Talking It Out

Manhattan - Washington Square Park

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park is a very popular and crowded square that is best known for its Bohemian and rebellious character. The large square is dotted with trees, and at the center of the park are its two main attractions: a large fountain, and the Washington arch.


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Sobhan Knight Quintin Bruning

Siobhan is nervous. If she stopped to think about it, she would find it amusing that she's nervous because one, it's Quintin, two, it's Quintin. He's a friend, and she has no need to be nervous or worried around him. Never mind that the last time she saw him - the witch doesn't count the brief greeting at the Ball - things were left pretty horrendously ugly, and that she hates having to explain herself, there's no reason to be nervous. Except that yes, those are very good reasons to be nervous. With Jenna it was easy; they've known each other for so long, and Jenna knows Siobhan. Knows her emotional reactions, knows her triggers. Once they both calmed down, they worked it out. The witch won't say that there isn't still some sting there from Jenna's reaction, but it's slowly fading to a dull numbness that will eventually be gone.
With Quintin, though … truthfully, the witch isn't sure where she stands with him anymore. She's not quite sure about anything, but she likes the werewolf and doesn't want to lose his friendship. She's just not altogether sure that even when it's all said and done that he will get her.
She's arranged to meet by the fountain because between the water and the greenery, she's calmed. As an added bonus, there's a nice sized rose quartz in the bright yellow purse that matches her shoes and the centers of the flowers on her dress.


The other meeting is one that will worry him, make him nervous. This is Siobhan. Quintin doesn't feel that he has anything to hide. He knows that there is a reason and explanation for everything that's happened, on both sides. If she ends up walking away, he won't hate her, but he's not going anywhere.

As he approaches he has a small gift bag in his hands. He did get gifts and by damned he's going to deliver them. The wolf walks confidently but not with any attitude. In fact, when he sees her he smiles. Things may be rocky but that will only last so long. Right?
"Shiv," he greats. He'd offer a hug but he also doesn't want to rush things. "Looking good, as always."


"Hey," Siobhan greets with a smile. "Thanks."
She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "You too."
The witch worries her teeth over her lower lip and forces herself to stop. "Why don't we walk? Find a place to sit?" They could sit around the fountain, but as much as Siobhan likes to be close to water, she's not keen on getting too wet today.


It would seem that she's quite nervous. He tries to calm her with a smile but knows that it won't really happen. "Here, this is for you." He offers over the bag now, just in case things get heated later. He's' not worried about it but one never knows.

When she mentions walking he actually holds out an arm for her. That's something that he learned at that Ball thing that they went to. "Walking is good. I hear that it's healthy for you, too. I'm sure my coach would appreciate it." It's not a funny joke but he's going to try what he can to keep things upbeat.


"You bought me something?" There is genuine surprise in her voice as she accepts the bag. Another smile flitters across her face and she peeks inside the bag, though she can't tell what it is, and won't try to open it while walking.
She slips her arm into Quintin's without any hesistation, though her body is still a knot of tension. "It is. One of the easiest forms of exercise, really."
Spotting an unoccupied bench, Siobhan tugs Quintin toward it. She sits down, tucking her skirt neatly and modestly around her, setting the little gift bag in her lap. She's not going to open it until she's gotten past this.
"Can I just get this out there?"
The witch draws another breath and releases it slowly. "I'm sorry for anything that I might have said and done that made you or your friend uncomfortable the day that you arrived home. I was rude to you and I was rude to her, and while it's not an excuse, I wasn't in a good place."
"I'm not going to apologize for being who and what I am. I'm emotional and I let things out when I feel them, and I was upset, and desperate and scared when Jenna walked away from me that day. She said things to me… they hurt, and all I could see was everything going wrong. All I could think about was getting to Jenna and convincing her that it wasn't what she thought. I didn't know you were home, I didn't know you had company, and when I realized it … at that time, in my mind? She wasn't welcome. Not when things were going so wrong and so badly."
Siobhan focuses on a point somewhere over Quintin's shoulder, her voice getting a bit quieter. "I was already volatile and when she laughed, it hurt. It hurt and it annoyed me, and yes, I said something rude to her. But what hurt more? Was that feeling. That sense that I was in the wrong for being offended. That I shouldn't have cared or noticed."
"And that you thought I would actually physically attack her." Beat. "I wouldn't even physically attack Jackson Nash, and he came at me with the sort of hate I'd only ever heard rumors about. I didn't even hurt him magically."


He'll allow her to tug him to the bench without any issues. "Of course I got you a gift. I went away. I couldn't not get you a gift." That's the way that he operates, after all.

Quin sits through the mass amount of words that fly at him and tries his best to keep up with all of it. She probably doesn't expect it but he ends up just staring at her, confused. "Wait, what?" Something doesn't add up. "Yeah, yeah, you're human. You're apology is accepted. I understand, I do, but really? You thought I was doing that because I thought you'd hurt Kay?"

The desire to chuckle is there but he doesn't. Instead the wolf just shakes his head. "Shiv, she's a lone wolf. She's never belonged to a Pack, and wasn't born into the lifestyle. I really don't think she'd harm a fly but I don't know what she'd do if she felt like she was under attack." Hopefully that makes sense? He's not even sure if it does.

"Actually, looking back on it, I kind of feel that the whole thing will be funny to us all eventually. It just seemed like something out of a sitcom." That can't be helped. "But I understand why you'd be upset. Hell, the whole reason she freaked out on you and Chance is because I walked in my door."

That's actually what happened so far as he's concerned. "And yeah, I know she said she'd be there, but I was really tired, Shiv. I just wanted to come home and get some sleep. It wasn't fair to Jenna, but it wasn't fair to any of us."

He sighs and looks down at his lap. "I've never wanted to hurt either of you, and you have no idea how much it kills to know that I have. But I really think the entire thing was just a giant misunderstanding."


Siobhan finally focuses her attention on Quintin and not on some random spot over his shoulder. She's gotten it out, and he's listened and now she'll do the same and listen to him. Ducking her head, she nods and sighs, "That's what it seemed like from where I was standing… but that's not what you were doing?" It's not so much a question as an acknowledgement of what he said. He's right, at least that part was a misunderstanding.
Siobhan bites her lip to avoid saying the first thing that pops into her head regarding Jenna's freak out on Siobhan and Chance. That wound is still a little tender, mainly because of the words said, and Siobhan can't shake that hurt that easily. "There were other reasons." Her insistence that Chance was interested in Siobhan, Siobhan's confession regarding powerful spells.
"I really am sorry that I couldn't be more mature and better behaved but sometimes, most times, I just react. If I hold things in, things tend to explode and go boom." Sometimes it happens when she does let them out, but at least she's pulverizing crystals instead of appliances and electrical wiring. "I'm working on it."
Reaching out slowly, Siobhan places her hand on top of his. "You didn't know the state I was in. I didn't know the state you were in. There was hurt on both sides."
She's not going to talk about Jenna or Jenna's reaction. She's not going to defend Jenna or Quintin or get caught in the middle of that. That's up to the pair of them to work out.


It's good to have her actual attention and not have her gaze go just past him. He's not a villain and he doesn't hate her. To have her be as comfortable as she is, to look at him, to interact with him, these things make Quintin happy. It may be part of the magic that was woven to help assist him with his anger issues but she's such a good friend. To have her upset with him is more than he'd like to deal with.

"Like I said, I don't think she'd do anything. But she's not from this country, not from a Pack, and not really someone who has friends. I was trying to put myself in her situation and I wasn't sure what I'd do. I just figured that if I was in the middle and something happened? I'd take it. If nothing happened? Then I was in the middle of two lovely ladies. You can't beat that." He grins but he's not actually hitting on Shiv. He's just trying to lighten the mood.

He understands, he really does. He wasn't sure what was going on between the witch and sorcerer at first as well. "All reasons are understood." Each of them will need much more time to heal yet they're all willing to talk it out.

"Maturity is difficult. On one hand I can easily say that Jenna's reaction was very immature. On the other, there are many factors, including her powers. It's easy to cast names and assumptions but true understanding and forgiveness is the sign of maturity. And it seems as if you two are quite fine with each other. That's something to be proud of."

He doesn't comment on her anger. He's been a witness to it. He'd rather her be happy anyway; she deserves it. "I think we all know it was just a bunch of emotions and misunderstandings. I just want things to be okay between us, Shiv. You're the first person I wasn't forced to live with I reached out to. I don't want to lose that."


Siobhan gives him a soft smile. She nods her head, and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "We're getting there."
"It'll all work out eventually." Just because it still hurts doesn't mean she isn't trying to deal with it and push past it. It just makes her slightly more cognizant and wary and cross-examining of all her actions right now.
"That's what I want too. Everything to be okay between us. That's why I wanted to just say what needed to be said and get it out. I am sorry for how I behaved, and if I had a do over, I'd hope that I'd do it differently, but …" Siobhan trails off with a shrug.


He rests a hand on her shoulder and shakes his head. "How many times in life do we all wish for a do over? Hell, I know for a while I was wishing for one major one in particular." The one where he would throw a tantrum and keep his family from camping, for example. "It's not about what happens in life. It's about what we do after things happen. And right now? I think we're doing the right thing."

It's not easy for Quin to always see the finer points but he'd rather do that than to lose Shiv as a friend. "And I believe that we'll get to a point where this is a funny memory." Some day. "Until then, I'll do what I need to. Give space, suck up, whatever. I'll make sure I do what's best for all parties involved."

That includes fleeing, but he hopes it doesn't come to that. "And I don't know if I can say it enough, but I really am sorry. Sometimes it just feels like I do things, and they're just dumb and they cause pain to other people. I don't ever want to."


Siobhan shakes her head. "No, you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't even do anything intentional. There were actions and reactions and a whole big mess of misunderstanding. I'm just as guilty as you are." At least as far as what happened between them, her hurt and her misunderstanding of his intentions. She can't speak to Jenna and she won't. Which, in and of itself is a very big step because her knee jerk reaction is to have Jenna's back like they've always done for years and years. This time, however, she has to keep her friendship separate from that. Leave that to Jenna and Quin to resolve. If they can resolve it.

Giving him another soft smile, Siobhan sets the gift bag aside. She then slides closer on the bench and wraps her arms around him in a friendly hug, pressing a soft sisterly kiss to his cheek. Hoping that her actions will speak a lot louder than the words she's having trouble saying.


That singular, innocent act is more than enough to speak volumes to Quin. He just sits there for a moment smiling before he looks back to Shiv. "So let's just try to move forward?" It seems like she's on board with that and the wolf couldn't ask for more.

"You looked really good over the weekend." Not that she doesn't always look good, but she did put on quite a show at the Ball. "I'm sure that you must have enjoyed yourself. You said that you wanted to feel like a princess. Did you get what you wanted?" He's not necessarily trying to change the subject but he is at the same time. Besides, he wants to make sure that she is well taken care of.


"Yes, let's do that," Siobhan agrees with a broadening of her smile and a slight giggle.
There's a hint of a blush as she briefly ducks her head a bit modestly before lifting her dark eyes to meet his gaze again. "Thank you. It was fun. I had a really good time. Did you see any of the dancing?" Not that she's bragging, but it was fun dancing with Preston and getting the oohs and aahs and applause.
The witch looks down again and the hint of blush becomes a bit more pronounced as she bites her lip, a very large, happy smile breaking across her face. "Oh yes, I definitely got everything I wanted."


The entire environment feels that much better. It really doesn't take much to make the werewolf happy. There are so very few people in life that he actually considers friends. Knowing that one of the best ones he has is still on board makes him feel like the luckiest pup in the planet.

"I honestly didn't get to see dancing. I was there to solicit money for the college." He seems less than thrilled about his part in that. It isn't as if he's proud but Quin was looking out for his career. "I did however meet your oddly dressed friend. He stood out, dared to be different. I like that. And if the two of you joined forces? It had to be an extremely good time." It's a shame he missed it, but he also wanted to give her the space she asked for.

He can smell it in the air. On her. The way her body reacts to just thinking about the weekend. "You two really do seem to be moving fast." Not as if he can say much, but he is a little bit older and his situation is a little bit different. "Do we have to go back to baby names? Because Quin is still all the rage." Yes, he's grinning, from ear to ear.


The witch laughs, a fully amused sound and bobs her head in agreement. "Pres? Oh yes, he's quite … unique. My mother says that he marches to the beat of his own drum." That's really the best description for Preston. He's who he is, and he's proud of who he is, all other opinions to the contrary be damned. Sometimes, she wishes she had half the confidence that Pres does.
"We danced together. He's the best dance partner I've ever had. Back at school, they'd always pair us together in show choir. We just click when we dance, you know?" They have a chemistry when they perform together that's really amusing given Preston's sexual orientation. She really did miss Pres while he was away.
"Are we?" Siobhan peers up at Quintin, curiously. "We've known each other it seems like forever and … he's the one, Quin." Yes, he might not really have room to talk, but for Siobhan, the progression with Harper is the most natural thing in the world. "I'm going to marry him. Eventually. Three years, five years, whatever. He just needs to realize that." Because Siobhan is pretty sure that Harper is still thinking she might just change her mind someday.
"I'm still using Quintin, too."


There really is no question about Preston's sexual orientation but it matters very little to Quin. "That doesn't surprise me. I'm glad to see that he's not afraid to be him." With flare. Everyone could likely learn a lesson from Preston.

"You acknowledge the wedding then, eh?" This is said to tease Shiv some more. "It's never too soon to start planning the logistics, I hear. Such as colors, dresses, location, cake; those types of things." The wolf really doesn't know anything about weddings but has overheard a thing or two. "Although maybe Harper should know about this, eh?"

The conversation about babies and baby names has not been forgotten. He chuckles at the reminder however. "Quintin is a big, strong name. I've been thinking that Siobhan makes a good middle name for my daughter."


Siobhan nods enthusiastically. "I most certainly acknowledge the wedding. I've had my wedding planned out for years, I was just missing the groom." Beat. She smiles a bit sheepishly, "Okay, I was honestly holding out for one particular groom." No, there's no proposal, but they've talked about moving in together next summer, and as Siobhan has already said, now that she's landed Harper? She's willing to wait as long as it takes for him the figure the rest of it out.
"He knows my mother is practically lining up the caterers already," Siobhan laughs. "I had to tell her to dial it back a bit, and at least let us finish school."
She gives his arm an affectionate, friendly squeeze. "I like the name Quintin because I think it's a good legacy. You're a great guy, Quin." Then she blinks at him for a few moments, and grins happily, "Really? Siobhan is a very unique name. Tends to come with a lot of personality."

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