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Siobhan Knight Jenna Donovan

It's Girlfriend Time. Siobhan has spent the day out and about, far busier than she's used to being on Sunday. She met with Brooke after brunch, and then with Chance later in the afternoon. Brooke is good to talk to, and Siobhan does feel more comfortable talking to her than she does her mother about some things. Chance is … well, they're clicking better than Siobhan expected and she likes hanging out with him. Partly because of the sorcerer magic, but partly because he's just pretty cool and fun to hang out with it.
She's holed up in her room with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and some homemade Chex party mix, and a few diet sodas and bottles of water. Normally, she'd be out in the entertainment room, but Chris is there with his new girlfriend and Siobhan is peppy-ed out for now. That and she slipped away to Facetime with Harper, because she's pathetic and even though she saw him on Saturday, she misses him already.
Stretched out on her stomach, on her bed, in a comfortable pair of yoga pants and a cami top, she's flipping through a copy of Dance Magazine and waiting for Jenna to arrive.

Jenna's late. Not because she was planning on being late, but she got caught up browsing a list of Actor's Equity Auditions, and copying them down into her phone. There are a few she's definitely not going to miss, and a few that she's marked for consideration. One's where she's a bit too young for the principle or chorus positions, but figures that it sometimes doesn't matter if she dresses herself in the right manner.
Realizing that she was running late, she actually ran the two blocks to Siobhan's house.
In heels.
Letting herself in, she shouts a quick hello to Christian and the girl he's snuggling with on the couch before she rushes through to her friend's room.
Shoes are kicked off as soon as she gets in the room and she lifts up a foot to rub it. "Should've worn sneakers."
"I'm sooooo sorry that I'm late, Shiv."

Siobhan looks up from the magazine, casting a curious glance at her friend. "You're late?" Siobhan hasn't been watching the time, and she's only just gotten off with Harper, so she didn't realize that Jenna was running behind.
"Oh well, it's not like this is formal or timed or anything. I've been late plenty." Siobhan shrugs her shoulders, marks her page in the magazine and sets it aside. "What have you been up to stranger?" It has been a while since they've actually had a girl's night.

"Work mostly. What else?" It's not like Jenna has a super rich social life. She's got friends at Tisch, but in a sense, those are her competitors too. They all try out for the same sort of parts, and they can't all get them.
"I heard your date with Harper went well."
Setting her foot down, she lifts up the other to rub it. "Running in heels sucks. I don't recommend it."

"Why did you run in heels?" Siobhan blinks at Jenna and laughs. "You know, you could have just texted me that you were running late. Or emailed, or whatever."
The witch's face lights up at the mention of Harper, and she nods, though she tries really hard to damp down her emotions. "It did. We had a good talk."
"You were right about the suite."
Siobhan watches Jenna rubbing her feet and offers, "I can pull out the massaging foot bath…"

"Because I had to get over here and I didn't want to wait for the car?" Also because she doesn't need to take the car two blocks down. Manhattan blocks may be big, but they're not unwalkable.
"I'm glad. I mean, it's about time he actually talks to you about important things instead of just friendly things."
"Of course I was right about the suite. He had me pick it out to make sure you'd like it," she replies with a giggle. "No, my toesies will be fine. I just need to not run in heels again."

"Yeah, I guess," Siobhan agrees quietly. She shifts on the bed, not sure how much detail to go into with Jenna. Harper is her brother, and this isn't like other guys. Besides, her friend has already said that she needs a break sometime from the happy, giddy feelings. "It's … good that I think we're on the same page. Sort of. I still get the feeling that he thinks I'm going to change my mind, though." She's not. Harper Donovan is The One for her.
Siobhan raises a brow at that revelation, "Did you happen to tell him that it could have been a run down hole in the wall and I would have liked it because I was with him?" Honestly, she swears sometimes that Harper really. Doesn't. Get. It.

"Good. Like I said, it's about time." Jenna was sick of Harper asking her about Siobhan every time he called home, so she's glad he grew a pair and stepped up. "Well it's all still new for him, right? I mean, I'd be worried about that in a new relationship too."
She starts to reach for a handful of popcorn then stops. Opening her small purse, she takes out a small bottle of alcohol cleaner and uses it on her hands. Putting foot-hands in the popcorn is just gross.
"No, I didn't happen to tell him that. I made him get a nice suite. I got one too, just so I don't need to get a car across the city at the end of the night. I am, however, in a different location than you, so you can be happy, and giddy, and make out as much as you want and it won't bother me in the least."

"You know I'm not right?" Siobhan asks, and there's a genunine hint of concern in her voice. She knows she's something of a flirt, and other than Jesse, she's flitted from flower to flower like a butterfly, never getting too serious or too close to any one guy. "Going to change my mind, I mean. I … love Harper. I have for a while now." She knows him too, his little quirks and idiosyncracies, and is comfortable around him. She's not deluding herself into thinking it will be smooth sailing, or that they won't find things that annoy them about the other, but it feels like the pieces are falling into place.
"Who says we're going to make out?" Siobhan challenges. "Maybe we'll just talk and cuddle all night." It's what happened the last time they 'spent the night' together.
Opening her mouth, Siobhan closes it and changes her mind about teasing Jenna about Chance joining her in the suite. The sorcerer slipped and told her that he and Jenna hung out and watched movies, and Siobhan did the mental leg work, but isn't going to bring it up. She doesn't know why Jenna felt like keeping it a secret, but she's not going to push.
"Do you want me to talk about it?" Siobhan finally asks. "Things with Harper, I mean. I know that we usually talk about it, but … I don't want to weird you out or anything." Though really, Siobhan wants someone to talk to about it. She needs to gush sometime, and giggle, and there's no way she's talking to Christian.

"I know, Shiv. Believe me, I know." Jenna's well aware of her friend's behavior patterns, but she's never put much stock into them.
"Well just in case you do make out, I won't be affected by it." Biting her lip, she grins. "It was really touch and go on the boat, you know. I was honestly going to jump one of the guys if Chance hadn't put up a privacy spell to help block the emotions."
"You can if you want to. It won't bug me. You're my best friend, and yeah hearing about Harper will be weird, but as long as you're not describing what he looks like nude? I'm sure it won't be too weird."
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The witch looks away from her friend and squirms. Her cheeks turn faintly pink beneath her olive skin tone. "I … tried to put up a spell. I guess it didn't hold, huh?" There's a swallow and her cheeks darken a bit more. "It's never been a problem before. Keeping one up, I mean. But it was Harper and everything was just so intense because it was Harper …"
She reaches for the popcorn, taking a handful that she plays with, but doesn't eat. It's just to have something else to focus on. "Did I tell you Regina gave me a mentor?"
"I do solemnly swear not to describe how hot your brother is nude," Siobhan teases. She giggles, and shakes her head. "Though I haven't seen him naked, only shirtless. We really didn't have sex on the boat, you know? We agreed that the first time we're together … it should be special."

Jenna giggles and then sits on the bed. A handful of popcorn is taken and she eats just one tiny piece of it. "I think you were, uhm.. probably distracted. I figured you would've tried to put one up so you guys wouldn't be heard."
Eating another small piece of the popcorn, she shakes her head. "Nope. You never mentioned that. Did she say why she gave you a mentor? I mean, it's probably a good thing that you have one, just curious that she'd wait until now to give you one."
There's another giggle, and she tosses a piece of the popcorn at the witch. "Do you think you'll wait until you're married?"

Siobhan groans in embarrassment and falls backward on the bed, dragging a pillow over her face. She's glad that Quin was sleeping and equally glad that Chance has never brought it up. "It was Harper. I react to him more strongly than I ever have to any other guy."
"Plus I was super horny."
Siobhan is quiet for a moment and then peeks out from beneath the pillow. "Because of the boat stuff on the Fourth. It got back to Regina and somehow she recognized me. Do you remember Brooke from the Shakespeare Gala? The woman dating your too hot boss? That's who she picked. I guess it's because …" Siobhan trails off and then sits up, turning serious. She confides in Jenna a lot; her best friend may not be a witch, but over the years, she's learned a lot about witchy goings and the Coven, simply because Siobhan needs someone to talk to and she never clicked with any of the witches her age like she did with Jenna.
"Doesn't leave this room." Siobhan throws up a privacy spell, and continues. "Brooke dated a sorcerer once. The other totally hot sorcerer that my dad knows? Mr. Blackwell? And Brooke knows sorcerer magic. Regina must know, and she's looking the other way, or whatever, but I guess it's becoming obvious that I need some help in that realm and my father has that stupid on the surface agreement to not 'taint' me any more than necessary." Siobhan rolls her eyes. "Brooke is mentoring me and she's okay with Chance teaching me stuff, too. She thinks it's a good idea but … all that magic I did? It made me so crazy randy, and add in that I was with Harper?" There was simply no way that Siobhan was going to hold it back. She was lucky she lasted as long as she did.
The witch goes wide eyed and pulls a face. She swats the popcorn away. "No. I won't last two or three years. I don't even know how I'll make it the whole summer if that's what he wants to do."

"She was a witch? My boss is dating a witch?" Jenna honestly looks a bit surprised by that. She may know a witch, and has known her nearly her entire life, but that doesn't mean that meeting other witches isn't a surprise.
The rest of what her bestie says is a whole lot to take in.
"Damn. She's got taste." The men may be older, but it doesn't mean that she can't appreciate the way they look.
"Okay, so wait. There's another witch that does sorcerer magic? Is that a really common thing, Shiv?" Because that seems like a curiosity to the girl who's outside of that circle.
"Wait, what? Are you sure that's normal? I mean, should you be practicing with Chance if the sorcerer magic is making you horny?"

"Yes, your hot boss is dating a witch. Small world, huh?" Siobhan giggles at Jenna's observation. "She really does. I mean, who cares about age? I wouldn't kick them out of bed for eating crackers…if you know, I wasn't with Harper." She knows though that Jenna gets her meaning, and doesn't think that a hot guy would pull Siobhan's attentions.
"It's not that we can't do it physically. I mean we're capable. Sorcerers can do witch magic, too. It's just not a natural talent and takes work on both sides." Siobhan eats a few kernels of popcorn. "We're not supposed to do it, and it's frowned upon for sorcerers to do our magic." Silly politics and ridiculous notions. "I'm sure plenty of us know a few sorcerer spells, but I get the feeling that Brooke is really good at it."
"Sure, I mean, it's not like an all the time thing. Brooke said that it comes from a lot of magic, or certain types of sorcerer magic." The witch gives a shrug. "I'm not going to get over magicked out or whatever and jump Chance. We just do little things, exercises so that I can get comfortable and familiar with my sorcerer magic, little spells. Nothing like what I was doing on the boat that day."

"Are you sure? I mean, I don't want you hurting Harper, even if it was accidental." Jenna knows that Siobhan won't purposefully hurt him, but the truth is she does worry sometimes. It could make things really awkward for her if her two best friends aren't speaking.
"Okay, so you cal all potentially do sorcerer magic, and it makes you randy, and you could have that happen with Chance."
A slight frown curves her lips downward. "It's good you have a mentor though."

"Jen, I have been waiting for Harper since I was fourteen, and I've liked him for longer. Do you really think that I'm going to do anything to jeopardize that? I've just finally got him, there's no way in hell I'd do anything to screw this up and lose him. I would never, ever want to hurt him." Siobhan shakes her head. "It's not like I'm going to lose control and screw the first male I see. If Harper hadn't been there on the boat, I would have just snuck off and taken matters into my own hands." It should be embarrassing to be so frank, but Siobhan feels that Jenna needs to know how far into this thing Siobhan is with Harper.
"No, it makes me randy. If I do a lot of it. Brooke experienced it, but no one has ever taken a survey … " She gives Jenna a grin.
"It is good. I mean, it's good to have someone to talk to who isn't as worried and judgmental as some of the other witches are." Reaching out, Siobhan gives Jenna's arm a squeeze. "Don't frown. Brooke's cool, really."

"I wasn't frowning about Brooke. I'm just worried that you might do something with Chance."
Jenna drops back onto the bed, tossing a piece of popcorn in the air and trying to catch it. "I don't think that you're going to cheat on Harper. At least not on purpose." Though cheating on accident is just as bad.
"At least you have Harper. Quin's in Vegas with some other girl."

"Do I need to write up a contract and sign it in blood?" Siobhan asks lightly but she's only half teasing. She half-wishes she hadn't told Jenna if her bestie can't trust her to control herself. Jenna is the one who likes Chance, not Siobhan. "I can hardly cheat on accident since I don't think it's possible to accidentally get a penis stuck inside of you. We're humans, not animals." It comes out a little sharper than Siobhan intends, and she bites her lip.
Tugging her fingers through her hair, Siobhan sighs. "He says she's just a friend."

"Not all of us are completely human though," Jenna points out quietly. She can feel her friend's irritation. Sighing, she stands up and wanders over to the vanity. Sitting down on the chair, she primps a bit. Her gaze is kept on her friend via the mirror.
"I apologize. I won't voice my opinion on it again."
Rolling her eyes, she nods. "Yes, he did say that. But it's Vegas."

"I just don't like feeling like you're waiting for me to slip and screw up or something," Siobhan says, quite directly. Sometimes, it's difficult being friends with an empath. "I need you to trust me, please? I told you, I wasn't a senseless slave to my hormones. Harper was there, and he's my boyfriend and I wanted him. I wouldn't have jumped Quin or Chance if Harper hadn't been there." Siobhan hadn't been sure of it before, but as she says the words, she is sure of it now.
"I know that not all of us are entirely human, but I am." In a manner of speaking. "Besides, I asked Chance about it and he said that he's never had that problem." It's not like she's going to be doing a massive amount of spell casting around Quin, and even if she did, he wouldn't be affected by it.
"It is Vegas." Siobhan isn't going to sugar coat it. She scoots back on the bed, resting against the headboard and watches Jenna. "And his friend is … like him."

"Fine. Whatever."
Sometimes Jenna hates being an empath. She doesn't want to know what her friends are feeling, and she hates upsetting her bestie.
"Have you asked him if he's had the problem using witch magic?" She knows that one of his spells is a witch spell, but she's not really telling Siobhan what he can do, just getting her to ask him something.
"Yeah." No, Quintin didn't tell her that, but she's assuming that Quintin came to say goodbye to her for a reason.

"Yes." It was the weirdest, most uncomfortable conversation that she's ever had, but Siobhan didn't want to risk ending up half-naked and dry humping her bestie's crush when she had a boyfriend. She actually made Chance blush when she spilled it all, quickly one word after another, in a rush to get it all out.
"You know that he knows a bit of witch magic?" Siobhan doesn't expect that. Evidently Jenna and Chance are a lot closer than she thought, which brings her back to wondering why Jenna didn't tell her about movie night.
"Talk to me, Jenna. I can tell you want to talk about Quin and Vegas, but I can't help if you don't tell me what's going on in your head. I'm not Harper." She can't read minds or sense emotions. She needs actual words and conversation.
"Why didn't you tell me that your movie date was with Chance?"

"I don't know anything." A lie, but she promised Chance she wouldn't say anything about that. "But I figured if he's going to help you with sorcerer magic he must at least know how witch magic works." Which is the same as saying he knows witch magic anyhow.
"Because I didn't want you to make a big deal out of it. It was just Scott Pilgrim, and a few other movies. That's all." That, and she fell asleep on him literally.
"What do you want me to say, Shiv? He's allowed to have friends like him."

Siobhan rolls her eyes dramatically. "I know that he does, Jenna. We could hardly work together if I didn't know what he's capable of doing spell wise." Beat. "His technique is flawed in some cases but it's not an innate thing for sorcerers."
"Am I making a big deal out of it? I was just wondering why you thought you couldn't tell me." She sighs and stares at Jenna. "If you think I'm making a big deal, or I'm annoying you, you've never had a problem saying it before. Just tell me and I'll back off."
She opens her mouth and then closes it. She's just not going to go any further with it. Siobhan likes to think she's good at reading people, and she suspects that Chance likes Jenna a lot more than he's willing to let on, but she's going to let that lie for now.
"And you're allowed to be hurt or jealous or whatever it is you're feeling because you like him. You're allowed to talk to me, and say what's on your mind. I don't have anything I want you to say. I just don't want you to bottle it up."

Jenna doesn't say anything to the fact that Chance can cast witch spells. In fact, she's actually a little quiet on that subject. She promised not to say anything, and even though Siobhan is her best friend, she's not going to confirm it.
Even if she does already know.
"What did you want me to say? That you and Harper are so giddy and happy that I needed to get away from you? Besides, it was just movies." It was a little bit more than movies, but that's a secret she wants to keep for herself. At least for a little while longer. As long as she keeps it to herself, it's still somewhat magical to her. She's afraid that if she tells Siobhan about it, then it'll just turn into one of those logical things that can easily be explained away.
"I'm upset that he didn't even think to ask me to go, but I can't be jealous, Shiv. I'm the one who told him I wanted to date. To have time to figure things out. I'm pretty sure I hurt him with that, so why wouldn't he go looking elsewhere? I don't have a right to be upset at him. Or jealous."

Siobhan gives her friend a long, unreadable look. "Yes, that's exactly what I want you to tell me, because we've always shared and been honest. I don't want to keep things from you. I don't want to set that precedent."
The witch is quiet for a few moments, picking at the bed spread. "You of all people should know that emotions aren't logical. Just because you don't have the right, doesn't mean that you don't feel that way."
"Quin's a sweet guy, and I like him but he's a little sheltered and naive when it comes to relationships. More than you even." Siobhan flashes her a friend a sweet, sympathetic smile. She's not making fun of Jenna. "He really seems to think that all relationships should be you meet that perfect person the first time out and that's that. I don't think he gets the 'dating and exploring' thing. That's not your fault and you can't feel guilty for being honest with what you want."
Swiping her iPhone off her nightstand, she unlocks it and goes over to Jenna. She shows her a text message screen. "Did you get one of these? Sort of cryptic but it sounds like Pres might be back home soon." Preston Vandemark is a friend from Dalton, drama, music and dance. He didn't get into Julliard, but he did end up at Tisch with Jenna. Currently doing the 'European thing' with his flamboyant theatre involved uncle.
She grins at Jenna, "I so want Chance and Quin to meet Pres."

"Alright then. Between Harper's projecting, and how happy you've been, I needed some time away. Chance realized that when we were talking at lunch, and he invited me over to watch some movies."
Jenna twirls around on the vanity chair, and makes a face. "I'm fine, Shiv. Really, I am. Quintin is a sweet guy, but I'm just not going to get my hopes up, alright?" He went to Vegas with another girl, so he's obviously got the whole attraction thing with her. "I don't even know if dating is what I want anyhow."
Jenna's phone is in her purse, so she doesn't bother getting it out to check. Glancing at Shiv's phone she shakes her head. "I don't know. I might've while I was running over here, but I've not checked."
"So he's finally coming home then?"

"Harper's projecting?" Siobhan blinks in surprise at that. Harper has always been so … Harper. There's a good reason that the witch never realized that he might return her affections.
"Ok. Good, you got away and watched movies with Chance." Siobhan nods. "See, this is me, not making a big deal out of it."
"What do you want?" Siobhan asks with quiet curiosity. What she wants is for her bestie to be happy, whatever that is so long as it isn't dangerous to her.
She glances at Preston's cryptic text message and nods. "Seems like. It has been quiet this year without him around." Plus, as stereotypical as it is, Pres is like one of the girls.

"He is. I mean, he's always projected his emotions, or I'm just better at picking up on his because of the whole twin thing." For Jenna, it gets to the point where she can't sleep because of it at times.
"We made pretzels too. He showed me how." So now Siobhan knows nearly the whole story.
"I have no idea, Shiv. I really don't. I like hanging around both of them, and I like being with both of them. Quintin wants to jump into a relationship, and I don't know if I'm ready for that. Chance… doesn't want anything serious, and I don't know that I'm ready for that either. I mean, I get that he's a playboy, but I don't want to be just another girl."
Sighing, she twists her hair up behind her head and uses one of Siobhan's hair clips to keep it in place. "School has been a bit boring without him there to liven things up. Besides, he's my only real competition in the class."

"Still waters run deep?" Siobhan asks with a fond, affectionate smile. She really can't help it. She's trying not to be happy and giddy, but she can't help it that she just feels a special sense of warmth and affection when she thinks of Harper.
Siobhan nods, understanding. "I don't think you're just another girl." Chance is hard for her to read, but she gets the feeling that he genuinely likes Jenna and not on that level where he puts his fuck buddies.
There's a laugh at Jenna's other words. "Yes, well, better you than me. Though he is one of the best dance partners."
She returns to the bed and sits cross legged. "Ok, so important info. How are you going to wear your hair this weekend?"

"I guess so." Jenna rolls her eyes, and does her best to shield against Siobhan's emotions. It takes a bit of time before she's got the block firmly in place but once it is she can breathe a sigh of relief.
"Well either way. I do really like them both."
"I slept with Chance."
"And I was thinking of wearing my hair up."

"I'm sorry," Siobhan apologizes, squirming. She knows she's projecting a lot of giddy emotions without even being told. Maybe she just needs to think about something else. Or someone else. Something that won't make her so … happily content. Like Jesse. Which dampens the good feelings almost immediately.
Then she's derailed completely. "You … what?"

"I said I was wearing my hair up. Classy-like. A bun, with a sparkling comb, likely. A few strands of hair on each side of my face. Why?"
Jenna knows full well that her friend isn't asking about that. Sighing, she gets up and moves to the bed. She takes another piece of the popcorn and eats it.
"I slept with Chance."
"Not had sex with. Literally slept with. I fell asleep on him during one of the movies."

Siobhan blinks and laughs. She tosses a handful of popcorn at her friend. It's her room and her bed. She can clean it up later. "You sow! Don't do that!" Beat. "You don't see me telling you that I slept with Harper, do you?"
She could. After all, she did sleep with Harper. Right under her parent's noses.
"That's cool, especially if he didn't have a problem with it." See? No pressure. Not making a big deal out of it.

Jenna bites her lip, then giggles. "But it's the truth! I did sleep with him. Twice!"
"I don't think he had a problem with it. I woke up and was staring down at him, so I'm guessing he moved me while I was sleeping." Biting her lip, she brushes popcorn off her outfit. "It was nice. I mean, waking up with someone was nice. But it was early, so I was going to go crash in his room." And he was supposed to take Quintin's room. "He… erm… joined me."

Helping herself to another mouthful of popcorn, Siobhan chews quietly.
"He likes you." It's not that she's disinterested, but the witch really is trying not to press or make Jenna uncomfortable or annoy her.
She walks over to the vanity and peers into it. Then she sweeps her hair up and back, piling it on the top of her head. "I was thinking something like this. Maybe with a little bit of a twist at the top, or crowning it with a braid?"

Staring at her friend, Jenna just shakes her head. "No he doesn't. I'm pretty sure he just wants to be friends." It's not as though they did anything.
He did kiss you though.
Yes, but likely because he thought I was expecting him to.
"I think that'd be really pretty, Shiv. Are we going to the salon, or doing hair ourselves?"

"He likes you," Siobhan repeats, a bit more forcefully this time. It's a good thing she's not able to hear thoughts because she'd have to shake some sense into her friend. "You need to just wrap your head around it and accept that there are hot guys out there you like you and not me."
She plucks a new tube of lipstick up off the dresser. It's a bright red that's perfect for Jenna. "I picked it up for my dress, but I think it'll go better with yours."
"He likes you. He's trying to keep things friendly because Quin likes you, too and you like Quin but trust me. He likes you." Picking up a second tube of lipstick, Siobhan applies it. "What do you think? I like it."
"We haven't just been working on my sorcerer magic and talking magic, you know? We actually talk."

"I don't think that he does," Jenna replies quietly. She's got no issues wrapping her head around the fact that there are guys that like her, it's just that she doesn't think Chance is one of the ones that likes her like that.
"Thanks. I like this shade." It will go amazingly well with her dress.
"I made a move on him at that party, if he liked me he'd have done something by now."
"That shade's going to go well with your dress. Are you wearing it matte or shiny?"

"Okay at the risk of putting on my bitch crown, I'm calling experience on this one." Siobhan pulls out a brand new eye shadow and shows it to Jenna. "I might have hit the Saks make up counter yesterday."
"Just because a guy doesn't make a move on you, doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Case in point? Your brother." Technically Harper still hasn't put a move on her unless you count renting the hotel suite; Siobhan was all over him on the Fourth.
"You had been drinking and Chance isn't that kind of guy." Beat. "Also? Roommate."
Siobhan stares in the mirror. "Matte I think."

"You're not putting on a bitch crown, Siobhan." Looking at the eye shadow, Jenna shakes her head. "I wish I had time to go get new makeup. I was thinking something with a hint of silver in it to match the crystals on the dress."
"One drink. It wasn't the drinking that was making me tipsy. It was the fact that I forgot to shield myself before we went into the party. I was getting feedback." Wrinkling her nose, she sighs.
"I don't think Quintin's going to be an issue, Shiv. He went to Vegas with another girl. Friend or not, it's Vegas."
"Matte would look good."

"We've got a week, that's plenty of time to get you makeup. We'll go tomorrow."
Siobhan reaches in her drawer and pulls out a hair brush. She crooks a finger and motions for Jenna to come back to the vanity. "Sit. Let's play with your hair a little. I was thinking we get an idea of what we want. Some pictures and then go the salon that morning."
She roots around in the drawer for bobby pins and hair clips. "The roommate thing is a problem for Chance. At least right now. When Quin gets back, maybe not so much." Wrinkling her nose the witch huffs a breath of air. Wasn't she supposed to dislike Chance and now she's trying to defend and explain him? But Quin is also her friend, and she doesn't want to take him out of the running for Jenna's hand if he's still in it when he gets back.
"You do know that I'm not supposed to be all 'Rah rah yay Chance,' right?"
"He's not as open and frank as Quin is, but he talked about you a lot. Asked questions. He didn't act like a guy who's not interested. He's just different from Quin … I think he might be a little more laid back and careful is all because you're not his typical, you know?"
"But Quin likes you, too. He really is in this whole 'friend' head space right now with this girl. At least when I talked to him."

"I've got class tomorrow, but I'm free after that. No work on Mondays." Because the restaurant is closed. It may seem strange for her to continue working there, despite her being all Upper East Side, but it's good experience. Beyond that, it's also decent money, which she can put away into a savings, or only spend a bit of so that when she's finished school she can get her own place.
Sitting back at the vanity, Jenna pulls a face. "I was really just thinking a simple upswept bun with a sparkle pick in it." Fairly simple.
"It's a problem for me too. It's not like I was intending all of this. Because I wasn't." She just hit it off with the sorcerer in the Undercity. "I know you're not."
"Quin? Open and frank?" Jenna stares at her friend for several seconds, and then shakes her head. "The laid back thing is nice though, because there's no pressure. No expectations." Though she's still not going to believe that Chance like-likes her.
"I know. He seemed to be when he told me about her too. But I really get the impression that he's not okay with the whole dating thing, and that he'd step aside for Chance, and that's why this whole thing is just messed up. Why couldn't I just like two guys that didn't even know each other?"
"Maybe I should just wait until Pres gets back, and date him."
"Yes, I'm fully aware that he's gay, Shiv."

"Okay then let me play with your hair because it's more fun than playing with mine." Jenna's hair is thick and full and cooperative. The natural state of Siobhan's hair is a full body wave that takes some effort to work into a proper style or to straighten it. She's been tempted to chemically straighten it, but has always held off.
"Yeah, it's weird." Siobhan pulls the clip ouf of Jenna's hair, gathers a segment and begins gently brushing it. "It's like when Quin totally friend-zoned me, he started to get comfortable and talk to me. I can draw him out sometimes."
She moves onto another segment of hair, clipping the first out of the way. "Because that would make it too easy." Her eyes meet Jenna's in the mirror. "Are you at least beyond the whole 'Chance likes you, Shiv' thing? Because he doesn't and that was getting annoying."
Siobhan laughs and rolls her eyes. "Everyone knows that he's gay." Everyone has always known. Except his parents, which is why there was such a big kerfluffle in his home when he came out to them. "Except you're not his type. He likes the jocks. You'd have to take up a sport." And magically grow a penis, but that's beside the point of the teasing.

"Fiiiiine, play with my hair then." Jenna actually doesn't mind Siobhan playing hairdresser for her. At least now she doesn't. Back when they were six, and the witch gave her a page-style bob that was a different story.
"That is weird. Do you think it's because of the thing you made him? Or just that he's more comfortable with you because you're with Harper now?"
Scrunching up her face, she sighs. "Yeah, of course it would be too easy. I guess it's better than liking a guy twice my age though." Tilting her head to the side to allow her friend to gather up another section, she sticks her tongue out. "Are you sure he doesn't? I can like two guys at once. Why can't he like more than one person?"
"Hey! I play a mean game of tennis! Just because I'm not with the butch doesn't make me less of an athelete!"

Siobhan giggles. She knows where Jenna's mind went and she's pretty sure she's never going to live that hair style down. No more than when she decided to take the reins and make them both blonde at ten. Blonde was more like carrot top orange, and the only saving grace was that her mother brought the stylist to their home to restore their natural color.
"I … don't know." Siobhan really never thought about why Quin was so open with her, or why she feels so comfortable with him. She won't deny the crush is still there - won't admit it aloud but won't deny it - but it's not as though she's even considering acting on it. "Maybe both?" It's something she'll have to ask Brooke about.
"Yes, let's avoid the dirty old men, though you know, Mr. Blackwell isn't that much older than us I don't think… " Now the witch is flat out teasing. She's not seriously suggesting her bestie go for the sorcerer who happens to have a girlfriend too. Siobhan meets Jenna's eyes again. "No, not for one hundred percent, but I don't get a vibe off of him that he's anymore than a playful flirt. Not toward me anyway."
"But … Quin's away still and nothing happened with Chance so it isn't like you have to pick one over the other. Maybe nothing happened with Quin and this mystery chick in Vegas and he'll come back and get where you're coming from."
"Yes, you do play a mean game of tennis, so maybe you could date Pres."

"Maybe," Jenna agrees, catching her friend's eyes in the mirror. She knows what Siobhan is thinking about in regards to the hair and she's got to bite her lip to keep from laughing even more.
"I think my boss is only like, seven or eight years older than me. If he didn't look a bit like Harper, I'd totally scope him out more." She's not embarrassed to say that. Her boss is really sexy.
"Maybe he will, but I don't know. I mean, I guess I hope that he might but I don't want to bank on it too much."

"Your boss has a girlfriend, and she's nice." Siobhan points out with a laugh. "I like her."
She bites her lip and thinks about it a bit. "Yeah, he does look a little like Harper, doesn't he?"
"Well, if he did bang the mystery wolf chick, you can always tell him that you slept with Chance." Siobhan frowns after saying it. "On the other hand, maybe not. That's sure to cause some tension between them."

"That doesn't mean I can't look, Shiv." Jenna grins and then nods. "Yeah he does, a little. I mean, I couldn't stop staring at his eyes when I first met him. They're almost a mirror of mine. If my parents weren't still so young, I'd ask if he was a long lost brother."
Staring at her friend via the mirror again, she shakes her head. "No, if I do tell him that, it'll be accompanied by the truth. I'm not going to lie. I don't want to hurt him." Not that she didn't think that. She'll have to try really hard not to say that in a pique of anger.

"I never said you couldn't." With Jenna's hair brushed, Siobhan takes the time to start styling the bun updo that Jenna spoke of. She's good at buns, having done plenty of ballerina buns. She's also able to do classic and elegant, and weaves it carefully without it being too tight or too loose. "I look, because you know, New York is filled with good looking men. I'll only touch Harper."
"Good for you. You're a better woman than I am." She studies the bun and then takes it partway down to try it differently.

"Well seeing as how I don't really have anyone to touch, I suppose I should go find myself a good looking man." Not her boss, because Jenna has a lot of morals, and that's one she won't ever cross. No sleeping with the boss, the director, the producer. Nothing that could be seen as sleeping her way to the top, because she'd never do that.
"Not really. I'd honestly be afraid of wrecking their friendship. That's the only reason I wouldn't. You know I can be really mean if I'm hurt or pushed."

"Want to take out an ad? Pretty twenty-something needs a good looking man to touch?" Siobhan teases. She sets the hair and grabs a single styling stick which is stuck in place holding the bun with a few bobby pins. A few stray tendrils frame Jenna's face and curl sexily at the back of her neck. "Is that what you're going for, except, you know, done by a professional?"
"You want to know what I think?" Siobhan asks, though it's rhetorical. "I think that if Quin goes there in Vegas with this girl? Chance will step up. He might still be confused as heck about what he wants, but I think that he might feel like it opens the door to make a move on you." Of course, it goes without saying that if Quin goes there with the mystery girl, he'll probably consider himself dating that wolf girl.

"What? No! Ohmigawd, Shiv!" Blushing furiously, she glances into the mirror. "Yes, like that, but without the styling stick. Maybe a sparkling comb? But same idea."
Biting her lip, Jenna shakes her head. "He won't. I messed up, Shiv. He kissed me, and instead of doing something sweet, or sexy, I just curled up on his chest and went to sleep."
"I don't know how to recover from that."

Siobhan giggles at the blushing and then gapes at her friend. She gapes for a full thirty seconds before throwing her hands up in the air.
"He kissed you."
"Is there anything else I need to know before I give you my very sound advice?" That Jenna will probably ignore anyhow, but it's not going to stop Siobhan from speaking it.

"Yes. But I don't know if it was because he thought I expected him to kiss me, or he wanted to kiss me, or if it's just because he had a girl in his bed and it was second nature for him. I mean, it could be any of those things or it could none of those things, and I just froze up. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't want to push anything if he didn't really want it."
Jenna takes a deep breath, and then shakes her head.
Then she nods.
"He gave me a kiss and a hug when I was leaving."

"Can I slap you? Nothing personal, but I really I need to slap you."
Siobhan props a hip against the vanity and stares down at her friend. "He willingly crawled into bed with you. No reason at all, when he could have taken the couch or the floor, and then he kissed you. Not once but twice. And you really think he doesn't like you?"
"Chance isn't the sort of guy who kisses a girl because she expects it. He's not an inexperienced fifteen year old hoping to touch a boob. He knows what he's doing and what he wants. If he kissed you, it's because he wanted to kiss you. And why wouldn't he want to kiss you? You're beautiful and you're fun and you're great to spend time with. Of course he wanted to kiss you."
Scrubbing a hand over her face, Siobhan sighs and softens her voice. "If you want to recover from that, you're going to have to make the first move next time. If you want to. He put the ball in your court."

"I'd rather you didn't slap me, the blush is making my face red enough as it is."
"Yeah, he did. Cuddling with him was nice. He was going to take Quintin's bed, but… he didn't." Jenna worries her teeth over her bottom lip and sighs. "I don't know, Shiv. I really don't."
Sighing, she looks down at the vanity, and then makes a face. "He kisses plenty of girls. He was half asleep. Chances are it was just normal for him to do it."
Did he put the ball in her court? She's not sure that he did, and that just makes her more nervous. "Yes, but what if I make the first move next time, and he pushes me away?"

"I seriously doubt he'd kiss me and cuddle with me if I were in his bed."
"Ok, that didn't come out exactly right, but you know what I meant. Gawd, what is it going to take to convince you that the hot blonde sorcerer from Texas is interested in you? A full confession? A plane dragging a banner across the sky?"
"Did you at least kiss him back the second time?"

"I bet he would if he were half asleep."
Jenna stares at her friend, then starts to giggle again. She moves off the vanity chair and tries to catch her breath. "Did you just admit that he's hot, finally?"
"I don't know, Siobhan. I sometimes get the feeling he's interested, and then at other times it's just so platonic." Which she doesn't mind, in all honesty, the platonic friend stuff.
"I sort've kissed him back the first time, but then I just cuddled with him. I did kiss him back the second time though."

"Nope." Siobhan shakes her head and pops the 'p.' "I have no idea what you're talking about. I admitted to nothing."
Siobhan hand waves it away. "That's because of the Quin factor."
"Plus the whole Chance doesn't do serious factor. He likes you enough that he doesn't want to turn you into another notch in his belt. That's like a bit of flattery."
The witch sighs. "He won't think you shut him down completely, then." She almost tells Jenna to flirt the next time she sees Chance, but she remembers how terrible Jenna is at flirting. "Do you want me to ask him?"

"I mean, don't ask him. It's not the seventh grade. I don't need you to ask him for me. I don't mind the platonic thing." Mostly because it reminds Jenna of how her bestie and her brother have always been. Friends. Having fun. They never really had that whole bundle of nerves thing going.
"Why would he think I shut him down? I wouldn't do that."

"You're the one that said you froze up when he kissed you in bed." Siobhan can't help but smirk. She's never said anything like this to Jenna in this context. "Chance kissed you. In bed. Sorry, just had to repeat it for prosterity."
Giving her friend a wink, she crosses back to the bed and stretches out. "You kissed him back, so that's good."
"How was it? The kiss, I mean?"

"Well I did. I mean, I really wanted to make out with him but he was half asleep and, I don't know. I didn't want either of us to feel weird about it later on."
Jenna exhales a sigh and then pulls the hair stick out of her hair. Only because if she decides to drop onto the bed she doesn't want to impale herself on it.
"Good. Sweet. Not super passionate like that one Quin gave me when he was all jacked up on wolf hormones or whatever."
"It was nice though."

"Something you should know about the whole making out thing? A guy is never too tired to make out, even if he is half asleep. They can be too drunk to get it up, from what I know - " Because though Siobhan dates around a good deal, and she has been known to fool around that is where she draws the line and she has not had a gajillion lovers - "But making out? That they can always accomplish and he chose to come back to bed with you, Jen. I don't think tired had anything to do with it."
The thought that the kiss was sweet is amusing. The witch doesn't picture Chance as the sweet kissing type. But she didn't picture Quin as the crazy passionate type either.
"I don't think that Chance has werewolf hormones to get jacked up on," Siobhan giggles. After a moment, she bursts into laughter. "Somewhere out there Chance is suddenly suffering from a fragile ego, you know."
"Nice is just not how most guys want their kissing technique described, I don't think."

"I'll keep that in mind for the next time I wind up in bed with a guy I really like that tends to send me mixed signals," Jenna replies dryly. It's not as though she's got a ton of experience in that department. Despite her outgoing personality, she really is somewhat shy. Which is why she chose theater. It helped bring her out of her shell quite a bit.
"I hope he doesn't have werewolf hormones to get jacked up on. I mean, I don't think I could imagine a spellcasting werewolf."
"Well I don't know how else to describe it! I've kissed a total of four guys. Two wound up coming out, one is a werewolf, the other is a sorcerer. It was a nice kiss. I enjoyed it."

"You had a heart to heart with Quin. Maybe it's time to have one with Chance." Siobhan expects that might be easier said than done. When cornered, Quin will spill over. Chance seems more like the type to joke his way out of it, and side-step and dance around topics expertly forever.
Siobhan gives a slight shudder. "I think that magical hyperactivity coped with werewolf abiliites would be a little scary."
Lifting a brow, she points a finger at Jenna. "Quick. Don't think. First word that pops into your mind: Quin's kiss."

"I already told Chance that I like him. Do I really need to say more than that?" Jenna worries her teeth over her bottom lip, and then sighs. "I have difficulty reading Chance's emotions. I don't know if it's because he just has a natural shield or what. Even when I touch him, I don't get how he feels so much as I do say, from you."

"No, I suppose you don't," Siobhan sighs. She thinks that there's going to be no way around it until Quin decides what he wants and either dives in or steps back. Then Chance will need to figure out what he wants.
"Gay guys are safer," Siobhan comments randomly.
She tilts her head. "Intense versus nice. Gotta say things do not look well for our cowboy."

"They are safer," Jenna agrees.
"But Quintin was backed by werewolf hormones that were controlling him, so it's not really a fair comparison, Shiv."
Biting her lip, she whispers, "I would've actually slept with Chance if I didn't chicken out."
"That doesn't leave this room."

Siobhan is not the theatre major and that can be seen very plainly by the shock on her face. She gapes at Jenna, not for the first time tonight. After a moment, she snaps her jaw shut and holds up a finger. "Wait here."
The witch leaves her bedroom quickly, and makes way across the apartment to the wine rack in the kitchen. Biting her lip, she considers and then plucks a bottle of red off the rack. She reads the label, makes certain that it's not one of the more expensive bottles. Her parents are open about the drinking, so long as it's in the house, and she knows they won't mind one open bottle of wine.
After opening the bottle, she grabs two wine glasses and heads back to the bedroom. She kicks the door closed behind her and hands a glass to Jenna.
"Okay. Let's talk. Gloves off, no holds barred." Siobhan fills Jenna's wine glass halfway and then her own. "You would have slept with Chance. Would you sleep with Quin?"

Jenna watches her friend leave, and drops back onto the bed. She likely said too much, and she knows she's going to regret talking about this because her bestie is hanging out a lot with both guys.
Taking the glass of offered wine, she sets it on the night table and exhales a sigh.
"I don't know. Probably not. I don't mean that I haven't thought about what it'd be like, but he's about as inexperienced as I am and I don't think either of us would want something clumsy and awkward as our first time."

Yes, Siobhan is spending a lot of time with both Quin and Chance. That's what happens when you become 'one of the guys' which is really a new and unique spot for Siobhan to find herself. It doesn't mean she's going to spill Jenna's deep dark confessions to either young man.
"Is that the only reason?" Siobhan is genuinely curious. "I mean, yeah the awkward fumbling could be … awkward but, you'd both be on the same page, right?"
"Experience doesn't mean it'll be great."
Her first time with Jesse was still awkward, even though Jesse was experienced. Siobhan was nervous as hell and worried about impressing and/or disappointing him. She was worried that he was comparing her to the girls he'd been with before. Considering what she knows now, she's not sure that he wasn't and just going through the motions to keep her on his arm and happily placated.

"No, it's not the only reason." Jenna bites her lip and exhales a heavy sigh. "I like Quin, I do. But I think he's looking for something really serious, and I don't think that I could sleep with him and have it not be a for life kind of thing, and I know I'm definitely not ready for that."
"I'm not you. I've not known what I wanted since I was twelve."

Siobhan can see where her friend is coming from, and it's a perfectly normal thought and reaction for Jenna to have. She can also agree that Quin does seem to be focused on the til death do us part angle of the whole thing.
"Maybe you should have sex with Chance." Siobhan blurts the words out before she's fully processed her thought. "I just meant that you know he's not looking for a lifetime commitment and it could be a learning experience and he likes you well enough that you wouldn't be a one night stand."

"So you think I should just outright ask him to have sex with me for the learning experience? To ask him to teach me?"
Jenna gapes at Siobhan for a moment. Then she reaches over to the glass she sat down, and takes a sip from it. She's going to wind up regretting it come morning, when feeling the emotions is a lot more sensitive.
"I don't think I could ask him that."

Siobhan sits on the bed and shakes her head. "I knew I didn't say that right." Beat. "But you like him and whatever you think otherwise, I think he's interested in you. There's no reason you couldn't date him and let things be a little more physical. If you want. So long as you know what you're getting into … and you think you'd be okay with just being friends if it didn't turn out to be an epic romance."
"You don't have to jump into bed with him, but if it happens and it's right and you really want it to happen? Why not?"

"That's the problem. I don't want to be just another one of Chance's girls." Jenna allows herself one more sip and then places it back on the night table.
"I'd know what I was getting into, sure, but I already like him. I'm pretty sure if I do sleep with him, it'll become more than that and I know he doesn't want anything like that."
"Maybe I should just find a clean male prostitute."

"Maybe." Siobhan takes another sip of the wine. "Maybe not."
She has as many problems reading Chance as Jenna does, just in different ways. "Maybe you could be the girl to get him to tame his wild ways."
"They have female escorts. I'm sure we could find you a male one."

"No, Shiv, that's a definitely. I know what I'm like."
Sighing, Jenna grabs a pillow and drops forward onto her stomach, landing her head on the pillow. "I don't want to change him. If I have to change him to be with him, then he's no longer him."
"I was totally joking about that, you know."

"I meant the maybe for Chance. Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn't be another one of his girls."
Siobhan leans against the headboard and swirls the wine in the glass. "You wouldn't be changing him. Just because he decides to settle down a little and stops womanizing doesn't mean that he's being changed. It means he's growing up and … settling down."
She giggles. "Yes, I know you were."

"Ohhh. Well that makes a bit more sense then. I don't want to put him in the situation to have to decide though."
Jenna stares ahead at the door, and closes her eyes for a moment. She's not tired, not by a long shot. She's simply trying to visualize things. "I need to stop stressing over all of this, Shiv. I'm going to the ball with him. I'll be able to talk to him there and see what he thinks. Or at least… I'll be able to tell how he feels, maybe."

"Ok. Fine. No more stressing."
"Do you know when Quin's getting back? We should welcome, I think. I mean, his team did win."
"I want to sleep with Harper."

"Yeah, he's coming back Tuesday. I already spoke with Chance, and I'm going over early to put up a few decorations, and make pasta." Jenna wrinkles her nose. "I promised Quintin I'd do it, and I did warn Chance I was going to attempt to make it."
"Well duh of course you do." Jenna giggles and tosses the pillow at her bestie. "But I don't want all the details when you do, okay? I mean, you can tell me about it, I just don't need graphic descriptions of my brother."

"Is it a private party?" Siobhan asks. She doesn't want to intrude if Jenna wants to welcome Quin home, whatever is happening. She'd like to go and see her friend, but she can always find something else to do.
"Another kitchen effort?" Beat. "I'm going to give you a luck charm this time."
"No," Siobhan holds up her arm to deflect the pillow. "I mean, I don't want to wait. Harper's in this whole 'let's take things slow for now mode,' and I … don't want to wait. Which yeah, is stupid considering how long I've already waited but …do you know he told me that I could have my own room in the suite? As though I wouldn't want to share a bed with him?"

"Well no, I mean I wasn't planning on it to be, because Chance is going to be there too." Jenna grins and nods. "I think… I'll be alright if I don't have something or someone distracting me. I handled the pretzels."
"So, don't wait? Seduce him. You know how Harper is. He just doesn't want to get totally involved and then disappear to school for another year."
Jenna blinks and then sits up. "He offered you your own room? On the one hand, I think that's sweet. On the other, I want to smack him."

"I can come by and welcome Quin home then?" Siobhan asks. She doesn't want to trample on Jenna's toes.
"What? No!" Siobhan grabs her glass of wine off the night stand and drinks half of it in two large swallows. She's squirming and blushing, although it's not like they haven't talked about guys before in this manner. Look at the conversation they were just having about Quin and Chance.
"I can't seduce Harper. First, the whole mind reading thing? He'd see it coming from a mile away and that takes the fun out of a seduction but …" Siobhan bites her lip and sighs. "I'm not sure he wants to go there with me yet. I don't want to force him and have him fretting and regretting it for the rest of summer."
Why else would he offer her a room of her own?

"Duh! Of course you can come by and welcome Quin home. Why couldn't you?" Jenna shakes her head and shoves her best friend. "Did you think I was trying to keep both guys to myself in some weird threesome scenario or something?"
"You can too. Just don't think about doing it, and do it. You remember I taught you how to block your feelings? It's the same way with thoughts. You just have to focus on something that's not what you're thinking."
Sighing in frustration, Jenna pokes at her bestie again. "Sweetie, he got you a hotel suite. He was probably offering you the room in case you were having second thoughts, or you thought that's all he was thinking."

"No, it's not that. It's just that if you had plans with them, I didn't want to invite myself along," Siobhan shrugs.
"I'm supposed to seduce Harper without thinking about seducing him?" The look on Siobhan's face tells how much she thinks that's possible. "With my luck, it'll be all that I think about from this moment forward."
"Maybe." Except that Harper is a twenty year old male and shouldn't he be all over her instead of the other way around? Even when they've made out - and it hasn't been that often since the holiday - he's careful and never pushes things or goes too far.
"My turn. Hair up or down?"

"Well I don't see why you can't come. I mean, no matter what else, we're all friends, and Quin will be happy that you're there and that you missed him too." Smiling, Jenna tilts her head. Then she laughs.
"Exactly. Don't think about it at all. Just do it. Get him somewhere quiet and kiss him, and make out with him, and let his hormones do the rest."
Jenna knows that her twin isn't like any other typical twenty year old male. It could be that he wants to be all over his girlfriend, but he's trying to respect her at the same time.
"Definitely up. You'll look older. More sophisticated, and you'll knock Harper off his feet."

"Good. I'll come over after Quin gets in then or a little before. Just let me know the time."
Somehow, Siobhan still thinks that will be easier said than done where Harper is concerned.
"I don't know that I should." She's waiting too long for this to screw it up because her hormones are all over the place. "He's the one that said slow, so shouldn't I just wait for him to make the first move if we're going to go there?"
Siobhan has never fretted over a guy this much.
The witch nods, though she seems distracted. "I hope so."

"Sure." Jenna grins. "As soon as I've got the time down, I'll text you."
"Why shouldn't you? I mean, I know you've been waiting forever for you and Harper to even happen, so why shouldn't you go for it? I can't read his mind, but I know my brother. He wants to go slow because he's afraid of screwing things up for you and me if the two of you don't work out."
There's another beat, and the empath pokes Siobhan in the stomach. "Earth to Shiv. Have you got a hairstyle in mind?"

"Because it's Harper and I don't want to screw things up." She bites her lip. "I don't want him to feel pressured." There is irony in that statement.
Siobhan reaches out and gives Jenna a one-armed hug. "You know that we're going to be fine no matter what happens, right?" Mostly because fears aside, Siobhan isn't going anywhere. Harper is it for her.
"No, not exactly." The poke brings her back. "Just something up."

"Siobhan Emilie Knight! You're not going to screw things up. You're going to become my sister, and that's all there is to it."
Jenna hugs her friend in return, and leans up to kiss her cheek. "Because you're already the closest thing I have to a sister, and I know that no matter what happens, we're friends for life."
"Maybe you should leave the wave in when you put it up."

"Then we need a new game plan," Siobhan announces, rolling off the bed and walking to her desk. She retrieves her laptop and brings it back to the bed. She bought matching under garments for the dress for the Ball, and while they're flattering and attractive, they don't quite scream sexy the way Siobhan wants them to.
"If I'm seducing your brother, I'm damn well going to make sure he gets the message completely."

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