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Serafine Roche Bryn Blackwell

It's not 'Date Night,' but the holiday interrupted that and Serafine wasn't willing to wait. She loves spending time with Kieran, but it's different, for so many reasons and not all of them obvious, from spending time with Bryn. Having no intention of waiting a whole week before they actually took a full night to themselves, she called him Thursday night and invited him over Monday evening. Invited being a euphemism for telling him that she wanted to see him Monday night for dinner at her place.

Serafine might not need to eat in the traditional sense that humans do, but her Maker has a fondness for food and cooking, ("fattening the herd," he's often joked) so she knows her way around the kitchen. She's no master chef, but Sera can cook up something edible that also tastes good. She wasn't feeling overly adventerous tonight, so it's simply going to be chicken marsala over angel hair pasta, with bruschetta as a starter, and tiramisu as dessert.

The lights are dimmed in her apartment, soft classical music pumping through the BOSE surround system, and fragrant candles flickering in various corners of the apartment. She's dressed casually in a simple green dress, her hair in tighter ringlets than usual, a hint of gloss on her lips and green and gold eye shadow on her eyes. The vampiress looks human, comfortable, homey. Domesticate.

A fine red wine, recommended by Kieran is breathing on the table, and she's well fed so there's a good deal of color in her cheeks. All, that's needed now, is her date.


With the new information obtained by the werewolf victim, Bryn has been busy trying to determine the Maker. Now, more than ever, it's imperative that they find out who's responsible for creating the neophyte. He knows Doris spoke with Blake, and that there is an understanding there that as far as the Priory is aware the one responsible is not Kostas'. It does keep things from heating up between the two groups which is one less thing he's got to worry about.

The invite was a bit of a surprise, and though Serafine's impatience means he's getting to see her two days earlier than he would've been otherwise he's curious as to her reasoning.

A gentle knock to her door is given once he reaches it. A large bouquet of summer flowers is held up to the peephole.


Serafine knows Bryn is there before he knocks on the door. She checks her reflection in the metal shine of the refrigerator, and then smooths invisible wrinkles out of the skirt of her dress. The vampire knows that she's upset Bryn's schedule, and she's just happy that he made an exception for her. The man is dedicated to his work, and she does have plenty to keep her busy. After a century, one has to learn to manage one's time.

None of that means she doesn't wish to see him.

Peeking through the peephole isn't required, and Sera only does it out of misplaced human habit. When she's entertaining those who don't know what she is, it's expected behavior.

Opening the door, she smiles at the flowers, then lifts to her toes to find Bryn's eyes over the bouquet, "Those are beautiful."


"As is the woman they are for," Bryn states as he offers them to her. "I would claim short notice of the dinner invitation as the reason why these are your only gift this evening, but I honestly just did not want anything that would outshine you."

Bryn smiles at her, boyishly. Surprisingly, he's dressed casually for him. A pair of grey khaki style pants, and a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

"It smells wonderful in here, Princess."


Accepting the flowers, Serafine sniffs them and her smile brightens a bit more. She loves the smell of fresh flowers. "Thank you." Her smile is warm, and she modestly dips her head before lifting her eyes to his again.

Her eyes rake over his body, appreciatively and with a hint of predatory hunger, "You look … good." Then again, in her opinion, the man always looks good. Stepping close to him, a soft kiss is pressed to his cheek, and then Serafine is taking his hand and leading him inside the apartment.

"I only hope it tastes as good as it smells." If not, she has carry out menus.


The look in her eyes speaks volumes. She missed him, and she missed him. It does a lot to Bryn's ego to catch that, and he grins. Giving her hand a squeeze, he allows her to lead him into the apartment. It's the first time he's been here as an invited guest and not a necessary one after an attack.

"I am sure it will."


"You are a man of faith and hope, Bryn," Serafine laughs. Again, she's not a terrible cook, but she has been known to muck it all up. She hasn't tonight as far as she can determine, but she wanted to warn him ahead of time.

Once inside, she closes and locks the door, then turns back to Bryn. After a few seconds consideration, she places her hand to the side of his face and draws him down for a sweetly affectionate kiss. There is nothing seductive or suggestive in it, just a warm, affectionate greeting after a brief absence.


"I am a man who has a nose that works, Princess." Winking at her, Bryn squeezes her hand again. "Anything that smells that good is not going to taste terrible." It may look terrible, but the taste is going to be phenomenal.

The lighting is noted, and he half wonders if Serafine even wants to bother with the meal or if she's just setting an extremely romantic mood.

Wrapping the vampiress up in his arms, he holds her close before kissing her again. "Bloody hell, I missed you."


The mood is meant to be romantic. Quiet. Calming. Her daily work might not be very stressful, but she knows that Bryn never stops thinking about things, never stops working the case. She wants him to relax a little tonight and just focus on Bryn. Provided they aren't interrupted by the telephone ringing. It's like being involved with a doctor or a cop, except not.

"I missed you too, mon bienaim," Serafine whispers, nuzzling against his neck for a moment. She's inhaling his scent, re-imprinting it on her memory, and simply enjoying being close to him for a few moments.


Bryn very rarely ever takes time for himself. He's there for other people. That's what his job is by default. It's what they pay him to do. The Priory not so much as his private clients, but it's really all the same job to him. He's hoping that they can have a night without the telephone ringing. One full night without being taken away early from Serafine.

He does realize that very soon he will have to sit down with Ashcroft and explain the relationship. He's not dreading it, and he's not exactly keeping things a secret, but he's not yet told the man whom he's being groomed to replace.

"You look amazingly like a happy little housewife, Serafine. Have you ever considered adding that to your roster of skills?"


"Are you making an offer?" Serafine asks with a teasing smile and a wink. It's not a proposition by any stretch of the imagination, but it is Serafine being playful and teasing.

She strokes her fingers through his hair, and then pressing another kiss to his cheek, reluctantly twists out of his arms. There will be time for cuddling, and other things, later. Right now, she wants to feed him a good dinner, and just enjoy some downtime.

"I'm going to put the flowers in water. Why don't you pour us some wine and I'll serve dinner?"


"What would you do if I were?"

Bryn isn't exactly proposing anything himself, but he is looking at her quizzically. Quite curious, he is, to see what her thoughts are on taking her playing human that far.

"Whatever my Princess requests, she shall have. Beautifully full glasses of wine, and then you can direct me to which place at the table I should be taking."



Serafine senses the genuine curiosity behind the question. The vampire reads it in Bryn's eyes. "I … don't know." It's an honest answer. "I've never thought about it before. No one has ever asked." There was that trip to Ireland with Kieran, and the hand fasting, but she hardly considers that to be on par with what Bryn is inquiring about. It was Kieran and there are different rules at play between vampires.


"Then they are foolish for not asking," Bryn replies, good humor in his voice. The wine has been left breathing, and he carefully pours them each a glass. The bottle is set in the middle of the table where they can each reach it if they wish to.

"Do not stress over the question, Princess. For now it was just my idle curiosity." They have really not been dating long enough for him to consider it. If it's even possible for the two of them to commit to a union like that.


"You're good for my ego, Bryn." Not that Serafine truly needs her ego stroked. She doesn't have Kieran's arrogance, but she's well aware that she's an attractive woman as well as the added lure her Karneros bloodline gives to her. She just chooses not to play either up unless it's a helpful political manuevering or she needs to feed.

Blowing a kiss over her shoulder, she ducks into the kitchen. The food is out and cooling, so it's just a few minutes to arrange everything on plates, and bring out the bruschetta and two plates. Yes, it's a balancing act and a combination of vampire skill and the time she spent waiting tables on the night shift at a diner "for the experience."


"I am being perfectly honest. Any man worth his salt would realize what a gem you are." Bryn knows that Serafine is an attractive woman, who can have her choice of men. It's the men who are stupid for not realizing that she's worth the effort.

Leaning against a chair, he watches her in the kitchen. He's not going to sit until his hostess has taken her seat.


Serafine sets the two plates on the table, side by side, rather than across from one another. The table is circular, so they'll be able to talk and see one another easily enough, and she wants to be close to him.

Then she sits, neatly and demurely, motioning for Bryn to do so as well. "Come on, mon cher. Let's eat before it gets cold."


"A true gentleman never takes a seat before his hostess," Bryn replies to her. He waits a moment until she's fully seated. Then he leans in and presses a teasing kiss to her cheek. It is the picture perfect scene of domesticity.

Sliding into his seat beside her, he raises his glass in a toast. "To the hostess. A woman of many talents." Lifting the glass to his lips he drinks, and then looks at the food. "I have not had a woman cook for me in a very long time, Serafine. Thank you."


Serafine giggles playfully at the kiss and raises her glass to meet the toast. "To a man worthy of displaying my many talents." She gently chimes her glass against his and gives him a warm smile. She looks so very human at the moment, with her heart in her eyes, and her face alight as she watches him. It would probably be hard for anyone, seeing the scene, to imagine what the woman really is.

"YOu're very welcome, Bryn. Now that I know that, I'm going to have to do it more often."


"You do know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?" Bryn is being playful, a rare event for him. He's relaxed. He's comfortable here in her home. With the lights dimmed, and the glow of the candle light, he can very much almost see this becoming a weekly ritual as well. A wind down after a case perhaps. A rare treat.

He wasn't kidding when he said the food smelled wonderful. He takes a tentative forkful. Chewing it thoughtfully, he nods. "Amazing. I knew it would be."


"I have heard that, yes," Serafine watches him with a small, pleased smile on her face. He looks relaxed, and it's a good look for him. A very good look for him. She really wants to just crawl in his lap and cuddle close to him, and just record this moment for a while. Licking her lips, she sips from her wine and forces her eyes away from Bryn long enough to focus on her plate.

"Shall I give your compliments to the chef?" Serafine asks, taking a bite of the meal. He's right. It is good.


"I think I would like to give my compliments to the chef a little later," Bryn replies. Reaching over, he sets his hand to her thigh and smiles. "For once I would honestly like to see if we can make it all the way through dinner." Though he says the words, he inches his fingers up her thigh and squeezes.


Touching her tongue to her upper lip, Serafine gives the man sitting beside her a perfectly innocent and sweet smile, though it's countered by the impishness in her eyes. "I think that making it through dinner in its entirety is a very good idea."

To punctuate her words, Serafine takes another forkful of the meal, chewing thoughtfully and washing it down with a swallow of wine. All the while pretending to be oblivious to the tingling heat of his hand on her thigh.


Noting the challenge of her look; the innocence mixed with the minx; he grins. "It would definitely be a shame to let all this wonderful cooking go to waste because we let it get cold."

Bryn likewise takes another forkful of the meal. It really is delicious. As much as he loves room service at the hotel, he'll take home cooked any day.

"How was your holiday?"


"Very good. Relaxing." Sera takes a forkful of her own and gives him a smile. She washes it down with wine. "We watched the fireworks from the rooftop patio of Kieran's penthouse." Beyond that, Kieran has some interesting methods of celebration, but the vampiress isn't sharing those. It's not something that Bryn really wants to hear about.

She's glad that he is genuinely enjoying the meal.

"Please tell me you at least took time out to do something relaxing? Saw the fireworks? Caught a concert in the park? Visited a hot dog vendor?" The last is added as a joke, because she has trouble imagining Bryn visiting any vendor stand.

"Brooke is a witch?" It's phrased as a question, but it really isn't. She enjoys another bite of the chicken and then gives him a smile, waving it off with her fork before he can say anything. "It's fine. It wasn't your secret to tell." Serafine respects the fact that Bryn protects the supernaturals around him, and applies it all equally. Also, Brooke is an old 'friend' of his, which explains more.

Though she does have another question. "How is it that you were close? Didn't the Coven and your Dynasty have issues with that?"


"It sounds as though the two of you had a lovely evening together." Bryn is doing his damnedest not to think of any methods of celebration two Karneros might employ. He did know what he was getting into when he decided to try this with Serafine, and he really doesn't want to get jealous over the bond she has with her Maker.

He is, but he doesn't want to be.

"You do realize that it is a celebration of independence away from the British?" Winking at her, he eats a little more. "I holed up in my suite, and drank tea all night, cursing your founding fathers." Giving her thigh a little squeeze he turns and winks at her. It's a jest, but he very much doubts that she wants to hear that he was busily going over everything on the case for the umpteenth time.

Bryn stops with a forkful of food halfway to his mouth. Slowly lowering it to the plate he allows himself to glance over at her. "How did you find out?" It really isn't his secret to share, but he doubts playing the 'She is?' card is going to work, considering that he can tell who a witch happens to be simply by looking into her eyes.

There is a very long, drawn out sigh. "They did. At least the Coven did." If the Dynasty did, he's heard no mention of it. Then again, his father was in 'exile' during that period so chances are that the Dynasty was hoping to give them all enough rope so that his father would hang. "But we were young, and she is headstrong when she wants to be. I believe that they decided if they forbade it, it would make things worse. A fit of teen rebellion can be acceptable, provided one learns from it."


"Yes, but the fireworks are always so sparkly,," Serafine laughs. "Despite the whole independence things, there are a few good things about the British." She gives him a look that's just a little smoky and heated, but continues with her meal.

Her hand drops to ghost fingers over the back of his. It's meant as a point of contact and to be soothing.

"Kieran told me." Serafine takes a sip of her wine. "He keeps track of the more involved and respected in the Coven. Primarily so that no one steps on Ms. Young's toes or crosses any lines." They've never discussed it, but Sera is sure that Bryn knows Kieran's place in Kostas' court. "Brooke slipped under the radar until the book signing."

It's good that it did come out. Kieran has a tendency to 'play' a bit roughly with his pets sometimes, and it would have been a very bad thing to create that sort of conflict. The fact that her Maker is still publicly dating Brooke speaks volumes to how much he likes to push boundaries while still staying with him.

"I suppose it would have."


Green eyes turn to Bryn, her smile soft and just a little bit kittenish. "Call me selfish, but I'm glad it didn't work out." She reaches out and strokes her fingers over his cheek. "Then I wouldn't have this opportunity with you."


"Loud too," he points out. All the more reason to stay inside working. "I am quite glad that you believe so, Serafine." Otherwise the entire evening would have wound up being awkward. The heated look is noticed, and he clears his throat. He wants to tell her to behave, but he can hardly do so when his hand is on her thigh.

"I would ask you how he found out, but I doubt you would divulge that." It also really doesn't matter. Bryn is now torn on whether or not to warn Brooke as to who and what she's dating exactly.

"You are selfish," he replies cheekily, giving her thigh a squeeze even as he takes another bite of the meal. "Things in life tend to happen in mysterious ways."


The vampire eats quietly, washing the bites down with wine. She's not ignoring Bryn's inquiry and comment, just considering her response.

Finally setting her glass down, she meets his gaze and holds it. "Bryn, let's not play coy with each other, oui?"


"The Coven, the Dynasty - " And in this case, she means RINC, "- and the Priory keep tabs on all the influential and possibly disagreeable vampires in the city. You have to know that we do the same."

The royal 'we' because it's not Sera personally. She knows what Kieran shares with her and what she asks to know. But she was once the lover to a city's vampire Master. She does know how these things work.


"I was more curious how Kieran found out. Brooke… I would like to try to keep her as a friend. I was hoping that it was a passing fancy for them both, but it would seem…" Setting his fork down, Bryn turns a little in his seat, and reaches to take one of Serafine's hands.

"I do not know what game your Maker is playing, but Brooke does not only have the protection of the Coven, but mine as well." It is not anything personal in regards to Serafine herself, but he feels it's only fair that he does let the woman know if Kieran causes issues he may find it necessary to protect the woman.

"Brooke is hardly influential or disagreeable. It would make little sense for anyone to be keeping tabs on her."


"He asked," Serafine answers simply. It is the truth, nothing withheld. "After she was so well acquainted with Kostas and terrified of him, it was rather obvious that she knew what he was. Kieran asked."

He figured it out before then, according to Kieran, but Sera's not going to volunteer that Kieran has a thing for witches and might have 'sampled' Brooke without her knowing it. He was careful, he always is, and he's playing his hand very carefully now.

As for who Kieran asked or rather he requested the information from Kostas directly, that's up to Bryn to decide. Though asking Sami really is nearly the same as asking Kostas.

"Kieran is many things, but stupid and reckless are not among them. He doesn't want to risk the sort of fall out and carnage that hurting Brooke would cause." He's been very publicly seen with Brooke. That alone protects her, especially given the fact that she is Coven.

"I didn't mean that Brooke was influential or disagreeable. Simply that I know there are records of all of us in the city with those that I listed. Kostas protects himself and his court. It'd be foolish to think that he isn't doing the same."


"Like I stated, Brooke was under the radar until Kostas made an appearance at my book signing."

Mostly, Serafine speaks quietly, outwardly calm. Vampires are master actors and masters of their emotions. However, her humanity gives her away. Little changes and inflections in her voice, a subtle tensing in her body. She's fiercely protective of her Maker and she's bristling just a bit beneath the surface of it all.


Bryn curses. Quite loudly. Releasing her hands, he rubs a hand down his face then drains what remains of his wine. He really should have told Brooke after the Steel Clover launch, but he's so damned protective of who is in the supernatural world, and their secrets that he didn't feel it was his place.

But now that Kieran knows what she is, he knows that Kostas will see that as an asset, and with the annual 'in-your-face-ball' coming up right around the corner that's going to make things increasingly complicated.

"Good. Because with the death of Victoria Howe, the Coven is already closing ranks to protect their own, Serafine, and I cannot allow you to be caught in the crossfire." Which puts him in a very awkward position. Trying to protect two women; one witch, one vampire. Both on different sides of things.

"Princess, you have to promise me that if Kieran gets himself in trouble you will stay out of it. I know you care deeply for, and are very attached to your Maker. I will not be able to act as mediator if things go pear shaped if I am worrying about you."


"He won't."

The moment Serafine says the words, she's not so certain she believes them. He might not go out of his way to hurt Brooke or provoke the Coven, but showing up at Kostas' Ball with the witch on his arm? It all but screams that he is thumbing his nose at the Coven.

Challenging them.

"I'll talk to him." It's not the promise that Bryn asked for, but she doesn't know that she can in good conscience give a promise she may not be able to keep. Kieran has done so much for her, both when she was alive and since her turning. She'd likely have to be unknowing and/or restrained to not help him.

Serafine also doesn't know that her talking to Kieran will do anything at all.

"I'll try." It's the best she can offer.



Bryn tosses his hands in the air and shakes his head. He'd order her to promise him, but he's well aware that it's a promise she'll not be able to keep and the last thing he wants to do is cause her pain.

Ashcroft is going to have a field day with this.

Reaching across for the bottle of wine, he pours himself another glass and tops hers up. Then he sits back in his chair a moment, and continues to eat quietly. He gets three bites in before he sighs.

"Please do."


"I will." Talk to Kieran? Try to stay out of it? Both, maybe.

Serafine eats quietly as well, not wishing to further add to the tension of what was supposed to be a romantic evening.

"I like her," Serafine says after a long silence. "Brooke. I like her. I'd be terribly disappointed if anything happened to her." She's told Kieran as much, and that's a good portion of why he has been playing so nicely with Brooke. However inexplicable the relationship between the vampires is to humans, they do understand one another.


"I know you do, Princess." Bryn isn't upset with Serafine. He's doing his best to consider the situation and figure out what, if anything to tell Brooke. He's not seen the woman in twelve years and she's suddenly in his life again in a way that she may not be happy with.

It's a difficult thing to come to terms with.

"Look, as I said, I have no idea what his game is. I know the Coven and Kostas have an agreement, and he is towing very close to the line in that regard." He reaches to the side and sets his hand on her thigh again, smiling at her. "Then we are on the same page, and I will help her as much as I can without spilling your secret."


"He isn't playing a game. Not so far as I know." Other than peacock strutting about dating a witch under the Coven's nose without said witch knowing about it.

Serafine takes another bite and chews it thoughtfully. "I was thinking of telling Brooke myself."


"About me. Not Kieran."

She takes a long swallow of the wine, watching Bryn. "She did such a lovely job with the book signing, that I might be considering hiring her. Considering that daylight engagements would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, I'd have to either glamour her into cooperating without questions or explain the situation."


Bryn will have to have a discussion with Kieran at some point. He knows this. For his sake, as well as Serafine's. He doesn't what what her Maker does coming between them.

"She did do a lovely job at the book signing." For the portion that he remained there for. "Might I suggest that you explain the situation and if she seems rather upset by it that you attempt glamour after the fact?"

Drinking a little more of the wine, he watches her.

"And Princess, do be careful when you tell her?"


"I don't intend to glamour her at all," Serafine says, a little wrinkle forming above her brows as she frowns prettily. "I like Brooke. I respect her."

Not that she won't do it if she needs to do so to protect herself, but it's not Serafine's go to reaction.


Again, Bryn replies, "I know you do."

He's quiet as he finishes the last portion of his meal, and then he turns his chair so that he can face her completely. "I could tell by the party that she threw that she cares quite a bit what you think, Serafine." His hand sets to her cheek and he pulls her in for a sweet little kiss.

"I just do not want you to be hurt if she says something while she is in a state of shock."


Keeping her eyes closed, Serafine savors the kiss a moment. When she opens her eyes, she presses her hand to his cheek holding it in place.

"I won't be. I know what I am, and I know that it's not always well-received."


"I love that you are so absolutely certain of yourself, Princess."

Bryn kisses her again, keeping his hand to her cheek the whole while. "Remember that if you need me, no matter the time or the day, you can call me and I will be there."Logfile from NYC - Bryn.


"Shouldn't I be?" Serafine turns so that she may press her lips to the palm of his hand. Pausing and turning back to look at him, she guides his fingertips to her lips and places a fluttering light kiss there.

"I know," Serafine says, blinking at him. She takes her free hand and guides it over his cheek. "I'll always call you if I need you."


"Good. I worry about you, Serafine. I worry sometimes that what I do, irregardless of the Priory, is going to make things more complicated for you." Smiling at her, he sighs. "I worry about you more with this new revelation. I was hoping that Kieran would not find out what Brooke was, or that he would tire of her before he did."


"So, where is dessert?"


"Kieran hasn't been with her long enough to tire of her," Serafine admits freely. "He would have probably, if my fondness for Brooke wasn't holding him back from sleeping with her and dumping her." Using her for food and sex until it lost its appeal and a newer, prettier, shinier model came along. "It might have been better if I hadn't cautioned him, hmm?"

Though she's not certain that a pissed off, broken hearted witch would have been a good alternative either.


"In the kitchen. Tiramisu." Serafine squeezes Bryn's hand and then stands, reaching to gather the plates as she does so. "I won't claim credit. I talked very sweetly and batted my eyes at one of Kieran's dessert chefs. I also paid him well for the time and effort."


"If that is so, Serafine, he plays a very good game." There were moments at the book signing where he almost sensed a genuine fondness between the pair. "It may have been, though it could also have been worse." Bryn has been on the receiving end of a pissed off, broken hearted Brooke and vampire or no, he wouldn't wish it upon Kieran.

"Tiramisu?" Bryn licks his lips. When she gets up, he stands as well to help tidy things. "I think I will indulge myself and actually enjoy some. Shall I make tea or coffee, or are you fine with wine?"


"I'm sure by now he likes her well enough but …" Serafine frowns a bit and gives her head a soft shake. "Kieran is difficult to explain. Sometimes, I still don't get him, and I've known him almost two hundred years." The one sure thing in Kieran's behavior is that he's hedonistic and pleasure seeking. He's not using Brooke as a walking blood supply and fuck toy - and he won't now - so they can be pleased with that at least.

"Whichever you would prefer. I have a Keurig. I also have several coffees, flavored and regular, and a selection of loose leaf teas."


"The wine suits me well enough." Bryn has never been much of a coffee drinker, and he's particular about his tea a lot of the time. Besides, it's supposed to be a relaxing evening, not a formal dinner party. "But I can get you whatever you would like, unless you would rather I tidy your kitchen?"

Grabbing her before she can make her way to the kitchen, he twirls her toward him. A soft kiss is placed upon the tip of her nose. "No more talk of your Maker and my friend, hmm? If or when something happens, we will handle it and discuss it then."


"I'll be perfectly happy with wine, mon chere." She can't help but smile girlishly at him when he kisses the tip of her nose. "Agreed."


"We can tidy together, then neither of us has to wait for the other. We can enjoy our dessert in front of the fire place." It's not lit, as it's summer and too hot for a fire, but there's quite a romantic ambiance to the location.


"Wine it is then. We may need to open another bottle." Bryn scoops up both their glasses, and the bottle and starts toward the kitchen. He's quite happy that she's agreed to settle the discussion. There's really nothing either of them can do except speculate and consider what they will do when the time comes.

"I propose that I wash while you dry. Simply because I have no idea where you may wish your dishes to be put." Not entirely true. He knows her kitchen like the back of her hand after staying here only one night. She does not need to know that though.


Serafine is happy to settle the conversation because she doesn't wish to spend the rest of her night with Bryn discussing Kieran and Brooke. Tonight is for them, and she would rather enjoy it than worry about what-ifs and what-coulds. "There's another bottle of red in the wine rack. I'll open it and let it breathe while you start?"

If Bryn thought she was looked quite the domestic housewife before, he'll either laugh or be charmed when she slips on an apron over her dress.


He does both, laugh and is absolutely charmed. He grabs her again, lifting her off her feet as he kisses her. It's soft, and sensual, and when he's done he taps her nose. "Serafine, you are a bloody domestic goddess." She makes it increasingly easy for him to forget that she's not entirely human.

"Starting. Let me take stock. Dish soap, wash rag, one of those tiny little pot scrubbers? Looks like everything is in order." Turning the water on, he allows it to warm up for a second before he settles the plug in. Then he squirts a bit of soap and smiles at her.

"I would like it very much if you came as my date to Kostas' party. We will have to tell Ashcroft beforehand, but it is entirely worth it to have the most gorgeous woman in the city walk in on my arm."


There is a laugh as she's lifted up but it's lost in the touch and press of their lips. She winds her arms around his neck, enjoying the kiss and smiling like a teenage girl when it finally ends. "I'd argue with you, but I like the 'goddess' part of that statement."

Tending to the wine as he starts washing the dishes, Serafine stops and glances over her shoulder at him. She blinks, having not really thought about having an escort to Kostas' Ball. Of course, she won't be going with Kieran but it only now sinks and settles in her head. "I'd like that," Serafine says. She smiles impishly. "I'll happily show up with the sexiest man in New York City, provided I can go home with him as well."

Yes, Serafine is growing bolder in their relationship. Besides, there's simply no reason to hide anything if he intends to tell Ashcroft.


"But you are a goddess, Serafine. Domestic and otherwise." He does love that laugh, and seeing her smile in such an innocent manner causes him to smile as well.

Bryn is aware that it's fairly short notice, but he has been caught up in the case and was only reading documents marked 'important' until earlier this morning. "Do you want me to surprise you with a dress for that evening, Princess, or have you got one in mind?" If she has one in mind, he may send another gift over to her before he arrives.


"I promise I will not leave the festivities early, or if it is an absolute must I will whisk you away with me."


Wine is opened and placed on the kitchen island, and Serafine makes her way back to the sink to take up position beside the sorcerer to begin drying. She gives him a quick sideways glance and then reaches down to smack his backside playfully, following up with a grasping.

"I have a dress," Serafine picks up the drying towel as though she's done nothing. Picking up a plate, she continues. "I'd offer to model it for you, but then it wouldn't be a surprise."


"It's green."


"The event starts at seven. Will you be staying at the estate the evening before, or here? I would like to know where you would like me to meet you." When his backside is smacked and then squeezed, he glances at her with a shake of his head.


Quite literally too.

"Green enhances the color of your eyes, I approve and will find a suitable tie and vest to match if you would like." Blue does happen to be more his color, but it's not the only color he wears.


Serafine diligently dries the plate in hand, sets it aside and moves to the next. "At the estate." Kieran's idea, not hers, but it is practical. It's possible to get across the city and onto a ferry boat while dodging sunlight, but it's a good deal of work. She's done it, but she'd rather not when she has a fancy hairstyle and dress.

The vampire smirks and nudges him with her elbow. "You approve, really? So glad to hear it." The second plate is set aside, but she doesn't start on the cutlery yet, turning to face him a bit. Serafine drags her fingers slowly over his cheek, admiring his profile and those beautiful blue eyes. "I'd have chosen blue if I'd known you'd be escorting me. I think you look fantastic in blue." Even more fantastic in nothing but she doesn't say that. "But yes, I think it would be lovely if your tie and vest matched."


Bryn continues washing the dishes, rinsing them and setting them in the dish rack for her to dry them. Despite his upbringing, he does seem to be comfortable in the kitchen. "At the estate." That will make things a little more complicated for her arriving with him, and for getting a gift to her.

"Then I will send you something the day before the party, if you promise to wear it that night."The day before gives her time to open the gift privately and pack it with her when she goes.

"I do approve. Though I think if we are to match things in the future we should settle on a blue-green that complements us both," he teases. "Green will be fine, though I do normally choose blue at formal events."


"I promise to wear it," Serafine answers automatically, though she hasn't a clue what she might be agreeing to. She trusts Bryn.

"I can leave word with the guards to give you early access," Serafine contemplates. It wasn't a problem when she didn't have an escort to the party. "You're Priory, I'm certain that Kostas will see the benefit in that." If not, then there will be a last minute change, and Bryn will be picking her up at home. She'll suffer the staying unmussed and protected during travel if need be.

"I think we can find a suitable color that flatters us both." Leaning up, she kisses his cheek sweetly and returns to her dish duty.


"Good." He had been thinking of sending her jewelry to match her dress, but he has something else entirely in mind now.

"Whichever works for you, Princess. I do not mind showing up alone and claiming you as my date once I arrive." Bryn has no fear of doing so in front of Kostas, because he knows what the elder vampire will see; Serafine doing her job extraordinarily well and wooing the new head of the Priory to be more on their side. He's not daft, and he can play it up as that as long as it benefits Serafine.



The boldness and unexpectedness of his comment, makes Serafine stop and whip her head around at him. Her lips quiver and she tries not to laugh. It bubbles up however, and she swats at him with the dishtowel. Again for good measure. Still giggling, she bumps him with her hip and then presses up against him, grasping his backside firmly again. "You are terrible, Bryn Blackwell."

Stretching up, she nips at his ear and drags her fingers down his chest. "I know that we both look excellent together nude." Her fingers trail teasingly over the waist band of his pants, but go no further as she dances away from him, and tries to return to drying the dishes.


Bryn laughs as she swats at him with the drying towel. He puts his arms up to avoid the second hit, and chuckles. If he stopped and thought about the picture perfect domesticity they are painting at the moment, he'd likely laugh again. A sorcerer and a vampire playing house is a really absurd thing to think about. Snaking his arm out, he pulls her close for a quick side-hug. "Not terrible, Princess. Honest."

He allows the teasing, and makes no move to grab her as she dances away. When she's out of arm reach, he returns to the sink to wash the last of the dishes. "Serafine, do not start something that you are not going to make good on. Your shower gets far too icy to be enjoyable."


Sidling back up to the sink, the vampire gives her lover a hip bump. "I don't intend on starting anything that I won't finish." She blows him a kiss and starts in on the cutlery again. The picture they paint is absurd, though if Serafine was aware of it, she'd be hard pressed to decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

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