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Fen Wok

Fen Wok provides a warm, glamorous atmosphere for its clientele. The walls are a deep red, decorated with black trimmings. A lighted wall with flowing dragons shining out to the restaurant creates a soft glow on the tables. Tea light candles rest in the center of each table, inside of a little glass lantern with Chinese characters written on them.

The majority of the tables within the restaurant are for larger groups or families, but smaller private dining rooms are available for romantic occasions.


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Quintin Bruning Siobhan Knight

He's about to go out of town so he wants to make sure he runs down his list of things to do. One of thse things is a nice lunch and possible gossip session with Siobhan. While the werewolf still has no idea just why he's gotten so close to her he certainly isn't complaining. At this point he's learning to embrace certain aspects of his life. Hanging out with Shiv is just fun.

Quintin is slightly early to meet but not out of nerves; he simply miscalculated the time. She he waits by the doorway for his 'date' to arrive. He's dressed casually as always but the choice of shirt today actually shows off his toned arms.

He glances down at his watch to make sure he isn't reading it incorrectly. This time the wolf isn't nervous about what he's doing, he just likes to be punctual.


Siobhan is not one of those girls who says she'll be there in fifteen minutes and then takes a half an hour. Both of her parents thrive on punctuality, and being a dancer, she's learned to move quick and get things done expediently. When you have three minutes for costume changes between dances, that's exactly three minutes, no more no less. The witch has become an expert at quick changes and her only slow downs are usually due to traffic or other people.
Today was a teaching day, so Siobhan is still wearing her dance leotard. She has added a blue cotton wrap around skirt and a knitted crop wrap top over the top of the pale blue leotard, and slipped on a pair of cork slides. She's not dressing to impress; she's dressing to look good and be comfortable. Siobhan has the feeling that Quin really doesn't see her as a girl anymore so much as one of the guys, and while her vanity takes a hit from that, she's coping. Besides, having a well dressed businessman nearly walk into a telephone pole while craning his neck to check out her ass? Totes helps with the ego thing.
She grins brightly when she sees Quin, and if she checks out his arms, she's completely subtle about it. "Hey, Quin, I'm not late am I?"

It never hurts to look good around him. He'll notice it even if he doesn't comment on it. He is a male after all. As it is, when he sees her, he openly smiles. "Coming from class?" It's kept upbeat but yes, he does pay attention. He's just not going to do anything that might have Harper upset.

"It's good to see you." Quin bends down to wrap his arms around Shiv, offering what almost is a bear hug when the size difference is considered. Once he steps back he looks around. "I haven't gotten a seat yet. I've honestly just gotten here, so I'd say you're right on time." It seems like she is, anyway.

The wolf has the hostess lead them to a table. That is unless his friend decides to eat standing up.


"Yeah, a leotard is my uniform this summer, but I accessorize well," Siobhan grins. She accepts the hug in the spirit it's given, returning it easily. Quintin is a sweetheart.
"Good to see you too," Siobhan gives him a friendly elbow nudge when the hug breaks. "Keeping out of trouble?" Really, she's probably the one that question should be asked of, but other than her chat with Brooke, Siobhan hasn't had the opportunity to get into any trouble.
Once seated, Siobhan grins over at her friend, over the top of her menu. "Ok, so really, before we go any further? What's the whole deal with Vegas? That's some serious team bonding."

She not only gets right to the point but she has a way of hitting on things when she might not even intend to. He doesn't comment on the way over, but waits until they're seated. "You know me. I usually avoid any sort of trouble unless it can't be helped." Or if he needs to let off steam by punching a purse thief in the nose.

He picks up the menu and actually looks at it, even though Quin often times plays the game of ordering the first thing he sees on the menu. "Huh?" The menu is lowered as he watches her. "Yeah, well, that's what they'd like. Jenna got some show tickets for me that will distract me."

His shoulders roll into a shrug. "I'm really only going for the game. They say that there may be some scouts there, but it's just bad practice to avoid a game. It'd be letting the team down."


Not being one of the empaths of the group, or the single telepath, Siobhan has no idea that she's hit upon anything at all. "You do avoid trouble. It's commendable. I can't seem to stay away from it." She tries, Siobhan does, but she's too damn curious for her own good. Lately, it's been with sorcerer magic, and she has to admit that her conversation with Brooke piqued her curiosity in a good many probably wrong places. And let's not forget her unexpected and impromptu meeting with Nicholas Reynard. Whose business card she still has although she keeps saying she's not going to call him.
Siobhan scans over the menu, though she's not going to be that hard pressed to make a decision. She has certain favorites, depending on the type of food being eaten.
Giggling, the witch nods, "Leave it to Jenna to locate the good shows and have the connections." It's not an insult. If they go to Vegas for their birthdays, Siobhan knows that they'll hit all the best shows.
"It's good that you're a team player. Lots of guys wouldn't be, or would just go to strut their stuff."
"But you don't have to do that." Her little brother is a sports fiend, she knows all about Quintin and his prospects, but he doesn't typically bring it up, so she doesn't either.

"I'm pretty sure that your name means trouble, but that's why we like you." He grins almost playfully. "Or maybe that's why you have so many potential bodyguards. Not that I feel that you need them, but that's not going to stop me." He is ever the protector, no matter what's going on.

Quin rubs at the back of his neck, a habit of his when he's either embarrassed or shy. He's almost blushing. "It's not like I'm all that special. And it's not like I'm normal. But it is a team thing." He is really thinking about the NFL so he can't duck and dive that topic forever.

"And they made a big group out of things. Bringing girlfriends and whatnot. It'll be different for us, but I thought it would be fun." He said us, and not me. "Not that I have a girlfriend to bring. Because I don't."


The witch responds to that in the only mature, reasonable way possible. She takes a moment and sticks the tip of her tongue out at him. She does manage to do it as demurely as possible. After, she smiles and rolls her eyes in mock exasperation. "You realize that I've lasted this long with my virtue in tact without body guards?" Granted, not all of her virtue, and also, not her reputation either, at least for a brief period of time. "I'm pretty good at keeping the handsy ones off, but I'm not going to deny the company and protection of a well-meaning friend." Especially if she decides to put in an appearance at Decades. It's that insatiable cat curiosity again.
"Yes, well just remember, you're not alone in the not normal." Quin was there on Independence Day, though he might not have realized that Siobhan was responsible for the water's behavior. He and Jenna were overboard at the time. Thinking of the early part of that day makes Siobhan frown, and she pushes the thought aside.
"Someone out there thinks you are special. It may be a … inherited advantage, but why not use it? If you want to use it. I mean, are you thinking about it at all? Going pro?"
His words are repeated several times and then Siobhan giggles. "Us? Quin are you thinking of yourself in multiples, now?"

Such a mature response and one that he could almost predict. It causes Quin to chuckle and shake his head. "Well, yes. I've no doubts that you can do quite well on your own." That is the truth. "But I also know that you have people that want to be there for you. Sometimes you just have to humor us. We're the sensitive type." That comes off as a joke but he isn't too far off about himself. "And yeah, we make good company, too."

The wolf doesn't really want to talk about the holiday. "True. It isn't as if I'm alone, but it does almost feel like cheating." He still has to tackle the idea of the full moons, too. That could make a difference. He plays at the back of his neck some more. "Think of the nest egg I could build up, Shiv. That on top of what I got from my family? I could do a world of good with that money. There are kids out there similar to me that could really benefit from it." Well, not exactly similar, but the point is still there.

"Yeah, about that." He might as well tell someone. It's not like he's doing anything wrong. "The trip was so sudden, and so much was going on. I didn't really want to go alone so I invited a friend." Pause. "I haven't told Jenna yet." Pause. "I did tell her about what I am." Yet another pause. "I think she really wants to throw herself at Chance."

"No arguing the company," Siobhan laughs good-naturedly.
"You've really thought about this." Siobhan says after Quin's explanation. "That's an excellent way to think of it, too. I mean, no one is judging you one way or another, but going into it with the thoughts of finding a way to help others? That's awesome, Quin."
She sips the ice water that's on the table. "That's why I want to teach dance. I know, it's not the same." Teaching dance is no where near the same as what he wants to do, but she likes sharing and helping. "Once I realized that I wasn't prima ballerina material, I wondered what I could do, and then I thought I could teach. There's just something about watching a little girl try for weeks and weeks, and then to see her face light up when she finally gets it and realizes she can do that pirouette."
The wolf throws a lot of information at her in very short sentences, and Siobhan has to filter through. Once she does, the witch has no idea where to even start. Fortunately, she's given an out with the arrival of the server to take their orders, but even after, she's still racking her brain.
"I'm glad you told her." Siobhan didn't know that, but the two haven't talked much this weekend. "She didn't run screaming, did she?" Siobhan didn't think her friend would.
"Why haven't you mentioned - " Not stupid, just a little slow. The witch can connect the dots. "It's a girl friend? As in female?" The witch is both surprised … and confused.
No, she hasn't tackled the Chance topic yet. She wants to get it all to line up in her head first.

He hasn't gotten any negative reactions yet but he still feels like he should be ashamed for some reason. This is the standard that he puts himself up to; always can do better. "I'm actually going to school for a sort of social work. I figure, it's not bad if I put it on hold, right? Like I can pick up in the off seasons and after." Let's face it, the career of an NFL player never lasts for long.

"I still think you'd be great as a ballerina, but maybe I just don't get it." It's true that he likely doesn't but he does view her as amazing. That's what matters to him. "And it really is nice, isn't it? To just see the smiles and even hear the laughter?" He pauses to consider what he's just said. "I didn't say that."

His order is placed and then he just watches Shiv, waiting for a reaction. "No, she didn't. She didn't even really think twice about it, I think. Which is odd, but I'm thankful. I don't know if she knows much about all the baggage, but I don't think she cares." At least he hopes not.

"Well, yes." He's not going to lie about that. "She's a friend of mine that's like me, only without a, well, group to associate with." Hopefully she understands what he means. "You two are always so busy, and I think she could use the time away from the city." There's no change in his vocal inflections when he speaks of her. It's the same as he speaks of Shiv, even Jenna.

"But I know that Jenna isn't going to react well if she finds out. I seem to upset her a lot lately." He retells the tale of the kitchen incident. She may well have heard it before but he wants to get it out from his perspective. "I compete on the field. I can't compete against my roommate. He's the first friend I've had in ten years, up until I met you two."

"That's a great idea." Siobhan reaches across the table and gives his hand a friendly squeeze. The wolf really needs to give himself more credit.
"I'm not built to be a ballerina, but thank you." It's sweet and it means a lot to hear him say it, even if he's never seen her dance. Ballet. Professionally, or semi-professionally or whatever. "Ballerinas are tall and slim, and light on the top?" Siobhan offers with a faint smile. "I don't have a problem with my body, I like how I look, don't get me wrong. But petite, curvy and busty does not make the professional corp as a lead ballerina." It's not weird saying it to Quin, though she doesn't know if she could put it so succintly to Chance. But dealing with the sorcerer is a whole different dynamic.
"Jenna's … grown up with my family and her family's abilities. She accepts things and she goes with her gut instincts based on how people feel." Siobhan gives his hand another friendly squeeze. "She trusts you. She feels that you're a good guy, and that's enough for her. No, she might not get all the nuances, but she will eventually. With time and conversation." Which Siobhan knows is very hard for Quin. She smiles softly, "She doesn't get all the nuances of the witch stuff either." And now Siobhan has sorcerer stuff on top of it. "But no, she won't care about the baggage. That's just who Jenna is."
A female werewolf going to Vegas with Quin? That her bestie might care about. Just because Jenna is Jenna, and even though Quin doesn't imply that the werewolf is anything more than a friend, Siobhan knows her friend is feeling a bit lost and third wheelish lately. They haven't talked about it, but Siobhan has talked to Harper about it.
The kitchen incident tale is listened to without comment, getting Quin's take on it. By the time he's done, their food has arrived and Siobhan waits until the server disappears before even attempting a response.
"Okay. Wow." Great, so eloquent there, Shiv. Mostly because the witch doesn't know where to start. "I don't think she's going to throw herself at Chance. She thinks he likes me." Siobhan disagrees, but may as well throw all the pieces to the puzzle out there. Though right now, she really wishes she had taken Brooke's advice and asked Chance already. Or at least asked him where he stood on things with Jenna.
"You didn't upset her with the kiss, Quin. Confused her maybe, but not upset." Siobhan worries the little spot between her brows above her nose with a fingernail. It's her nervous habit. She hates outing her bestie like this, but someone needs to get everything smoothed over. "She's never really dated or had a boyfriend. I don't even think she's really had more than a few real kisses."
"I know that she does like Chance, but she also likes you and she's really confused by that and doesn't know what to do. She's scared that you want a serious relationship and Chance doesn't, and really? Jenna doesn't know what she wants either."
Maybe the wolf needs to get away from the city too.

"Does Chance know that you think you're competing? Because he's really not going after Jenna unless you take yourself off the field completely, and maybe not even then."
"He may like Jenna, yeah, but he told me flat out that he was kind of there in the beginning as your wing-man. You know, placate the ugly friend so the best buddy can get the pretty girl?" Siobhan rolls her shoulders in a shrug, "He just didn't know which one of us you were, or weren't interested in." Though Chance does rather strongly insist that there's no ugly friend between she and Jenna.


He accepts any and all forms of comfort. Normally someone touching his hand would send him into the far off zone of 'what is going on' land but he seems to be comfortable around Shiv. "I always found that stuff to be silly. Judging a person based on size and shape and whatever. I don't think that you should have to be a specific way in order to do what you love." If only life were as simple as he would make it, but it never seems to be that way.

So her abilities do run in the family. He has had his suspicions but never fully knew. He doesn't let on that this is anything new or big for him. Instead the wolf listens closely to what his friend has to say. "It's good to see that she can be so open about things. I know that there are things that I have to tell her about; that I want to tell her about. It's just difficult." He needs to tell her what happens around other werewolves for one, but that can wait to see where things go

"I felt guilty kissing her the way I did because of the full moon. She said she's not upset with me, so I want to believe that. It's just that… yes. She's right about me. I am kind of a one trick pony. Wolf. Something. You get what I mean." Hopefully. He's rambling now. "It's weird. I've lived my entire life without a relationship. I wouldn't know what to do in one and I bet I'd screw it up royally. But I'm also selfish. Like… I don't like to share some things, if that makes sense?"

"It seems like, to me anyway, things went better for her and Chance, faster. Then again I get down on myself a lot. And I'm not saying I don't like her, and I sure as hell will never stop being her friend, I just sort of feel like I was in the friend zone before I even knew what I was doing." Quin shakes his head slightly. "I don't really talk too much in detail about it with Chance, probably because he's the other interest. I'd just rather not lose friends and keep people happy. It's what I've always done."

It's light but he does growl. "Now, there is no way that he said that." His tone is more joking at this point. "We all know that isn't true. And we both know to stay far away from you because of Harper." He might as well be honest. "The looks he gave us the day I met him told me as much. Which I'm okay with because he seems like a decent guy. He better be."


"Go slow," Siobhan suggests, lifting her cup of green tea to blow softly across it and take a sip. "Just break it down as you're comfortable. Don't dump too much too fast because it might be overwhelming." For Jenna and Quin. She only ever tried to explains things in a full dump with Jesse, and never finished; also, his cheating ass apparently didn't believe her either. With Jenna and Harper, it was easier to let them know things gradually as she learned them all herself.

"You're … a relationship guy and Jenna doesn't even know if she wants a relationship," Siobhan translates. It does make sense to her. "But if you've never been in a relationship … maybe you shouldn't be thinking about diving into it. I know that part of that is what you are, but …" Siobhan trails off and sighs, trying to find the words. "Maybe you kissed her like that before the full moon because you're not paying attention to that other part of yourself other times?"

"That's what those little weird things I do are." 'Little weird things' being a euphemism for unexpected magic surges. "It's my other … magic," the word is whispered, her voice lowered a bit. "Coming out when I fight against it or ignore it."

She shakes her head and laughs. "That's because Chance is a huge flirt and a playboy and women just respond to him. If I hadn't been so determined to hate on him because of what he is …" Yeah, things might have gone a different way, but this is the only time and place she's going to admit that. Because in the end she really wouldn't have enjoyed being another set of panties in Chance's dresser. "There was also some school of thought that Chance and I were interested in each other because we're so flirty?"

"You're not going to lose Jenna as a friend whatever happens. I get the feeling that you're not going to lose Chance either, though honestly, I can't read him as well and don't get him as well as you probably do."

Siobhan innocently eats a few chopsticks full from her plate and then grins. "He might not have used those exact words, but he did say he was there as your wing man." At first, at least.


It's a wise idea. "Yeah, I figure I will. It's just difficult because there are things that I don't know if she'll believe." He pauses and tries to consider a good point of reference. "You know how you and Chance are? Like you just know what each other is based on a look?" He doesn't have the science down yet but he gets the general idea. "I can do the same with others of my kind." Especially females. "Ideally, the person I do end up with, I don't want them getting upset if I give certain glances because I recognize someone."

Quin has to chuckle. She very likely has hit the nail on the head. "It likely is a large mix of things, really. My parents were high school sweethearts. Then what I am. I'm all for going slow, Shiv, I really am. But like I said, I just can't dedicate myself to more than one woman at a time." He shifts slightly as he tries to explain. "First let me say I'm not upset with Jenna at all. I still really like her, friend and possibly more, so this isn't trying to insult her. But if I were to go around kissing girls? Wouldn't that get me labeled as a player?"

It even sinks in with him. "Or a Playboy." Like Chance. "Who isn't all about different women. He's just not ready to settle down yet. I don't agree with it but I can understand and respect it." So really, in his mind, Chance and Jenna are similar; even if for different reasons.

Food! The wolf loves food. He does eat, but he's careful not to devour things nearly as badly as he had for the picnic. That was an after practice hunger speaking. "I have a wing-man?" That actually confuses Quin. "I think he's just been trying to make it so I'm not so lonely. I don't mind being alone. And I highly doubt that he would ever imply that you're anything but beautiful, Shiv."


"Except I'm assuming that yours is without the whole fight/flight/fu - screw instinct?" She stops herself from being more vulgar, though that how it is in her head. It's taken a bit for Siobhan to put it all together, but she's starting to think there's elements of all of it between sorcerers and witches, which only adds to the hostility and misunderstanding. Same coin. Different sides.

Quin is just too sweet for words. Siobhan smiles sweetly at him from across the table. "Quin … it takes a lot more than kissing different girls to be considered a player or a playboy. Even Chance isn't a player because I guess he doesn't lead them on, which is what players do. Playboys just … play the field." Which she guesses Chance does do.

"I think a normal part of who we are is dating around to find out what our ideal mate is," Siobhan considers slowly. She can see where that would be harder for Quin given his upbringing, but fortunately (unfortunately if you ask some) they're in a society that's moved beyond arranged marriages. "Very rarely are people like your parents. Which is sweet and awesome, really that they were like that."

She wonders if she and Harper would have been like that if the timing had been right, if they hadn't danced around it all for so long, namely because she was oblivious and thought he wasn't interested. Thinking of her boyfriend brings a soft smile to her face, and it's the clear look of a woman who's head over heels. "I think Harper might have been that for me if things had worked out back then." But they're working out now, so she isn't going to complain.

"Maybe he's just a nice enough guy that he wants you to get the girl?" Siobhan pulls a face. "I can't believe I'm actually defending Chance Harper." Shaking her head, she laughs again. "No one should be alone, Quin. Even if you're surrounding yourself with friends and not a love interest, you're not alone okay?"


Yeah, she's certainly hit the nail on the head. Quin watches her for a moment, not sure exactly how verbal he should be. It wouldn't bother him one bit if Shiv were swearing. She's more than allowed; she is an adult after all. "I wouldn't say that." His eyes shift down to his plate as he uses his chopsticks to push around some food. "It's our nature. We just get these feelings, and they're, well, they're quite strong. And the desire for that is there." At least he's being honest, even if he's trying not to be vulgar about it. "Then we're just left to figure out if we really want to or not." He has quite the level of restraint if people only knew.

"Well, maybe." Or maybe he's not explaining it at the same time. "I'm okay with not finding one person and getting married. Hell, with my future? It'll likely happen. Or I'll have several divorces." Looks like Quin really did put thought into the NFL. "It's just the not being loyal to one person at a time thing that gets me. And again, I don't mind if other people do it. It's just not something I'm comfortable with." He clearly does not consider kissing another woman being loyal to anyone.

"In the end I just want Jenna to be happy. Like I want you to be happy. And I'll accept what it is that makes you happy." Pause. "Unless it turns into a life of crime, drugs, or really bad influences. I'll have to step in then." He's joking about it as he never considers the two to ever do such a thing. Still, he'll do it if need be. "It can't be easy to go out on dates with someone to get to know them, to consider being with them, only to do the same thing at the same time with other people. Like, how do you ever end up deciding not to like them all?"

The wolf actually laughs. "Yes, you are defending him. He tends to grow on you." This much he knows for certain. "And I know I'm not alone in that sense. I have you guys and that's great. I guess, if it came down to it, I could even call upon the Pack. It's just that I'm saying I don't need a mate." Pause. "But it would be nice to have someone to buy small gifts, spoil and just wrap my arms around." Ahem. Shaking off that thought he smiles. "And I better be invited to the wedding. It seems like you two will be there eventually."

"I can see why you would see things that way, and how it would be hard to imagine wanting to get to know more than one person in that sort of setting." Especially if he hasn't dated in the past. "But when people date multiple people it's because they've agreed to non-exclusivity. Usually. So, it's not really being not loyal." She frowns at her choice of words. It sounded better in her head. "Just don't discount it, especially if you're … drawn to others like you."

Which brings us back to Quin taking a female friend to Las Vegas with him. She worries her lips and drinks her ice water with lemon. Jenna really needs to know about that, and Siobhan doesn't want to keep that secret. "I think … Jenna should know that you're taking a friend to Las Vegas. She'll be hurt if she finds out after the fact, but I don't think …oh, hell, Quin I honestly don't know how she'll feel, but I do know if she finds out down the line? She will be hurt and upset."

She pushes a pile of rice around her plate with her chopsticks. "I can tell her, if you want? Just mention that it came up in conversation today? I haven't really talked to her this weekend and we need to play catch up." Siobhan isn't even certain that she told Jenna that she's been working on the sorcerer magic with Chance.

"And I'm sure you'll find someone. You're a good catch, Quin … if you let yourself be caught." At the end of the day he might not be the good catch for Jenna and Jenna might not be his perfect mate, but he is good boyfriend and marriage material.

The witch pulls another face and hurriedly drinks down her water. "First Jenna, then my mother, now you. We're dating. That's it." Beat. "If it all works out and I have a ring on my finger, then we can talk about inviting NFL players to the wedding."


He nearly blushes at the thought of it all. "Whoa, whoa." He even raises his hands as he speaks, almost as if there's an outright attack. He's not upset but is extremely embarrassed. "It's not like that. Oh, sure. Feelings might be there, but I've never really acted on it before. Ever." Pause. Should he really admit to that? "But I don't want people thinking that, you know?" That he just jumps the girls.

A deep sigh can't help but surface. "I think that's my problem. I don't know how to say it to her. I don't want to keep it from her. I'm not ashamed that I'm taking a friend out and about with me. I'm not ashamed of my friend, either. But still I don't want to upset Jenna. I'm not writing her off." It's a situation, Quin knows that much. "Which do you think is best? You telling her or me."

Thankfully she says something to make him laugh. "Well, I think people just like weddings more than anything. You can't blame your mother there."


Siobhan had a little bit of an inkling that Quin might not have gone there and down those roads. It strikes her then that maybe Quin and Jenna are meant for one another. She gives him a sympathetic and self-deprecating laugh. "I didn't mean that you did, silly. If that were the case … well, you wouldn't be you."

"Honestly? I think she'd rather hear it from you." Siobhan says. "It's obviously not a big deal for you, so as long as she senses that it'll be fine." Or it won't and it will be a night of ice cream and girl gossip. If Jenna admits that she's upset and has issues with it. Siobhan will at least call Harper to let him know what's going on. He'll hear about it … one way or another.

"I thought people liked babies." Beat. "Not that I'm thinking about babies."

"Oh." Now he feels sheepish. Wolfish. Something to that effect. This time he actually does turn a little red in the face. "Sorry. It's just that with living with Chance, I'm used to certain conversation." He also has very good hearing and is used to hearing things that turn him red in the face. It's a good thing he has that stoic face he can fall back to sometimes. "Sorry about that."

Quin looks down at the phone he has once he pulls it from his pocket. "That's an 'in-person' type conversation, right?" He's running out of time, but he can try. "I mean, she can feel my intentions, right?" It's almost as if he's remembering this for the first time. "So yeah, person is better than text. I get the feeling she can't tell what I mean when I type. Frequently." Perhaps he should invest in emoticons like the rest of the world.

A single brow raises as he regards her. "See, I never mentioned babies. Must be that you have babies on the mind." Yes, now the wolf is just teasing her, but it can be fun. "See, now you have to start thinking about baby names. I hear that everyone thinks about baby names."


"Quin, stop. You didn't do or say anything wrong. You can't help how your mind works anymore than anyone else can." Siobhan flashes him what she hopes is a comforting and reassuring smile. "This is me, remember? I'm … a special case."

"Not a text conversation, no. In person, if possible. Or maybe just giving her a call if you can't do that?"


"Does she still have clothes at your place?" Which sounds wrong out of context, but it isn't.

"Quintin," Siobhan replies immediately. She can tease too. "Quintin Robert Donovan. Then you'd have to be Uncle Quin and babysit."


The red is still certainly there. "Well, yeah. It is you, but that doesn't mean that I can't be embarrassed." He's actually admitting to how he feels instead of just letting people read him. It's a start, and one that has him questioning that charm. He's not upset about it, he just finds it almost sudden. The change, not the charm.

"I'll call her. If she can't meet me I'll talk to her." He pauses as he puts his phone away and looks back to Shiv. "The last thing I need is for her to think I'm trying to break up with her, or whatever you'd call it if I said I wasn't interested." It is a confusing situation.

Quin just stares for a moment, trying to think of how that could have come out possibly any worse. He then laughs when he realizes what she means. "No. I think that might have been stupid of me, but she sounded so mortified when she left." He didn't watch her go. "I didn't want to make her face anything that she might not want to so I had them dropped off at her place." He clearly doesn't understand women.

He rubs at his chin as he considers that. "Quintin is a very strong name." He's grinning as he can't help it. "I don't mind young pups. That /is/ the aim for my desired field and whatnot." He pauses again, almost looking serious this time. "What if it's a girl?"


"It was the whole towel thing."


"And the Chance thinking the logical thought that someone thinks walking into that situation thing. She's modest."

A lot more modest than Siobhan who probably would have strutted out of the apartment wearing the towel just to show that she could, not because she wanted to flee.

Well, she might have wanted to flee, but she wouldn't have let it show.

"I don't know. Quintina would just be cruel," Siobhan laughs.


"That could explain some things." He really didn't even consider that. Girls are confusing. "Although it kind of doesn't. You were at the roller disco. You were dressed the same way she was." Other than the fashionable butterfly wings that Shiv had. "How is it different? I think she had more clothes on when she was wearing the towel." Or at least there might have been better coverage. "Not that I looked." And he didn't.

The response does get a chuckle from Quin. "Kendall." It's said so softly, almost randomly that it might take a second to figure out what he's saying. The wolf does follow up. "If I had a daughter, I'd want to name her Kendall."


Siobhan shrugs. "I'm cut from a different cloth than Jenna. If I was embarrassed, I would have done everything to act like I wasn't. I probably would have worn the towel home like a fashion statement." No probably about it.

"Then I think you'll have to lay claim to that one," Siobhan says. "Kendall Bruning has a nice ring to it."


"But I'm still claiming Quintin." Siobhan winks in follow up to her joke.


He actually takes a moment to picture that and it makes him laugh. "I can see that, actually. Only I can see you either strutting around or just marching, head held high." That sounds like her. "Confidence and that like is good in a woman. It's probably one of the most attractive qualities out there."

Her comment on the name causes Quin to look down at his food and move it around his plate some more. "That was my sister's name." She may have been an annoying sister but she was the only family he got along with.

It's a good thing that she comes through with the name Quin and he smiles. "Yeah, uh huh. I'll be seeing a little baby Chance, and I know it." That comes out far from how it's intended and he immediately looks up to her with an apology written in his eyes. "That's… that's not what I meant."


The wolf has pegged Siobhan. That's for certain. She is (usually) confident and carries herself that way. Fake it 'til you feel it was her motto back in the 'ugly duckling' years, and eventually felt it.

Siobhan reaches out again to give Quintin's hand a squeeze. "It's a very pretty name. It needs to be yours for when you meet the right girl and have a little baby Bruning."


Then … laughter. Siobhan really can't help it. If only because of how stricken he looks, and how much she knows he didn't mean it that way. She can't help but make a joke out of it. "Are you trying to give me a harem now? I suppose it would serve Chance right wouldn't it? To be one of many?"

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