Annual Mid-Summer's Ball - Garden

Dunamis Estate - Garden Courtyard



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Bryn Blackwell Serafine Roche Mikayla Kadestra Quintin Bruning Chance Harper

When Serafine called him and let him know that he could pick her up for their evening out, Bryn was pleased. He would have willingly met her at the Dunamis Estate, but there is just something about attending with her on his arm that makes it all the more open in his eyes. Ashcroft knows about the pair of them now, and he doesn't care who else is made aware of it.

Besides, it was definitely worth it to see her outside in the sunlight. The way it caught the emerald stones on her dress, causing both they, and her eyes to shine.

They have been walking around the garden for a little while, stopping to chat with several people that Bryn knows via his various jobs, and those that know Serafine from her gallery and writing. He's just managed to slip them away from most of the other party goers for a moment on the far side of the fountain.

"Remind me to thank Kostas before we leave."


Serafine is practically ecstatic about the spell. She fully intends to chastise Kieran later for not sharing his knowledge of it. Oh, she knows it's complicated. She was present for the preparations and the full two hours that it took to complete, but it was worth it. Even if it means that for the entirety of the Ball she's physically linked to every other vampire under its casting.

"You want to thank him?" Serafine asks, eyes sparkling. There is definitely a good bit of happy, youthful giddiness in the vampiress tonight. "That is something for the record books."

The vampiress is happy to be on Bryn's arm and publicly so. She hasn't really stopped smiling since the festivities started, and it's doubtful that she will. The dress, green sheath with a strapless bodice is perfect, and hugs all the curves in all the right places. The front split allows her to walk and shows off the length of toned, tanned leg. Her only jewelry are tiny studs in her ears and the delicate bracelet on her wrist, as she refuses to take away from the dress by adorning her throat.

She squeezes Bryn's arm and leans up to kiss him ever so lightly, barely touching, really, on his cheek. No words are said, but the light in her eyes speaks plenty.


"For the spell. It has been a treat seeing you in the sunlight, Serafine. The way the sun catches your eyes, and the jewels on your gown is extraordinary. You look wonderful in the moonlight, but this…"

Bryn knows that it's something that is rarely done, and that it takes a lot of preparation and blood. He also knows that it's incredibly temporary and can cause quite a few problems due to the nature of it.

"But that is the only thing I will thank him for."


Serafine giggles and beams under the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice. She waves a hand around, and slides her arm into his. "I didn't even know this was possible. I'd heard stories but I thought that it was all they were. Stories. This is … a treat. You're right." Worth the time given to Kostas whims and playing nicely.

She dips her head coyly, and peeks up at him through her lashes. "I'm glad you're here for this. That you get to see me like this."


"Me too."

Bryn brushes his lips quickly over her cheek as her head dips. "But now that I am aware the spell works for you…" It is one he would consider doing for her again in the future, despite the fact it would leave him magically drained for a week. The smile on her face, the giggle, and the way she's been so giddy since he got to pick her up would be well worth it.


"Oh Bryn, no!" Sera places her hand to his chest and shakes his head. She's not a mind reader, but she knows where his thoughts are headed. "I could never ask you to do such a thing. It'd drain you too much, and it's not as though I need it, cherie."

Tonight is enough.


"For you, Princess, I would do anything."

Bryn lifts her hand to his lips and kisses it. "You do not have to ask, I would simply do it. For you."


"You're sweet." Sera's smile broadens, which should be an impossible feat, all things considered. "Right now, I'm asking you not to do it."

The vampiress brushes invisible dust from his shoulder and flattens the lapels on his tux as she gazes into his beautiful blue eyes. His handsomeness and the emotion she can see there gives her pause, in a good way, making her freeze for a moment and catch an unneccesary breath.

It's definitely skirting propiety when she leans up and brushes a brief, fleeting kiss across his lips. As she draws back, she whispers, "I'm wearing the gift you sent."


"I was not planning on doing it right now, Serafine," he teases lightly. Bryn watches her freeze the way she does. He would like nothing more than to slip off somewhere with her, but for the sake of the story he's given for their attendance together, he is trying to be a little more hands off.

Which is extremely difficult to do when she whispers what she does.

Clearing his throat, he glances over at her and murmurs, "Good. I do hope I get to see it a little later."


The vampiress, about to step away, stops at his words. A very slow, deliberately sultry smile turns up the corners of her mouth and she moves closer to him, closing the distance between their bodies. She knows the ruse that Bryn used for them being here tonight, but she also has her part to play. Kostas' agents will see Sera playing her role to the hilt: teasing and flirting with the future head of the Priory. For her part, she's just taking advantage of an opportunity to get very close to her boyfriend.

She walks her fingers up his chest and trails them over his shoulder and behind his neck. They curl in the hairs there as she flattens the palm of her other hand against his chest. The tip of her tongue darts out to moisten her lips and she stretches up, dragging her body against his, her mouth nearly touching his ear as she whispers. "Definitely. As soon as you get me out of this dress."


Bryn is very good at playing the role of absolute professional. Unfortunately Serafine tries that extremely well. For outside appearances he remains stoic as he can. There's a definite physical reaction though.

"That will not be soon enough."

Clearing his throat, he takes her hand that's on his chest and holds it for a second before removing it.


Serafine giggles. She can detect all of his reactions, from the minute ones that mark his heart and breathing and the faint spike in his phremones, to the more obvious physical one. Her nail scrapes along the nape of his neck. "But it'll be worth the wait." With a wink, the vampiress steps away, and twists, grabbing a glass of champagne from a passing tray. She takes a sip of it, trailing her free hand over her collarbone as she looks around.

"Shall we walk a bit more? I think I see Andre Maudin. He owns Maudin Gallery and we have a fun competition where we try to steal away one another's clientel."


"Bloody temptress," Bryn mutters under his breath in a good natured fashion. He knows that she's teasing him on purpose.

"Yes, of course. Let us go speak to Mr. Maudin, and you can taunt him with all the new sales you will be making because of this soiree."


Bryn and Serafine are situated by the fountain, having a little bit of a chat in the now fading sunlight. They've moved a little further away now, speaking with a Mr. Maudin; another gallery owner and competitor of Serafine's.

"I dare say I will have to check out your gallery," Bryn is saying to the man. "But only after I have purchased everything I find interesting at Serafine's." Winking at his date, he sets his hand to the small of her back.

"She does happen to have quite a bit that I like."


Serafine and Andres Maudin have something of a friendly rivalry. He's not overly pompous, although he does consider himself an expert on pre and Civil War era art so they always have the most intense and curious 'debates' over such things.

The vampiress laughs lightly, her gaze flickering to her date and then back to Andres. "I wouldn't get too excited over his offer, Andres. I'm certain that I will keep his business interests for quite some time. He's barely scratched the surface of my collection." There is certainly sub-text there, but Serafine doesn't think Andres will pick up anymore than what she's meaning on the surface.

Her gaze flickers over to the young woman - werewolf - sitting on the edge of the fountain, finally placing where she's seen her before, before turning her attention back to the two men.


Mikayla has been enjoying the garden. It isn't as though she didn't want to be inside with Quin. She just wanted to explore a little and the politicking was getting a bit tedious for her. There were a few seconds where she was going to say hello to the vampire who entered her store. She changed her mind though. Sitting at the edge of the fountain she has her shoes kicked off below her. Her feet are not touching the grass. She's letting them dangle about an inch off the ground as she takes in her surroundings.


Fresh air is needed. Words cannot express how much he is glad to be away from that room. It's nice seeing his friends but when he's basically considered Public Enemy Number One he has no desire to subject to himself to it. Things will improve or he'll have to start fresh with friends. Either way, it's something to consider after this weekend.

Quin's fresh from the parlour and is just looking to get somewhere. Anywhere really. His goal is to try and meet up with Kay but there seem to be several people stopping his progress. Some he doesn't mind, others being suits. He hates suits.


"Quin!" Chance raises his voice as much as he can, which isn't much. The werewolf's enhanced hearing will pick up the voice calling out to him and following behind him. He manages to nod and dodge and avoid a few of his father's associates, and finally catch up to his roommate. "Hey."


Chance falls into step beside him. "Now you see why I hate being dragged to these things?" He's already made his decision on things as far as his friendship with Quin goes: he's going to try hard not to get in the middle of it. Which might be difficult until Jenna sorts herself out, but from the look of things at least Siobhan is willing to move forward and work things out.


There are a few less than innocent thoughts filtering through Bryn's mind, and he's got to remind himself that he happens to be in public, and the public facade is that he is simply escorting Serafine to prove good relations between the Priory and Kostas' Court.

"That is very true. You have a rather in depth collection." Grinning at Serafine, he turns back to Maudin and says, "Though I shall perhaps take your card on the off chance any of my clients are interested in perusing your wares."


Good relations mean that Serafine has a perfectly good excuse to be as flirtatious as she wants to be and direct all her energies at Bryn. It's just all the more sweeter knowing that there might very well be payoff later in the evening. "Yes, I suppose it's entirely possible that one of your clients might be interested in such perusal."

Maudin is amused, and his perusal of Serafine and not so covert glances at Bryn say that he's rather envious and admiring of the man's date of choice for the evening. He hands the sorcerer a card, and laughs about wearing out his welcome, before biddig the pair good evening.

"He's not so bad," Serafine says to Bryn turning to pat his arm. "I like a bit of good competition. Though my age seems to make him think I'm not as well-versed as he is." She gives her date a wink.


Hearing Quin's approach, and his attempt to avoid the suits amuses Mikayla. Turning, she allows one foot to touch the ground as she watches him. She spots Chance as well. Figuring that it would be best to get up and greet them both she carefully slips her shoes back on, despite the fact that one foot happens to have a little grass clung to it.

Quietly she makes her way toward the two boys, passing right beside the man and the vampire.


He does hear his name and makes sure to stop for his roommate. There is no love lost between them so far as he's concerned and he doesn't want Chance to think he's avoiding or ignoring him. "Yeah, well, if I'd been smart enough to realize this is where everyone else was going, I'd have told Coach to find someone else."

Yes, he's bitter and upset, mostly at himself at this point. He can't do anything for himself without upsetting anyone else and it's just getting old.

"But you should get back to your date." It's said as a friend, not as a bitter man. "It's not proper to leave such a beautiful girl waiting." He's taken to calling both her and Shiv girls for now. That will likely change back after a while. It's said in such a way that's so normal that most likely wouldn't even catch on to the reasoning behind it.

Quin is aware of the approach of Kay and is eager for it. He's not paid too much attention to the others in the room.


Chance isn't quite certain what's going on. As far as potentially awkward situations, he thought that one was handled with a good deal of grace and decorum on the part of the girls. Jenna was subdued, but Siobhan was her usual self, and quite an improvement over the last time Chance saw her even. He didn't expect running into Quin's arms, but the willingness to converse and associate was unexpected … and a good thing all around.

"Right, I just thought … never mind." Chance isn't going to argue. He isn't going to start anything. If Quin doesn't want him around, so be it. "You and Kay have a good time tonight." Yes, he has seen the girl approaching. "I'll be home sometime tomorrow afternoon." Honestly, Chance doesn't realize how it sounds, he's just letting his roommate know that he won't be around.


"Tell Kay she looks lovely."

Then the sorcerer is turning and heading back the way he came.


"Your age seems to make him think that you would be more than willing to hop into his bed." Bryn chuckles at that, and wraps an arm around her in a possessive manner. Turning them back toward the fountain, he spots the younger sorcerer and offers a nod.

"Serafine, I do believe I see someone I actually would not mind saying hello to." He notes the quick departure of Chance, and frowns a little. "If you do not mind excusing me for a moment?"


"Or you can come along. You do know his father."


Serafine bites the inside of her cheek to avoid commenting on the prospect of jumping into bed with Andres. She's certain that Bryn doesn't want to know that she once considered it, and wondered if sleeping with and snacking on the competition was worth it. Better to leave that unsaid.

"Yes, well, I'm not interested in his bed." She gives Bryn a very subtle nudge with her hip.

Looking around, she tries to figure out where Bryn has focused his attention. "Now you've got me curious, Mr. Blackwell. I'm most interested in accompanying you."


Mikayla notes the name that she hears the vampire saying. The man with her is definitely not a vampire.

"Quin," she says with a smile as she draws near. Turning toward Chance she offers a nod. A slight half-smile. "Chance." She has learned his name since they returned from Vegas on Tuesday. "I didn't know you'd be here," she explains.

"Thank you for the compliment."

Werewolf hearing does come in handy sometimes.


He should carry around a sign that reads 'What the Hell?' and just hold it up all the damn time. That's how he feels right now and it actually shows on his face. "Hey, I'm just saying that I'm sure she'd rather you be in her company tonight. Since we live together and whatnot. I'm sure that they just want some super fun weekend full of extra dress up and adult behavior." He's guessing this based on Shiv's email, of course. Again, nothing there is an insult. He can just see the logic behind it.

"You can tell her yourself." She's approaching, after all, and likely heard it. In the end, Quin has always hated sympathy, and he's really not looking forward to any from Chance right now. They do see each other regularly enough that he doesn't feel that Chance sticking to Jenna is a slap in the face.

He does raise a brow at how Chance describes being home. Hey, whatever. He doesn't ask about anyone's sexual life. He'll just sit on it and bring it up later only if his is asked about again.

Although Quin's convinced he's just going to leave the party all together now. He tries taking the upper road and giving the girls what they want for the weekend and it just seems to go against him. Like everything.

Instead of leaving he does offer a welcoming arm to Kay. He even goes as far as to place an innocent kiss on her cheek.


"I came out here to talk to you," Chance points out. Yes, they live together, but his point was to emphasize that he's not going to end his friendship with Quin, or let the issue between Quin and Jenna, and possibly between Quin and Siobhan come between them, and he felt a little like he was being given a dismissal. "Jenna's with her brother and Shiv, I wouldn't have left if I thought she'd feel deserted or be offended by it."

Of course, he doesn't get to make his exit before Kay's arrival. He gives her a polite nod and a half-smile. "You're welcome."


"It's true, you look lovely." In a way, he's glad that Jenna didn't get to see Kay with Quin; she might be holding her head up and saying she's okay with it all, but Chance doesn't for one moment think that the empath really is.


With Chance being stopped from making a quick get away, it makes things easier for Bryn to catch up to the younger sorcerer. Escorting Serafine with him, he keeps his hand on the small of her back.

"Chance, it is good to see you. Did your father make it this evening?"


"Serafine, may I introduce you to Chance Harper?"


Serafine has no problems saying beside Bryn, and going where he leads. Partly because she's enjoying his company and watching him hobnob with those he knows, partly because she enjoys showing off her handsome, sexy date.

"Harper?" Serafine echoes curiously, flashing the young sorcerer a polite smile. "Rhett Harper would be your father?"

The vampire lets her gaze sweep the company that the sorcerer is keeping: two werewolves. The pretty, non-pack girl from the shop, who's dress and mannerisms set her apart as being squeezed into a world she's not altogether familiar with, and a male whom Serafine is wholly unfamiliar with. Not that she's familiar with many werewolves. They're scents are all over one another, and it takes a moment for Serafine to distinctly identify their separate scent signatures. One can tell a good deal from scent, and other than the fact that two are well acquainted, there's the tension and discontent in the air. Or maybe Serafine is simply picking that up from the subtle body language cues that she's acquired from centuries of watching people.

All grace and charm, Serafine extends her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you, you're as handsome as your father."


The dress is not as fancy as most that she's seen on people here. Mikayla is aware of that. She liked it in the shop so she doesn't care what other people say about it. Chance's compliment earns him a full smile. The last thing she wanted was to come between Quintin and his roommate.

"Thank you," she offers again.

There's a slight tensing to her posture that has nothing to do with Chance. Glancing over her shoulder as she feels the vampire approach, she readies her guard.


Not in any obvious way. She's just wary of the vampire.

"Relax, sufletel," she says despite her tenseness. "Your roommate is hardly going to try to whisk me away." Winking at Chance, she smiles again and sets her hand on Quintin's arm.


She isn't. He isn't an empath or a mind reader. He can use his nose and his ears better than others, though, and it isn't difficult to tell when she's in distress. She may be a good actress but there are some things that even Jenna can't do. As always, Quin chooses to remain silent.

No matter what he feels, Quin actually looks apologetic at this point. "I didn't mean to insinuate that you weren't. I just, I'm okay if your attention is needed elsewhere. You know?"

He's not afraid of Chance going after Kay, not in the least. But he does smirk and nod at Kay mentioning it. It's a good distraction. From what happened in the other room, at least. It doesn't disguise the fact that there's a vampire in their general vicinity.

Sera earns a look of assessment from Quin. He's not unpleasant or rude, nor does he attempt to be outwardly defensive. What he does do is look at Chance. Chance will know that there's questions in his roommates eyes, but they will remain unspoken.


Chance blinks and grins at his fellow sorcerer. "Bryn. I didn't know you were here tonight, though I guess I should have." He extends a hand and shakes Bryn's. "Dad is here somewhere, but I haven't seen him yet." The young sorcerer turns his attention to the very beautiful woman at Bryn's side. He's acting on automatic as he takes her hand then begins to turn a bit red as he realizes he's staring and blushing a bit. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am. You know my father?" He's pretty sure he'd have remembered his father dating or associating with someone like this woman.

He swallows a bit, and remembers his manners, breaking his attention away from Serafine. "Bryn, this is my roommate, Quintin and his date Kay."


"I did tell you that you knew his father," Bryn replies to Serafine, noting Chance's reaction to her. So Rhett didn't let on that he was involved with a vampire then. If he knew.

"Since I have been staying in the city, it does seem as though I attend a lot of these functions." These are things he easily avoided in London, simply because he would fly out whenever they were going on. Much more difficult to do when one needs to present the 'new face of the Priory' all around to the various groups.

Laughing when he realizes that Chance is gawking at his girlfriend, Bryn wraps an arm about her.

"Quintin, Kay, a pleasure to meet you both."


Sera leans into Bryn's touch. Not as though the young sorcerer is any sort of competition, but she likes the feeling of being claimed. Her smile is soft as she squeezes and releases Chance's hand. "It was awhile ago. We were both a lot younger." That's all she'll say. She knows how old she appears, and if the boy wants to think that she was a young twenty something who had an affair with his father, it's for the best. Close to the truth with the exception of the age.

Her attention shifts to Quintin and Kay, and though she's playing human, she snags a glass of wine from a passing tray rather to cover not extending her hand to the werewolves. She can sense the girl's edginess, and she's not going to make her more ill at ease, nor does she want to spook the male wolf who gives her something of a protective vibe. "Quintin, a pleasure."


"Kay and I have had the pleasure. I stopped in the lovely little shop."


"Miss Roche." Kay nods at the vampire. Glancing at Quin, she explains, "This is the woman who provided me with the information I was showing you." Just so that he's clued in as to why she was conversing with a vampire.

"Likewise, I'm sure," Mikayla says to the man with the vampire. She knows that she's out of place here. These others seem to have an air about them that screams 'upper class'.


There may be something unusual in the group but he's not going to let that fact cause him to freeze up. He isn't afraid of vampires. He doesn't know vampires. It's unnatural that they have no scent and it bothers him, but he doesn't have ill feelings towards them. That he knows of. That doesn't mean that he won't be cautious though.

A hand is extended to Bryn at the introduction. "It's always a pleasure to meet friends and associates of Chance."

Sera explains how she knows Kay and it all seems to click. She'll be able to see it on Quin's face, too. It's only confirmed by Kay. "Well, then. Nice to meet an associate of Kay's, too." He does manage a smile. There are a thousand questions he has but he isn't exactly on high alert. If this vampire had wanted to do something to Kay she'd have done so the first time around.

Mikayla is not completely out of element here. No more than Quin is. He's hardly upper crust but it was fun to at least try to see what something like this would be like.


The introductions of Quin and Kay allow Chance to regain his equilibrium. He's a little bit embarrassed about his reaction toward Bryn's date, even though the woman is hot. Bryn is a very lucky man … but he also wonders how and when his father knew her, too.

"Bryn's a great guy to know," Chance says. He wants to tell Quin and Kay that Bryn is a good contact to have if you're in trouble, but he's unsure of how much Serafine knows about the sorcerer. "He … um, bailed me out when I got into some trouble." It's said sheepishly and sounds like typical teenage/college kid shenanigans the way that Chance words it. However the look he gives his roommate conveys that it was probably much more than that.


"Happens to the best of us, Chance." Bryn was not without problems of his own when high school ended. They were of a different nature, and rather than face them, he ran. Even so, helping Chance was a way of making that up to himself. "I was not without my own trouble back in school."

He broaches it the same way the younger sorcerer did. As though it were simply boyish trouble.

"But you are not allowed to ask about that," he teases lightly, glancing at Serafine.


Knowing what Bryn does in addition to his Priory work, the vampire is damn curious to know what sort of trouble the young sorcerer could have gotten himself into, and at such a young age. Her curiosity will keep, however and she simply tilts her gaze Bryn and smiles charmingly. "Now, you're piquing my curiosity. Shall I ply you with drink to loosen your tongue regarding your boyhood shenanigans?" She won't, of course. She's teasing. Also, at least two of those present beside Bryn know that as a vampire she doesn't have to do such a thing if she wants information. Or at least, they should have heard the rumors.

A pretty little frown is given and Serafine shakes her head. "I best not, I suppose. You might reverse the tables on me." It's followed with another little laugh.

"What do you all do? Are you all students, then?" Now, Sera is making polite conversation. Though she will confess to some curiosity about the sorcerer who runs with werewolves.


"That is good to know," Mikayla replies to Chance with a smile. "About the bailing. Not the trouble." Though it is good to know that he's gotten up to trouble in his past too.

"It sounds like there are many stories to be shared." She is not going to offer her own.

"I run Lunar Magic," she reminds the vampire. Or she may be telling the vampire that for the first time. She doesn't happen to be a student. That's not the way her life went.


Despite being around a creature that could potentially be an issue (but for now he's assuming is not), he's far more comfortable here than he was in the other room. It could also help that diving right into conversation with people who aren't the suits he's been courting is helping.

Quin catches the brief glance of his roommate. There are stories to be had indeed and he very likely will get them later. As for now there's no reason to announce them. Besides, it's very likely that his friend's date is more than familiar with what all of them are.

"Guilty as charged." It's said to Sera as to her guess. "I'm entering into my senior year at Columbia, which is actually why I'm here. Apparently our athletic department finds this to be the perfect place to drop names. And hints."

The male wolf is not afraid to be clear about his very nature at such an upper crust event. "And honestly, who has been without their fair share of troubles? Sometimes they add a bit of spice to life."


Chance just learned something new, and that is that as young as she is, Kay runs a shop. He tries to figure out what sort of shop might run under the name of 'Lunar Magic' - which he notes is a nice play up to the wolf side there - and takes a moment or two to try and place Bryn's date. The longer her talks to her, the more he gets a sense of familiar, like he's seen her face before, but can't place where.

"Politicking. It's everywhere," Chance says with a slight frown. "I've run into a few of my Dad's associates who either want me to put in a good word or are trying to pry information out of me." One of the downsides of being the son of the COO. He banishes the frown quickly though and gives Quin a grin, "Still, the food is good." The alcohol is free, and sometimes, you do meet a few interesting people.

"Yeah, I think I prefer my life a little less spicier though," Chance laughs. After all, you don't go to Bryn Blackwell unless you've really stepped into it.

To Serafine, he grins, "Going into my last year at Columbia too. Pre-law." No, he's not following the Nash Dynasty Corporate line. If the woman even knows about that sort of thing.


"You could attempt to, Serafine, but I would definitely need to reverse the tables on you." Bryn would never be able to get the vampiress drunk, but it would be plenty of fun to try.

"What type of shop is that," he inquires of Mikayla.

To Quintin, he asks, "Which sport are you name dropping for?"

Then to Chance, he gives the younger man a clap on the shoulder. "Have you begun to scout law schools yet?"


With the right combination of alcohol and drugs, and blood or lack of, Bryn could manage to get Serafine quite inebriated. Kieran has it down to a science, and says she's a fun, frisky drunk, but that's not knowledge that is shared. Someday, she might well let Bryn know that she can get drunk, or let him find out by trial and error.

She'll allow Kay to answer questions about her shop, though she does say, "It's very quaint, and cozy. I purchased a lovely silver bracelet and necklace there." That she can't wear unless she has the inside proper treated, but she hasn't decided yet, considering that they were purchased on a whim of 'I really want that.'

"I'm going to guess … football." Serafine gives the male wolf a once over. It's not sexual, but objectively appraising. "Tight end or defensive end maybe? The shoulders for blocking, but you're not so bulky that you can't get up the speed to run with the ball." Yes, she does have an eclectic range of interest and knowledge.


"I don't know. There is nothing wrong with wanting life a little more spicy," she says to Chance. She likes how her life is. Enjoys the twists and turns it takes. That may not have always been the case. When she was first on her own after being tossed out by her grandfather she did not like it very much. Mikayla just learned to make the most of what life throws her way. Both good and bad.

"It is a New Age shop. Occult. Paranormal. My grandmother makes and sells gypsy jewelry there as well." Quaint. Cozy. Eclectic. All very good descriptors for the shop.


It's actually a relief to know be known at all by this group. Not that he's overly stressed at this point but it helps relax him even more. It almost helps him realize why people come to these types of events. "I don't know if anyone should offer me free food. They may realize how big of a dent that will put in any wallet." He's attempting to joke, to keep things light. This is good.

Admittedly, Quin hasn't said a whole lot to Chance about Kay. He's not hiding her, but he'd like the two to get to know each other outside of the drama. The fact that they already are reacting so well is a good sign to him.

"Football." It's said with a confirming tone offered to Sera. He's not bragging about his career or anything, let alone giving his last name. He's done enough of that tonight. "I think they figure they'll get as much out of me as possible as this is my last season with them."

At the explanation of the shop he nods to his roommate. "That's where I picked up this healing cream that might help with that scar." People have scars, it's not uncommon. "It's worth a visit."


Chance makes a mental note to find Kay's shop and check it out. Magical sorcerer curiosity that has nothing to do with finding out anything about Quin's girlfriend. Date. Friend. Whatever. They're really going to have to nail that down, at least so Chance knows what he's dealing with. What he's not dealing with too. Because Jenna … yeah, he's not going to think about that right now. He's happy to be here with her, hopes that she's having a good time, but … ultimately doesn't know what to do about her. He's been tempted, more than once the past few days to ask his father, but as close as they are this is one time that he can't. "Sounds like it may be," Chance says.

"I've been accepted to Harvard and Columbia. They were my top choices, so the big decision is whether I want to stay in the city or move north," the sorcerer tells Bryn.


"American Football?" Bryn tsks and shakes a finger at Serafine. "I do believe we have had this discussion before, luv. Real football is what you all call soccer." So there is a distinction, and he wants to ensure that he is understanding Quintin in what he's trying for.

"I would say that was a fairly good guess. You are not hiding the fact that you happen to be a mind reader are you, Serafine?" His tone is light, teasing, and playful. He knows full well that it is not one of the abilities of her 'race'.

"Columbia and Harvard? That is one hell of a choice. Have you taken a look at Yale?"


"You're Stateside now, you need to learn to accept our lizard, uncivilized mindsets," Serafine teases. It's comfortable and very familiar, her tone is. She shakes her head and laughs, "No, not a mind reader. A people watcher. Universities showcase athletes in very specific arenas, the ones that bring the most notice and attention to the university: Football, basketball, baseball. To a lesser extent soccer and wrestling, sometimes swimming and hockey. We're going into football season. American football." She may never attended a university, but she's watched them grow and change over the years.

She gives Quin a friendly smile, "You must be very good for them to want to show you off."


"He is a very good player." Mikayla squeezes Quin's arm and smiles up at him. "He lead his team to victory in their last away game." To Vegas. From which they returned to drama.

"That is working very well." Offered quietly to Quin before she takes herself out of the conversation. Except to add to Chance, "Congratulations on your acceptances."


It isn't that he forgets that there's a difference between the sports that share a similar name in different countries, he just usually assumes that people are on the same page. "American football, yes." He's impressed with Sera's guess but isn't overly surprised. She must have many talents people don't know of.

"I guess they thought if people saw me they might be more willing to donate money. I understand that the team can't survive without funding. I'm just not as used to these functions as some other members of the team might be." He would have asked Chance for some pointers but really just wanted to get it done and over with.

Sera earns a nod. "I believe that sums it up perfectly. Not that any one sport is better than another, but it's a know your audience type thing." His free hand rubs at the back of his neck. The first sign of nerves, but it's more embarrassment than anything. "I'm not as good as they'd have you believe."

That hand moves to cover Kay's. He's affectionate with her. He clearly has feelings for her and at this point he's not hiding them. That doesn't mean he isn't keeping an ear and nose out for Jenna and crew. "I think that the weirdest thought of all of it is that Chance and I won't be rooming together after this year. At times it almost feels like he's a brother I never had." It's flattery, but it's also the truth. Even if he doesn't speak it often.

"I'm glad to see that I'm not the only fan of Kay's shop. It really does seem to have a little bit of everything."


"I did consider Yale, yes," Chance admits. He seems a little sheepish, "I got on the wait list on that one." He knows that he got two acceptances at very good schools and has nothing of which to be ashamed. "I do like the City though and I'm doing an internship at a local firm. Staying here for another few years might not be a bad thing."

Quin's words genuinely surprise the sorcerer and he glances over at his roommate. "Yeah, it's going to be weird without Quin as my roommate. We've gotten used to each other, I think." There's a genuine smile of camaraderie, even with the whole bumpy 'dating' - or probably 'not dating' situation ahead.

"Thank you," is said to Kay, regarding his acceptance.


"Your lizard, uncivilized mindsets would not know real football if it jumped up and bit them." Bryn teases back just as easily. "You are a people watcher, Serafine. It is part and parcel of what you do for a living."


"You are forgetting lacrosse, and rowing. Harvard has an amazing rowing team." He did compete against them once.

"Even being wait listed is a good thing, and you have two wonderful schools to choose from. Let me know what you decide to do."


"It's fun too," Serafine laughs. She gets far more enjoyment from people watching and making up stories about them than she thinks others do. She can't resist lifting up to press a soft, light kiss to Bryn's cheek. "Yes, but you don't think we Yanks are all that bad."

She smiles at the son of one of her distant, former lovers. "You did very well to get accepted where you did. I've heard good things about both, though I suppose Bryn would know better."

To Quintin, she also smiles. "Modesty is very attractive, but don't be afraid to admit your talents. It's quite possible to admit what you're good at without boasting or being prideful." There is a difference between confidence and arrogance, though she doubts the werewolf is in any danger of becoming arrogant. He doesn't seem the sort.


"That is what you have me for, sufletel. To be boasting and prideful of how good you are at your sport." Mikayla gives Quintin's arm another squeeze, then goes back to being quiet. She normally has no trouble speaking her mind. The issue is that she doesn't know much about the whole post-secondary education thing. Rather, schooling at all. She never did attend any traditional schooling.


He's already said that he'd be happy if Chance and Jenna hook up, and he means it. And not just in the typical definition of hook up that some people seem to use. He knows Jenna's too close to Chance now for this to be a fling. As truly sorry as he is for all the drama, he just wants everyone to be happy. In hindsight he seems to believe it was going to happen anyway. He happened upon one of his own kind who seems to be okay with his random clinginess and odd quirks. Some people aren't ready to explore real relationships and that's okay; he's ready to see what's going on with Kay. Quin has no regrets.

"It's rare to room with someone for so long and just be okay with the little quirks that are so unique." No one else, he believes, would be okay with what he is. Just as he's extremely chill with magic. Even if it means cleaning up and fixing the kitchen these days. The statement he made may have shocked, but he's working on speaking his feelings since he's no longer state ordered into therapy.

The ill speak of American football doesn't really bother him at all. He honestly only got into it as an outlet for anger. It could have just as much been another sport. Besides, the tone is upbeat which actually makes him chuckle. "Oh, and what would it be that you do?" This is offered to Sera, since Bryn seemed to bring it up.

Quin could actually kiss Kay at this moment but he just goes for the small actions, such as squeezing her hand at her comforting touch. "We'll see about bragging after the draft." There's really nothing different about schooling; and nothing wrong with not attending college. He is only because of his scholarship. Hopefully Sera's occupation gives more to talk about. "Although I'm sure my ego thanks you, even though you being around is just enough for it."


"True," Chance agrees. He slips his hands into his pants pockets and rocks on his heels. He gets Quin's 'hairy problem,' and Quin has never minded the occassional magic or his random flings. Though, the magic thing might become more prevalent now that he's working more frequently and regularly with Siobhan. Though cell phones will go off for all potion making in the future.

Quintin might be genuinely fine with Chance hooking up with Jenna, especially now that he has Kay in his life and watching them together, Chance can tell that somehow, in a very short period of time, Quintin has become pretty attached and emotionally involved with the other werewolf. Really, it should be a relief for Chance: it blows the door wide open, except that Jenna made no bones about the fact that she liked them both. Hooking up with her by default isn't on Chance's agenda. The more time he spends in the company of Quin and Kay, the more he realizes that Jenna is going to be hurt for a while and that she's not an avenue he can even remotely consider exploring. Not in good confidence.

"Yes, what do you do, Serafine?" Chance asks, following Quintin's lead, and Bryn did bring it up. "Something very public? It's just that you look familiar and I can't quite figure out why."


The ribbing of the sport, and the general acceptance that he'd do so, being from the UK causes Bryn to chuckle. "Yes, I do suppose there is that. Granted, there is no law that says you still cannot room together once you graduate. If Chance stays at Columbia, and you look at one of the teams closer to the city."

At least until he actually does get to be professional.


"I run a small, private art gallery on the Upper East Side," Serafine says with a smile. She waits a beat and then continues. "That's only my grown up job, though. My fun job is that I'm a writer. Romance novels, mainly."

Without missing a beat she looks curiously at Chance, mostly teasing, "You don't secretly read and stash romance novels do you?" She hates the thing where her publisher likes to put her picture in or on the back cover, though she understands that she is their cash cow, and that the belief that if she's recognized, her fans will remember to buy her next book. "I'm published under Sera Roche."

"Good roommates are hard to find. I wouldn't give up on each other so quickly, if you're both staying local."


"I'm terrible to live with. Extremely high maintance. It's no wonder I live alone." Not entirely true; she's lived with Kieran just fine in the past, but that was a different set of circumstances. It makes sense that the vampire would live alone, but she has an excuse for the human facade.


Mikayla notes where the gallery is located. She may just drop by unexpectedly some day to return the favor and try to put the vampire on guard. Human facade or not she is well aware as to what the woman is.

"There is no doubt in my mind that if you wish to play pro football that you will get drafted." It is not necessarily the power of positive thinking. Simply that she has seen him play.


"You make a very valid point." He does, too. Honestly, Quin hasn't thought that far ahead in life. He's assuming that one or both of them will be ready for some female companionship in terms of living partners by then. If not, he's not concerned. He's comfortable rooming with Chance.

"I really do believe that everyone has at least one thing that makes them difficult to live with. It's key to find people who may not appreciate it, but at least can accept it."

None of that rings a bell to Quin. He almost feels bad. "That's not exactly my taste in books, but I might pick one up." Libraries are out there for a reason. Besides, he'd be interested in reading up on the vampire. She seems to have a very human persona. He's not sure what to think of it but if anything maybe he can learn a thing or two.

Kay is going to get a very large hug as soon as they're in a situation where it's deemed 'appropriate'. "With positive thoughts like that? How can I fail?"


Female companionship in terms of living partners? Yeah, that's so far off the scope of things that Chance has thought about that it's not even a faint flickering in his mind's eye. He's only just now started to consider the possibility of exploring a relationship that isn't based on booty calls, and that's been taken off the table before it could even really develop into a proper thought.

"I can't say that I read romance novels, but my Abuelita does, so maybe I saw one of your books around her house," Chance says to Serafine. He's curious now and doesn't know how he'll explaining looking through her romance novel collection, but he knows he's going to do it.

He almost rakes his hands through his hair and then thinks better of it. He knows he's been gone a while and maybe should get back. "I think I should head back to my date, she's probably wondering if I deserted her."


"Well I cannot say I have ever actually read anything Serafine has written," Bryn admits. Though he has perused a few of her novels since meeting her. It would be foolish of him not to, and they do give a bit of insight as to her inner thoughts.

"That is very good to know, Serafine. Though I do not think that telling your date for the evening that you are extremely high maintenance will ensure you get another." He winks at her, and then nods to the group. "We should begin heading inside ourselves. I did promise Miss Roche a dance, and we have thus far avoided the ballroom."


Serafine isn't surprised or insulted that Bryn hasn't read her work. It's historical and contemporary romance. It's not everyone's cup of tea. "I'm not offended by that either," Serafine says giving his arm a squeeze. "You did buy from my gallery, though. Even if you were only trying to feel me out." Beat. "It worked out to my advantage."

"You never know, I might be willing to bend and flex and compromise and do away with some of my diva-esque ways with the right persausion." The vampire is smiling and teasing now, because things are going to be complicated enough with their relationship being public. It's hardly time to start entertaining the idea of cohabitation. Likely Bryn will move on in a few years, as he gets older … and she doesn't. It is the way of things.

"Yes, I do want to claim my dance." To the group she smiles, "Good luck to you. All of you, in whatever you do with your futures."


"You can't."

It is as simple as that to Mikayla. If he really wants something it will happen.

"It was very nice to meet you both." She is including the vampire in this to be polite. She could care less that the woman was there. Her date seems to be very nice though. Which makes her question what it is he is doing with the vampire.

"Please, Chance. Don't let us keep you. I would tell you to give my apologies but I do not think that would go over at all well."


He actually openly cringes at Kay's last statement. He's of the same opinion, obviously. Honestly, with this conversation out of the way, he can begin to head out. He'll of course show off his date some more in the process, but his job surely is done by now.

"Agreed. It was a pleasure to meet you both." It really was, surprisingly. He'll look more into Miss Roche tomorrow.

Quin offers his roommate a pat on the shoulder. "Go have fun. We'll catch up later." He'll then proceed to walk with Kay to anywhere but here, provided she's up for it.


"No," Chance sighs, "I doubt that it would." He's not going to lie about it, because lying serves no purpose. He thinks that the true brunt of Jenna's frustration and hurt are with Quin, but Kay is a reminder of the root and source. As for Siobhan … honestly, he still hasn't a clue despite what Quin said he thinks bothered Siobhan. What Chance does know is that emotions were running high, and the girls can't really be faulted for reacting in conjunction with their emotions. He doesn't consider it immature; he's pretty sure that running on emotion and adrenaline, he might not have been any more reasonable or rational either. Especially if they weren't all his emotions.

"Good night, Quin, enjoy yourself."

He waits until his roommate and 'friend' are departing and turns back to Bryn and his lovely date. "Bryn, could I talk to you later? Not tonight, I don't want to keep you from your beautiful date - " a smile is flashed at Serafine, " - but maybe I could call tomorrow? It's personal, not business, but I'd like to bounce an idea off of you."

The sorcerer is very well removed from the whole situation, and he's objective and logical. Maybe he can help Chance figure some things out.

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