Panic Attack

Manhattan - Rags to Stitches by Ren-Fare

One of the windows of the storefront displays the extremely limited and random hours that there is someone guaranteed to be in the store. Below that is information to call to make an appointment or to ask various questions, along with the link to the Ren-Fare website.

A tiny bell mounted to the top of the door jingles each time that it is opened. The front room that it leads to is far from large or even fancy. One side of the room has a few racks with several examples of creations by the owner. Located next to the clothing is a platform surrounded on three sides by mirrors which is used for fittings done in the office.

On the other side of the room is a small and humble desk, along with several chairs for any who choose to sit while they wait.

There's a back room that is labeled 'Employees Only' that is usually found to be closed.


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Brooke Bishop Bridget Bishop

Contrary to what she told Kieran when she left his penthouse apartment, Brooke did not go straight home. It would have been the most logical thing to do considering her mood, but the fact is she needs to talk to her sister before going to Regina with this.

Brooke is generally good in a crisis, but not when that crisis involves her own life. Right now, she's in a place where she wants to go back to the penthouse and kill him with whatever burst of sorcerer magic she can. At the same time she wants to be coddled for her mistake.

Hence going to Bridget's shop. Yeah, her sister was at the Ball the previous night too, but she knows Bridget. She'll be at the shop in the mid-afternoon in order to fill the next set of dresses she's got on the go. Using her key to open the door, she turns around and locks it behind her.

"Gidge? Are you here? Please tell me that you're here…"


Of course she was at the Ball. She'd be scolded if she even contemplated avoiding it. Her concern was clear; Gabriel. Thankfully she had a very wonderful night dancing with random men, great food and a few drinks. Her family was there, her friends were there and it was an all out good time. It's been weeks since that pesky might-be vampire has shown his face, so she's starting to calm down about it.

The one thing that Bridget excels at is being excellent in a crisis situation. She may talk a big talk or get overly mouthy before the crisis actually strikes, but once it does she knows what to do. Usually. As with her sister, this does not apply to her own life. That she's given up on ages ago.

What Brooke will find when she first enters the shop is that she's greeted by a growing kitten. The flame-point Siamese girl with the folded ears bounds from the back room, her pink with diamonds collar sparkling in the lighting above. She knows enough not to jump on people but instead she flops onto her back and rubs against the floor, looking for attention.

"Yeah, I'm here." Of course she's here. She lives here anymore, it almost seems. Rene comes from the back room with her arms full of material and stones. The ball also has given her more orders. The eldest sibling is cheery, despite the late night prior, until she sees Brooke. The items are immediately placed down on the counter as she looks her younger sister over. She's not letting anything show but she is worried. "What's up?"


"I've got a problem."


"And just hear me out before you start with the 'I told you so's' okay?" Brooke looks at the kitten, and she wants to ignore it. She knows that her sister has it. It was at her apartment for a few days when she was worried about Bridget being attacked by Gabriel. When the kitten gives a half-assed little mew, she rolls her eyes and bends down to rub it's stomach.

"Kieran is a vampire. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. It's like some memory came unlocked from inside my head, and it was just there when I woke up this morning. Regina saw us together at the Ball last night, and I've got no idea what to say to her. I mean, I do damage control for a living, and do you think I know what to say to Regina to not get myself kicked out of the Coven?"


The kitten, yet to be named, is very happy. There are a few possibilities of names but she's not even worried about it. Rene clearly has other things to focus on right now. The kitten, however, begins to purr and then runs to the back room.

For her part, Bridget stands there patiently, seemingly relaxed. It clearly isn't something about their family or things would be a lot different. It has to be something personal to Brooke. She doesn't even begin to speculate. Her sister is about to tell her so she just pretends to be completely calm.

What she hears, though, is somewhat alarming but not at all surprising. It's a difficult mix to have but she wears it well. At this point she understands why Bryn contacted her and she also feels guilty for jumping to that conclusion weeks ago.

Nothing is said what the explanation is given. There are no 'I told you so's' offered. Nothing. "I don't think that you need to worry about Regina." That's the first thing that comes to mind, and it's soothing and calm. "Not now. You may want to talk to her about it, but I don't think she'll kick you out of the Coven. None of us knew about it." Lies! Somewhat. "You won't be accused of doing anything when you didn't know. Regina knows you, trusts you."


"No, I know. I can play the innocent victim card. I didn't know." At least last night she didn't. Or if she did that was taken from her. Brooke frowns, and then rubs her temple. "At least I think I didn't know." Except Kieran said they did have that discussion before, which is leaving her completely confused.

"Gidge, I've already been in trouble for my choice of boyfriends before. There was a whole tribunal thing when I wanted to marry Bryn, and I'm not saying I want to continue anything with Kieran, just that there's already a black mark against me."


"I'm pretty damned certain that Gabriel is a vampire too. It's not confirmed or anything, but his habits are similar to Kieran's, and if it walks like a duck…"


"It's not a card, it's the truth." Bridget closes the distance between them enough to be comforting but still give her sister some air. "And even if you had known at some time and he took that from you? It's still the truth." That's just another reason why vampires are evil. A person should not be robbed of their thoughts and memories. It just should not happen.

"Don't worry about Gabriel. I'll handle it." They've already suspected him, after all. She's prepared for what might have to happen. Bridget is by far not an offensive witch but there are few in the immediate area that can beat her defenses.

Her head shakes when she thinks of Bryn and Kieran. "One thing at a time, hun." It's not said to try and scold her, but rather to inform her. "You have to work this out one step at a time. First, you really need to take the time and decide how you really feel and what you really want. That's important, to both you and this situation."

She did it with Gabriel. That's why she knows she made the right decision no matter what. "And if what you want involves Kieran, then we'll make plans for that. You're the one who always has said that individuals should not be judged based on stereotypes. And it seems to me that it's something that needs to be worked out between you two before we worry about third parties."

Internally she's thinking that she's going to kill him. That she's going to hunt him down and stake him in his sleep. On the flip side she knows that she'd never even begin to consider such a thing; she's just protective of her family. "Other than that, I can talk to Regina. And I can make sure that it doesn't get back to the family."


"You can't handle it on your own, Gidget." Brooke looks every bit the mess she feels. Oh her clothing is on, but her hair? It's a mess, and there's not a lick of makeup in sight. She took off pretty quickly once she found her purse.

Dropping the overnight bag on the counter, she turns and leans against it. Frowning again, she wipes a hand over her face. "It's not a choice. There can't be a choice. He's a demonic blood sucking fiend." Her feelings can't count. She can't let them count.

"Regardless, I can't have my big sister running interference for me. I'll need to talk to Regina, and deal with this."


"And we can't hide it from mum. She's friends with nearly ever damned Elder in the Coven. Someone is bound to tell her and it's better that it comes from me."


When the time is right she will make a phone call. One phone call. She's not about to step in where she isn't needed, but it's more a follow-up than anything. In the meantime Bridget smiles. "I don't know. I'd like to think that I can handle quite a bit all by myself." Such as her business. The two that have been interning with her are good and all but it really is mostly her doing all the work. She is trying to keep things upbeat at the point.

"Yes, and you know precisely how I feel about Bryn." She makes no attempts ever to hide it, or at least completely, even if she's started warming up to him as of late. If only because he shows real concern for her sister. A hand reaches out to rub at Brooke's back, to try and be comforting. "At one point I almost would have considered him the same exact thing. That doesn't mean that's what you want to think, though."

Bridget does leave her sister, if only to retrieve a box from the back room. "If you really want, I can work on making sure that you know exactly how you feel. As in, I can try to make sure that what's there is actually real, not implanted." Stupid vampires. It's a good thing she's been working on overdrive for things due to Gabriel being around.

"It's also your call if you want to tell Mom. You know how she can be." They both do, unfortunately. "And you know I run interference for everyone. I'm pretty sure that Regina is used to it by now." Even if it can be annoying. "But really, I don't think it has to be dealt with right this particular moment. Are we sure she even knows what Kieran is?"


"I know you can. I just worry about you." Which means she will help where she can. Brooke exhales a sigh, and shakes her head. "I need to get an alarm for the apartment now." And figure out a way to keep vampires from entering. There has to be a spell somewhere. The Undercity, perhaps. Seems like she's going to need to head there sooner rather than later.

For several things.

"Bryn has never been a blood sucking demon. He may be a sorcerer, which comes with its own issues, but you never would've had to worry about him draining me dry and leaving me for dead." Emotionally, perhaps, but physically? Not a chance.

"I do know how she can be, but it's better that she knows isn't it?"


"Regina knows. I know she knows. It's the only reason I can think of that she was glaring at us last night. It wouldn't make sense otherwise. I've done nothing to earn her ire since I was eighteen."


Dealing with vampires suck. It just so happens that she's had that on the mind as of late, which is helpful. "Well, until we figure it out, use the spare key and crash at my place." She does have two fully functional bedrooms now, which is a plus. "I'm honestly not on any real deadlines at the moment. I can take care of some of this for you." Meaning she will, Brooke will just have to deal with some of it. "And don't worry about me. This is the type of thing that I've spent my life worrying about."

Every once in a while her preferred magics do come in handy. Bridget pulls the lid off of the box and places it off to the side. "It just so happens that I'm a super paranoid person." This is said calmly but she does find the comedy in her words. Of course she is. "And that I seem to be fresh off of a similar yet different situation." From within the box she starts removing some items and even a book. "And in being the overly prepared person that I am, I may have done some research and picked up a few things."

Looks like Gabriel came in handy. It's a good thing he's been silent. Perhaps he's even left for good. "Do you really think that Kieran would do that, though?" Now she's speaking from her own situation. "Could it be possible that he honestly cares about you? Regardless of how I may think or feel of certain things, I for a fact believe that it is possible to not have to worry about such things from every one of them." Just mostly all of them.

Their mother might be the biggest issue, from what she feels. She also knows she'll expect to have to talk to her in great length even if she doesn't initiate the call. "Well, she hasn't contacted you yet, which is good. And as you've said, you've done nothing but be on her good side for the past twelve years. She's smart, Brooke. I think she figured out that you didn't know." Or so Bridget assumes. She'd like to think so highly of Regina.


"Sleeping at your place is fine. I still need to be at my place to work though, and it's back to the grind tomorrow." Techincally, Brooke's on call 24/7, but with the Ball having just passed, everyone's been on their best behavior. Which is good for her and allowed her a little down time.

"Yes, yes you are." It would seem that her sister is prepared too. "What type of research? Because I fully plan on heading to the Undercity when I've got a moment or two to go looking for a few particular items that I've heard rumors about in the past." An anti-glamour necklace, a spell to cast out unwanted people from a residence, anything that will act as a truth spell…

"No, I don't. He may have been lying about what he was, but the one thing he's right about is the fact that if he wanted to kill me, he'd have done it a month, or even two months ago after we first met." There's no point to play the nice, charming man in her life, just to drain her dry and leave her dead.

"I don't know, Gidge. I really don't. I mean, he could? Do they have the ability to actually care?"


"I'd like to think that she figured it out. I'm banking on it when I go to talk to her tonight."


Stubborn is as stubborn does. "You know, I've been pretty much living here. I think I could use a change in scenery while I work." Yes, she's threatening to be cramping her sister's space for a few days. It will only be a few days, she knows, because this will resolve itself quickly.

A finger wags at Brooke. "Seriously? This is me. I live for things like this." Certain spells, she means. "I've dabbled a bit with these things, but really but effort into some after Gabe showed back up. I've been working anti-glamour magic into all of my items for weeks." He's not actually tried to glamour her but she's done it just to be safe.

"This here lists some options for securing your home once you've given permissions for them to enter. Gabe was never at my house, but he was here. I wasn't sure if I wanted to resort to this or not since I'm still torn on if I actually want to see him." The last bit almost slips out but Bridget doesn't care if Brooke knows. It may be beneficial for her to know. "As for truth spells, I'm afraid that's a bit beyond what I can do. Or that I know I can do. I don't mind going to the Undercity to look into it with you, honestly because it would be something useful to learn." This isn't her being protective; Rene is honestly curious.

Even though explaining her own research, she takes the time to look full on to Brooke. "You tell me, Brooke." That's really the only thing she knows how to say. "I don't know him, and I met him once. What I know is that I fell in love with a man, and he's now undead. And the way he acts, and the things he says, they seem to be honest. Sincere. I want to believe in them, in him. That's why I think you should think about things a bit before going too far. I've certainly never known anyone to say that they've been wined and dined so much by one just to be used."

That causes Bridget to actually remember something. She goes back to the box and digs around. The darn thing is so small and she didn't think much of it. Eventually she unearths a business card and offers it out to Brooke. "I did get this while I was poking around. Someone told me that there's some weird professor that likes to study all things supernatural. And that if I had any questions I could consult him." Normally this isn't something she'd even consider. "I haven't called him yet because people say he's a little out there." To say the least. "But there are some things he might be able to answer that we can only speculate about."

Tonight? "Brooke, have you gotten much sleep since last night?" That's the only time she's commented on her sister's appearance. "If not, I suggest that you do before going to talk to her. It might cause her to worry less."


"Did you seriously just threaten to stay at my place with me while I worked?" Brooke laughs and then shakes her head. "I'll be fine. It's not like he can wander out during the day anyhow, right?" As far as she knows.

"So anti-glamour magic? You've got a spell for that? I want it." It's as simple that. She'll still go to the Undercity to find something super powerful, but if there's a spell that can work temporarily? It'll be good to have. "Do you want to see him, Gidge? I mean, I'm really not one to talk being as I've been dating a vampire for weeks without knowing, but do you care for Gabriel enough to want to see him again?"


"Christ. I don't know. Part of me wants to say it's possible, but the other part, the part that's been Coven trained is screaming at me that he's a soulless demon." Taking the card, she looks at it, and starts to open her mouth to explain she could likely get more information from Bryn. "I'll… call him."


"Enough. It was four or five when I fell asleep this morning. I woke up an hour ago, threw on my clothes and got out of there."


"Oh god. What about Sera? Do you think she knows? Should I tell her? She's really good friends with Kieran. What if he's grooming her to become a vampire?"


That actually causes her to laugh. "Is that really a threat? Okay, I won't, but that doesn't mean that I won't be in contact throughout the day." She knows Brooke has a key to her apartment and can come and go as she pleases. Still, she should make sure her spare room survived the twins.

She'd laugh again but instead she almost looks proud. "Of course I do. I'm not good at a lot, but that I'm good at." It will be handed over to her sister along with everything else. "I'll make sure that you have everything that you need, or at least that I have. The rest you can get, or we can get together." It's always nice to be well informed, especially since there seems to be a vampire issue.

The question has Bridget finding herself speechless for a minute. "I don't know, Brooke. Part of me really, really wants to. I wanted to marry him. You don't just forget those feelings."

She can't believe that she's saying this. Eventually she'll have to see if she's ill. "Well, keep in mind that we've also been raised to believe that sorcerers are evil and shouldn't be trusted. Then there's the Knight family, and I really don't see where that's so evil." It's a valid point, even if she is arguing for vampires. Which is just wrong.

The thought never occurred to Bridget, but now that it's there, she just stares at her sister. "Sera's known Kieran for a long time, right?" She's a vampire. "Maybe she knows already?"


"Okay, it's not a threat so much as you being over protective. You can come over if you want, there's enough room in the studio for you to work on a dress or two, and definitely enough room for you to make jewelry." Brooke knows that her sister has a key to her place too, and that she'll likely have to expect random drop-ins and lunches for at least the next week.

She's honestly alright with that.

"Perfect, thanks."

Whatever she finds in the Undercity will be shared with her sister, after she ensures that it works.

"No," she says quietly, "You don't." It's part of why she was willing to forgive Bryn. "I honestly haven't met a sorcerer I didn't like. Despite the heartbreak Bryn caused me, I still care for him. I like Robert Knight. In fact, I like his friend Rhett as well. The only ones that get on my nerves are the Reynards." Her nose wrinkles at that, and then she shrugs. "I'm actually mentoring Siobhan Knight. Apparently she got in a bit of trouble that Regina wasn't exactly pleased with, so she may come by the shop to ask about putting a few stones into jewelry."


"Since they were kids, but that story obviously isn't true, because Kieran is nearly four hundred years old." Why does she know that? He didn't tell her his age this morning. Rubbing her temples she frowns. "I'll have to talk to her. Maybe I'll call her instead of Regina, and give Regina a mea culpa later this week."


"Most likely jewelry. I know I shouldn't have, but I spent some insane money and got some real gems. Like emeralds, sapphires, rubies, diamonds… the works. I'm actually going to try and make some extremely fancy jewelry." She bets she can do it, really, she's just usually gone with the cheaper stones. "They'll be in some time in the next week." And it will be glorious.

If Brooke opts out of speaking with this loony professor, Bridget just might. If for anything, just to be able to answer the questions that are going to be asked. There are many things she doesn't know much of, even if she knows of them existing.

"Then maybe just think on it a little bit. It's not a conclusion that you can just come to." Rene is more than willing to write Kieran off but is not about to say as much. If it's important to her sister she'll tolerate anything. It's difficult sometimes, but she does it. "Just like the others that you get along with. Not that I have any exposure to the Reynard's other than knowing the name. Sometimes being a shut in has it's advantages." For all she knows she could have danced with a few. Seeing as how she's never really in trouble Bridget rarely concerns herself with it.

The Knight girl wants stones? "Just stones?" After being mentored? For some reason Rene can't help but smile. "She's got your spirit, hasn't she?" It's not secret that Brooke has been known to have explosive emotions before.

To have the talk, or not have the talk. A hand reaches for her sister's shoulder. "Brooke? She's gone along with his story, right?" The lie. "I can only think of three reasons why that would be. The first is that she's really just a puppet, which I don't believe. She has far too much personality for that. The second is that she knows the truth and just doesn't care. If that's the case, then it could really be possible for him to be a decent being." Not human. He's not alive.

The third reason isn't discussed just yet.


"I think that's a great idea. The more exposure you have to my clients, and people from the Upper East Side, the more I think you need to expand to really fancy things to entice them to keep coming back to your shop." Because really, even though Bridget's shop isn't on the UES, she's got a niche market on handmade, one of a kind dresses that she can create for them.

"Also, you should think about renting the dresses. You know the ones you and I wear for just a single event, and then likely won't look at again for a long time? Or at least think about modifying them for resale afterward."

Even in the midst of her crisis, Brooke can think about her sister's business.

"I don't know if I want to think on it." The truth is, she's afraid that Kieran is right. That they had this conversation before. That she was okay with what he was. That she asked to have her memory erased. If that is the case, she can't exactly tell Regina that she was completely innocent in the matter.

"Siobhan? She does. I think it's her sorcerer side rearing its head, and it's causing extreme bursts of power. Like I used to have when I first got into my witch abilities." It's just a theory at this point. "So it would be great for her to have some pretty jewelry, or key fobs, or anything that's easy for her to carry around to store all the extra energy when she needs to."

Sighing, she nods. "Either that or they made up the story to explain why they're so close. I need to talk to her. I just don't want to spoil her time with Bryn today."


Concentrating on things other than pure crisis is good. She's not trying to be selfish; she simply wants to make sure her sister is fully functional. This isn't exactly good news for Brooke to be processing. "Renting dresses?" That's not even a concept she's considered. The eldest sibling actually pauses to plot the logistics of that. "I usually just end up recycling my material for other projects, honestly." There's no point in keeping fancy things around. "It could be part of a pre-made type thing. Where I can make alterations or whatever? Or rentals in different sizes?" Now she's got a lot to consider. It may cost a bit more initially, but she's not exactly in dire financial situations.

She'd hug her but she's not sure if that's really what she wants right now. "I understand." She truly does, in a way. The situations are so different and yet the same. "Although I don't know if even you can busy yourself enough to avoid it forever." Maybe she requested a mind wipe so that she could be so truthful with Regina and respect him. Whatever the case, Bridget is confident that her sister is innocent. Possibly even in love. Scary things happen to people in love.

A firm nod is given. "I can try to make trendy things out of them. That's what kids like these days, right?" She's mostly joking. Despite the age difference she seems to keep her designs current. Though really, the thought of comparing Brooke to Siobhan also raises some questions. Questions that will not be considered until later. "Hopefully we can keep things under wraps. We don't need another boat incident." Yes, even she's seen it. Poor Siobhan.

Bryn. He'll be getting messages from Bridget even if he doesn't want it. He very likely knows everything that's going on. "They have enough time together. Sometimes you just have to prioritize." She's not being rude, just truthful. Especially since Bryn likely should be around when things come out. "But sis? You have to keep an open mind going into speaking with her." Maybe she can weave another calming spell into something before it happens.


"Yeah, renting dresses. I mean, why not? It'd especially work for the costumes. Rent them out to smaller off-Broadway productions and schools. Cheaper than them buying them, right?" It's just a thought, but she knows it's a way for her sister to bring in a little more money without having to destroy the gorgeous dresses she makes.

Brooke does not want to consider her feelings, or how she was actually starting to fall for Kieran. She can't think about it because if she does, she's going to get angry at herself. "I'm sure I could. I have enough clients. If I run out, I'll move to Hollywood. Those people always need PR managers."


"I'll send her by when she's got some time. I'm not sure what she's doing between the dance studio, and with school starting up in a month. Just let her pick whichever stones she can attune with. Those ones will work better for her storing the energy in them." Sighing, she nods. "Yes, well at least she didn't burn down the barn. I swear, dad still hasn't forgiven me for that."


"I am the most open-minded witch that I know, Gidget. You know I am. I just… don't like surprises like this. It's not a good one. I don't know what to do. I hate not knowing what to do."


It's an idea and it's already beginning to grow. Ways to change the website, the store, places for storage. She may eventually be able to expand. Perhaps she can have a display case of fine jewelry. They're all great thoughts. Maybe, just maybe, she can make enough to finally consider herself to be successful. She's far from poor but she's also not rich. It's a lofty goal but someday, with the right clients, she can make it. Events like the Ball they attended seem to help.

"You're not moving." She's not even giving her sister a choice. "Think of your clients, and your family." Bridget also doesn't wish to pack up shop, but they both know that she would in a heartbeat. "Besides, you love it here. And you're a fighter, and stubborn." The last part can't be avoided. It's amusing to her, no matter how she presents it.

This is one of those things she knows in advance is important, and knows what to do. It's good to be able to branch out to younger generations. "Oh yeah. I'll have things ready, discuss a few options. With your help, I'm sure she'll be fine." At least no barns will catch on… yeah. This time Rene does laugh. "Oh, he's forgiven you. It's just not often we have things to tease you about."

About surprises, Bridget shakes her head. "Are you sure you don't want me talking to a few people first? I'm really concerned with this, Brooke. Like… when was the last time you hung out with Sera during the day?" She's not trying to cast doubt but she honestly needs her sister not to be too overwhelmed with a surprise. The city doesn't need it.


"Of course I'm not moving. I could though. Can you imagine the money I'd make out there? Hell, can't you see yourself as a costume designer for Hollywood, Gidge? It would be worth it to take a trip in the fall, and just look. It might give you some ideas for new dresses, and new fashion forward stuff."

And it gives them both an excuse to get out of the city and enjoy a vacation.

"Look, a vacation wouldn't hurt. We both deserve it. Plus, I've never been to California, and we could hit Disneyland or Universal Studios. The Walk of Fame… tourist stuff. What do you say?" Yes, Brooke is in a panicked state. Yes, she's seriously considering needing to move if the Coven gives her the boot. That doesn't mean she can't book a vacation.

"You can if you'd like to. I should be the one to talk to Regina though. I think I may just put it off until I get more sleep." Biting her lip she looks up at the ceiling, "I saw Bryn bring her to the ball while it was still light out." But that could have been a spell. The place had magic about it, but it's not as though she can detect what was cast. "Mostly we hang out in the evening, because it suits both our schedules better."


She's panicked. She's making a valid point. It's not good when there are two things like this that are conflicting. Time to make an executive decision.

"You're right; I think we both could use a vacation." It's not exactly a well kept secret that they both work hard. "How about, we wait until it cools down a little bit. Even with this heatwave I think we might melt if we go before then." That will give her time to work on some other issues at hand. Hopefully it will also give Brooke some time to see that her life won't blow up, not unless she's the one with the explosions.

Bridget is very torn on what to do but has a pretty good course of action. "There's one person I want to speak with, and I promise it isn't Regina." She'd never do something like that behind her sister's back. "I think that you should just try to get some sleep in the meantime. You can lock yourself away in my apartment if you want, or I can swing by and check in with you later at your place."

It's not going to bother her too much at this point if she's right, based on the fact that she's convinced that she likely is. Still, she has to keep her sister in mind. "Then we can regroup for dinner, and make a plan?"


"Good. I'll start looking into it later tonight." The power of the internet is a very wonderful thing. She can search for vacations without leaving the comfort of her own (or possibly her sister's) home.

"September is a good time to go. Kids will be in school so there will be less of them if we decide to hit any of the parks." Rubbing her hand over her face, Brooke sighs.

"Fine. I may just go to your place and crash for the rest of the afternoon, if you don't mind? I'll go home later tonight, but I really need a little more sleep, and I need time to think."


"As long as you're bringing dinner in? It sounds perfect. I'll catch you later, Gidge. Sorry for dumping this on you."

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