On Break Goodbyes

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is home to the most expensive residential area in all of the United States. Slick condos line the avenues, and elegant rows of elite, landmark row houses are built along the side streets. These are the homes of doctors, lawyers, bankers, and the wealthy socialites. Many of the highest class restaurants in New York can also be found in this area, always filled to the brim with the most important people.

The eastern half of the Upper East side sees rents of a slightly less stratospheric nature. This is where many Wall Street yuppies and singles reside.


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Quintin Bruning Jenna Donovan

It's Tuesday. He has less than twenty four hours before he flies out to the other side of the country. There's a conversation that has to be had and he's only hoping that he can have it in a way that properly portrays the situation.

Quin's called Jenna to ask where she is, and to see if he can drop by. There's no stress or urgency in his voice; he simply said he'd like to see her real quick before he leaves. That may or may not be fair to her but the wolf simply has no idea what to do, how best to handle this.

It's going to have to be a brief conversation, but he's shown up to visit her on break. His attire isn't formal at all, or even semi-formal, which nearly makes him regret it. Denim jeans and a black wife beater are worn. There's a button down outer shirt to the ensemble but it's in his hand. It is hot, after all.

The good thing about this job is that Jenna can decide how she wants to do her breaks. Two fifteen minute breaks, and a thirty-minute lunch when she's working the longer shifts, or two thirty-minute breaks. She's chosen the latter today, simply because it's not been that busy yet, and she can snack on her later break.
She typically doesn't go far from the restaurant when she's working anyhow.
After the call from Quintin though, she's thinking that maybe she'll go for a walk with him down the block. Meeting him outside the building, she smiles at him.
"So, are you all packed and ready to go?"

As always, he smiles when he sees her. The reaction just cannot be faked, nor the emotion that goes behind it. "Hey there." It's not a charming greeting but he's not exactly Prince Charming.

"Yeah, I think so. I always forget something though, so we'll see what it is when I get there. Knowing me it'll be something like my toothbrush." He makes the mental note to check for his toothbrush.

"It's weird to think that this time tomorrow I'll be in a different time zone than you." He had been worried that he'd be nervous to see her, but there's something about her that just makes him happy.

"If all you forget is your toothbrush, you're doing fine. You can totally buy one of those anywhere." Toiletries are always the least of her worries when she travels. Because even if she's got to compromise on the brand, she can at least find deoderant at most pharmacies or department stores.
"It is weird to think, but you can call or text me any time, you know that, right? I know you've got your game, and to hang with your team but if you just want to feel connected to home by all means get in touch."
Sure, he's not going to be gone all that long from the city, but that doesn't mean he's going to feel comfortable out there with the team.
"The important thing," Jenna says, turning to hug him, "Is that you have fun, Quintin."

There is that. "Well, it better not be any of my equipment. My coach would kill me." Now he's doing a mental checklist of his field gear. Eventually he shakes his head and chuckles. "Oh, well. It'll be something, I'm sure."

Hey, she's making a really nice offer. Then comes the hug. He's feeling pretty damn good about himself at the moment, and is extremely relaxed. Quin wraps his muscled arms around her small frame to give her a warm hug.

"I'm sure I'll keep in contact. And I'll let you know how the game goes. It likely won't be televised but either way it's going to be fun." He at least hopes that it will be. If he travels all that way to be miserable he'll never do it again.

"Well, that's the thing." He grows a little serious but tries to keep his features soft. "You know how I was complaining about having to hang with the team, right? Well, they're all bringing their girlfriends and whatever." He almost looks and feels unimpressed with that fact. "And it was really short notice, and you're busy, and Shiv's busy. I have a friend that needs to get out of the city so I'll have company when I go."

Ahem. "I think. I can't really tell. For all I know I'll still be killing time for myself." Hey, it could happen.

"I doubt you're going to forget any of your equipment. Just make a checklist when you get home, and go over everything. If you've forgot something, you'll still have plenty of time to pack it." Jenna's being practical, and mentioning her method. It means less stuff left behind, both going to places, and coming home from them.
"You better let me know how the game goes." She'll talk to Chance on Wednesday and see about throwing a congratulatory party when Quintin returns if his team wins. Just something small for the five of them.
Her first thought when he mentions the game is to tell him that he never asked her if she was busy. Jenna is busy. She's got school, and work. But he never asked her. Rather than say anything though, she just bites her lip and nods.
"Okay, well… uhm… that's good. Did you need me to see if I can get more tickets to those shows or something?"

She makes too much sense. Why didn't she pack for him? Because that would require him asking her to do so, and he would never do that. Honestly, he'd never think to do that. He's talking himself into a state of wanting to mentally browbeat himself, which causes him in turn to rub at the back of his neck. "I almost asked why I didn't ask you to pack for me. Then I realized I didn't actually ask you to pack for me. I don't really ask a lot of things." Yeah, he's rambling.

He snaps from the rambling when she mentions the game. Quin nods, almost grins. "I'm hoping that I'll meet up with a few scouts, but honestly the trip itself is just worth it. I'm sure I'll tell you either way as soon as the game is over." He will, too.

"Oh no, it's nothing like that." He's less nervous now than he was a few moments ago, which is rather weird, considering. "I just wanted to let you know in case I mention anything with 'we' or 'us'." Pause. "And there's the fact that my friend is a female."

Here comes the sigh he just can't hide. "Look Jenna, I know that we're just taking it slow, but I think you have a right to know. I'm not trying to date anyone else and I'm not forgetting about you. I just want you to know that going into it." There's another sigh as he looks to her, about as open and honest as he's been other than telling the truth of 'what' he is. "I'm not trying to hide anything from you."

"You should. I'd've helped you pack."
Jenna likes that he's grinning about the game. "Even if you don't meet up with scouts, know that we'll be rooting for you guys back here." Quintin may go to a different school than she does, but that doesn't mean she's not going to cheer for him or wish him luck.
"You're bringing a friend with you. Don't you want them to see the same shows as you —" Jenna blinks at him. Well, she was asking for that. Taking things slow, and dating. He's gone and asked another girl to go with him, and she can't really blame him for that after she told him that she kissed Chance.
Taking a deep breath, she nods and holds up her hand.
"It's okay, Quin. You don't… have to explain things to me. I appreciate you being honest though. Like you said, we're taking things slow. So uhm… if you need those tickets, just let me know, okay?"
She has no clue why she's still offering a second set of tickets to him. She's jealous, and a bit confused, but she promised him that they'd be friends no matter what and she's trying to keep that promise.

"Yeah, I should have. I should have done a lot of things." Like be more open with her. "I guess I internalize too much and jump to conclusions." Pause. "But I'm working on it, I really am." He's here, talking to her about things. That's a step.

His hand reaches for her shoulder as he tries to look her square in the eye. "Yes, I do. Because I care about you. And because I feel that you have a right to know the truth. And it's exactly what I've said. A friend that could use some time out of the city. I've not invited her for any possibilities of romance or anything." It's the truth. He feels it and believes that it is.

"And no matter what you say, I care about you and I want you to know ahead of time. Not finding out because of someone else." Pause. His voice actually softens at this. "You've been upfront and honest with me about everything." Even kissing his roommate. That thought doesn't actually make him sad. He just knows they look at things differently. "And I appreciate the offer but it'll be fine. I can go solo to the shows. It could do me some good."

"You do, but that's part of who you are and what I like about you, Quin." Standing on her tiptoes, she presses a friendly kiss to his cheek and smiles at him. He may be going away with another girl, but she is not going to be upset about it.
"No. I mean, I don't need to know the details. I appreciate you telling me the truth though. I do."
Jenna chews on her lip for a second and it crosses her mind that she's going to need to reapply her lipstick before heading back up to the restaurant. "I'm glad you told me."
Which means, she really should tell him something too.
"Yesterday at lunch, Chance asked me to go with him to this formal event next weekend. It's not a date, just so that he's not bored or stuck with someone he won't have any fun with. I told him I would."
"Just call me if you do need them. I can get the tickets on dad's account. They'll make sure you've got them."

He'll wrap his arms around her when she kisses him on the cheek. He's a huggy person at times and it feels good to hug her. "Well, when I go pro, I'll just need you packing for me every week." A job that has him traveling is almost worrisome but he'll do the worrying later.

"Being open and upfront can be a good thing. I don't do it usually because, well, I don't talk a lot. Usually. But you deserve it, and I'll be as open with you as I can be." Now that she knows what he is it's a bit easier to do so. He's not as worried about her running off while screaming.

Quin considers the request for a formal. He's not upset about it; it makes sense for Chance to bring someone who is appropriate. That leaves two people and to invite Shiv would be to invite gossip. In the end the wolf doesn't appear (or feel) upset in the least. "That actually sounds like a lot of fun. He'll need someone to keep him from falling asleep."

"I promise I'll let you know. But I'm sure it will be fine. I'm still not convinced I won't find her running off with one of my mates anyway." This is actually said with a chuckle. He apparently not only finds it possible but semi-amusing. Although he'd feel sorry for the soul who didn't know what he was getting himself into.

"You're on. I'll do it too. And when you're rich and famous, you need to mention me at least once in your interviews," she teases. Jenna doesn't feel like teasing or being playful, but she's an impeccable actress.
"It can be, and I get that. But you don't need to." Jenna does not want details about his time in Vegas with another woman.
"They're usually really boring events. I was going to ask you, but then Chance asked me first, and I figured that you'd probably be really uncomfortable in a tuxedo with a bunch of stuffy, snooty businessmen." She looks a little ashamed that she didn't ask him. And she looks down at the ground.
"Quintin? I'm going to miss you."

It would be beneficial if he were psychic or was an empath or just anything. As it stands all he can do is go off of her smell, her feel, her sound. If he examines that for too long he'll miss out on the present. He opts to focus on the here and now and not his senses.

"Don't doubt that I wont." He's smiling even if she's looking down. This conversation will remain upbeat. Or as much as he can control.

"You'll hear about the game and if I somehow end up rich." Which he doubts. "And I want to hear about this formal. I don't really have the excuse to dress up often. I bet you two will have fun." He didn't invite her to Vegas, why should he be offended that she didn't invite him to the formal? He's more jock likely and less suave.

He reaches out to touch her chin and maybe try to lift it. "I'll miss you, too. And I want to see you as soon as I can."

"I won't doubt it for a second. Though I guess I'll need a new wardrobe if I'm acting as valet," she teases again. It's easy to go by the old adage, 'fake it until you make it'. Really, she'll have to keep herself upbeat and perky when she goes back to work so this is really good practice.
"Well the formal's not until the twenty-first, but I promise you details." Maybe she can see about getting an invitation for Quintin as well. There are purchasable tickets. She could use some of her earnings on one.
"You will. I'll come by the apartment once you're on your way home and cook you some pasta." There's an honest, genuine laugh at the last and a smile for him. She doesn't want him to see her upset before he goes.

If only she wasn't faking it. He enjoys being around her. "For all you know, you might need to keep a stash of extremely nice dresses on hand. Only the best and what not." No, he isn't proposing marriage or anything but he never knows what the future might hold.

A formal isn't too big of an ordeal for him. The majority of his expenses go to food since his scholarship covers most of his needs. He may just get his own ticket, depending. He won't be there if she doesn't want to be. "Maybe Shiv and I can crash it then. You know, really keep things entertaining." She's likely already going with Harper anyway. When it comes to formals and parties he truly is the fifth wheel.

Quin laughs; he can't help it. That earns her another hug, and if she'll allow, a small peck on the lips. Nothing to be improper but just to show he cares. "You can even make me pasta if you want." She's done it before, only she didn't quite coat him entirely. "In fact, I haven't had any Italian since. I figure that's something special for us."

"You have seen what I wear, right? I rarely ever wear anything else but nice dresses." Jenna does like to look good, and it's rare that she'll wear pants and a shirt, because she knows she just looks better in the dresses.
"Maybe, though I think Siobhan's parents are going to the same party. They go every year." So do Jenna's parents though. It's one of those things.
When he laughs, she laughs. There's a surprised look at the kiss, but she's smiling and a little more relaxed.
Dating, she reminds herself. It's alright for him to kiss her and be going off with someone else. They're not tied to each other or anything.
"You're on. And I promise if I can't make it, I'll order from the best Italian place in the city."

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