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Manhattan - Sak's Fifth Avenue

One of the most famous retailers in the world, this elegant department store has been dressing the well-heeled since 1902. Eight floors in total, the spacious environment of Sak's Fifth Avenue actually seems to make shopping a pleasurable experience.

Greeters wait at the doors, directing customers to the information booth or specific floors by request. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable are there to help customers make the right decisions about their purchases.

The main floor is always a bustle of activity as shoppers and tourists alike parade by the counters. Floors 1, 2 and 6 of Sak's is where the Men's Store can be found. From conservative to casual, from Armani to Zegna, this store specializes in designer collections. Women's collections are featured on floors 2, 3 and 4, with active/casual wear on floor 5. Designers like Calvin Klein have their own sections in which to display their latest fashions.

The Bridal Salon can be found up on floor 3. Gorgeous gowns of white displayed in an overly luxurious setting to entice the bride-to-be to pay exorbitant fees for the wedding of her dreams.

Up on 8 is the children's section. It's only natural that a candy counter be on the same floor. Rich chocolates and sweets are set behind glass, begging to satisfy a sweet tooth. Cafe SFA is also up here, featuring gourmet lunches and light snacks for the hungry shopper.


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Quintin Bruning Jenna Donovan

He said that after his workout session he will do so. He's not scared, really. Nervous is a better word. In the end he's going to stand by everything he's said, but that doesn't mean that they don't have a lot to talk about.

There's no real desire to have this conversation at home. He does want privacy. So after practice and his workout, after his shower, Quin sits alone in the stands. After taking a deep breath he pulls out his phone and dials.

It takes several rings, but Jenna finally answers her phone. She's in a good mood, and she's been practicing her vocals since class ended. It's not every day she not only gets a callback, but offered the part. She's ecstatic, even if it might mean missing the Hampton's this summer.
"You've reached Jenna," she chirps as she answers without even bothering to glance at the call display.

She's clearly not even looked at her ID. It doesn't matter in the end. Part of him is glad that she's not, the other part hates to be the killer of her good mood.

"Hey, Jenna." Quin doesn't introduce himself; he doesn't feel that he needs to. "You sound happy. Congrats on the part."

Jenna gets quiet for a second, moving across the room to turn off the background music which happens to be ABBA's Greatest Hits. "Thanks. I am. It's a big accomplishment."

"It is." He's not about to downplay what she's done, or take away from that moment. "Make sure to celebrate in style." Quin's not always one for talking, and talking on the phone is even more difficult for him. He's not even sure why he's on the phone, other than he said that he would be. "Although knowing Shiv she likely already has something planned."

"Yep," she says, popping the 'p'. "We're going out for dinner." Jenna moves to the mirror and starts to fix her makeup so that she can go out this afternoon and treat herself to something new at Sak's.
"So, uhm, thank you for the dress. I don't know why you bought it, but it's very pretty. I can pay you back if you want."

He's about to find a reason to end the call when she mentions the dress. So she did receive it. "I liked the name; Desert Rose. It seemed fitting." He sighs but tries to keep it from the phone. "I'm not really good with gift giving." She probably won't even wear it. Quin can't really complain as he knows nothing about women's fashions. "And it seemed a little more fitting for you than these weird paint flowers they were selling."

Once a screw up, always a screw up. He lowers his head. No one's around to see it. "It's a gift, Jenna. I don't want money for it."

"I'm kind've curious how you figured out the size so well. You've got an eye." It's an idle comment, because Jenna's still in that slightly awkward place of not knowing how to act around him.
"Look, I'm going to Sak's in about ten minutes. I kind've want to talk to you but I don't really want to do it over the phone. Could you meet me there for lunch? It's up on the top floor of the building. Cafe SFA."

"Have you ever watched the Karate Kid that has the girl in it?" It's the best example he can think of on how he was able to guess her dress size. It was rather humorous in the end, but she doesn't need to know that.

For whatever reason Quin looks around, almost as if he's getting his directions straight. "Yeah, I think I can do that." He's doing the math in his head but it doesn't really matter. He's fast enough he can make it if he tries. "No, I know I can. And I'd prefer in person as well. I hate phones."

"Which one? The original or the new one? I haven't bothered with the new one, and I don't think I've seen the original in a few years." Because Harper grew out of his 'karate phase' back when they were still in middle school.
"Great. I'll see you there then." Disconnecting the call, she takes a deep breath and looks at herself in the mirror. It'll do.

"The old one." Not that it matters. She's not going to get it and to explain it might take away from it. Instead he just agrees to meet her and disconnects. Quin then begins the trek to meet Jenna and can only hope for the best.

Sak's is only a little way from her place. Jenna doesn't take at all long to get there, even though she has decided to walk there. A car will be necessary for the way home if she buys anything, but for now it's nice enough out that she can walk.
Dressed in a cute red and white gingham dress, with white shoes and a matching handbag, she reserves a table in the corner for herself and Quintin. Simply so that they can have a little bit of privacy while they talk.

He's not going to complain about privacy.

She certainly beats him there but he's not really late. When he arrives he's wearing loose jeans and a sleeveless shirt. The shirt is white but he's not overly afraid of being drenched this time.

After checking in he's shown to Jenna's table. She does look good, as always. Just because things are strained doesn't mean that he can't recognize that. He's not angry, nor ashamed, but is obviously quite nervous. There's no point in hiding how he feels with Jenna around. She's going to know anyway.

"Thanks, Andrew. Can I get a bottle of Voss and two menus?" The man that shows Quintin to the table nods, and then hurries off to get her what she's asked for. Either Jenna comes here quite frequently, or she knows Andrew from outside his position at Sak's.
"Does it look like I am going to throw something at you, Quin?"

"That's not it." He waits until this 'Andrew' leaves before he says anything. There's not even the smallest bit of curiosity here. "And I'm not scared. I'm nervous."

This comes from the man who is much larger than him. He's apparently working on speaking his feelings. He nearly slumps into his chair but catches himself instead. "I've never had friends before you three, not really. And now I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen." His words match exactly how he feels. "I've spent a good deal of my life without friends and I'll adjust, but I don't want to have to."

"I know, but it's really not like I'm going to throw something at you. I'm… calmer today."
Jenna fusses with the utensils, setting them up the way she likes them to be. She knows that 'calm' is not 'perfectly okay', but she's not got four sets of emotions weighing down her own. So she's much better.
"I told you that we'd stay friends, no matter what happened. I might need time, but I did tell you that."

He wouldn't even mind if she threw stuff at him. At one point it was actually kind of fun. Now things are just plain awkward. "Well, that's sometimes hard to keep in perspective when a sleep deprived person has to spend a day fixing his kitchen." There's no ire to his tone or his feelings. In fact, he almost chuckles at the thought of his poor kitchen.

"Then again, with what I was left, many things are hard to keep in perspective." At least he didn't get burned like the other two did.

"Time I can deal with." He can, too. He only waited all his life to even make friends.

"Are you happy, Quin? I mean, really happy?"
Biting her lip, she looks down at her utensils again. Lifting the spoon, she polishes it with the napkin, the places it back down. It's a nervous habit of hers. Jenna exhales a sigh, and tries to explain things.
"You knew I was going to be there when you got home. I DM'd you on Twitter and told you I was making pasta. I just… wasn't expecting you to come home with your… new girlfriend."
"She is your girlfriend instead of just friend now, right?"

"I didn't even think about it, Jenna. I hadn't slept, I was early and all I really wanted was to get some sleep. I didn't know for certain who was where and when. I just wanted to be home." He means that. There's even exhaustion still in his memory. Cross country flights take it out of him. "I'm sorry that you were upset. I really, honestly, truly am. Words can't express how much I am."

But he's not sorry he went home. He doesn't need to say that. That much was likely clear. "And yes and no. That's a very heavy question to ask, Jenna. What would I be happy about? That my home was destroyed? That friendships could have been ruined? That people are hurting around me? No, Jenna, that part doesn't make me happy."

Quin shakes his head as he tries to dull down the passion. Clearly he's been thinking about it and without his normal outlet he needs to learn to reign it in. "Am I happy with her? She's like me, and she gets the little things. So yeah, that makes me happy." He's not going to lie. So he nods. Hes' not officially used those words with Kay but they're not just friends. He feels.

"I didn't mean with the mess of that day. I just meant, I mean, I was curious if you were really happy with her. With… being in a relationship with her." Jenna smiles as Andrew returns with her Voss and two menus. Opening up her water bottle she pours a little into her glass filled with ice and takes a sip.
"I don't know if I was upset at feeling betrayed because you said she was just a friend, or if I was upset at the assumption that you thought I'd had sex with Chance and was making him breakfast, or really if it's just that the whole thing I had planned got spoiled. Then couple all of that with the fact that my best friend and Chance were in the shower together…"
Shrugging her shoulders, she tries to smile. It's weak, but it's a start.
"I'll try to be happy for you too, Quin. You deserve to have some happiness in your life."

"Well, you didn't specify." She didn't. His words are almost apologetic but it does feel good to get everything off of his chest.

"Jenna, is it really so wrong to assume that you might spend the night? That doesn't mean that you did anything. But haven't both of us offered to let you stay there?" He doesn't think that it's a stretch. "But I really am sorry if I've hurt you. That was never, ever my intention."

The wolf shakes his head. "It's not like I went out there with any intentions of any kind. That's not me and not how I am. I hope you know that." He's never presented himself that way. Quin's always looked out for the benefit of others. "I'm not going to make excuses. I'm not ashamed of her in any way. But I am sorry I hurt you."

"Well, no. I mean, I guess not. Considering I did spend the night there while you were gone." Jenna holds her hand up. "Not like that. I fell asleep on the couch watching movies."
"But it was like, you were there, and this girl… her name is Kay, right? I think I heard her say that. Anyway, she was like, draped all over you, and you two were obviously very intimate, or at least that was the vibe I was getting, and then you were assuming I was making breakfast for Chance and… yeah. So I'm sorry I was emotional, but between all of that, and all of everyone else's emotions…"
She was honestly just in overload.
"It would've been nice if you'd called from Vegas to tell me something was going on. I mean, courtesy and all that, because I would've held off on the celebrations or whatever. I'm not now, nor was I then, angry at you for coming home. Confused. Maybe a bit hurt. And I just didn't want to talk right then. And you needed sleep, and I'm babbling again, aren't I?"

He half snorts. It's something that can't be helped. "I think we're both taking turns babbling."

"Look, Jenna. I get that I should have called. I'm just not good at this stuff. I don't know when I should and when I shouldn't. And seeing as how I didn't even know what was going on, I didn't want it to seem like I was potentially bragging about it."

There's not even a second where he doubts why she stayed over, or what happened. Again, he knows Jenna, and quite frankly it isn't any of his business. He's said it before and he'll say it again; as long as he doesn't find her underthings in the couch, he's okay.

"And I can't even begin to understand what it's like to be you. What I understand is a forced transition once a month, moodiness and anger issues. But the last thing I can begin to understand is how people feel, and how that must impact you."

"Like I said to you before, you get PMS. I mean, it's essentially the same thing, minus the forced transition. The moodiness and anger issues at least." Beat. "It's really hard. Between your exhaustion, and Kay's hormones, and Shiv's hurt and confusion, and anger at the laughing, and then Chance not being at all sure what to do…"
Jenna allows another beat to pass, and she takes a deep breath.
Which really has nothing to do with anything, and everything to do with it at the same time. "The night I went over to watch movies. I mean, I didn't screw up in the kitchen. It was relaxed, and that's what I wanted to tell you when you came home. That… it was just weirdly calm being with Chance that night. Like there were no expectations, and there was nothing going on, and it was comfortable and… so yeah." Her face is completely red, and she has no idea why.

She's rambling again. It's rather cute. This time he doesn't hold back the chuckle that wants to surface. "I'm sure they tasted good, too." He's not mocking her. If anything, he knew that their kitchen could survive her eventually.

Quin's not clueless to how she's talking and what's going on. "And I'm sure that having him around didn't hurt things, either." Now the wolf is just poking at her, but in a friendly way. The way he would poke fun with Shiv if she were hanging around. "But that's a huge first step. You just need to be comfortable in a situation and then you'll be great at it. No matter what it is."

"Ohhh, they did. I dipped'em in cinnamon spread." Jenna's going to focus on the normal things. The less talk about relationships, Quintin's in particular the easier this conversation gets for her. "It was a good, friendly evening. It wasn't a first step!"
"Quin, can I ask you something?" She doesn't really wait to see if she can or not, because she's got to ask it. "Why her and not me? Was it just the whole commitment thing, or were you just looking for a physical relationship, or I mean, I know it's not any of my business, but if it's something wrong with me, I really want to know so I can work on fixing it."

Now he wants cinnamon pretzels. People really need to stop mentioning food items around him sometimes. "Then you can start experimenting with different ways to make them, and take how you make them and apply it to other foods. I was the kid who burnt toast so that's a good thing." He's not just trying to boost her ego. Besides, Quin likes talking about the random things with her.

Then the question comes. "That's not exactly an easy question, either." The why, not the if there is something wrong with Jenna. "I think that there were a lot of factors, some obvious and some not. And I know that I've explained the male/female werewolf attraction thing to Shiv but it isn't really that. I think that deep down I was already placing you with Chance. He just seems to fit you better. You're from the same background." Quin is far from the upper crust city kid that the others are. That doesn't really bother him.

"And neither of you want to jump into an overly committed relationship. I can tell you that it wasn't motivated by who and who wasn't ready to get physical with me; that's not what I'm looking for. I just really am ready to have a relationship. Be that overbearing boyfriend that gets clingy at times. We're just in two different places right now, Jenn."

"It's far from anything wrong with you. You're perfect the way you are. And you deserve better than some orphan wolf who understands nothing about the society you come from. I don't like you any less than I did before I left. I just think it was going to end up like this one way or another. That doesn't mean that I wanted to hurt you in any way though."

"Maybe. I don't know if I'm ready for another foray into the kitchen." Jenna is the girl who grew up with a maid/cook, so she never really had to fend for herself except to grab a piece of fruit, or throw something that was pre-made for her into a bowl.
"But, Quin? I wasn't with Chance. I'm not with Chance." Not that she doesn't want to be, but she's okay with just being friends for now. "The whole background thing never bothered me, you know. It still doesn't." Beat. "Not that I'm discounting it as one of your reasons, but I just thought you should know that it wasn't ever something I considered."
There's a pause, because Jenna's still not sure if she wants an overly committed relationship, or if she wants something more akin to just dating for the moment. Biting her lip, she exhales a sigh. "I've never dated, Quin. Ever. I've never been in a relationship either. Not in a serious way. I just needed time to figure out what I was capable of."
"But I get that we're in two different places. I can respect that. I think we'd have saved ourselves a whole lot of trouble if we'd realized that earlier though," she says with a laugh.
Andrew comes back to take their order, and she orders herself a Strawberry Fields to drink, and the SFA Salad.
He's about to respond but quite frankly doesn't want Andrew hearing any of this conversation. So he places his order for Steak Frites and waits until they're alone again before speaking.

"And it's not my place to assume." He's not saying this with anything but truth to his tone. "I don't know, Jenna. I'm not a jealous person and it would take a lot for me to be. But at the same time when I found out that you liked Chance as well? I kind of figured that would cut me out of the mix eventually. Not that I have a problem with that, but in the end I just can't compete. Not that I would compete. I just feel that there's no reason to try and steal attention of someone if her attention is starting to lean elsewhere."

Jenna may not be with Chance but she's also more comfortable around him, or so Quin believes. He can almost feel it in her when she speaks of him and the night baking and watching movies. It really is the things that she might not think about that tip him off, such as her breathing or various scents. "I've never dated, either, but I've always had this feeling of wanting something secure. Your mother would say it's because I lost my family so young. Others would say it's the wolf side of me." Others being Kay, but he's not going to mention that.

"You're right though. That's probably something that should have come up sooner. But I like to look at it a little differently. I'm glad that it's come up now before I find myself too invested and too attached. Because of the way that I am, it wouldn't be all that easy to be accepting of you and anyone else."

"So, you made an assumption instead of talking to me?" Not that it's not true. That's what Jenna wanted to tell him when he came home, but she never got the opportunity to. "That's kind've not fair to me. I mean, I get the reasoning, but I think you should talk more about things you feel." Did she just channel her mother there? Eyes widen a bit when she realizes what she did, and then she grins. "Sorry, I'm no psychotherapist. I just think that if you say what you really think and feel, we can probably avoid any awkwardness in the future, okay?"
Jenna is comfortable with Chance. In the same way that she's comfortable with Shiv. It's just a natural, easy-going friendship, that she wishes were more. Right now though, anything that might have been is definitely on hold due to the whole incident, but she's fine with that. She doesn't want to lose another friend.
"Well, it likely is. I mean, it's a given. When one feels abandoned in whatever manner, they generally cling to things that make them feel secure. Friendships, relationships, et cetera." She's heard her mother talk about such things so often, it just rolls right off the tip of her tongue.

He gives her a look. It isn't a 'back off' look, but more of a 'you have got to be kidding me' type. "Jenna, I stopped seeing your mother. I don't want you to start being her for me." This is said with humor. "And that's precisely what she would say, if I could open up to her about you. Which I couldn't. I'm learning to open up but it isn't easy. The thought of getting close to people is so unbelievably scary that you would have no idea."

"But you're right. It isn't fair. I'm far from perfect but I'm trying." Just speaking with her is something, he feels, since he usually just ignores people anyway.

"And I'm going to keep trying. I don't want you to avoid the apartment just because of what happened. Chance would be, well, very upset if that were the case." The thing is, if Quin and Jenna spoke about it, she might learn just where Chance stance is on things. "And the kitchen actually is in one piece again, so you don't have to worry about green slime burns or whatever caused the water to go insane." The last part is another attempt at a joke.

"I know. I read your tweet." Sipping from the bottle of Voss again, she exhales a sigh. "You didn't need to stop seeing her just because you were upset with me, you know." Jenna wants to make that perfectly clear. Her mother doesn't talk to her about patients, because there is that whole confidentiality thing going on.
"I think maybe even if you don't need state approved therapy, you should still see someone once a week. It might help. Even if it's just to have someone to open up to about everything."
"Not that it's my business," she mumbles.
"I don't see why he'd be upset. I mean, he offered to do my 'escape the crazy honeymooner goo-goo eyes' people on nights when you're at work so that you'd be comfortable, and I'm fine with that."
"And I've not been avoiding your place, I've just not had reason to go over since that day."

"It wasn't that I was upset about you. It was just uncomfortable all the way around, and it's a bit more than that." He sighs and looks down at the nothingness in front of him. "I'm not insane. I'm not angry. I'm not depressed. I lost my family, ten years ago. At first it was really hard to deal with, especially considering what happened to me. But I'm over it. I might feel like a freak or an oddball sometimes, but that's just because I don't normally associate with others from the Pack. And I know that it's just me trying hard to be something I'm not." Normal. "Even with as nice as your mother was, ten years of someone telling me how to run my life was taking it's toll. They can't help for the major decisions but have all sorts of opinions on how I should be dating or making friends or whatever."

That was more of a rant than he intended and his cheeks actually turn the slightest shade of pink. "Sorry about that. Guess I've been storing that one up for a while."

At least there are other things to talk about. "I wouldn't be uncomfortable with you there." It's the truth. He doesn't want to have to schedule times for people to come over. It just seems wrong. "If it got awkward, I have a room. Not that I think it would get awkward, at least not for me. But if I was making you awkward, I still have a room."

Now here's the fine line of what to say versus what not to say. "Jenna, we're friends, right? I'll answer anything you ask me if I feel it's within reason." Chance's questions were not. It's funny how the two different friends took two different approaches with him. "So do you really want me to answer why Chance would be upset?"

"I'm sorry your being friends with me made you uncomfortable to talk to my mother. I can understand how that is, but you know…" Jenna smiles at him and reaches a hand out to touch his. "That's kind've what it's like to have parents. You only had ten years of it. I've had twenty." Not that she minds. She generally ignores her mother anyhow. Oh, she does love her mother, but she's just much closer to her father due to the shared passion of the theater.
"Are you sure? I mean, it's not really fair to banish you to your room if I'm over there either. I don't want you to have to hide in your home just because of some awkwardness." Besides, if she's that worried, she and Chance can just go out to a movie. Same difference, just less homemade goodies.
"Yes, because I really don't understand why he'd be upset."

He's never really thought about it like that. "I hated my parents." It's something that he's not dared utter in years. "Especially my father." There's some memories he wasn't really expecting. Even though he's saying things that aren't overly kind the wolf remains calm. "My anger issues aren't all related to my new life. It started young and focused on them. I don't think I'm cut out to have parents. Though I should probably thank your mother for trying."

Quin actually smiles at this. "We're two guys living together. One of us or both of us in our rooms isn't really unheard of." It's true. The smile grows then and Quin actually chuckles. "Besides, it'll be nice having company over for him. Not someone that I'm not actually supposed to see." It's not a dig on Chance. He's glad to see someone friendly around. "And I haven't been using that stupid journal that your mother told me to write in lately so I could always use a chance to go write in it."

Well, to be fair, Jenna is asking, so Quin doesn't feel as bad. "He'd be upset because he likes you. Because you're the one female I've ever seen him around that he could actually see himself dating. And I know that no matter how bad he feels because of anything that happened between you and I, I know he's secretly happy that I'm not competition anymore." It's all stated matter of fact. "And I've already told him that I wouldn't be upset if he made any moves. So I'm guessing that if he hasn't, he's just waiting on a time where he feels that you're ready."

"Did you ever talk to my mother about that? Hating your parents, I mean?" Jenna bites her lip, not expecting him to answer. She falls quiet as Andrew delivers their food, and she flashes the server a smile. Then she's turning to look at Quin again. "Maybe they're not but I bet they're exacerbated by it." She wants to ask why he hated his parents, but the truth is, she doesn't really want to pry too deeply. She doesn't want him to think that she's going to go running back to her mother with things.
"Chance doesn't get a lot of company besides the girls he brings home?" That's surprising to her. Then again, he's in school and he's doing an internship, so it's not that difficult to envision.
"I… are you sure, Quin? I mean, you're not just making another assumption?" Beat. "I don't need him to make 'moves' as you put it. He let me borrow a family heirloom for the Ball, and that said quite a bit." That if nothing else, he trusts her and likes to see her smile. It's enough for her to hold onto for now.

"At first." He doesn't fear talking to Jenna about it due to her running back to her mother. It's just that it makes him sound like a horrible person. "It was explained away as me feeling abandoned by them when they were killed. I never had it in my heart to correct her so I just moved on." He pauses then laughs. "Hell, I don't know if she knew there was more or not. You Donovan's can be sneaky about knowing how a person feels." Therein lies the issue. He wants a therapist that doesn't already know what's going on with his moods. "And yeah, the anger issues just got worse. But Shiv has helped a lot with that." He pulls out the item she made him from his pocket. "Don't know anything about what she does, or can do, but this doesn't burn me like the green stuff. So I'm okay with that."

That's not exactly fair. Chance has friends. Quin was talking more about female friends but it really does fit. "No company like you, Jenna. Before you, I don't think I've even seen a female in the apartment." Heard them, oh yes, but not seen them.

Now this part he can be confident about. "I'm not assuming anything, although he'd likely feel that some sort of bro-code has been broken by me saying this." It's a good thing that he doesn't subscribe to those things. "He specifically wanted to know what was going on in my life so he knew what to expect with his. And admitted that he would be interested in taking steps with you he normally doesn't take. To paraphrase." He's not going to enter into guy-speak on this subject.

"She likely knew." Jenna is aware that her mother just knows things. She's not telepathic, but she has much stronger senses about things than Jenna has. "She was likely waiting for you to bring it up again."
Grinning, she takes a sip of the strawberry iced tea, and then spears into her salad. "Well to be fair, the only time you've really seen me at your place was when I was there to visit you." The time she was there to see Chance? He was already in Vegas.
"Except the whole mess of that day has screwed things up. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm interested in him by default because you hooked up with Kay."
"But I'm not. I mean, that's what I wanted to tell you when you came home from Vegas. That I was definitely not ready for a serious relationship like Shiv and Harper have, and that I was interested in seeing where things stood with Chance."

His appetite always seems to suffer when she's around. That's never a bad thing. It isn't until she begins eating that he acknowledges the food. Granted, it doesn't take him long to make it disappear. That's what he's good at. "Well, true, but that's because I never invite females over either. But I know that he wants you to come over, because he asked if I would ever be bringing anyone else over. Since he offered it to you as a safe haven."

So it seems the two really have spoken.

"I'm not surprised." At least when it comes to Chance. "There are things that as clueless as I am, I just pick up on. Small things. Scents. Breathing patterns. Things like that. I could probably can tell if someone likes someone else before they might even realize it. That's not saying anything bad, but I figured it would happen."

Such a web that has been woven. Quin sighs. "Well, there is that doubt. But honestly, I think it will go away. Especially as the two of you spend time together. Especially if we show him that anything that may be going on between us is being handle between us. And of course I can always beat some sense into him. That part is fun." Yes, he's grinning. He'd never lay a hand on Chance, but it's fun to talk about.

"He asked if you were bringing Kay over." Jenna knows that there's not going to be anyone else while Quin is involved with the werewolf girl. Because that's the way Quin happens to be.
"Yeah, I guess you would be good at figuring that stuff out. That's not to say that I don't like you, Quin, because I do. But you're right. We're just at entirely different places in our life right now and it wouldn't be fair to either of us to try and get one of us at a place we might not be ready for."
"I don't blame him for that doubt, I really don't. I'm fine with how things are right now. I don't mind just being friends." Jenna eats a little of her salad, and then pours the vinegarette over it. "A week ago I'd have been stressing out about everything, but I'm surprisingly calm now. About all of it. And if you're really happy with Kay, then I'm happy for you. Like I said, you deserve to be happy."

He nods. She knows what's going on. Again, he's not ashamed of what he's doing but that doesn't mean that he has to gush about things in front of her, either. "Oh, I'm not upset, Jenna. You're the first girl that I've ever even considered having an interest in. I didn't expect you to just fall into my arms and us to live happily ever after." In fact, he's always predicted the exact opposite. "And you're right. Where you are? There's nothing wrong with it. It's healthy and I respect it. I just know it's not where I'm at. Which is sad in a way, but I think that it just opens bigger, better doors. Like strong friendships and other opportunities."

This is almost comical as well but he just watches her. He's assessing her, since she's an actress and can put on a good face if she has to. Quin's not calling her out, but rather is trying to be an attentive friend. "It will happen in time. I can tell you that there are no other visitors. I think you're calming him down, and that alone is a big step." Maybe not something that should be said but he believes in it. "It's not like Shiv and Harper where I'm convinced that someone somewhere is planning out what to wear to their wedding. It's just a good friendship that has a lot of healthy potential."

"I know you're not but I still should explain myself. Deep down, I don't even know why I was so hurt and upset, and I'm pretty sure that it was just because it felt like you were casting me aside, or you just wanted a physical relationship that I was definitely not ready for." Biting her lip, she blushes. Jenna knows that Quin's not like that either, but on the day in question? That's where her mind went.
"I really am fine with things. It'll happen or it won't, and I'm kind've done stressing over it. Besides, I've got a lot more to stress about now. Like how I'm going to manage a week in the Hampton's and what my new rehearsal schedule is going to be like, and how I'm going to make it fit in with school and work."
It may be an off-Broadway production, but Jenna's going to treat it like it's the real thing. Simply because it is her first real role on a real stage since she was a child.

He can understand that. Quin watches her for a moment before he reaches out for her hand. "I'm sorry I caused you to feel that way. And I understand why you did. That whole morning was just one giant bundle of emotion and surprise and anger and confusion. I don't blame anyone for being upset, nor am I upset with anyone. In the end, we just all need to figure out what to do after the fact."

With her schedule it is likely best that she's not in a full on relationship, at least not at first. His schedule isn't going to be too much better in the fall but at least he has some power resources to tap. "Well, if anyone can do it, you can." His hand returns to his plate so he can finish his food. It's a good meal and he's not about to let it just sit there.

Someday he'll eat like a normal person.

"And if there's anything I can do to help, let me know. Working at night tends to free up my days for errands and things like that."

"So are we good to move past it? I know things will be a little different. No more kisses to the cheek for you, mister! Your girlfriend might try to gobble me up," she teases lightly. Actually, Jenna's more afraid that Kay will just pummel the crap out of her if she gets too close. "I promised you we'd stay friends, and I keep my promises, Quin. If that's alright with you? We'll just have to feel out how that goes from here on out, and I'll try not to be awkward, just don't take offence if I get quiet for a little while here or there while I try to figure out my emotions, okay?"
Not that she's too worried about her emotions now. Without four others slamming into her, she's positive about what she wants and how she feels. It's just if they're in a group situation again that goes out of control… she'd really like him to know that it's not all just her.

The teasing brings forth a laugh. "She'd likely just mock me for it." He's not seen a jealous side of Kay. It could exist but he's not about to push that envelop. "But that seems like a fair enough deal. And yes, as far as I'm concerned, we're already past it. We're both adults, friends, and after some sorting things out should be fine."

For some reason Quin chuckles. "You're talking to the master of internalizing. If you want to be quiet, Jenna, you're more than allowed. We just need to figure out what is and isn't comfortable for each other to be around, and go from there." He's certainly willing to do it.

"And if I have to calm others down, I'll do it. Through fear if I have to." That's not really a joke even though it's intended to be. He could be pretty damn intimidating if he ever had the reason to be.

Jenna does grin at that. At least he took it as the teasing it was meant to be instead of an insult. "I think the only thing I'll be uncomfortable with for the time being is you know, walking in on a major makeout session. But that's likely because I've been doing that a lot lately, and I'm kind've tired of it."
She loves Shiv and her brother, but continually wandering in on them cuddling or kissing is driving her a little insane. And it's just as bad at Shiv's house with Christian and his new girlfriend.
"I'll live. Just find out from Chance when I'm coming over and take the makeout sessions to the bedroom," she teases.

That actually causes him to shudder. "I'll tell you this much." This is a conversation he's had before with Chance, but the tone of it is completely different here. "There are some things that I view as extremely private, and as much as I value all of you, I'm going to keep some things private." He's not being bashful or rude, but trying to be consoling in a way. "I won't talk about it, and I certainly don't want anyone outside of it involved in it. If that makes sense?" Which means any major displays of affection are most certainly not going to be in public locations.

"I have no qualms saying that you have my word; you're not going to have to worry about that from me."

"Good. Because Shiv's brother is seventeen, and he's got this new girlfriend, and every time I'm over there…" They're not doing anything wrong. Just kissing and snuggling, but it gets to a point where she just needs to get away from it.
Finishing her salad, she takes a big drink from the strawberry iced tea and smiles. "I'd promise you the same thing, but uhm, I don't see that happening at all to be honest. You might have to put up with a messy kitchen, or me crashing on the couch, but that's about it."

The thought of a baby boy Shiv having fun with a possible first time girlfriend is enough to make him wrinkle his face. It just doesn't sound pleasant. "Well, it's not like they can retreat to his room if they want to…" He's trying to find excuses, but really, some things should just wait.

"I'll take it for if and when it happens. That sounds good to me." It will happen eventually. He'll make himself as scarce as possible but in the end, he's pretty laid back about some things. "And you're allowed over whenever you want. I'll just make sure not to wake you for those agonizingly early morning practices." He does perk up a bit. "And I'm pretty sure I'm starting to figure out how to make my kitchen Jenna and magic proof. Do your worst."

"If it ever happens," she agrees. Jenna's not banking on it, and she's not going to be all hopeless and such, she hopes. She's trying to enter stress-free Jenna-zone, so that she can focus on the role, and she knows that's the only drama she likes to have in her life. The other stuff is a pain.
"Even if you do, that's alright. I may not be a morning bird, but there's always the ability to fall back asleep, you know."
Raising her brow, she laughs. "I don't think you want me to do my worst to your kitchen. Did you ever find out what caused the pipe to burst?"

It will happen, but he's not going to concern himself with stressing that. In fact, he's pretty much concerned that he won't wake her up in the mornings either. "There is that. I don't really sleep as well as other people so I forget about that." Sometimes the smallest sounds, like a dripping faucet, can really be the death of his sleep. But she'll likely be in Chance's room anyway, even if nothing is actually happening.

"No, and it's the weirdest thing. The pipes were in great shape. I've fixed them up so there's no real chance of another explosion like that, not naturally anyway." He's already confused. "Which makes the second time that I've found myself attacked by water and I've been stressed that it wasn't magic. It's almost like a pre-teen Jean Grey is haunting me."

Always with the movie references. Quin does need to be more social.

"It's easy for me to fall back asleep. Harper used to have early morning practices, and we share a bathroom. He's loud when he's getting ready in the morning." Jenna always did prefer that extra hour when she could sneak it.
"Jean Grey? She's the redhead, right? The telepath? I think I saw that on a cartoon once."

Oh yeah. Family. "I always tried to get up before my sister. She was going through that stage where she was just learning how to primp and it took forever." He may roll his eyes and poke jabs at her, but it's clear that he has nothing but fondness for his sister.

Yes, Quin really needs to stop making certain references. "Yeah, she was a telepath. She was also what they call telekinetic. Basically, not only could she read minds but she could move objects with hers. It was pretty cool but not something she could easily control at first."

Jenna blinks at him, and then finishes off her iced tea before saying anything. It's not that he's talking about his sister that has her doing it. It's the other part. Stabbing a piece of strawberry in the bottom of her glass with her straw, she brings it up and pops it into her mouth, chewing on it thoughtfully.
Once she swallows, she stares at him.
"Are you trying to imply something, or just making conversation?"

He's done it again. Is it talking about deceased people? He honestly has no issues with it. Not everyone is so comfortable with death, though. So Quin watches her, sniffing slightly at the air. It isn't until she speaks that he catches on. "Uh… what?" He thinks about it and shakes his head. "I was just talking about a Marvel super hero. I didn't actually mean anything about you." As far as he's concerned, she's just an empath. He hasn't even connected the two.

"Should I be?" He pauses, his stare meeting hers. "Jenna, do you know something we don't?"

"Well maybe something you don't?" Jenna is aware that Siobhan knows, and she's pretty sure she complained about it to Chance, but she can't remember. "So I used to just think that we were empathic, you know, the whole emotions things." Her voice drops a little, and she leans in so that she won't be overheard.
"Harper's a telepath. I mean, he's an empath and a telepath. So what if it was me? Shiv and Chance just keep saying that it wasn't magic, but if it's not magic, and it's not a natural occurrence…"

He listens to the whole thing before even reacting. Quin doesn't lean in when Jenna does, though. He still hears her perfectly well. It's one of those things that she'll likely not consider in her actions. He wouldn't if the rolls were reversed. "I see." So likely Harper also knows any thoughts he's had while around him. That doesn't concern the wolf. He has nothing to hide.

"Well, I guess it could be you, then." He keeps his voice low enough, where important. "Then that really would mean that I need to Jenna-proof the kitchen." He's going for a chuckle and actually grins. "Seriously though, that could be potentially exciting. It's worth looking into if you suspect it." So she doesn't continue to drown things.

"I don't suspect it, but I suspect that you suspect it." Jenna bites her lip, hoping that it makes sense. "I wouldn't even know where to look into things like that, Quin. I suppose I could ask my mother, but…" She hasn't been close with her mother since her pre-teen years. It's not like she can just go up to the woman and say 'omg mom, I think I'm exploding water wherever I go'.
"Besides, I don't think it's exciting. It's dangerous. I mean what if the pipe had burst through the cupboard and hit someone? Or someone fell off the boat and drowned?"

That's not the reaction he was looking for. "I know someone you could talk to. He's a bit odd, but he's the one who I went to talk to when I wasn't sure about Shiv." He has absolutely no information on him at the moment but considers something. "I started following him on Twitter. He's… odd. But he knows a ton of stuff."

Quin would have no qualms going up to Jenna's mom and asking, but it also isn't his place.

"But that's even more reason to find out, right? Because I can't imagine that you just suddenly had full control of the other stuff." He's not trying to talk about her empathy too loudly now. "But you eventually got to where you are now. Imagine what you can do if you have that control.

"Drown people with water," Jenna mutters. That's really a dark power to have, and while she's thankful she can't hear everything everyone is thinking she also doesn't want to wind up being a killer. Even if only accidentally.
"Is he trustworthy though? I mean, are you sure I should talk to him about that… stuff?" It's not like she tells the whole world that she's an empath. Really, the only reason she did it on the boat was to yell at Chance's cousin. Otherwise, she'd have never told Chance or Quintin. At least not until she knew them a whole lot better.

"I think I've already been part of that test." He's saying this through a grin. The only part that's honestly bothered him to this point is the fact that it caused his scar to show in public. "And I'm sure it's probably not just limited to water, though you might just find that easier to deal with at first."

That's a good question. The wolf can only shrug. "I think he knows what I am, but I didn't really get to that point. I also didn't give him any names." Locke Martin is a very odd man. The thought of seeing him again is almost creepy but he'd do it if he had to. "I can ask him first if you want. He apparently has spent his life studying all things supernatural. Seems to me like he'd rather be one than anything, but I can't tell."

Jenna is a consummate actress. She can fake the part of someone interested in it for a class if she has to. That might make things more scientific than she'd like, but she can record it all and dissect it later. "If it was me. I'm not saying it was," she says quietly. She's not going to admit to it until she finds out if she does have a secret desire to harm people, and wow, she's starting to think like she needs to talk to her mother. Wrinkling her nose, she makes a face and sighs.
"I'll figure something out. If you text me his contact info later, I can decide if I want to see him or not, right? I mean, maybe I'll find something on the net."

Now he's full on suspecting it's her. He's not going to make her admit to it. Hopefully she'll learn that it isn't about hurting people, it's about being angry. Maybe he'll make her read up about Jean Grey. Maybe not. The whole Phoenix thing might not help things any. "You've got it. I'll send you everything I have. It never hurts to research him online, or ask around to anyone that might know him. And you don't have to. He's just the first person that came to mind."

That's something for Quin to think about though. "I mean, I have the Pack. Shiv's likely got her own group of people to talk to, same with Chance." Okay, so he knows they do. He's heard about feuds and whatnot. "Is there something for you? If not, maybe there should be."

Jenna's quiet again, stabbing another strawberry and slurping it off the straw, she sighs. "No, I mean, we don't have a group like that." There's her parents, but that's all she knows of. If there is a group? She's never heard of it. "At least not that I know of. Mostly because… well… people tend to think that all… psychic stuff is bunk, so yeah…"
Shifting uncomfortably on her chair, she looks down at the empty plate.
"So, uhm, lunch is my treat, okay? Since I invited you?"

"All of this stuff could be considered bunk, really. I guess it all depends on who you ask." Not many people really believe in vampires and werewolves. "But it makes sense. And I don't know how you would know how to recognize each other. I have it kind of easy in that respect." Maybe finding another like her would be beneficial for Jenna.

But how?

"Wha? Oh, are you sure? I don't mind throwing down for my half, or even all of it." His winnings in Vegas have at least allowed him not to feel the sting of the trip. "But thank you, you know. For inviting me."

"I guess it could be." Jenna still thinks that more people would be apt to believe in a vampire or a werewolf, simply because they're all over the media these days. An empath though? No one would really believe that's true. Sure, some people are just more in tune with the way others feel. Sympathetic even. She's even read things where people that are thought to be empathic just watch people for their tells. Nervous twitches. Body language. It's kind've the same thing they say about psychologists and psychotherapists.
"That's the thing, Quin… we aren't like the rest of you guys. We kind've don't have any way to recognize one another. There could be five other empaths sitting in the restaurant right now, and I wouldn't be able to tell you who they were."
"Yeah, I'm sure. Besides, it's the least I can do for my freak out and all."

"The Freak Out is not really an issue, but I'll leave it be. I'll just get the next meal." There will be a next meal eventually.

That has to be hard. He actually thinks on it. Maybe he'll contact the Nutty Professor anyway, to see what he knows. "I guess I can see why, but I can also see why one would be good to have. A lot of us bank on the experiences of others. Having access to that information would be helpful."

"Maybe some day that will change. But until then, there's always the chance of running into someone. I mean, what are the odds that all of us would end up friends, considering the little dirty secrets involved?" Quin realizes that having a witch, sorcerer, empath and werewolf in a small circle of friends isn't exactly common.

"No way. Next meal will be dutch." Because they're not dating, they're just friends, and Jenna doesn't expect him to do things like that. "But the thing is, even if there was a group, how on earth would we determine if people are what they say they are? It's not like you can do a blood test and find the right genetics or DNA to prove that they're really empathic, or whatever." She would say telekinetic, but she's positive that there are ways to prove that. By objects flying around the room or whatever.
Or the creepy rocks from Carrie.
"Probably pretty slim, but even so, I mean, it wasn't a surprise we met Chance where we did." In the Undercity. "And I'd never have known what he was if it wasn't for Shiv."

She says dutch but there are ways around. If ever there's a group of people hanging and he orders out food, for example. Either way, he's not going to let it stand that she pays for things. He's not poor, just not rich. Yet.

"That's true. You'd have to have some pretty intense testing, and that wouldn't be very much fun for anyone, I guess. It'd be so much easier if you all had some sort of smell. Then I'd just get to be that creep that goes around sniffing people."

He's aiming for a laugh but Quin likely wouldn't hesitate to do that if she wanted. "Still, I think it's a good thing that we all know each other. And I know that there are more ties. I could point out some at that event we went to this weekend. It's interesting when you figure out who knows who and what some of those who are."

There is a laugh. A tiny one. Shaking her head, she bites her lip. "Yes. Maybe we should all smell of strawberries or something." Not that it would help. With all the smelly hair care and body products out there? It'd just be more confusing.
"More ties? Like what?" Jenna's curious about that.

Mmm. Strawberries. "Well, that would certainly be very pleasant for me. It's far better than what some other people smell like." He laughs through the comment, but some people are just gross. Even with being an athlete he knows to take very good care of himself.

How much to say now? That's curious. "Well, for example? When Chance was out speaking with me, he met up with some guy named Bryn that he seemed to know and want advice from. That man's date was a romance novelist. While I have my suspicions on how Bryn and Chance know each other, I know that Miss Roche has been previously acquainted with Chance's father." Small worlds, indeed. "And I know she certainly has things she's not telling the nation."

"Why Quintin Bruning, you gossip," Jenna exclaims with a laugh. "Bryn Blackwell? We met him at the Shakespeare Gala. He knows Siobhan's parents fairly well too." And hers, but she's not quite sure how that works. "They were sitting at a table not far from ours, and came over to say hello."
She knows from Siobhan that the British hottie is a sorcerer.
"A romance novelist? Is that why you were out looking at those types of books?"

The plot thickens.

"See? Literally everyone is intertwined. At least you guys are. I'm sort of the odd man out. The only difference is that I can tell what's going on, at least with some of them."

He's tracing it all back. It's like a tragedy waiting to happen. Or a comedy. Quin can't really tell. "Yeah, I wanted to see what type of books that a va… that she can write." As soon as he speaks he knows he's made a mistake. His eyes widen slightly before he looks away. "They're not bad, I guess. Even if they're not my style."

"It's like New York is this really small place." Jenna wrinkles her nose, looking at the city as though it's rather small for the first time ever. "But I mean, I'm pretty sure Mr. Blackwell is very Upper East Side material. He's from this like, super-family over in the UK, I think." So it's not so strange that they're all intertwined. Upper East Siders tend to stick among their own kind.
"That a what? What were you going to say?" Jenna's curious, again, because he's doing that wide-eyed look away thing, which means that he said something he shouldn't have.
"I've never read a romance novel. Plays, though? Yeah, I've read a lot of romantic plays."

He can't help but nod. That's the point he was getting at. "I don't think that all of these people are Upper East Side." Clearly he isn't, but he also doesn't belong in this tangled web. This Bryn Blackwell sure does seem interesting. To Quin, there's no possible way for him to be that close to Sera without knowing the truth. Perhaps she's just that good.

"Jenna, seriously. I'm begging you, and you know that I don't beg often." This time he does lower his voice and lean in. His hearing is fine but hers isn't quite as excellent. "If this gets out it can explode and I really don't think that's needed right now. Especially from some outsider pup like myself."

"At least one person of every couple that was at that Ball is Upper East Side, or close to it. AK Enterprises only ever invites the richie-rich types, because it's a charity event, and they know we always donate oodles of money to charity." The more money they donate, the less they pay in taxes and the like. That was actually in one of her economics courses at Dalton.
"Okay, I'll stop asking," Jenna says with a puff of air following it. "But you'll tell me one day. You know you will."

It's such an odd society for him to consider. His father certainly wasn't quite that high up but was close. It's almost a good thing that he wasn't so involved in it all growing up. The very life makes his head spin. It's not a bad life, just so very different. "Well, it makes sense to do so. But I swear that it was more of an event than that. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I picked up on a few things."

Quin blows out a sigh. "I'll tell you now. I really don't mind. But I really need your word that you won't tell anyone." Especially if Sera has her claws in so many families.

"Who am I going to tell, Quin? Maybe Shiv, and that's it." Harper by default too because he hears thoughts. Jenna puts her arms on the table, and leans in on her hands.
"I don't know. I doubt you're paranoid. Maybe there's just more of us than you thought?"

It's a difficult situation for him to be in. This isn't exactly the market that he's going for; using his powers for snitching. "So I have your word. No big deals, okay?"

Quin leans in very close. It isn't intimate and he's far from uncomfortable. "Sera Roche is a vampire." He leans back immediately, feeling almost guilty for what he's just done. "I wouldn't be surprised if there are far more around than we think, too." Not that he personally has issues with them, but he also wants his friends to be safe.

"A…" Jenna stares at him, eyes wide. A vampire. The thing she was so terrified of down in the Undercity, and all along she'd met one at the Shakespeare Gala. Nodding, she clears her throat. "My promise, Quin. I won't say a word. Though Harper might find out." Tapping the side of her head, she sighs. "I'll try not to think about it though."
"It'd be cool to have a school for all us weirdos like in the X-Men."

She's not outwardly freaking out about it which is good. There are subtle changes that he can recognize but he says nothing; instead Quin just nods. "Well, that can't be helped. I don't think that he would do anything foolish anyway. The only one I really worried about was Chance at first, since he seems so keen on that Bryn guy."

An X-men school for freaks and supes. It makes him chuckle. "So what, I should start bringing in as many of them as I can?" He's a rather funny thought. "I personally don't have anything against any particular group. But each in and of its own could be considered hostile I suppose."

"If I knew Mr. Blackwell that good, I'd probably be pretty keen on him too." Jenna laughs and then wrinkles her nose. "Well if he didn't look a little like Harper. Shiv's pretty keen on how hot he is though." Likely because he does look a little like Harper.
"Why not? You're going to be a social worker, and I'm an empath. I'm sure we could start a school," she jokes. "Okay, maybe not a school, but why not some sort of group where other people like us could have somewhere to go?

This is a comment about how a man looks, isn't it? It's a question that goes unspoken but is clearly on his mind. "He seemed like a nice enough guy, I guess. Kept asking Chance about grad schools and whatnot. I'll be honest, I only spoke with them because Chance was around. I was very ready to leave by that point."

Oh no. No. This isn't actually happening. "Well, there are some that I can locate on my own. My kind. Their kind." The 'their' is accented to count vampires. "That much I can do by scent. But I think Shiv and Chance can locate their others by look as well. If you're serious about it, it likely could happen."

Quin rubs at the back of his neck as be ponders logistics. "Perhaps some sort of forum or cleverly worded online account to get attention."

Jenna bites her lip and then laughs. "You'd do that? Just to try to find people like me?" Grinning, she pushes her chair back. "Come on, let's go take care of the bill. We can talk about this a little more while I shop."
"Well if you want to hang out for a bit longer. I'm treating myself to something expensive for getting this role."

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