing in an area such as this, and if they were they would have ensured that it not have gotten to the point where young Broadway starlets were being killed. They would have kept it to the homeless or prostitutes."Logfile from NYC - Bryn.


Having humans who know about supernaturals also means humans who possibly know the weaknesses of said supernaturals and might not be so concerned with maintaining the natural order and secrecy that has well served for so many millinea. Gideon knows this and he knows that Bryn is aware of it as well.

"I think that I might be able to afford myself a little extra time in New York City. It has been a while since I visited, and I am always intrigued by a good mystery." Kostas is already on edge with him here and the Master of the City will not like it if Gideon is probing into such things, but Gideon sees it as a way to maintain the peace. Whatever is happening has eluded the Master's Court and the Priory. Perhaps a new set of eyes is needed.


"I personally do appreciate your aid in this matter, Gideon, and I am certain that Colonel Ashcroft will as well." Should Bryn deem to tell Ashcroft that he has met with the ancient vampire. There is a reason Bryn likes him far more than Kostas, and that is because he enjoys having the information as much as the sorcerer himself does.

"If you do run into issues with Kostas, I can run interference for you, though I doubt even he would be stupid enough to cause trouble where you are concerned."


Gideon inclines his head in a polite nod. A tilt of his head and lift of his brow are given in consideration. "My sources say that you are moving up in the ranks rather quickly." It's not so surprising; Bryn Blackwell has been one of those to watch. However, his dalliance with Serafine Roche might slow that down, although it is hard to say where the Priory is concerned. Serafine is close to the Master's Court, which could be seen as favorable and useful or problematic.

"Kostas will cause no problems. He may scowl and grumble, but he does not whether I am here under my own auspices or others."


"I am very good at keeping secrets." He has no desire to reveal Serafine's hand in bringing him to the city, not when it will reflect badly on her Maker, and then upon her.


There is a shrug, and a slight grin. "Your sources would be correct, though I do think of it as less moving up and more moving across the world." Bryn would be much more comfortable at one of the house's in the UK, but as he knows New York, and he is not as closely affiliated with the Dynasties that can be found in the state, it is a politic move by the other Head's of the Priory House.

"Then allow him to scowl and grumble. It will do him a bit of good." Considering that Kostas hemmed and hawed, and as far as Bryn is concerned, hindered the investigation into the neophyte, it only serves him right.

"As am I. I do thank you very much for your information, it will be useful for my client."


"All a matter of perception and definition?" Gideon asks.

"You are welcome. It is the least I could do, and the information was more easier to recollect than puzzling out the other. I do hope that it proves to be useful to your client." At the very least, perhaps Bryn's client will not think that his or her innate abilities are failing them.


"I hope so as well. It will put my client at rest that their abilities are not rusty or failing them." Bryn vocalizes what the vampire is thinking. "With your permission, I would like to document it in the Priory files simply so that if another case such as this arises they will be able to aid those in question."

Bryn was planning on doing it regardless, but it is just better for him if he asks first since he will need to list Gideon as the source of the information.


"Certainly. I see no harm in the documentation of such. I doubt it will be regarded as fact in years to come, but knowledge is something that should be shared." Gideon thinks it's probably better if most vampires regard it as nonsense and mythos, but an organization like the Priory could benefit from such information, and help others.

"Have you developed telepathy, Bryn? You are echoing my unspoken thoughts."


"I wish I had. It would make this case with the neophyte much easier if I could read the thoughts of those around the scenes." To see which had been glamoured or compelled. It would be beneficial if the New York Priory House had a resident telepath, but as of yet it seems to be the one thing they are lacking. It may be an ability that Kayla will develop in time, but they could use one now.

"I appreciate the allowance for knowledge. While most will continue to regard it as a myth, at least if the 'myth' is documented it may help in the future."


"I will inquire around and turn over a few stones that are as yet unturned. For some reason, I tend to get responses when others do not." Gideon gives a small, half-smile of smug satisfaction. He knows it is his rank and associations that have vampires hastily answering questions only to be certain to get off his radar as quickly as possible. He is not casting doubt or insult upon Kostas' Sheriff; Gideon knows Collins' history and how brutal and vicious the vampire can be … when his hands are not tied.

"You are welcome. I hope that the information will serve you as well as it does the Priory recrods."

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