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Chance's Boat


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Chance is looking forward to taking his friends and going out on the boat, despite the last minute addition of his cousin, Jackson. As far as he's concerned, the holiday weekend would have been a lot better without his Uncle Wyatt and Jackson and Austin showing up, but at least there's a reprieve in that Austin claimed he was feeling well enough to go out on the boat. Chance is pretty certain that his cousin was faking it so that he could sit around and play video games all day, or whatever it is that Austin does for fun. It means one less pain in the ass to contend with and that's good for Chance.
He did tell Jackson to behave himself, however, promising in no uncertain terms that he will send the younger sorcerer effing overboard if he molests or disrespects Siobhan or any of his friends in any way. His young cousin may carry the Nash Dynasty's attitude toward witches, but Chance wasn't raised that way and he's not going to put up with it. It doesn't mean that he won't try to keep the pair separated as much as possible.
He's warned Siobhan and she's still coming, and he's also told Quintin what's up. Between the two of them, and if Jenna and Harper know, there should be plenty of easy interference run.
Of course, there's also the whole 'Jenna Quin' thing as well, but he's hoping that that has blown over a bit. After all, Jenna didn't cancel on him, so that's a good sign as well.
Waiting on the dock for everyone to arrive, Chance turns and begins to go over the checklists again for launching the boat onto the Hudson River.

How dare someone, especially someone as pretentious as his cousin, dare try to tell him how to act and react? That's not something that will go over well, which is exactly why he is present and accounted for. He will do as he so pleases and he'll do so at the best possible moment. For now, Jackson is perfectly content not raising a finger to help out in any way shape or form. He's prepared to ignore or be rude to most of those around. The sorcerer doesn't know that there is a werewolf and empath coming but that doesn't matter to him. He'll be okay with Quintin but only because a man of potential fame is the type of person he'll associate with. The bare chest of the sorcerer glistens in the sun as he primps around as if he's a gift to anyone and everyone around. @emit

It could be worse. Things could always be worse. He hasn't slept but for what he assumes to be a few minutes. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell. His body is still screaming to hunt, to be wild; it hasn't quite gotten the memo that the full moon is over. For the first time around the girls Quin will actually appear to be fatigued. He wouldn't even be out and about at all if there weren't friends involved. He knows Shiv will be curious and he'd like to try and comfort Jenna about the last time they saw each other.

With Chance being his roommate and all it isn't any surprise to Quin that he'll beat the others there. He's extremely short tempered today but will be on his best behavior. He has warned Chance that if his cousin does anything remotely rude to Shiv he might not have a cousin left to care about. With that warning out in the open he's confident that it will only be a good day. So long as he can stay awake. He's wearing khaki shorts, a wife beater and an open, button down short sleeved top. He apparently isn't the swimming type, but he does have spare clothes with him just in case.

There was a great deal of hemming and hawing, and trying to convince Siobhan to cancel so that Jenna could too without looking like a complete bitch for doing so. The problem is that her bestie is stubborn and wouldn't back down just because of the addition of another sorcerer.
Which means that Jenna has to go.
She can't even use the excuse that she's at work, since everyone's been given the holiday off. If they hadn't, she'd definitely have offered to take the shifts, so she could keep avoiding her life for just a little while longer.
She's kissed Chance.
She's kissed Quintin.
She likes them both.
And Chance thinks she was fooling around with Quin.
Things could be worse.
Deciding to grin and bear it, she's come dressed for the occasion; a red and white striped sundress with a blue belt around the waist. A pair of blue sandals. Silver star-shaped earrings, a Captain America bracelet, and a large white beach bag containing her swimsuit, towel, purse, and makeup. This time she's at least prepared for any sort of mishap.
She's also got a large bag with her filled to the brim with goodies.

Harper arrives with the girls, of course. It's rare for the three of them to be apart, especially as they have a tradition of hanging out on the 4th that started back when they were in kindergarten.
Amusingly, he has no idea of the drama that's going on. He knows Chance's cousin is coming, but he doesn't think much of it. As long as the sorcerer stays away from Siobhan, it's fine.
He's got on a white button down shirt, the first few buttons left undone. A pair of blue cargo shorts. Sunglasses. Sandals, and a backpack slung over his shoulder.
"Come on, Flutterbee. Let me take one of those containers, or your bag for you."

Siobhan was up early this morning so that she could take over the kitchen and prepare treats for the day out on the water. She has a bag of tupperwear containing special candied dipped strawberries and chocolate covered pretzel rods. Her swim bag is over one arm, though she's thoughtfully remembered to put her swim suit on under her dress. She's not happy with her choice for the day's outing, but she figures that she's not trying to impress anyone other than Harper, and at least she's (mostly) comfortable. The sooner she's able to strip and catch a few of the sun's rays, though? The better.
Smiling, she hands Harper her swim bag, with a playful wink, "If you insist." She leans in and kisses him playfully on the cheek, and makes her way upon to the deck.

"Morning, ya'll," Chance greets the arrivals with an exaggeration to his Texas drawl and a bright grin. The sorcerer is dressed in a loose brown and white striped polo shirt and a pair of dark brown cargo shorts. There are sandals on his feet, and completing the ensemble is a boonie hat set upon his head. The sorcerer was not trying for fashionable, but comfortable. Fashionable, he leaves to the ladies who seem to have pulled it off very, very well.
"As always the pair of you ladies are gorgeous and making me feel shabbily dressed," Chance's smile of appreciation includes them both, as he's not trying to single out Jenna and add to her discomfort. She's here, and he's hoping this means that they can all move forward.
He greets Harper with a nod and a friendly smile, "I'm not going to compliment you, no offense." It's teasing and relaxed and he waves onto the boat. "Make yourself comfortable everyone."

Just perfect. The others are here already. Jackson openly shivers, not paying one damn bit of attention to his cousin. He could care less if he notices. He is not, however, aware that Quin has been warned. "It's like they always travel in packs." He snubs his nose in the air towards the girls. "Women, that is. They want to be considered strong and confident. Funny, that."
When greetings are made he just walks away from the group and grabs himself a soda. He refuses to look at them right off, especially Siobhan.

His first instinct is to growl at the man. He likely would if he wasn't a cousin to his roommate. Instead the werewolf just stares at him. He's not giving away his hand that he knows what is going on, nor is he going to warn the man outright just yet. Supposedly he's going to behave so Quin will see just what behaving entails. He may very well smack this man around if push comes to shove. No, wait. Boy. That seems more fitting.

Now likely isn't a good day to not be near his gift from Shiv, but honestly, he likes it better this way. He's in full on bouncer mode.

A tall Red Bull and liter of Mt. Dew are next to where he's chosen to sit. Neither have been opened but he's debating it. Caffeine on top of pure rage might not be a good idea.

At this point he almost feels wrong trying to be cheery when greeting the others. He is happy to see them, and he feels happy to see them. It's just competing hard with the fatigue and utter anger towards the new guy.

"Ladies." He smiles at both of them. Quin can't help it. His eyes linger on Jenna and his smile softens. He then turns to Harper. "What he said."

"Thanks," she replies with a smile. Jenna does note that he's complimented them both at the same time, and the smile turns into one of gratitude for that. It's not that she doesn't like Chance, it's just that she was still feeling a whole lot of awkward considering she wound up nearly naked in his room without him being present.
A friendly hug is given, and a kiss to his cheek. "You look fine, silly. Comfortable too. Perfect boating attire."
Moving toward Quintin, she repeats the gesture. A friendly hug, a kiss to his cheek.
When Jackson walks away, she actually giggles. "I'm guessing that's your cousin? He looks so thrilled to be here." Serves him right for inviting himself along.

Smiling back at the witch, Harper slings the bag over his shoulder, not bothered one bit to be carrying it. The smile broadens a little at the kiss, and he's got a smug look of satisfaction on his face.
"I do insist. I'll carry the rest too if you need me to." She's making her way to the deck though, so he just follows behind her.
"It's cool, man. As long as you aren't expecting me to compliment you either."

Siobhan isn't entirely unaware of her best friend's mind is at this moment. Jenna didn't tell her what happened with the cooking lesson, but Harper did. She has been hoping that Jenna would open up about it, but she hasn't and Siobhan hasn't pressed. If only because her knowledge is all second hand, and she also knows that Jenna will talk when she feels like talking. Not like Siobhan who will hold it in until it festers sometimes, unless it's pulled out of her.
Probably for the better, right now. What Siobhan wants to tell Jenna is that she likes Quintin and Quintin clearly likes her, so forget about Chance. It'll only be frustrating and heart breaking to pursue the sorcerer. At least, that's Siobhan's take. But she hasn't been asked.
After giving Harper's hand an affectionate squeeze and handing him the containers, she follows in Jenna's wake. First Chance, a light friendly hug and a chaste kiss to his cheek, "Thank you for inviting us."
Next she crosses to Quintin and does the same. A friendly hug and an equally chaste kiss to his cheek. Though her voice is softer when she whispers quietly, "I'm glad you're here today." She knows from their brief conversation that he was worried about the day after the full moon. His arm is given a comforting, friendly squeeze as she releases him and steps back.
Now, finally, her gaze lands on Chance's cousin. She quirks a brow and says nothing, actually grateful to not have to deal with the young man if that's his attitude.

Chance accepts Jenna's hug in the spirit that it's given, and he presses a friendly, soft kiss back to her cheek. "Flatterer," he tells her teasingly at the compliment. He gives her a wink and shrugs, "He's actually not happy because I might have dressed him down before we set out this morning." Told him not to be a punk.
Siobhan's hug startles him, mostly because Chance still is feeling his way with the witch. He'd like to think that they're friends now, but he's taking nothing for granted. He recovers from his surprise in time to hug her in return, but skips the kissing part. He doesn't want to overstep boundaries and he doesn't want to annoy Harper. Bad enough Jenna and Quin seem to think he's harboring romantic designs on Siobhan; he really doesn't want her boyfriend to get that idea.

With drink in hand, he makes a point to walk past the group to go somewhere to take a seat. He pauses long enough to acknowledge his brother and the football player. Harper is eyed on his way past but nothing is said. His thoughts: Must be some piece of work to care about some pathetic witch.
Followed by: Why couldn't my cousin actually get some decent women here.
He does send a glance Chance's way. He's not being dressed down. He's going to do what he wants.

When she touches him she'll feel it. He's not aware of her abilities and has no idea how to mask it all. All of Quin's emotions are a giant jumble but there are no bits of awkwardness, confusion or fear. He actually calms slightly at her greeting, as friendly as it is. "I'd watch that one," he whispers to Jenna before glaring at Jackson.

Or me. If he says anything else I might tear him to shreds.

He really should know that his thoughts aren't exactly safe. "I know you've just arrived, but is there anything that I can get any of you?" He's being open and friendly with all three even if he looks like he hasn't slept in a week.

A nod and grin are offered to Harper. "Do I sense some sort of bromance starting here?"

At the warm greeting from Shiv, it is returned. He nods and whispers back quickly. "Wouldn't miss it." The look he gives her indicates that something is wrong, but he'll talk to her about it later somehow. Or at least some of it. As far as he knows, she could already be well aware.

Jenna will talk when she's ready, but there's a slight chance she'll never be ready to talk about the incident. She's already gotten a sinking feeling in her gut that Chance is going to back off, even though he knows she's interested… because Quintin kissed her. Oh, she knows that boys don't gossip as much as girls do, but they generally have a more open kiss-and-tell policy.
"It's not flattery when it's true," she tells Chance with another giggle. Because it is true. He looks ready for boating, and she's bound and determined to make the day fun despite her awkwardness.
There's a nod at Quin's words, and then a glance to Jackson. "Well it's likely difficult for him, considering he doesn't know any of us. I know I'd feel out of sorts in that situation." Well, maybe not really. She's an actress and she can totally fit herself in anywhere.

Harper notes that Chance doesn't kiss Siobhan's cheek. He nods at that, and grins. They may not be official but it would seem as if their friends are considering them so. It takes a weight off his shoulders. He'll have to watch out for the other sorcerer, but at the moment things are fairly calm.
Until he hears Quintin's thought.
Snapping his head around to look at the werewolf, he raises his brow. He'll have to make sure that the man doesn't get violent with his little sister.

"I'm good, thanks Quin," Siobhan says brightly. She returns to Harper's side and relieves him of the containers, "Though I'd like to put these somewhere for later?" She hoists the containers to indicate what she's speaking of. The witch is not revealing the treats yet. The boys will simply have to wait, although she thinks Harper may have 'peeked.'
She does catch when Harper looks toward Quintin and she gives her boyfriend a subtle nudge.
He's fine. Full moon was last night. No, Siobhan can't read minds, and didn't hear Quin's thoughts, but she trusts him. A quick glance is given back toward her werewolf friend and she begins doing a quick mental inventory to see if she can figure out anything to help him.

"There's a small galley below," Chance tells Siobhan. The sorcerer is unaware of the beneath the surface interactions going on. "I can show you down in just a minute?" He waits for a beat and then eyes the containers. "What exactly is in there?"
A look is given to Jenna and another boyish grin. "If you think so…" He swivels around to eye his cousin, and sighs. Then he lifts his voice and says, "Jackson. These are my friends. Harper, Jenna and Siobhan. Guys, my cousin Jackson." He'll see how sympathetic Jenna is feeling when Jackson opens his mouth.

They're whispering. It's rather pathetic. With a circle of his finger, a spell is cast. It's nothing major but it's almost as if the breeze is carrying their words to him. What is said is almost enough to make Jackson cringe. "I could really care less about any of you, honestly." If he's going to be so bold, he might as well do so right away.
"Don't whisper because it's just insulting. I was told to play nice, so I'm choosing not to mingle with that thing." He points at Siobhan.
"I know who they are. It's the thing, the guy who clearly has no taste since he appears to be dating the thing and the girl who is left out. I wouldn't be surprised if she throws herself at you."

He will not get violent with Jenna! Just the stupid jerk who thinks that the girls are playthings. He hasn't had a good opportunity to actually tell anyone what's been said so far. It will come out. He feels he's being rather reserved considering all things.

It's probably a good thing that Quin is so tired. It takes a moment for what Jackson is saying to really sink in. This time he does growl, mostly because he's confident that no one will pay attention to that bit.

The werewolf moves, but only slightly, enough to stand between the three and Jackson. "There's no need to talk like that. Some of us here can actually be civilized." It's difficult for him, to be honest, but even as an animal he is better than what he's just seen.

"OoOoh, well I might bring a few things down there myself. I brought some goodies that are best had out of the sun, and there's a package for everyone." Including Jackson. She thought two cousins were going to be here so there's enough for Chance to take to the other as well. Even if the cousins are jackasses, she's not going to leave them out of things.
"I've not been whispering," Jenna points out to the cousin. "And I'm hardly left out." He really gets to the point, which is painful, and his emotions are irritating. Trying to block them out as best she can, she walks over to Jackson. "I have a name, it's Jenna. Pleased to meet you." Her hand is offered to him, as is a smile. She'll do her best to make him feel comfortable regardless of his attitude.
She was expecting the slight to Siobhan, so she pretends he didn't say it. It's hard to make her really angry, and upsetting her bestie is the one way to do it.

Harper nods to Siobhan, and then exhales a sigh. Quin's just edgy from the previous night.
The edginess seems to spill over into him though, at Jackson's words. "Siobhan isn't a thing. She's a witch." There's no sense in denying it as everyone here pretty much knows anyhow. "Your attitude stinks, and if you insult her again, you're going to get wet before we even leave the dock."

Siobhan has been subject to such derision before, but not quite so openly stated. Even when a Reynard cousin attended Dalton and by special request it was very clearly established that he and Siobhan would have no classes together and be kept apart when they did the boy was not as crude as Jackson. He mostly ignored her, except for the one time he dumped her desk with a spell. She set his hair on fire, and he stayed away from her after that. Dirty looks she can handle, but she visibly flinches at Jackson's words.

The witch isn't even conscious of what she's doing, but she's already moving to the side of the boat. The containers are placed on a seat, and she closes her eyes, doing her best to focus on the water around and beneath the boat. She can't physically touch it without leaning overboard, but if she concentrates enough, she can feel it.
Though she's grateful for Harper's defense, and Quintin's, she can feel that control slipping and she needs to ground herself and refocus. It's lame and embarrassing, but for the moment she's letting other people fight her battles so she doesn't start an electrical fire.
A small geyser of water shoots up a few feet off the side of the boat as she pushes the winding, uncontrolled magic into the water beneath them. It's a start.

Chance glares at Jackson. A quick gesture is made and the boy will literally feel his spell being snuffed. It's hard to cast magic with other spell casters around, and Chance is older and more experienced. He has a few tricks. Nothing is said to the matter of the spell, though the sorcerer does march over to Jackson. He's not going to follow in Jenna's play nice path. "You heard them. Her name is Siobhan, and she probably has more skill in her pinky finger than you do in your whole body, so give her a little respect."
Chance glances back in time to see the witch beelining for the side of the boat. The spraying geyser surprises him, though he suspsected that she was trying to put into practice what they worked on.
"You could have stayed back with Austin, but you're here, and if you're going to be a punk, I'm not going to stop anyone from letting you reap the rewards of you asshat behavior." Beat. "And, just so we're clear, I'm not afraid of Uncle Wyatt, so don't try to pull that one on me."

"Down, brute. I don't have a beef with you, not unless you have a particular fondness for, well, that." The jock looks strong but Jackson is ready to wave his finger to try and push him back. He fights smart, not hard. "And here I thought you and I could be the best of friends."
Jenna approaching him causes him to grin. "Jenna, was it? I don't know that I like you hanging around my cousin. He's better than that. You can't even use magic. What good are you?" He's family and they're not so he doesn't care what he says. He'll tell his father if they don't respect him for who he is.
Harper just gets a look. "And what, she has a spell on you or something? You'd be better off with this one." He points to Jenna, not really caring how they are connected.
Siobhan's little water display just causes him to laugh. "Shaking, that's what I'm doing. I highly doubt you're going to remove me from something that my family owns."
With his spell snuffed he actually looks offended. "Don't tell me what to do." Yes, this is directed at his cousin. "It's not my fault you keep poor company. Why should I sit at home when these people aren't even family?"

He doesn't fully understand it. They're all magic users. The rift seems a little silly if he's asked, but no one asks Quin about magic related issues. He's just lucky that people don't keep him completely in the dark about everything.

The continued insults begin to get to the wolf. If he weren't trying to stand in front of Shiv he might look to her for some advice. His breathing patterns change as he tries to keep his anger in check. "Yeah, well, I have no interest in being friends with dicks. Especially self-absorbed dicks who don't know how to treat women properly."

Quin is apologizing to all of them in his head. He's trying his best not to be overly confrontational, but he's not about to let anyone talk to any of them like Jackson is. "And I have no qualms escorting you out of here, as Harper mentioned."

Speaking of, the wolf looks at Harper. He has no clue that Harper knows what he is. He seems to be looking for permission almost. There are two (one actually) that don't know his secret and he's not about to go overboard with things until they're clear he's not usually like this. "Unless you would prefer me not to," he speaks softly. It's only then that he catches sight of how Shiv is reacting. That really sets him off but at least he's not lost it completely yet.

Jenna's actually a little shocked at the vehemence she hears in Chance's voice. He obviously doesn't like his cousin, and is expecting Jackson to do something that's going to set them all off. Setting her hand to Chance's arm, she smiles at him pleasantly. "I'm sure Jackson will be nice now that he's been properly introduced." She doubts it, but she's willing to give him that benefit.
She's well aware of where her bestie is, and what she's doing. The geyser is a surprise, but the fact that her friend is channeling her magic into something other than sending Jackson flying through the boat is probably a good thing.
As the insults continue, Jenna just rolls her eyes. "Sorry, considering that Harper and I are twins, he's really not better off with me."
"Now, why don't we all calm down and try to enjoy the day. It's a holiday for crying out loud, and there shouldn't be any ridiculous bickering. Frankly, Jackson, we were invited. You invited yourself. Throwing around the fact that your family owns the boat and you won't be kicked off of it due to that is silly. Big deal. My family owns a nice boat too. Did you want to compare 401ks? Just because you're visiting from Texas so does not give you the right to act like a complete, pompous ass from the country."
Taking a deep breath, she blushes and steps back.
"The only poor company Chance happens to be keeping today is you."
There's a strange pause as she stares right at Jackson, eyes darkening slightly. "I'm an empath, that's what good I am. All you are is a scared little boy who hides behind his father's money and expects him to clean up all of your messes. You really need to grow up."

Harper returns the look. It's a sharp one. He really doesn't like the insults to Siobhan, and he definitely doesn't like the insinuation that there's any twincest going on. Before checking on Siobhan, he crosses the boat with an easy stride until he's standing between Jackson and his sister.
You were warned, he pushes at the younger of the two sorcerers. Then he outright just swings at his face aiming for the jaw.
"I don't care how you were raised, you're going to treat these ladies with respect."
A glance is given to Quin, and then he nods. Quin definitely has his permission to take care of the asshole, because he needs to go reassure Siobhan.
Moving toward the side of the boat, he quietly sets his arm about her waist and draws her back against him. "It's alright, Shiv. Just ignore him."
Failing that, use a gagging spell on him.

Siobhan is only partially aware of what's going on around her. She's keeping herself grounded, and bringing the sorcerer part of her magic under control, and trying to be aware of where her witch magic ends and it begins. It's not easy, and she didn't expect to go into a trial by fire. When she feels Harper behind her, she leans back against him, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She's taking comfort from his closeness, using it to ground her as much as the water around the boat.
I'll try, Shiv thinks at her boyfriend. She really will, it's just that level of vehement hate was so new to her that it shook her up a bit. Another geyser goes off, this one a bit higher, earning a few surprised exclamations from nearby boaters trying to figure out the source.
At least she isn't doing anything to the boat, or to Jackson.

Chance does absolutely nothing when Jenna dresses down Jackson. She does get a surprised look when she confesses to being an empath, but before he can digest that, Harper is introducing Jackson's face to his hand. Chance only wishes that he could get the moment on film. He suspects that Harper has thrown punches before but that Jackson has seldom been on the receiving end of one without his magic to hide behind.
It would be the perfect moment to gag and bind his cousin until he shows some respect, but really, it's a very testosterone things. Men learn much better from getting their asses kicked.
"First, the boat is my father's," Chance says as Harper walks away. He's leaning against the side of the boat, arms folded across his chest, almost bored. "Secondly, my father has almost full control of the company because your father can't seem to keep it in his pants and is quite skilled with sexual harrassment suits. Let's not try to lift yourself up as being better than anyone because of your genetics."

The laughter comes again. "An empath? Honey, you're horrible at your job. Go be a medium or something like that. I'm sure that you'll get more of a response." Clearly verbal threats mean nothing to him. He's been rather sheltered his entire life. "If you're so well off, go do something instead of throwing yourself at my cousin." That's all he cares to say about that.
Harper coming his way doesn't scare him. The big guy might, but this is just some little emo empath kid. He flicks a wrist before Harper gets there to try and place a deflective spell so he doesn't actually take the brunt of the hit. "I'm the one being called out here? He's the one turning to violence. What, are you going to try and hit me with my own feelings?"
Up until now he's only reacted with words, but Chance really has him going. He's not about to take a swing at him because physical strength is not his, well, strength. So he does what he knows what to do; he raises a hand. Jackson's aim is quick, a spell to knock his cousin right off the boat. Sadly he isn't nearly as practiced with his magic and the spell hits Jenna instead. She's sent right overboard. It isn't what he intends but he laughs wickedly.

Empath? Yes, he heard that. He makes a mental note to sit down with Jenna. Now he really has no excuse not to be completely open with her, especially as she was forced into letting him know the way that she has. That time is later. Right now what Quin is focusing on is the fact that Harper just gave him the green light to have some fun.

"Jenna?" This is said as politely as it can be as he begins to walk towards the group. "I would recommend that you step back. Chance too, but I know you're not going to." There's one last permission he feels that he needs, and it's that of his roommate. Honestly, they should be so lucky that he is as in control of his anger as he is.

"Look here you pompous ass." For a man of usually little words, he'll try one time to intimidate the jerk before getting too rough. "I don't care who your family is. I have no family at all. Nothing dictates what I do or who I'm friends with. Shiv is a wonderfully sweet girl, as is Jenna. She's the one trying to keep us from getting violent. You could learn something from her. And you're lucky that Harper didn't try breaking you."

He grins, almost devilishly. "Although it appears that he won't mind if I do. Now, are you going to apologize?"

That doesn't get to happen. What he sees clinches it. In one swift motion his outer shirt comes off. He charges the rest of the way to close the gap, enough to send a flying punch directly at Jackson's face. It doesn't concern the wolf if he breaks anything on the sorcerer. He immediately dives into the water after Jenna.

Yeah, Jenna is well aware that the only one here who knew her abilities besides her brother was Siobhan. She's not at all surprised at the look on Chance's face, because she's generally good at hiding everyone else's feelings behind her smiling visage. It's a trick her father taught her. When things get too overwhelming, force everyone else's emotions out with her own.
Really, she's surprised that Jackson has remained as cool as he has with all the dressing down he's been getting from everyone but the person he insulted the worst.
"I wasn't looking for a response, and I'm hardly throwing myself at your cousin." Well, except when she did at the party. That's entirely beside the point at the moment. Because really that's not a bad idea. Could she flash someone's feelings back at them? It would be an absolutely horrible thing for her to do, but regardless she tries anyhow.
Jenna's so busy concentrating on that, that she misses the spell coming in her direction. Really, she misses what happens until she's airborne and in the water. Calming herself, she reminds herself not to panic. Her hair is ruined, her headband is floating toward another boat. When she comes up, she's fighting with the dress and attempting not to sputter.

Harper is doing is utmost to ignore the jerk right now. Siobhan needs to ground herself before she loses control, and he's more than happy to give her that attention. "You'll be fine, Flutterbee," he whispers in her ear. "Deep breaths. Relax."
Turning his head at the sound, he's half expecting Jackson to have been tossed overboard. What he sees instead is his sister's sandal flying into the air, and Quin following after her.
"Siobhan, just keep focusing on the water. Jenna and Quin are both overboard right now. Please use the water to help them?" He's not at all certain that her abilities will allow for that, but he figures if she can keep control over the water beneath them, he can keep the pair from drowning.

Siobhan has just started to settle when she feels the magic and watches in slow motion as Jenna goes overboard. Peripherally she's aware that Quin is going overboard after Jenna, and she even hears the words that Harper says, though they're drowned by the emotional tide that's swelling inside of her. It registers that she should do something and with a word, and a flick of her wrist, she's pushing away from Harper and stalking across the deck toward Jackson. Two life jackets and a life preserver ring rise up and sail over the side of the deck, without the witch ever looking in their direction. A wind is whipping up, blowing across the river and creating small waves. The boat lulls and lists a bit, and several geysers spurt to life across the river.
As she walks, her hand is lifted, tracing a symbol in the air, soft words murmured beneath her breath. Jackson will find the binding, gagging magic, leaving him unable to speak or move.
The witch doesn't stop until she's standing right in front of the young, cocky sorcerer, anger blazing in her dark eyes. "Children should be seen and not heard."
Another spell is cast, a combination of a hand gesture and another phrase, witch and sorcerer magic together, wrapping around Jackson and cutting off his ability to cast. "You don't get to play anymore until you can play nicely." It's mostly talk. The spell is not long lasting and it's temporary. Later, Siobhan will wonder how she even recalled it; it was something her parents first did when she was coming into her powers but she never knew that she knew that particular combination of magic.

Chance is in motion to go overboard after Jenna, but his roommate beats him there. He immediately turns his attention to the life preservers, raising his hand to do a spell, only to feel them forcefully tugged from him via magic. At first, he thinks it's Jackson, and as he's turning to his cousin, it's when he spies Siobhan. The shift in the air and the waves is noticeable, but even moreso for Chance who can feel the faint crackling of magic.
He's smart enough not to stop the witch's advance. He'd laugh at the binding and gagging if he wasn't glancing over and around to make certain that Jenna and Quin are okay. Because of his distraction, though he feels the second spell, he misses what it is.

He'd be laughing hysterically right now if he wasn't so focused on the spell he cast to launch the girl overboard. What he doesn't see coming is the hulking mad football player. Before he can even make a remark, Jackson is pelted good. He falls against the side of the boat and slides down it, choosing to remain on the ground. "What, does he have bricks in his fists?" He spits this out, along with some blood and at least one tooth.
"Your messed up. Your friends are all messed up." He's about to go off on another vengeful tangent but comes up short. He's finding it difficult to move, even to speak. He has but to blink and he'll cause so much chaos. Even then Jackson finds issue. All he can see is that witch coming after him. She has to be using sorcerer magic.
Bitch. Binding doesn't prevent him from thinking, and feeling. He's afraid but he's also angry. Mutt.


He doesn't even try to consider how Jenna may consider this. She's strong enough to take care of herself but the wolf can't help it. That is the person that Quin is. As soon as he surfaces he moves to Jenna, concern clear both in his emotions and his eyes. "Are you alright?"

She'd better be.

Despite how she's doing he reaches out for her, attempting to give her something to secure to. "Let's get you back on board, huh?" Truth be told, he's intensely angry. That anger is combating the concern that fills him. If they don't do something about Jackson by time he steps back on board he will.

"He'll end up leaving like a dignified shithead and then we'll have a great time."

Enforced swimming classes when younger come in handy. The dress is difficult to swim in, and she bobs under the water fighting with it a few times. The skirt comes up over her face, and she flails her arms to get it down. She's aware that the water is strongly wavy, except where she happens to be, but she's got no idea what's actually going on up on the boat.
When an arm grabs her, Jenna's first response is to shriek, figuring Chance's sociopathic cousin is grabbing her.
It takes her a second to realize it's Quintin. Then the life jackets and the preserver are sent overboard and she reaches for one.
"I'm… wet. I'm… WET! My dress is ruined. I'm going to kill that jackass!" Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes and tries to calm herself.
"Just lucky I didn't hit the dock." Wiping her soaking wet hair over her face, she sighs. "Thanks for jumping in after me, Quin." Now they need to get back to the boat, but she's not even going to try to figure that out. Right now, all she can think about is making that jackass just as wet as she is.

Harper knows that Siobhan heard what he said, and he gapes a little when the life jackets and ring rise up and drop into the water. He's always known that Siobhan is powerful, but she looks like she's gone off the deep end.
He moves toward her, when he sees her casting another spell. Deciding that it would be best not to interrupt her casting at the moment, he stands back.
Flutterbee, calm down.

I. Am. Calm. Once again, Harper's thought nestles inside her head, but Siobhan isn't focused on that. She's focused on the little punk jackass who's taken things a few steps too far. She knows that the animosity between sorcerers and witches is expected, bred and upheld even. She can (eventually) stomach and process his vitrol. Attacking her friends? That's an entirely different matter.
The water is not getting any choppier, and the wind is not getting any more forceful, nor are they dying down. She glares down at Jackson for a long moment and then speaks. Her voice is loud, clear, and forceful. There is just a slight edge of menace to it in its steely calmness. "I have a name. It's Siobhan Knight. My mother is Dawna Lowell, from the Connecticut Lowells from the Massuchusettes Lowells of Salem. My father is Robert Knightley of the Knightley Dynasty. You damn well will respect me and my friends, or I will personally kick your ass from here all the way back to Texas and I won't need magic to do it. I don't care if you hate me, or if you want to see all my kind rounded up and burned at the stake, you will hold your tongue and act like a civilized person or you will exit this boat. And you will apologize to Jenna."
As her words end, so does the wind and waves begin to die down, lessening bit by bit.

Seeing that Jenna is in Quin's capable hands, Chance does the next best, logical thing that he can.
He gapes at the witch. He knows Siobhan is powerful. He's felt it when he's touched her, and he was exposed to it in Central Park. The power she's displaying now, however, is simultaneously beautiful and frightening. The sorcerer wants to believe she's in control of it all, but Chance isn't ready to put his money on that.
It's her attitude, however, that truly holds him riveted. It's very hard to reconcile the girl from Central Park and the Undercity, all uncertain magic and false bravado, with the fiery woman glaring down at his cousin.
Why Jackson isn't retaliating, Chance doesn't know, but he's glad of it. He may not like his cousin very much, but he doesn't want Siobhan to do something that she might regret, and he thinks she might just be teetering at that edge.
He considers her as she speaks and thinks that while Jackson needed this dressing down, it might not bode so well in the long run. A display of power like this is going to get Siobhan noticed by RINC, and that might not be a good thing.
Still, it's a damned hot display.
"I don't think I could have said it any better," Chance says to his cousin. He hasn't moved away from the side of the boat, waiting to haul Jenna and Quin on board, but he is watching the younger sorcerer. "I think you might want to disembark, if you don't want to behave, Jackson." The violence has been done, and no display of magical prowess is going to top Siobhan.

What's he going to do? Nod? Speak? He's pretty much useless here. It doesn't bother Jackson to not answer her. He has absolutely no desire to. That doesn't keep him from glaring at her, blaming her for everything that's happened so far.
He remains crumpled, mouth bleeding from the punch. Bitch. A one track mind it would seem. I'd sooner walk home than give you the satisfaction.
The fact that his cousin has no idea what is going on nearly makes him laugh. He makes a mental note to dress him down later.

He'd be laughing but now is not the time for that. Instead Quin uses one hand to wipe some of the damp hair away from her face. "Yes, you are. We both are. That tends to happen when you're in the water." Despite how angry he is, his words are actually calm and patient. The wolf does have a bit of control even if he believes that he does not.

"Can you hold on to me?" This is asked as he looks around for direction. The water is not going to be easy to swim through, he's figuring, but he's also aware that they shouldn't stay in the water. There's the matter of bashing in the face of Chance's pompous cousin, but he does want to get Jenna out o the water.

"Come on. I'll get us to dry land, then you can change." He'll begin tugging her if she can't hold on. One way or another he's getting her out of the water.

Eventually the water calms enough that he's able to move with ease. Sometimes pure strength does come in handy. "I might even have something for you to pummel if you need to let some aggression out."

"I can hold on." Wrapping one arm through a jacket before she loops it about Quintin's neck, she adds, "Can you hear them? Is everyone else alright?" She may be the one that was tossed overboard, but that doesn't mean there isn't a full out war going on aboard the ship.
"I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to pummel, but he's not worth breaking my hand over." Her voice is calm, but there's definitely an edge to it. She's beyond angry at the moment.

A glare is given to Jackson, as Harper moves to stand behind Siobhan. "You are calm," he says to her.
Then he catches Jackson's thoughts and snorts. "Good. Then start walking." He realizes that the sorcerer didn't say it out loud, and he doesn't care.

The last of the wind and the waves ebbs away, leaving the boat bobbing in safe, quiet waters. The boats around and nearest to them have people on deck and dockside, looking to the sky and murmuring, and no doubt the freak weather pattern will be the talk of the holiday.
Releasing a long, slow exhalation of breath, Siobhan leans back against Harper, taking comfort from his closeness and present. At his remark, she blinks then gazes at Jackson. A struggle passes across her face, and then she waves a hand, lifting the gag and binding spell. The block, however remains in place. She's not stupid and she doesn't trust the boy.
"You'd better be very careful of the next words you say. I can put it back, just as easily."

Seeing the gesture and the release of the spell, Chance tells Jackson, "I'd listen to her, if I were you. You've already met Quin's fists, and you haven't made a good impression here today." He grins wickedly. "If you plan on running back to Uncle Wyatt or my father, feel free, because I really want to hear the part where you explain how and why you were bested by a witch's magic."

He didn't say a damn thing to the witch lover. That part he catches on to. There are so many things going on here that he'll have words with Chance over. Later. After he has his jaw looked at and visits a dentist. He'd threaten to sue Quin but knows exactly who he is and there's no way anyone would want to go after that sob story.
Once some of the spells are released Jackson stands. He glares at everyone. A hand wipes at the blood coming from his mouth. If his words have to be well spoken, he'll at least wait to speak them. He walks past them all, chin held high. Only once he's about to step off of the boat does he turn and finally speak.
"Bitch." Then he attempts to leave.

All he needs is her holding on and he's set. He moves into position to be able to get her out of the water. "Oh, I can hear better than you would think. Your bestie gave him the scolding of a lifetime. Chance is near the side of the boat and I think your brother is speaking to someone who isn't actually talking."

The voices are all faint but he hears them. This time he isn't blocking it out; he wants to know what's going on. In the meantime, however, he moves Jenna into position to hoist her out of the water. He does so after holding onto the boat with one hand. Quin figures that Chance will likely help out once he knows what's happening. "Don't worry; I won't let you fall." He won't, either. This is easier than lifting her while at the roller disco, even if he is doing so one handed.

Only once the damsel in distress is on board will he attempt to climb up. Ladies first and all that.

Quintin gets them to the boat, and Jenna's very grateful to him for hoisting her up onto it. Gripping the side, she pulls herself up as best she can. Her feet slip once or twice on the way up, and she nearly drops down again when she's halfway up but she manages, with a great deal of Chance's help, to pull herself into the boat in a wet flop. Quin's as good as his word, and doesn't let her drop.
The first thing she does once she's positive she's settled on the boat is stand up and look for Jackson. Noting that he's walking away, she stalks toward him. She's not letting him go that easily.
"What's the matter? Weren't seeing enough skin? Jealous that we all seemed to be getting along when you were left all alone?" The dress is wet and she wants out of it. NOW.
Unzipping it on the side, she steps out of it, tossing her belt to the deck of the boat with it.
"Well, Jackson? Are you happy now? Happy that you knocked the one person on this boat that was willing to play nice with you into the water? Happy that you can see skin?"
Standing there in a red lace bra and panties, it's easy to see the little rose tattoo on her hip.
"Well you know what, you unbearable asshole? I am not happy. Not only have you ruined a designer dress, and gotten me all wet, but you've done everything in your power to try and ruin what was supposed to be a great day."
Jenna is fuming now, and in her mind all she wants to do is return the favor. Jackson made her soaking wet, and she wants the same fate to fall upon him. As she thinks it, water starts to stir up under the boat again. This time it's not the controlled whirlpools that Siobhan was responsible for but a general massive wave that will hit the boat seconds after Quintin's on board again. It's not going to just douse Jackson, but everyone on board and leave the deck of the boat soaked with an inch or two of water.
"Now you can go."
She's going to stand there, seething at him until she's positive he's left the area.

When the wind and waves ebb, Harper wraps his arm around Siobhan and kisses the side of her neck. "You did good, Flutterbee." He's about ready to go after the sorcerer when his sister comes back aboard and starts to strip.
"Jenna, what in the world are you doing?"
Then he's covered in water, doing his best to keep Siobhan dry.
"Shit, Shiv, are you alright?" Beat. "What the hell was that? Magic backlash?"

Siobhan is done with Jackson once he's walking away. She feels the magic tingling around her, sort of like a halo around the edges, but it's nothing she can't control. It's pleasant, welcome, almost soothing even. Invigorating. Harper's words bring a pulse of pride, I did damn good.
She turns, relief bleeding from her as Jenna climbs back onto the deck, followed by confusion and shock as her refined and controlled friend strips while dressing down Jackson. On anyone else, under any other circumstances, it would be funny, but it's more surreal in this case.
"Um … Jenna -"
The rest of her words are cut off as she takes in a mouth full of the Hudson River and starts sputtering and coughing, rapidly blinking and wiping at her eyes.
Now, she's wet and confused and her attention immediately swings to Jackson even as she recognizes that she didn't feel magic.
"That … wasn't … me," Siobhan coughs.

Chance is at the side of the boat with towels as Jenna comes over the side. He helps her after she slips, grasping her by her wrist and then gently beneath her arms to lift her up the rest of the way. Once she's on deck, and has her legs, Chance turns to offer a hand up to Quin, passing Jenna a towel that she promptly ignores in favor of dressing down Jackson and stripping.
Gaping at her, Chance snatches up the discarded towel and races to the empath's side, intent on wrapping it around her when the deluge hits. He barely stays up right, the once dry towel now a sopping wet one hanging from his hand.
Blinking water out of his eyes, Chance looks around in complete confusion. "I don't think that was magic."

Jackson is walking away when the crazy empath starts yelling at him. The only time he turns to look at her is when she mentions seeing skin. He likes skin. He really likes skin. What he finds instead is another wave that actually knocks him the rest of the way off of the boat.
Now on his ass, on the dock, he just stares at the group. Just what he'll tell his family he's not decided, but he does know that he needs to get to some sort of clinic to tend to his wounds. "We're not done here," he spouts out. It isn't clear which one it's directed towards. "Next time." The threat goes unfinished as he begins to walk away to lick his wounds.

Until he knows that she's safely on board he's right there, a hand on her and ready to catch anything if so be it. Not once does he get a good show or a peek of anything. This jackass is so going to eat floor as soon as Quin gets on the boat, if he hasn't left due to Shiv's display.

Once Jenna is safe Quin begins climbing onto the boat. It's made difficult due to how slick it is from the water. Even if it is a struggle his strength wins out and he makes it up over the side of the boat; something that could not be done without the aid of Chance. When he does so he sees a mostly naked Jenna. He's heard her words but didn't expect to see what he's actually seeing.

He doesn't even have a split second to question anything before a wave descends upon the group. It nearly sends him back overboard as his feet haven't actually touched safely on the floor of the boat. He slips and begins to fall but thankfully catches himself and hefts himself to a safer position. Once he 'lands' he stands tall and just blinks.

Jackson isn't a concern anymore. What the werewolf worries about is getting to where he left his dry clothes, which thankfully were not on deck, and reaches for more towels. He's soaking wet, in nothing but khakis and a wife beater. The normally white shirt clings to his muscled frame and is nearly completely see-through. This shows off the claw scars on his chest; a fact he's not realized yet. It's his intention to pass the towels out to everyone (other than himself) and finish what Chance originally attempted to do; wrap Jenna to keep her decent.

Jenna will likely question the boys later on what the difference is between seeing her in a bra and panties, and sunning out on the boat deck in her bikini. To her, it's really the same thing and she has no idea why they're so intent on wrapping her in a towel. When she feels the towel wrapping around her, she blinks, and then turns toward Quintin.
"Thank you," she says. It's quiet, and meek, and she feels really tired for some reason. Presumably from the fall from the boat and the consequent swim back. Tucking the towel together, she gives him a quick hug. Making her way to Chance, she does the same thing, hugging him as well.
Last, but not least, she tries to make her way through the water still on the deck toward Siobhan. Giving her friend (and her brother) a hug at the same time she quietly says, "Thank you for going after him for me. I don't know what you did, but thank you."

"That wasn't you?" He looks at Chance, and hears it wasn't magic. Frowning, he looks at Jenna with his head cocked. He knows she wanted Jackson soaking wet, but as far as Harper knows they don't have that sort of power.
"Okay, that wasn't you. It wasn't magic. Let's forget about what it was and get the water out of the boat?"

Siobhan returns Jenna's hug and gives her a sweet, sisterly kiss on the cheek. "Anything for you, bestie." Ironic that it took injury, if only to pride, to Jenna to pull Siobhan into action. The magical energy while ebbing is still there, just beneath her skin, though Siobhan is more aware of the fact that she's thoroughly drenched.
"I don't know either."
Releasing Jenna, she looks down at her dress, and sighs. Then she's following her friend's example. She's tugging at the belt and then reaching around to tug down the zipper on the back of the dress. It takes some tugging to get the wet clinging garment over her head and off her body. Her disrobing is not as earth shattering and eye catching as Jenna's considering she is wearing a cute little red tankini beneath. She folds her dress and drapes it over the rail.
She realizes that she otherwise looks like a drowned rat, but there's nothing to be done for it. "So, how do we do this?"

"Siobhan, what are you doing?" Chance turns his attention skyward as the witch begins to remove her dress, wondering if he didn't get the memo. He really, really hopes that Harper isn't going to let her do that because one pretty girl on deck in her underwear is really more than enough.
"I have an idea, if you think you're up to it, Shiv."
The sorcerer focuses his attention on the deck, sloshing through the water with a towel to cover the witch. "I know a spell that should work. If I teach you, we should be able to get this done fairly quickly."

He's standing there looking like a drown rat, or wolf. It still hasn't registered to him that he should be changing his clothes, as there are other things to focus on. He's hearing everyone, smelling everything and he's extremely tired. He can't tell what he wants to do at this point. So Quin just stands there and watches.

When it comes to Shiv stripping, he actually averts his eyes. It isn't until he doesn't hear any commotion that he realizes that she must be decent. "Well, it wasn't me." It doesn't even have to be said, but he throws it out there. "Even if it would be fun to do that."

The wolf looks down at the water on the boat. "It's either that," he says to Chance. "Or get me a bucket and I'll do it the manual way." He will, too, not that he really has the desire to.

There's a giggle from Jenna as Siobhan starts to disrobe. Mostly because she knows what her friend is wearing underneath the dress, and the reactions of the boys is priceless. It couldn't have happened better if they'd planned it.
"I wasn't thinking too far ahead, but I've got a suit in my bag." A nice water proof bag filled with her bikini, a towel, and a spare dress. Not as great for stopping at the club, but it'll do.
"Is there a place I can change, Chance?" Then she'll come back up and help get the water out of the boat, but until then it's either change or have the boys keep averting their eyes until one of them falls off the boat again.

Harper is trying desperately to cover her so that the other guys aren't staring at his non-girlfriend-girlfriend. When he sees the suit, he breathes a sigh of relief. "Tell me that you're wearing a suit next time so I don't have a heart attack?"
The other guys may be averting their eyes, but he's definitely checking her out. Reaching out, he gives her bottom a little pinch and grins. "I like the new suit."

Siobhan gives a little yelp, jumping away from Harper and swinging back around to swat playfully at him. The look on her face, and the emotions he'll get spell out just how much she really isn't at all bothered by his attention. "Good." She flashes her boyfriend a smile and a wink, I look better with it off.
The thought is projected at him before she can stop herself, and she doesn't know why she had the urge to say that to him. Biting her lip, Siobhan looks around the boat and then smiles at her friends. "In case I forget to say it, thank you guys for standing up for me the way you did." Her gaze casts down shyly and she shuffles her feet in the water. She's really, really touched by their defense of her and has to fight the wave of emotion that almost make her eyes tear.
Pushing through the water, she walks over the Chance, "Tell me what to do."

"There's a sleeper cabin downstairs," Chance tells Jenna. He's glad she's wearing the towel because it'd be difficult to try not to look at her in her underwear. "Go on down. I think we can handle everything up here."
"Suit?" Chance dares to lower his gaze and look at the witch. Then he looks at the witch, openly taking a good look at her in the suit. Harper can ream him out for it if he wants, but Siobhan looks good and Chance really can't stop himself from giving her an admiring once over before clearing his throat.
"I'm not sure what to call it, but I guess we can think of it as a combination transportation and levitation spell. We'll just have to be careful to send it all over one side, and not be obvious about it." Then he's explaining to Siobhan exactly what they're going to do, and showing her the words and gestures to use.

That's the difference between Chance and Quin when it comes to Shiv; Quin will look at her and see Shiv in a swimming suit. That means she's covered, okay and there's nothing to worry about. He'll notice that she's wearing one, sure, but he's not going to take time and consider it. Not that he has the patience for that at the moment anyway.

While the others plan out their course of action, or change, or just listen, he moves to lean against the side of the boat. His arms cross before him and his eyes clothes. He's listening to everything that is said, in his own way, and paying attention to just where everyone is located. He'll worry about changing when everything is cleaned up.

It is very tempting to just fall asleep standing up though.

"Siobhan, you've been my best friend my whole life. As if I'm going to let an asshole like him talk smack about you."
"Thanks, Chance!"
Ducking down to where he indicates the sleeper cabin is, Jenna makes sure to grab her bag. It really won't take her long to change, but she's got to consider that Jackson has the worst aim ever, and nearly killed her if it weren't for Quintin jumping in after her.
Sitting down for a moment after she's out of the wet clothing and just in a towel, she allows herself to feel how drained she really is from that ordeal.
Then she realizes that she stripped down in front of two guys that she likes, and is absolutely, one hundred percent, mortified.
Doing it for a production is one thing, because it's rare that she'd ever really be completely nude. There'd be a bodysuit or something. Not that she was completely nude on the deck, but besides the point.

Hearing Siobhan's thought nearly knocks Harper right the hell over. His cheeks are a little red as he regards her and mumbles, "Can't wait to see that for myself."
He notes the way Chance is looking at her. Rather than letting Siobhan get too close to Chance, he grabs her and spins her around. Standing in front of her like an insane bodyguard. Moving wherever she moves as he gives Chance a look of possessiveness. Mostly, he's doing it to get Shiv to laugh before the tears spill.

Siobhan blinks at Harper and attempts to navigate around him. It's on her third try that she realizes what he's doing and her mouth quivers in a bit of smile. The fourth step actually makes her laugh and she gives up going around him. Instead she steps into his space, pressing her body against his. Leaning up, she teases her tongue over his lower lip and nips at it playfully. "Let me help Chance bail the boat, please?"
Her cheeks heat up a bit at her behavior, not because it's flirty and public, but because of the absolute hazy heat and rush that she gets from it. It's the oddest thing.

Watching the interplay, Chance lifts a brow and shakes his head. "It's okay. Really. Quin and I can use buckets if you two would rather dance."

After taking her moment to breathe and collect herself (and realizing she's nude except for a towel in Chance's boat), Jenna slips her swimsuit on. Pulling her soaking wet hair back into a ponytail, she quickly reapplies her gloss and a bit of eyeliner. Then she's coming back up onto deck.
"Let Quin sleep," she whispers at Chance as she stands behind him. "He's got to be tired after lifting me up out of the water." Touching Chance's arm, she smiles at him and then moves to help Siobhan out with Harper.
"What's the matter, Harper? Don't like other men looking at your non-girlfriend? You can't keep them from looking, or touching if you don't actually ask her out," she teases.

Once he gets the smile, Harper starts to relax. At the laugh, he's ready to let her go and help bail out the boat. Then she's pressing against him, teasing him. He stares at her for a long moment and then hears his sister.
"Only if you agree to be my girlfriend."

Siobhan can feel herself blushing slightly at Jenna's words. She knows that her friend is teasing Harper, but it's a reminder of the unofficial-not-relationship that they're officially in, even if Siobhan is thinking of Harper in those more comfortable terms.
She shakes her head, "I think he's just -"
Her words choke off and Siobhan stares at him. Her heart quite literally skips a beat. Maybe two. Then she's reaching around to the back of his neck, drawing his head down and kissing him quite soundly. Yes, Siobhan thinks at him, hoping that he gets the full force of her emotions, her eagerness and happiness. A million times yes.

"Asking her out won't stop other guys from looking," Chance points out, swinging his gaze around to look at Jenna. The corners of his mouth curve up into an appreciative smile as he takes in her suit, raking his eyes from her head to her toes and back again. He can be a gentleman and not leer, but in his opinion, swimsuits are meant to be admired when they look that good. "You look great." Because while he might have looked at Siobhan, he's not stupid enough to say something like that with her boyfriend/not-boyfriend standing right there.
His attention shifts to Quin and he nods. He'll let the wolf sleep, though he might at least get Quin lowered to a seat once the boat is water free.
When the witch kisses Harper like that, Chance claps his hands. "About damn time."
"You two have three minutes, and then I'd really like to bail the boat?"

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