Messy Misunderstandings

Columbus Gardens - Chance and Quintin's Apartment


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Adventures in Potion Making were going quite well until Siobhan got a frantic call from Chris who locked himself out of the house and forgot his soccer gear that he needed for summer practice. She, however, was the third call he made, and midway through trying to walk him through casting an unlock spell over the cell phone, her mother arrived back at home. That single moment of distraction, while Chance flipped through her father's 'borrowed' grimoire with far too much curiosity, was all it took to set disaster into motion. A disaster that has left the counter tops, two cupboard covers, the refrigerator, a small portion of the ceiling, the floor and one witch and sorcerer covered in an odd smelling green concotion.
"I did not make too much," Siobhan argues, wiping guck from her face. "You're supposed to make enough for more than one dose. Anything you can't properly store gets properly washed down the drain or watered down and flushed. You really aren't good at this are you?"

"So says the woman covered in green slime," Chance grins cheekily. He wipes the front of his shirt with his hand and frowns, then flicks it at the kitchen sink. "I guess this is why you shouldn't get distracted?" The sorcerer is mostly amused. Sure, the kitchen is a mess, but there's no true harm, and it's kind of funny to watch Siobhan being righteous, bitchy and bossy. She's usually laid back and quiet when they're working on her sorcerer magic, so seeing her in her element is something different.
"Do you know a spell to clean this up?"

"You're not serious? You want to use magic to clean up a possibly unstable potion? Are you even awake? Did the caffeine -" Siobhan stops and scratches her abdomen where her shirt is sticking. "Let's just get this cleaned up. I'm itchy."

"Yes, ma'am. Right away, ma'am." Chance reaches for a dishtowel and tosses it to Siobhan. Itching himself, he grins at her and pulls his shirt over his head. "You can pull yours off too if you want."

"Yeah, right. Whatever." Siobhan takes the towel and begins wiping down the counter, pausing every few moments to scratch. Until the scratch becomes an irritating burn. Not just on her torso, but on her hands and her face. "Omigod, omigod!" The witch rushes to the sink, sticking her hands under the water, but it's not enough and it doesn't cover her whole body.

"Fuck!" The sorcerer processes just as quickly, but he doesn't run for the sink. He scoops the witch up over his shoulder, despite her shocked protests and heads into the bathroom, dumping them both unceremoniously under the shower spray where he begins to strip out of his clothes. "Get undressed!" Whatever screwed up the potion is acting like an acid and neither of them is in any condition to magic away that burn.

Which would be about the time that Jenna arrives. Really, she's been given the go-ahead by Chance to come in and set up the early morning celebration for Quin. Winning a big game like that is important, and letting him know that they were all rooting for him back here is important too.
Plus, there's pasta to make.
She knocks, and then checks the door handle. It's unlocked. Unusual, but not unexpected! It's nice that Chance thought to unlock the door for her so she could slip in without waking him up.
Once she's inside, she can hear the shower going and grins. Well alright, he's already awake. Setting down the bag of decorations, she carries the groceries to the kitchen to attempt (for the second time) to make pasta.
"Looks like I'm not the only one who makes messes in the kitchen," she mutters, trying to find a pair of gloves or a mop so that she can start cleaning up whatever it is that's covering the kitchen, so that she can start making the pasta.

The trip has had ups and downs, mostly ups, but has finally come to an end. Traveling from the west coast can take most of the day so to circumvent that the plane tickets include a redeye flight. It's early for those who are waking up but it's extremely late for those just getting in. Sleeping on a flight isn't always as easy as some claim it to be, especially when the flyers are in need of leg room.

With the fact that they've been traveling for so long, and a few other aspects not to be listed, Quin's instructed the cab to drop both passengers off at his place. Knowing nothing of what his kitchen currently looks like (although a dirty kitchen is a big irritation of his) the werewolf lets himself into his own home, his ladywolf hopefully not too far behind.

"I'm ready for some sleep." The words are kept soft, just in case Chance is attempting to sleep. "Maybe a few days of sleep."

The trip was perfect for Mikayla. Plenty of room to run out in the desert. Plenty of fresh air. Plenty of space to frolic on nights when there were no other plans. She is a well exercised and happy wolf.
Wearing a pair of hotpants, and Quintin's football jersey, the werewolf looks relaxed.
"Sleep is not exactly what I had in mind, sufletel." There are noises that Kay can hear in the apartment. The shower. A voice in the kitchen. There is a strange smell that she can't quite place.
"If you are tired though, I can take the couch."

The shrieks of protest stopped once Chance set Siobhan in the shower and turned it on. Another time, another place and she might yelp about the sorcerer stripping to his boxers, but now is so not the time for modesty. Chemistry lab training comes in handy too now, and Siobhan is already whipping off her shirt and desperately scooping water in huge handfuls over her body. Splashing all the various places the botched potion touched.
Shirt tossed haphazardly over the top of the glass to land somewhere with a wet thunk, Siobhan starts on her running pants which are touching more skin and much harder to get off when the water is plastering them to her body. She curses and wiggles, peeling them down, just barely.

Free of his sweat pants, Chance just kicks them to the side and focuses on the witch. Mostly he's trying to get water onto her hair to get the glob of gunk out before it damages her hair.
Noting her struggles, Chance grabs her by the waist. "Wait, stay still a minute." The water is cooling and soothing, and he thinks they reached it in time, but he's not taking any chances. He casts a spell and makes a gesture, cutting a nice seam down the pants. "Fastest way of them. I'll buy you a new pair or whatever." He has something she can wear too once they're safely clean of potion.
Chance can honestly say that this is the one time he's neither turned nor paying attention to a beautiful, wet half-naked woman in his vicinity.

Finding a pair of rubber gloves, Jenna is just putting them on when she hears the door opening. Glancing at the clock, she frowns at the time. Quin's not supposed to be due home for at least an hour. She's supposed to have time to set everything up!
Therefore, she assumes that it's her bestie, coming early to help her out.
Hurrying to the main room, she chirps, "Siobhan, the kitchen is a mess and it's so not my faul —"
Seeing Quintin, and the girl at his side, wearing his jersey has her freezing completely.
"You're early," she squeaks at Quintin.

"Now, I never said that." Sleeping and sleeping do go hand in hand, after all. If he can manage to play football so well, he can drum up the energy for a bit of playtime. "But you know full well that if anyone were to sleep on the couch it would be me." Ever the gentleman; that's Quintin.

"Besides, it isn't as if I sleep in one of those tiny dorm beds." There certainly is room for two, no matter what is or isn't going on. He's about to say more but there's suddenly a Jenna running into his direction. He knows this is her because he can hear her, smell her even.

Not once does he try to hide Kay, nor does he try to immediately explain her. Blue eyes lock onto her once she realizes who it is. "The flights were early and we made good time." Are they really that early? He doesn't even seem to realize what time it is anymore.

With the shower running in the background he considers it for a moment. The wolf can't help but assume the wrong thing. "Are you making breakfast for Chance?" He sniffs at the air then and wrinkles his brow. "That doesn't smell like anything you would make." Or explode.

"Good, because I find that I am quite awake after the flight." Mikayla steps in front of Quin and loops her arms about his neck. She's on the tips of her toes, preparing to kiss him when she hears a distinctly female voice. She lowers herself slowly back to her feet. Her head turns slowly to look over her shoulder.
"We made very good time."

With the water washing away the sting, leaving definitive burns behind, Siobhan starts to go through her mental library of spells to heal them, or a salve she can make. If she dares to attempt such a thing after this mishap. She'll have to do something though, because she was the one distracted and she feels a bit guilty.
As she tries to figure out what went wrong, she grabs Chance by the waist and turns them both so that he's getting the brunt of the spray. Her feet tangle and slip in her now damaged pants, and sends her slipping a bit toward the bottom of the shower.

Chance has quick reflexes, and as soon as the witch starts to go down, despite the water streaming down his face, he makes a grab for her. It means grabbing her and tugging her in close to his body, using one hand to brace against the wall and hold them both upright.
"Careful, Piper." The sorcerer gives her a grin despite the awkwardness of the situation. Or what would be awkward if he were thinking of it as anything other than a necessity. "Explaining burns and why you split your head open in the bathtub to the paramedics would not be a lot of fun."

Jenna can hear the conversation, and she just stares at Quintin. She looks at the way the woman with him has her arms around his neck, and her face turns red. She's doing her very, very best not to feel jealous, hurt, and embarrassed, but even though she puts on her best smile, it falters.
They're talking about sleeping together. Not just sleeping together, but sleeping together.
Taking a deep breath, she barely manages to squeak out, "ThatissnotmymessIwasmakingyoupasta," before she runs toward the bathroom. Sure, Chance is likely in there taking a shower but she can keep her eyes closed and it's better than running to one of the bedrooms because at least she can ask him to call Siobhan for her once he's in a towel.
The door opens.
The door closes.
Jenna takes a deep breath, preparing to ask Chance to go out there and deal with his roommate or call Siobhan.
When she realizes that the female voice she heard belongs to her best friend.
"Because this day just can't get any worse?"
"You couldn't just be happy with Harper? What are you going to do? Blame this on the spell casting too? You promised Shiv."
The door opens again, and this time it's slammed closed.
"Move," she calls out to the two in the doorway. "I need out of this apartment, now. Right now." She's got no intention of stopping until she's out that door, whether she's got to try to take down two werewolves or not.

Yes, they've made some rather good times, but that isn't commented on. The wolf can hear everything, see everything, but it really isn't registering in his mind. If Jenna's stayed the night with Chance she doesn't have to be so embarrassed. They've talked about this. Then again, they've also spoken about how he wasn't planning on anything happening in Vegas.


Before Quin processes enough information to try and even go after Jenna, she's already slipping into the bathroom. This is going to be a very bad idea, he knows, and he braces himself for impact. "This isn't going to end well," he practically whispers to Kay.

He's already in the process of moving out of the way before Jenna commands it. An arm is instinctively around Kay's waist. "Jenna…"

What else can he say? He can't make her stay and in fact doesn't even attempt to. Any physical contact could be enough to really send her off. "I'm sorry." It's likely too little, too late, and maybe not even heard. He's sorry he ruined her surprise. He's not sorry he walked into his own home with Kay.

Mikayla cocks her head to the right. The fast squeaky string of words is attempted to be deciphered. Making pasta? At this hour? Her lips part so that she can ask the questions. Before she can even get a sound out the girl is running through the apartment.
A door opens and closes. Some words are shared. It opens again and slams.
"This is more dramatic than a Spanish soap opera," Kay remarks.
With the return of the young pasta maker Mikayla is set to do just that. Move out of the doorway. An arm is around her waist helping her move. "What are you sorry for, sufletel?"

The sound of Jenna's voice has Siobhan blinking water from her eyes and turning to peer through the frosted glass of the shower. The words are muffled, and really hard to make sense of, but the slamming of the door isn't. With everything else that's happened, it takes a few seconds for Siobhan's brain to catch up and process everything.
"Shit shit shit," the witch curses. Already, she's sliding the door open and scrambling to get out of the shower. She nearly stubs her toe on the side of the tub in the process, but it doesn't slow her down. Feet sliding across the bathroom tile and having to grasp the counter to catch herself does slow her down, but a quick murmured spell has the water swept up and the floor dry for her to beat a hasty path after her friend. .
"Jenna!" Siobhan screams, flinging the bathroom door open and racing down the hall in the empath's wake. "This isn't what you think! I would never screw Chance!"

The "Jenna?" Chance looks completely confused by the young woman's appearance in the bathroom. Even more so by the words she's yelling at Siobhan. He's a bit slower than the witch to process everything, namely because his brain truly has not yet latched on to the fact that he's in the shower, in his boxers, with a half-naked witch.
When it does, Siobhan is already halfway across the bathroom and streaking out, still soaking wet. He hesitates a moment, then grabs two towels, attempting to wrap one around his waist as he pursues the witch and the empath.
He stops with a frown, hearing Siobhan's words and rolls his eyes.
"Wow, thanks for the flattery, Piper," is muttered under his breath.

"What are you sorry for, Quintin? For assuming I had sex with Chance last night, or for telling me that the girl you were bringing to Vegas was just a friend?"
Jenna takes a breath, holding her head up high and pushing her shoulders back as she hears Siobhan call after her.
"It wasn't me in the shower with Chance."
Moving much more slowly, much more confidently toward the door, she glances back at the werewolf.
"Congratulations on your game. Welcome home. I'll have an Italian place send you pasta this afternoon after you get a bit of sleep."

"Just wait for it." It isn't said with any sort of amusement; Quin is clearly concerned about what's going on. As concerned as the wolf is he's smart enough to not try and get in the way. He may never be able to salvage things but any chance he has rests on him not trying to stop anyone. Not yet.

Sure enough, in enters a half naked witch. Not too far behind her will be a half naked sorcerer. He's not sure what Kay will say or think, but he did mention that this would be like watching television. Only far worse since it really is real life.

The talking about screwing causes him a raise a brow but nothing more.

And there he is. What does one say to that? A glance is made over to Kay before he looks to Jenna. "I've not been dishonest." He hasn't, but he's not going to put Kay on the spot, either. "And I'm sorry that this entire morning seems to be a series of unfortunate events." At least he's hoping as much.

At least that's what the look that he's giving to Chance means.

"We'll talk about this." After emotions die down. He honestly is filled with more confusion than anything.

"It was a very good game," Mikayla replies with a smile. She is not going to get all caught up in the drama of other people. She does appear to be in the middle of it though.
"The girl has a name." It's offered, though she doubts anyone is listening to her. "Kay." That's her name, not an agreement.
Two more bodies follow the first. Mikayla finally just laughs. The entire thing is absurd. It's likely the worst reaction she can have.
"Your roommate I presume?"

It's only as she reaches the main room of the house that Siobhan is aware that there are other people present. Mainly Quintin and some girl who's half hanging off of him wearing a jersey that's too big and shorts that are too small. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, her thoughts are too focused on her best friend to really focus on Quin and his friend.
"Jenna, it's not what you think. " Well, at least on her end it's not what Jenna thinks. She didn't really hear what Jenna said to Quintin and the floozy, but whatever. Quin's arm candy is not her concern right now. "I would never do that to you or Harper."
It's the laughter that stops her short and a dark glare is leveled at the unknown. "You're not helping." She doesn't know who the whorelet is but Siobhan is not impresed.

Chance has succeeded in wrapping a towel around his waist, because thin, cotton lightly colored wet boxers and water are not a good mix. He's about to say something as well when he takes in the full tableau. There's no hiding his surprise at seeing the girl at Quin's side, and for a moment, he forgets to hand Siobhan the towel.
"Weren't you supposed to get in later?"
Blinking at Siobhan, Chance suddenly gets the feeling that this might get worse before it's better. He's not heard that level of distaste in her voice since she stopped thinking of him as The Evil Sorcerer.
"Jenna … this isn't … yeah, it looks bad, but it's not what it looks like." Chance rakes his hand through his hair. "We have first degree burns." Possibly, he should extrapolate more but he's trying to stop Jenna, and possibly Siobhan, from going ballistic.

Why won't they let her leave? It would be so much easier if she could get out of here and breathe. There's too many emotions for her at the moment; her own are louder than the rest. That doesn't mean that she can't feel Quintin's confusion, and Mikayla's amusement. Siobhan's hurt over her assumption, and then irritation she has atop that. Chance is, as ever, more difficult to read.
"Shut up," she says quietly.
Taking a deep breath, Jenna tries to calm herself.
The laughter sets her off completely though. "ALL OF YOU JUST SHUT UP!"
That's about the time that there is a loud clunk-pop noise coming from the kitchen, followed by the sound of something heavy hitting a cupboard door. Seconds later, water can be heard as though someone's got the tap on full blast.

He's not an empath or psychic but he doesn't need to be to read the looks given towards them; towards Kay. He isn't sure if he officially has the place to step forward, or if she'll appreciate it, but that's how he is. Quin can't help but take one step forward after removing his arm from around Kay's waist. It's almost as if he's purposely putting himself between the females.

His hands are held up almost as if in surrender. "Of course. Everything can be explained." He's sure of it. He knows he hasn't lied to anyone and certainly is no ashamed of Kay or anything that they've done.

The wolf is about to say more but he's being told to shut up. There are noises from the kitchen. His kitchen. That poor, poor kitchen. It really can't catch a break. The sounds cause him to openly wince but he doesn't say a word. He just stands there

There have been plenty of looks like the one she is currently receiving from the scantly clad girl. Mikayla just shrugs it off. It is not as though she can help how other people are viewing her. She also can't help the fact that Quintin invited her to Las Vegas and that she agreed to go. She won't apologize for going with him. She did need to run as much as she wound up doing.
Anything else is under the general clause of "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" until she and Quin have a chance to discuss everything now that they're out of that desert bubble.
Quin moves between her and the nearly naked girl. Cocking her head to the right again she tries to decipher that gesture. It seems protective.
A hand is set to Quin's arm to show that she appreciates it.

The witch quite frankly would have cared very little about Quin's friend and made her a footnote until she further showed her complete lack of class by openly laughing in what is a obviously a tense situation. The fact that Quin actually feels the need to protect his … whatever … from Siobhan is really the icing on the cake. It's not like she's going all Girl Fight on the girl or even has an intention to do so. She just doesn't appreciate the cunt laughing at Jenna's pain and the twisted situation.
"Really? Fucking really, Quin? Shit!" Throwing her hands up in the air, she goes to move around Quin, not so much caring about his new werewolf best buddy as she is about Jenna.
Then comes the Jenna's shout and the sound from the kitchen. Siobhan freezes and checks herself.
No, that wasn't her. She's sure of it. She's also sure that Jenna isn't the only one who wants to get out of here.

Chance wants to explain things as much as Siobhan does, but suspects that letting Jenna go to calm down might be the best bet right now. He's about to say as much when Jenna yells at them and he hears the noise from the kitchen. His attention immediately shifts to Siobhan, "Did you - "
He really wants to go to the kitchen, but he's afraid to leave Quin alone with this mess.

The emotions are overwhelming, and Jenna needs to get out to calm down. Glancing over her shoulder, she looks at the tableau of people. Quin protecting the girl with him. Chance wrapped in a towel. Siobhan in her bra and panties.
Looking back at the door, she takes a deep breath. Then another. "Chance, can you get Siobhan a towel? Quintin, go check on your kitchen."
Another deep breath is taken and she tries to get all of the feelings under control and blocked out. It's difficult to put up a barrier when she's got so many emotions of her own just waiting to spill out. That she's refusing to let spill at the moment.
"I need to get out of here and get some air. Explanations can wait."
She finally gets her hand on the door knob and pushes the door open so that she can exit the apartment.

Wait, now he's being yelled at? For coming home? Last he checked he met these two under the role of being a protector. That hasn't changed. He's going to protect, even if people don't want him to. Even if he does really end up alone.

Still, this is /Shiv/. Even if she's in his home half naked, dripping water and having exploded something in the kitchen, he's not going to yell at her. In fact, Quin isn't even mad. He's still just really confused. He came home to go to bed, not be invited to the Springer show.

"I'm really glad we have insurance." This is said as he looks to all three of those who were around when he walked in. One of them has to be responsible for it but he's not accusing. He's almost just about resigned. "And that we don't live on campus."

That said, he moves to go to the kitchen to assess the damages. He was going to do so anyway but he's not going to say no to Jenna; even if what she says is what he has been trying to say.

Mikayla is left standing near the entrance. One girl glaring at her. The other about to have a meltdown. Quintin's roommate in a towel. The flight and the time zone are both catching up with her. It may seem as though they only flew four hours to get back to the city but due to the time difference it is more like seven hours have passed.
Exhausted she takes the luggage and moves it further into the living room and stands quietly by it. She would have gone to the kitchen as well but figures that it might have made things worse.

It's only when Jenna says what she says that Siobhan recalls that she stripped down to her skivvies in the shower. A heart beat later she realizes that she really. Doesn't. Care. Clearly her half-nudity isn't bothering anyone or they'd have tried to cover her up already.
She does, however, stop trying to follow Jenna. Her friend needs to collect herself. Fine. Siobhan needs to get away from feeling like the whoring-slut-fight-girl.
She snatches the towel from Chance's hand with a snapped, "As if anyone fucking noticed." Wrapping it around her like a dress, she's looking for her purse and her shoes to get the hell out of Dodge. Quin's friend has been relegated to a foot note now, because Siobhan just wants to do like Jenna and get gone.

At Jenna's words, Chance recalls the towel in his hand. He's barely lifted his arm to hand it to the witch when she's snatching it up with her snarky remark. Seeing and hearing the witch so pissed off and foul mouthed might be amusing, were it under different circumstances.
"I think I have something you can wear, Shiv. Your clothes were ruined."

"I noticed," Jenna calls over her shoulder as she finally gets to make her exit. As a theater major, she's fond of drama. This is not that type of drama that she's fond of, however.
Outside the door, even with it still opened, she can breathe. The emotions are less intense when she's not surrounded by people. The further she gets down the hallway, the easier it is for her.
Passing right by the elevator, she makes her way to the stairs, and down to the first landing before she sits down on a step and just lets herself cry for a few minutes.
It's silly, and she knows that it is. She saw the burns on Siobhan and Chance's bodies when she looked over her shoulder. She knows she owes them both an apology, but not until she's done feeling jealous and hurt over Quin's arrival with the other girl in his clothing.

"Ack!" It's not a scream but almost more a yelp. There really is quite the mess in the kitchen and it's caused the poor werewolf to slip and fall. He's covered in water and some liquid he has no idea what it is. Not even a second thought is given to the liquid as he is more concerned about a flooded kitchen. Slowly he gets to his knees, crawls under the sink and kills the flow of the water.

It takes a long moment for him to even stand up again. He's hoping that by time he gets back to the living room the Wonder Twins will have left the building. Quin has no idea what happened or why he's even been made out to be such a bad person for just walking into his own home.

Eventually he does rejoin the others, leaving the mess as it is for a moment. "I'm starting to think that sleep is looking more and more like a great option." This is said even if no one is listening. He does have a female wolf to tend to while she's still his guest. "After cleanup, I guess."

He makes a mental note to check into Jenna insurance. They'll need it. "Kay, did you want to grab a shower first?" He might as well make the most of things.

The yelp catches her attention. Mikayla has no idea where the kitchen actually is but she did see Quin head in a specific direction. The yelp just confirms where she believes it to be.
Making her way to the kitchen she eyes the flood. She doesn't offer to help with the plumbing. She knows she's no good hand at that. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning? Those are things she can do.
She follows him back to the main room as he rejoins the others.
"You go shower. I will tidy the kitchen."
Kay is extremely exhausted but it is the least she can do.

The yelp gets Siobhan's attention, and she turns toward the kitchen, but The Girl moves faster and when she doesn't hear any calls for help, she focuses on the task at hand. Shoes. Purse. By the time Quin returns, she's on her way out. She's reaching into her purse for her cell to call for a car. Unless she decides to take a cab. There's a frown as her fingers and phone come away covered in some odd crystallized dust, but Siobhan shrugs it off, blowing on her phone to clear it.
"I'm good thanks." Sure, she's wearing a towel and her underwear but she really doesn't want to stay here a moment longer than she has to. "The slutting gang banger would like to leave pronto."
When she hears The Girl - because Siobhan is not paying attention to her name - say she'll clean up, the witch mutters something under breath and stalks toward the kitchen.
"It wasn't me," Siobhan says, sensing someone moving up behind her. Then she's making a gesture in the air; it's the spell Chance taught her on the boat and it siphons the pooling water back into the sink where it can swirl down the drain. Yes, she might have just outted herself and honestly? Still. Not. Caring.

"That's what we messed up, you need to shower Quin. It'll burn you," Chance tells his roommate. Most of it is shouted over his shoulder as he hurries after Siobhan, not sure what she's muttering about or what she intends on doing.
Chance holds up his hands in surrender, "I didn't accuse."
He's about to help her with the siphoning spell, but can tell fairly quickly that she doesn't need the help. As a matter of fact, if he had to guess, using the magic might have helped her a bit.

When were these things said? What exactly happened just now? The wolf has no idea and he surely has no idea how to respond. He's left several times with his mouth open, unable to form real words.

He's not really putting together what's being said, and runs both hands through his hair. He's tired, jet lagged and extremely frustrated. That last thing he's going to do is take it out on anyone, though. That's not how Quin works.

"I guess neither of us are cleaning up now?" Yes, he's still very confused, this much evident as he looks to Kay. It's almost an apologetic look for what she's walked into.

"For what it's worth, guys, I guess I'm sorry. I didn't know coming home an hour early would be a bad thing." No, he's still not apologizing for walking in the door with his friend. "And I believe whatever it is that you said happened." He knows how much Shiv cares for Harper, and how much Chance doesn't want to upset any of those that were in the apartment.

"I just can't, well, do this. I need sleep." And a shower, but he'll still offer it to Kay first. "Catch me in a few hours though." He literally has been asleep far too long to process all of this information. The wolf goes to grab their bags and lead Kay to his room. "You can shower first if you want." He's not going to suggest simultaneously, especially with Shiv around. "Then I suggest a nice, long rest."

Despite what he's saying, and doing, he does look towards the door. Yes, he wants to run after Jenna, but it just has to be someone else. Someone that won't make her explode again.

Mikayla looks surprised as the water jumps back into the sink. For all that she can take most things in stride this is definitely something that she's never seen before.
It's not an accusation or an insult. Merely a statement of understanding.
"Thank you."
The girl may have been glaring at her just moments ago yet that doesn't mean that she shouldn't be thanked for cleaning up a strange mess.
Following Quintin she stops outside of the door. "You first. Your roommate says that it is necessary."

Siobhan won't admit it aloud, but channeling the magic did help soothe her a bit. She's feeling a little less tense and put out, or maybe it's just that she's now added tired to the list and it's chiseled away at the other emotions.
She slumps a bit, leaning against the refrigerator as she finishes the spell. Siobhan looks over at Chance, too tired, frustrated and hurt to care that this strange werewolf girl knows what she is. "I want to go home. Now."

The sorcerer is ready to offer her clothes again, but the look on her face silences him. Chance has no clue why Siobhan looks so wrung out other than the spell casting, but he really doesn't want to upset her again. "Yeah, sure, want me to call you a car?"
Leading her from the kitchen, Chance stops at the coat closet. There's a three quarter trench in there that will probably come to Siobhan's feet, but at least she isn't leaving in a just a towel.
He'll throw on some clothes and see if Jenna is hanging around. At least to make sure she's all right; if she doesn't want to talk to him, he'll call Harper.

"What?" It's about then that the itching starts. It's rare for him to itch, especially like this, and now it's all over. Quin tries to do the best he can to ignore it but it clearly is bothering him. "What in the hell did they do?" This isn't said in any tone other than that of fatigued humor. Despite what happened he can at least smile about the itching part. It's funny; at least to one who hasn't slept.

The bags are placed into the his bedroom just in time for him to catch Chance heading towards the door. "I don't even know what just happened," he begins, feeling that the one person who is owed an explanation is the one who knows none of the drama that just unfolded.

He'll have a conversation with her about keeping the witch thing a secret but has a feeling it isn't needed. "Hopefully things will settle down now." He steps into the bathroom and removes his shirt. The door isn't closed yet and he doesn't care. "Make yourself comfortable." It could be an open invitation or just a polite offer. Either way, he smiles as he closes the door all but for a crack. Then he goes to rid himself of what is making him itch.

Or, scratch that. Burn.

"I do believe that is the mess the upset girl was referring to," Mikayla states simply. All she knows for a fact is what the roommate said. She pushes Quintin toward the bathroom even as he tries to determine what it is that's causing the itch.
Kay follows him to the bathroom and checks the shirt as he discards it. Finding none of the green liquid on it she folds it neatly and sets it on the counter.
"Please do not look to me for answers. I do not have any idea what just happened, sufletel."
Mikayla will wait until everyone exits the apartment before she returns to the bathroom with clean clothing for Quintin, and a pair of pajamas from her luggage.

Siobhan doesn't want to wait in the apartment for the cab. She's hurt and angry and frustrated, not jus for herself, but for Jenna as well and it's wearing her down. There's a brief moment while she thinks about going after her best friend, but considering what Jenna thinks of her right now, it seems like a really bad idea.
Thanking Chance for the coat, Siobhan leaves the apartment, via the elevator. She's happy to wait outside the building for a taxi of all things, and doesn't care if she's getting odd looks. It's par for the course today.

With Siobhan waiting in on the front stoop for a taxi, Chance, now wearing a pair of sweats and a clean t-shirt, sets off to find Jenna. He really hopes that she's calmed down. Just in case, he has his phone in hand, with Harper's name pulled up in his contacts. Finding out what was, or wasn't, going on with Quin and …. Kay can wait for now.

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